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    [Marketing, Youtube] What is One of the Most Important Contributors to Marketing Automation Success?
    Author: Rajiv Kapoor When a customer implements marketing automation, she tends to focus on specific marketing goals like — getting the first email out the door, building a lead nurture campaign for the first time, or building a lead lifecycle. But another important goal she should think about that doesn’t often get enough attention is educating the marketing team and others within the organization. Marketing Automation
    [Marketing, Youtube] 6 B2B Content Marketing Mistakes That Inhibit Success
    It’s a fundamental factor when it comes to improving at anything we do and B2B content marketing is no exception. Being a member of the content marketing team here at KoMarketing for more than five years, I’ve had a chance to work with organizations across industries, and while the products and services may differ, the mistakes organizations make are oftentimes fairly similar when it comes to developing a content strategy. Content Marketing and Sales Alignment: 5 Mutual Benefits.
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    [Marketing, Youtube] Consumer Brand SEO Pulse: 8.13.15
    YouTube Ranking Factors: Getting Ranked In the Second Largest Search Engine”. If YouTube is a major focus for you, simply creating quality video content may not be enough. YouTube is a search engine monster all of its own, and you need to optimize for it! As subsidiary, Google retains divisions of search, ads, Android, YouTube, apps and more. The Google change shouldn’t affect the day to day of search marketers, but make sure you’re keeping up!
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    [Marketing, Youtube] Today's Top 3 Google I/O Announcements Marketers Should Know
    But we're inbound marketers , so we have to stay on top of these things. And luckily, you have us here to tell you what you need to know as marketers! So let's review the top 3 announcements made at the Google I/O conference today that we should be aware of as awesome inbound marketers. Marketing Takeaway. Announcements like this one should serve as a wake-up call for marketers who continue to put mobile optimization on the back burner. Marketing Takeaway.
    [Marketing, Youtube] 50 Stats to Help You Choose The Right Social Networks for Your Brand
    ” Ferris Bueller’s words have never been more applicable to the world of marketing than they are right now. The social landscape is changing quickly and in order to win, social marketers need to listen and engage where their audience is, rather than expecting audiences to come to them. Taking the time to thoroughly research your audience helps ensure your social media marketing efforts are as effective as possible. YouTube. YouTube.
    [Marketing, Youtube] 40 Essential SEO Terms Marketers Should Know [Glossary]
    Jargon alone shouldn't stop you from making your site the powerful marketing tool it can be. This is a list of the 40 most essential search engine optimization (SEO) terms to help marketers communicate with developers and understand how to optimize their websites. Read a marketer's guide to understanding Google Panda here. Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter are popular social media websites.
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    [Marketing, Youtube] 7 case studies prove mobile ROI to healthcare marketers
    Is mobile marketing ready to change healthcare? Mobile marketing is defined as interactive wireless media to provide customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services and ideas, thereby generating value for all stakeholders. The facts suggest mobile marketing should have transformation impact is healthcare. Does mobile marketing “show me the money.” Mobile Marketing mobile marketing return on investment RO
    [Marketing, Youtube] 3 Powerful Ways A/E/C Firms Can Demonstrate Their Expertise and Showcase Their Services
    An enduring challenge in professional services marketing is showing potential clients the benefit of a service they can’t see, feel, or touch. LinkedIn- In my opinion, LinkedIn is the most important social media network for professional services marketing, and many other B2B marketers agree. And access to YouTube. Intro to Behance: New Marketing Tool for A/E/C Firms. Pinterest: New Tool for Marketing in the A/E/C Industry.
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    [Marketing, Youtube] How to Implement the Education Video Marketing Your School Needs
    If you aren’t taking advantage of video in your higher education recruitment and marketing, you’re doing it wrong. Accept YouTube Applications. You should not only accept but also encourage prospective students to submit a YouTube video component to their application. Create a prompt for an optional YouTube video, a time limit and a title requirement to include “[School name] video application…” before the creative title.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy in Technology
    And if YOU aren’t convinced of the strong ROI social media can deliver to your bottom line, consider this: our research on the topic of online marketing for technology services firms shows that social media marketing helps your firm grow faster and become more profitable. Why Social Media Marketing Makes Sense for Technology Services. Social media marketing helps the visibility and credibility of your firm in both of these situations. Social Media Marketing Tips.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Stop Selling, Start Helping: 5 Tips for Creating Magnetic Content
    Author: Jeff Ogden On Marketing Made Simple TV, Jay Baer of Convince and Convert (the top rated content marketing blog) leaned in to the camera, and said earnestly “If only you create really awesome content , buyers will flock to you.”. When Jay shared that piece of wisdom, my mind went straight to Dollar Shave Club’s super slick YouTube video, “ Our Blades are F *ing Great! Have you ever created a YouTube video that went viral, gaining millions of organic views?
    [Marketing, Youtube] Best Web Presence Optimization Guides and Tips of 2010
    Web presence optimization (WPO)—using tactics like SEO, PPC, online PR, social media, content marketing and reputation management in a coordinated fashion to maximize your online visibility and business results—is the core theme of this blog. and 2) there are more ways for people to search than just Google and Yah-Bing (YouTube is now the second-largest search engine and Facebook SEO is its own emerging discipline). Why B2B Marketers Should Leverage Flickr by Search Engine Land.
    [Marketing, Youtube] The 10 Most Inspiring & Creative Ads From 2015
    million views on YouTube. These ads made headlines for cleverly using the YouTube pre-roll ad format, which you can skip after five seconds. Pop Culture Marketing & Advertising Daily SyndicationThis post originally appeared on Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post. For all the fear surrounding ad blocking, there are still a lot of people watching ads. Consider Geico's Unskippable pre-roll ad: It currently has more than 8.1
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    [Marketing, Youtube] Your Go-To Guide for Creative Summer Marketing Campaigns (13+ ideas and examples)
    With the summer often being a slow time for marketers, we need to come up with unique ways to grab the attention of our audience. 5 Outstanding Examples of Summer Holiday Marketing Campaigns. HomeAway launched a YouTube video featuring Kid President that ran alongside their Kids Rule vacation photo contest , which then drove to a neatly designed, kid-focused landing page. . . Summer Marketing Campaigns: Lessons Learned. . Happy SCUD Day!
    [Marketing, Youtube] Are the Videos you Watch Dictated by AI?
    And while almost half a million minutes of video are uploaded to YouTube alone every day, not all of it is worthwhile (we rest our case on PewDiePie). On a more commercial scale, marketers are using smart analytics to determine what video elements are most likely to entertain viewers and go Viral The #1 video goal of all marketers… (whoa, wait no it’s not!) Marketers armed with these automated insights can iteratively improve their videos for maximum consumption.
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    [Marketing, Youtube] 10 Ways to Instantly Amplify the Social Proof of Your Marketing
    In this post, we'll lay out exactly what social proof is, discuss the various types, and explain the ways you can leverage it in your business' marketing efforts. So while the concept of social proof may be nothing new, the rise of the internet and social media adoption have certainly made social proof a lot easier to leverage and exploit, especially in a marketing context. As I mentioned, reviews aren't the only marketing tool that can be classified as social proof.
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    [Marketing, Youtube] 3 Reasons Why Video is Ideal for Internal Communications
    Marketers have long understood the advantages of video: it’s multi-media, it’s exciting, and it conveys a lot of information. According to Hubspot , 87% of marketers use it and according to Google , 50% of customers expect it. It can disseminate information from product teams to salespeople, from salespeople to product marketing teams, and everyone in between. So move over marketing, it’s time for internal communications to take the mic.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Direct Mail Is Not Dead: Top 4 Ways to Integrate Digital and Direct Mail
    Knowing this, why would you, as a marketer, want to reach out to customers through direct mail? And while marketers are sending less direct mail and more emails, open rates for marketing emails are steadily declining. Direct mail and digital marketing, however, aren’t an either-or proposition. Combining these two marketing methods creates a powerful synergy, one that could create amazing results for your next campaign. Tie direct mail to interactive marketing.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Editing: Is social media realtime or permanent?
    How about YouTube? Calling all archivists and librarians: Big opportunity here… Social Media Marketing Facebook Google social media Social network twitter Wikipedia YouTubeImage via Wikipedia. As social media has (somewhat) matured, an interesting culture has grown up around the idea of editing social media content.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Tips and Tricks for Using Hashtags on Social Media Sites
    YouTube. So maybe some marketers have found hashtags aren’t so bad. Want to know why some marketers use hashtags on Facebook? And the reason marketers are using hashtags on Facebook for Instagram reach? So a hashtag like “#internet marketing” will work on Tumblr. Hashtags on YouTube. Most hashtags on YouTube are found in the comments. One place hashtags seemed to have the most power in search on YouTube is in the video titles.
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    [Marketing, Youtube] 5 Ways to Make Good Pre-roll Ads (that people might actually watch)
    You also have to engage the right targeting options within YouTube to ensure your video is getting in front of the right audience as well! As Convince & Convert points out in this post , many users know their way around targeting their ads to geographic regions, demographics, and specific languages – those are the easy ones – but the real value can be found in YouTube’s other targeting opportunities. Blog Marketing Communications
    [Marketing, Youtube] Blog to Book: The Secret Behind Expert Ebooks
    To get your ideal audience to know you, like you and trust you, you offer them information through multiple channels: blog posts, YouTube videos, an e-newsletter, social media interactions, and an expert ebook. How do you find time for all these forms of content marketing? Get some video of you speaking and put it on YouTube. About Expert Ebooks Books Content Marketing E-Books blog to book blog writing expert ebooks Turning a blog into a book is nothing new.
    [Marketing, Youtube] More Content is Not Always Better – Wise Words from Chris Vandermarel
    Content marketing may be all the rage, but now that everyone is doing it — how can brands stay relevant? Leveraging good content is just the beginning – but taking advantage of every opportunity to engage with prospects and keep them excited is what smart marketers are doing to keep ahead of the curve. He quickly gave me a demo of LookbookHQ and after that I got connected with the Director of Marketing and found my home in demand generation at LookBookHQ.”.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Why you think you have nothing to say
    Post videos on YouTube? Tags: Social Media Marketing businessandeconomy promotion sitepromotion youtube Image by DavidErickson via Flickr. Do you write a blog? Tweet? Do you do anything to spread your knowledge to your customers? Most people don't, and when I ask why, they say, "Because I have nothing to say." If this sounds like you, then you need to read my latest post on Search Engine Guide, " Why you think you have nothing to say.".
    [Marketing, Youtube] The 17 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO and SEM
    A nursery that understands the importance of content marketing and SEO may very well want to optimize content on its site for both types of queries—but they will be different pieces of content. Type in any keyword or phrase and see the top related search terms on Google, Wikipedia,, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo!, You can also specify your language and type of search (web, images, YouTube, shopping, or news). 3: The Nine Best Facebook Marketing Tools. #4:
    [Marketing, Youtube] 3 Gaming Trends About to Take Over the Media World
    Influencer marketing. While gamers can’t take credit for making YouTube an internet behemoth, they’ve certainly done their best to colonize it. In August 2015, YouTube launched YouTube Gaming, a separate platform just for gaming content. Because excluding Vevo and YouTube Spotlight, which are channels curated by YouTube itself, seven of the site’s 15 most popular channels are related to gaming.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Where to Place Interactive Elements in Your Marketing Videos
    With video becoming more and more a regular option in B2B marketing content (and an effective one ), the next evolutionary step is optimizing the medium to be even more impactful. There’s a reason YouTube processes more than 3 billion searches a month and has taken reign as the second most popular search engine. As video has become increasingly less expensive to produce for marketers, new technologies are also making interactive video just as easy to create.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Branding, Bail Bonds & Sweet Tea: A Video Roundup
    Oh, you thought I was done posting content about this past week’s Digital Marketing Forum? Jay Baer and Amber Naslund spoke about their new book “ The Now Revolution &# and why social media is turning marketing into the “ligament in the knee&# of every organization. Did you attend the Digital Marketing Forum or follow #mpforum on Twitter? by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Assisted Living Digital Marketing - Where We're Going
    With the end of January, and our best month ever conducting assisted living marketing, I figured this would be a good time to list out all the ideas we have for advertising senior housing for our clients in the second quarter of 2014. Over the past two years, Fathom has really developed an expertise in senior living marketing, culminating in our recent guide “ From Lead to Move-In: Digital Marketing for the Assisted Living Industry.”
    [Marketing, Youtube] 11.5 Steps to Video Blogging in 30 Minutes
    What’s the quickest way to use videos for content marketing ? Used some content marketing text previously published about how to write a video script. Uploaded to YouTube, named it, described it, tagged it. Copied the embed code from YouTube and posted it into the html side of blog platform. Content marketing with videos is essential if you want to get online marketing results. Related posts: Video Promo Clips: Content Marketing Comes Alive.
  • BIZIBLE  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2016
    [Marketing, Youtube] How We Created Our First B2B Virtual Reality Video Case Study
    Virtual reality videos enable marketers to communicate more information in a short amount of time, and users lover the experience and control they get when interacting in virtual reality. Marketers can take prospects on a tour, or introduce prospects to VIPs. For our spring and early summer events marketing program, we wanted our booths to offer an engaging and interesting experience. While we have big plans for using VR in our marketing, the first test was quite simple.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Video SEO: How Your Content Improves Visibility
    These are cycles which serve to both support and confuse marketers, often in equal measure, as they try to keep up. But perhaps instead of trying to keep up with separate changes to SEO and content marketing, marketers can take advantage of hybrid tactics, like video SEO, to stay ahead of the marketing curve. But what the study reveals extends beyond just video marketing , into broader concepts and insights for digital marketers.
    [Marketing, Youtube] 7 Ways HR Can Use Video to Better Engage and Hire Top Talent
    Marketers use it to attract buyers and salespeople use it to sell because audiences love it. The play button and YouTube logo are probably so familiar to you that you could describe what they look like without looking. So many videos live on YouTube, even company videos that are embedded from YouTube on company websites. But your video is supposed to be an experience of your company and your brand, so why let YouTube take all the glory and recognition?
    [Marketing, Youtube] 47 Tools and Resources to Build a Ridiculously Powerful Content Marketing Stack
    It’s hard to deny the advantages to having a solid marketing technology stack to enhance your content campaigns. Marketing technology provides new research methods, helps scale your content production, and allows you to better promote and measure your campaigns across many different channels throughout the funnel. To make the resource browsing experience a bit more practical, we’ve whittled the content marketing technology stack down to a select, but powerful, bunch.
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    [Marketing, Youtube] 20 Twitter Tricks for B2Bers Who Want to Up Their Game
    Twitter is pretty key for B2B content marketers, too. We use it a hair more than Facebook (just barely) to distribute content, according to the Content Marketing Institute 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America. You can even make your own animated GIFs from YouTube videos with Word to the wise: Get permission from the YouTube video creator before you publish the GIF. Content curation is a hot topic among content marketers.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Is Your Web Content a Marketing Liability?
    The standard marketing approach – particularly among B2B firms – is to create a brochureware-esque “Who We Are / What We Do / Why You Should Select Us” web presence, which forever serves as a handy repository for press releases, case studies, white papers and other expressions of thought leadership. and here’s a news flash from 2011: Online content is no longer used by sophisticated marketers as a lead generation carrot. (Of
    [Marketing, Youtube] How Channel Marketers Engage on Social Media
    Whether you’re a B2B marketer working at a fledgling startup or in an enterprise organization, you most likely understand the importance of channel partners. Turns out these channel marketers come in many flavors, with each wrestling challenges unique to their organization, the needs of their particular partners, and the imperatives of their industry. But who are the top channel marketers to connect with on social media, and what can you learn from them?
    [Marketing, Youtube] How to Size Images on Social Media
    LunaMetrics has compiled this handy guide of specs to optimize your images from the top social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. Corporate Marketing We recently ran across this awesome cheat sheet of image sizing for social media that is sure to make your life– or at least your graphic designer’s life much easier.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Study: Facebook Surpasses LinkedIn as Most Important B2B Social Media Platform
    B2B marketers are focused on many of the same social media outlets as B2C marketers, but according to new research , usage and importance varies by network. The “2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report” from Social Media Examiner recently looked at which channels marketers are using to achieve their objectives. The vast majority of both B2B (89 percent) and B2C (97 percent) marketers said that they utilize Facebook, and it’s at the top of both lists.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Survey says: ANZ Companies use social media for business
    Another important takeaway from this graphic is not to ignore YouTube or Instagram when formulating your social strategy. YouTube is the world’s 2 nd largest search engine. Over 3 billion searches are done each month on YouTube. How does this chart help you with your social marketing strategy? Influencer Marketing Social Media/PR ANZ companies influencer social media social media influencer
    [Marketing, Youtube] Best Web Presence Optimization Guides and Tips of 2011
    They use terms like “search and social,” “inbound marketing,” “social media optimization,” “online reputation management,” “internet marketing” and others, with general agreement that the art and science of getting found on the web today require much more than just SEO–but no agreement on what to call it. Inbound Marketing: Unlock the content from your emails and social marketing by MarketingSherpa Blog.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Maximizing Your Content: 5 Ideas for Repurposing Blog Posts
    Many marketers simply move on to the next blog post or piece of content, letting the previous posts phase into obscurity (except for maybe an occasional tweet or Facebook post). Here are some of the areas where B2B marketers can repurpose their blog posts. Or, if you blog readers had a lot of questions, many times it’s easier to answer this through a video then updating the blog post with the embedded video or uploading on YouTube and giving the commenters the link.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Traditional Video Hosting Versus New Gen Video Platforms
    First up, our traditional video hosting solutions like YouTube and Vimeo. Traditional video hosting is great for businesses that are just getting started with video, for those that simply need basic hosting and playback, or for those in B2C markets using video purely as a brand tool and way to engage audiences on YouTube. As a business’ video library grows, YouTube often breaks down as a tool to manage their content. Blog Chalk Talks Marketing
    [Marketing, Youtube] This is not a post about Google+
    Social Media Marketing Facebook Google Google Buzz Google Wave Social media Social network YouTubeImage via CrunchBase. You probably heard about the little announcement that Google made this week. Google finally has its social network. Again. If you don't count Orkut or Google Wave or Google Buzz, then it is Google's first try at dethroning Facebook. At least that is what all the stories say. Google vs. Facebook in that virtual steel-cage match--winner take all.
    [Marketing, Youtube] 5 Ideas B2B Firms Can Use to Prepare for A Mobile Future
    This led me to brainstorm and do a little research on how companies (and B2B in particular) can take advantage of mobile technologies by integrating the medium into their marketing strategy. Smartphone users may be more likely to view YouTube videos or listen to podcasts than to read lengthy articles and whitepapers. marketing Marketri Mobile Marketing Social Media Marketing Favorite Marketing ToolsI don't know how I ever lived without my smartphone.
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    [Marketing, Youtube] 3 Ways Google+ Will Affect Your Business [Marketing Cast]
    Google+ has joined the box of social networking tools marketers should know and leverage. Social media marketing is expanding, and its correlation to lead generation has become tighter. In this episode of the Weekly Marketing Cast , we discuss exactly how Google’s new social channel impacts your business: 1. One of the challenges for marketers, David Meerman Scott says, is that there is yet another new social network to worry about.
    [Marketing, Youtube] 24 (of the) Best Business Blogging Guides, Tips and Tools of 2011
    Another delightful A to Z post from Debbie Hemley , this one alphabetizing the business blogging process from attributing source material through links and blogging as a hub of social media efforts through YouTube and “Zigzags and Leaps” (“mental moves that might open up things a bit, allow a little more in, including, we hope…discovery”). 7 Key Elements to a Successful Business Blog by TopRank Online Marketing.
    [Marketing, Youtube] The Top 9 Videos From Brands This Year
    To find the best branded content, I reached out to some of my best content marketing friends for nominations. The video has racked up 65 Million pageviews on YouTube. And please follow along on Twitter , LinkedIn , Facebook and Google+ or Subscribe to the B2B Marketing Insider Blog for regular updates. The post The Top 9 Videos From Brands This Year appeared first on B2B Marketing Insider. Content Marketing
    [Marketing, Youtube] Your Business Blog Sweet Spot: How to Find It and Keep It
    Yet how many of us post on a blog or upload a video to YouTube without taking time to survey what are our target audience ‘s interests, wants and needs? What makes for effective content marketing? My client’s blogs and sites where I manage their content marketing. Content Marketing How to Find It and Keep It" width="315" height="205" title="Your Business Blog Sweet Spot: How to Find It and Keep It" /> Have you found your business blog sweet spot?
    [Marketing, Youtube] 30 Social Media Statistics To Wrap Up 2014
    Marketing Land ). YouTube. 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube per minute. YouTube had 153 million unique U.S. YouTube videos influence the purchasing decisions of 53% of all consumers in the U.S. 700 tweets per minute contain a YouTube link. 91% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content. 93% of B2B marketers rated LinkedIn as the most effective social network for generating leads.
  • VIDYARD  |  THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2017
    [Marketing, Youtube] Chalk Talks: Generate More Leads with Video
    My name is Tyler Lessard, and in this Chalk Talk, we’ll explore how you can use video across your marketing programs to generate more leads and to accelerate your prospects through the buyer’s journey faster than ever: When it comes to generating new leads, there are three different steps that you need to think about. Video ads, again, tend to convert higher than do static images, and can be used effectively in both B-to-C and B-to-B marketing.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Marketing Automation in Action: Houston, we have Revenue!
    Check out our new video to see how organisations are using marketing automation to nurture leads, trigger behaviour-based communications and collaborate better with sales – and having fun doing it! See the view from Mission Control here or on YouTube , enjoy! Marketing Automation in Action: Houston, we have Revenue! was posted at Modern B2B Marketing - Marketo Best Practices Blog. | [link]. Marketing Automation Lead Nurturing Lead Scoring
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    [Marketing, Youtube] How to Spend Time on Inbound Marketing [Marketing Cast]
    There is no doubt that inbound marketing takes time. It takes time to write a blog post, to interact on Twitter or produce a YouTube video. In this episode of the Weekly Marketing Cast , we discuss how you might approach your time management when doing inbound marketing: Find Little Snippets of Time. David Meerman Scott advises doing inbound marketing in little snippets. Instead, you should spread out your inbound marketing efforts throughout the day.
    [Marketing, Youtube] 7 Proven Facebook Marketing Tactics
    Most encouraging of all has been the degree to which companies have integrated Facebook – and other social media – into their marketing mix. 7 Proven Facebook Marketing Tactics. There is no reason you have to send people to YouTube to watch your videos. In it, you can read how five companies from very different industries found creative and practical ways to bring Facebook into their marketing mix. Free Download: Facebook Marketing Case Studies.
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    [Marketing, Youtube] How Use Storytelling to Cut Through the B2B Content Clutter [Infographic]
    Every 60 seconds, 700,000 Google searches are performed, 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, and 168 emails are sent.". How do you use storytelling in your marketing? The internet is a busy, busy place. Every day people all over the world are publishing more and more content -- and somehow you''ve got to make your content stand out from it the rest. Luckily, there are lots of ways you can try to get noticed online.
    [Marketing, Youtube] 29 (of the) Best Twitter Guides, Tips and Infographics of 2013
    With all that activity, it’s imperative that marketers and PR professionals use the platform effectively as part of an overall web presence optimization strategy. Shannon Johnson presents an excellent collection of resources to help curate content for Twitter (or other uses), ranging from Feedly (which lets you follow pretty much anything—blogs, #topics, vimdeo and YouTube channels, tumblrs, comics, recipes, news sites, podcasts, magazines and more) to StumbleUpon.
  • WEBBIQUITY  |  MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2011
    [Marketing, Youtube] 6 Reasons Social Media Sucks, But You Need to Use It Anyway
    Amid all of the hype, conferences, and rapid adoption of social media marketing by organizations from sole proprietors to the Fortune 100, there remains an undercurrent of skepticism. Here are six reasons why social media skeptics have a point, and six reasons businesses must and will continue to embrace social media marketing anyway. Marketers follow other marketers, PR pros hang with other PR pros, engineers interact with other engineers.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Best Practices For Social Media Publishing
    400 hours of video is shared via YouTube. Be In Sync With Marketing. And the best way to do that is ensure your social media publishing calendar is aligned with all content and demand generation marketing objectives. That's why you need to download The Guide to Social Media Marketing — today. Social Marketing
    [Marketing, Youtube] A Content Marketing Strategy Lesson From…Miley Cyrus
    Her controversial performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards – and most recent video release, "Wrecking Ball" – both underscore just how powerfully controversial content can contribute to your content marketing strategy. If you’re willing to approach your content marketing strategy with an it’s-our-party-we-can-say-what-we-want mentality, then you should consider publishing something that might be a little edgy or controversial.
    [Marketing, Youtube] 5 Steps for a Most Excellent Google Hangout
    Add in the ability to hangout virtually with anyone across the word and broadcast it live, and it’s quickly becoming an essential tool for the modern marketer. When setting up your event make sure you check the “On Air Event” so that you can both stream the live recording and record it to YouTube. Then join us on Wednesday March 20th at 4pm PT for the Marketo Marketing Happy Hour Google Hangout. Modern B2B Marketing Social Media
    [Marketing, Youtube] What’s New in Social? Video Takes Center Stage
    Author: Lisa Marcyes Marketers, take note. While it isn’t new, video is now an essential part of any successful social media marketing strategy as core social platforms are launching new features to support it. We’re on the forefront of video becoming the norm, so it’s imperative to start incorporating video into your social media marketing strategy moving forward. YouTube Jumps on the Mobile Live Streaming Bandwagon. What does this mean for marketers?
    [Marketing, Youtube] Content Is King Only When The Kingdom Is Interested
    80% of B2B decision makers visit vendor-independent communities, vendor-sponsored forums, and LinkedIn at least monthly for business purposes, says Marketing Charts. Delivering content in the digital and social way that they want and expect will be your key to B2B marketing success and the customer kingdom. 5 Content Marketing Keys To The Customer Kingdom. Integrating YouTube videos into your marketing strategy will help you reach your audience and achieve your goals.
    [Marketing, Youtube] How to Hire The Perfect Person To Run Your Social Media
    Salesforce’s 2015 State of Marketing report says 70% of marketers plan to increase their overall social media spend this year. Social media marketing. There is an almost endless list of potential tasks for social media marketers. Are you approaching this like a direct marketer, who wants to track everything and know their ROI for each platform? Or are you approaching this more as a brand marketer, who simply wants a presence on social media?
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 7, 2013
    [Marketing, Youtube] What You Need to Know This Morning: June 7, 2013
    Meanwhile, in the world of marketing. Marketing Pilgrim has a good post on how to get started using Pipe. 3) YouTube Is Crushing it on Mobile. YouTube’s mobile ad sales have tripled in the past six months, Bloomberg reports. One analyst estimates YouTube delivers 10% of Google’s total revenues, which would work out to about $6 billion this year. Big factor in this was YouTube’s falling out with Apple last year, the Guardian reports.
    [Marketing, Youtube] How to Use Live Streaming Video to Build Your Brand
    In our case, we give our audiences the insights they need to be better, stronger marketers and salespeople. Maybe on YouTube or a company website? Instead of solely offering your audience or customers knowledge base documentation or a YouTube page, why not offer them a personal experience, something they can connect to? If you want to know even more about live streaming and Vidyard’s take on it, check out this blog post by our very own Director of Product Marketing.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2016
    [Marketing, Youtube] Why You Shouldn’t Fear Producing Your Videos In-House
    Marketing videos can be a key part of your content marketing library. While most of you are on board with videos, few CMOs or their marketing teams have video production experience. The next step to building out your in-house video library is to consider your marketing funnel. These videos have been found to be among the most effective tools you can have in your marketing toolbox. ” Content Marketing Lead Nurturing video
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2011
    [Marketing, Youtube] 42 Tweetable Facts to Squash Marketing Fantasies
    We hear a ton of marketing myths everyday that have no basis on research or facts. But let's face it, we marketers can't afford to live in a fantasy world. Instead, we need to rely on cold, hard facts to guide is in the right direction toward inbound marketing success. That's why we've released our newest ebook to help you separate marketing fact from fantasy. Inbound Marketing. Fantasy: Blogging is overrated & not particularly effective for marketing.
    [Marketing, Youtube] How Do Live Events and B2B Digital Marketing Work Together?
    Below are some of the areas where live events and digital marketing can work together to create a cohesive presence for B2B brands. Part of doing both B2B digital marketing and live events is to get your brand in front of more people. One way that B2B marketers are successfully translating in-person events to online traffic is by offering something online to event attendees. Even though Casper is a B2C brand, their SXSW presence offers a few lessons for B2B marketers.
    [Marketing, Youtube] 18 Expert Guides to Using Google+ for Business
    Despite the reputation Google+ has in some circles for being the social network that everyone has joined but no one uses , marketers are increasing viewing it as a vital platform for branding and engagement. Find the answers to these questions and many others here in 18 Google+ marketing tips and guides from more than a dozen experts. Effective Content Marketing on Google Plus: 5 Tools to Measure Success by Content Marketing Institute. Google+ Social Media Marketing
    [Marketing, Youtube] All your best content may now be considered fake news
    Looking at it another way, this could be the beginning of a process of licensing and verification that will separate the proper journalists and reporters from the bloggers, propagandists, anarchists, marketers, and dirty, dirty affiliate marketers. They’re taking it so far as to copy all of their videos and films off of video-sharing sites like YouTube just to make sure, no matter what.
    [Marketing, Youtube] The Revised Approach to Content Distribution
    Despite these constants, the way we practice marketing has changed dramatically. In the past, marketers used traditional advertising to deliver their message and lure a captivated (and less distracted) audience in. Today, marketers are responsible for much more of the buyer's journey to purchase. At Kapost, we plan, execute, distribute, and optimize our content-driven marketing efforts around the pillar concept—and so do many of our customers.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2016
    [Marketing, Youtube] User-Generated Content: Why It’s Driving 28 Percent Higher Engagement
    Marketers know that word of mouth is incredibly powerful. With social media platforms — such as Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn — you can reach an expanded audience that you might not otherwise. With permission, you can also pull specific quotes from survey results, sharing these valuable nuggets of information through social media or other content marketing efforts. For example, B2B marketers spend significant amounts of their time on LinkedIn.
    [Marketing, Youtube] More Manufacturers Are Using Videos For Content Marketing
    According to a new report released by the Content Marketing Institute, manufacturers have some of the highest adoption rates for content marketing tactics as compared to other industries. Even though social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) adoption is lower among industrial marketers, YouTube usage by manufacturers (50%) is higher than other B2B marketers (38%). So I went to YouTube to confirm the report’s findings.
  • FATHOM  |  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2015
    [Marketing, Youtube] Promoting World-Class Research
    Leveraging Research for Content Marketing. Promoting world-class research for content marketing purposes has the rare ability to attract both demographics with the same content. In this post, we will examine research promotion in terms of website content, social media, and video and how they can work to fuel a universities content marketing machine. YouTube channel management mirrors the Stanford Twitter example in a multitude of ways.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 2017
    [Marketing, Youtube] How to Make an iPhone Video: A Step-by-Step Guide
    In this post, we'll walk you through our tips and best practices for filming high-quality marketing and social media videos with your handy iPhone and a just a few other tools. Pro tip: Do Not Disturb is a great way to watch YouTube videos, play games, and sleep uninterrupted, too. But if you're filming for Facebook, YouTube, or another video hosting site, film horizontally to help viewers get the best possible viewing experience, no matter what device they press play on.
    [Marketing, Youtube] The 9 Internet Trend Charts From Mary Meeker That You Need To See
    As a tech company, we always read the report closely, but wanted to share the major takeaways marketers and content marketers should be aware of. If you pay any heed to Meeker, those are three things your business should focus on when it comes to your content marketing strategy. This quote really drives home how we think about personalized marketing. We are entering an age of truly unprecedented data and information – smart marketers will know what to do with it.
    [Marketing, Youtube] 9 Top Holiday Marketing Campaigns (For Every Season)
    Nothing gets marketers’ creativity flowing quite like an upcoming holiday. Sadly, when executed, many holiday marketing campaigns simply fall flat. Marketers are so busy trying to find the right images to post on social media, or putting a holiday spin on that long-ago-planned blog post, they forget the most important part: creating content that genuinely helps the audience in some way. To show you what I mean, I rounded up 9 holiday marketing campaigns that hit the mark.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Five Reasons Why Sales Strategy Doesn’t Work for Many Small Businesses
    To mitigate risk or generate maximum benefits, many organizations distribute their resources (read budget) in more than one marketing channel simultaneously. While this strategy may work for large companies, smaller firms struggle to optimize each marketing channel. Many small businesses work on SEO, SEM, and advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube simultaneously, and end up generating little return on investment (ROI). Guest post by Anthony Bergs.
    [Marketing, Youtube] B2B's Digital Evolution
    New research from CEBs Marketing Leadership Council shows that potential business customers are increasingly using digital channels to form opinions about major purchases. The challenge for marketers is to be present in these channels at all times with content that educates buyers and helps guide commercial decisions. The results suggest that a new paradigm in business-to-business marketing has taken hold. Marketing organizations are decidedly not set up for those things.
  • PAUL GILLIN  |  FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2013
    [Marketing, Youtube] Not Dead Yet: Blogging’s Popularity Surges Among F500
    Nora Ganim Barnes and her team at the Charlton College of Business Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth continue to produce some of the most consistent, rigorous and comprehensive research on social media adoption by both small and large businesses. Sixty-nine percent of the 2013 Fortune 500 use YouTube, an increase of 7% from 2012. There’s no fluff in the press release, so I’ll just excerpt it word for word.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 2017
    [Marketing, Youtube] Why Generation Z Should Be Included in Your Content Strategy [Infographic]
    But now, pop musicians are singing to one of the newest populations, and as marketers, it's time for us to turn our attention to it: Generation Z. Half of them say they "can't live without" YouTube. But why should marketers pay attention to this particular generation? I'll admit it: I've always been a bit befuddled by the letters assigned to generations. In fact, I remember the day that I lamentably found out that I wasn't a member of Generation X.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Video: Dell On Why NPS Matters
    Here at the MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Forum in Austin, TX, NPS is a hot topic. Digital Marketing Adam Brown Dell digital marketing Digital Marketing Forum Facebook Marketing Measurement MarketingProfs Net Promoter Score NPS SaaS Social Media Twitter video Youtubeby Jesse Noyes | Tweet this.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 24, 2017
    [Marketing, Youtube] 8 How-To Videos We Love (and Why)
    So if you’re among the many marketers producing more video content this year, there could be a lot of value in making videos specifically for those in your audience who are trying to learn how to do something, too. In this post, we’ll explore just how popular these searches are on YouTube and what you can learn from eight how-to videos about how to make great teaching videos of your own. People are searching for videos to learn how to do things on YouTube.
    [Marketing, Youtube] An Accessible Internet: How Web Users with Sensory Impairments Experience Digital Content
    I remember once, when I first started creating content, being told by a marketer that I should just fill alt text fields on images with the piece’s keywords. Perhaps the most familiar development in this arena has been YouTube’s seven-year-old auto-captioning feature , which aimed to bridge the gap between the small population of properly captioned content and YouTube’s larger library. Marketing Technology Marketing
  • HUBSPOT  |  SATURDAY, JUNE 20, 2015
    [Marketing, Youtube] New Data: Should You Include Social Media Icons on Your Homepage?
    Deciding what to include on your homepage, however, is an endless conversation amongst marketers. And with all the potential design features to include on a homepage, the relevancy of social media presents an interesting discussion for many marketers. On average, 75% of marketers choose to provide at least one social media link on their homepage while 25% opt not to include any. YouTube. YouTube.
    [Marketing, Youtube] The 50 Best Startup Tools For 2016
    In order to build or grow a startup in 2016, you need to invest in tools that can help you optimize, automate, and improve every working part of your business—from sales and marketing, to employees and customers. We’ve categorized the tools into 10 main categories: marketing, sales, data, customer support, project management, productivity, back-office, social, employees, and learning. YouTube – For entertainment and miscellaneous education. Marketing Strategy
    [Marketing, Youtube] Why Use Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn for Content Marketing?
    Content Marketing?" alt=" Why Use Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn for Content Marketing?" />. Content Marketing?" width="110" height="90" /> True confession time: I am not even close to being smart about using social media for online marketing. There are hundreds of social media experts offering expensive programs to learn all about how to use these sites for online marketing. 4 Time-Saving Tips for Social Media Marketing.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Move From Branded Content To A Content Brand
    Our most recent Future of Marketing interview explained Nick Kellet’s suggestion that we focus more on our Customer’s Brand than on our own. Previous interviews covered Marketing Creativity , Big Data , Big Testing , Customer Experience , Thought Leadership , creating a Content Culture , the roles of Content and Technology , the Future of Search , the Science of Marketing , the rise of Content Brands and we asked whether the customer or the Content is King.
  • VIDYARD  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 30, 2017
    [Marketing, Youtube] Explain the Complex Simply – Wise Words from Todd Hartley
    YouTube hadn’t been launched yet, and Netflix was still in the business of mailing out DVDs. But for Todd Hartley, founder and CEO of video marketing firm WireBuzz, the writing was already on the wall. Back then, Hartley was leading digital marketing for seven of the largest nationally-syndicated talk shows in Hollywood, and his job was to report what was most successful every week. Blog Marketing Marketing Communications
    [Marketing, Youtube] What Marketers Everywhere Can Learn From P&G's 1,600-Person Layoff
    This statement seems to imply that P&G has been seeing dramatically increased sales due to its immense ad spend, but the truth is really that the company's marketing spending is up 24% over the past two years, despite only a 9% sales increase in its 2012 Q1 earnings and a 6% sales increase over those same two years. Real-Life Companies Moving from Outbound to Inbound Marketing. Well, P&G wisely put that video up on YouTube, and it has received nearly 40,000,000 views.
    [Marketing, Youtube] There’s More Demand for Premium Video Than Ever Before
    In January 2007, a man named Ron Davis uploaded a video to YouTube of his bulldog Tillman skateboarding around a Santa Monica park. YouTube, once considered the Grim Reaper incarnate to the traditional media world, is investing hundreds of million of dollars on its homegrown stars to help them bring their video offerings to the next level. Increasing demand from marketers.
    [Marketing, Youtube] The new Myspace? Which social channels are here to stay
    In a 2014 survey of high schoolers’ use of social networks, 51% reported using Instagram every day, while 55% used YouTube and 61% Facebook daily – second only to texting. Discover five pillars of social success in the eguide: Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Social Marketing. Social Advertising Social Content Social Marketing
    [Marketing, Youtube] Tried and True Techniques for Fusing Offline and Online Marketing
    The quest to become completely reliant on inbound marketing is easier said than done. The truth is, not everything can always be perfected online alone -- but you should still make an effort to fuse your online and offline marketing to get the most out of all your marketing campaigns. These marketers responded to the surveys based on the needs they saw among their own clients. How Do You Integrate Your Offline and Online Marketing?
    [Marketing, Youtube] Tina Fey on a Roid Rage in American Express’ New Video
    Regardless of the motives for Tina Fey’s endorsement contract, let’s take a look at what B2B marketers can learn from this witty series. B2B marketers can do this, too. Another video within the same series is a perfect way to move a YouTube viewer along your content journey; it’s not too much of an ask, but it doesn’t leave them hanging, either. To learn more about creating your own video series, check out our post Video Marketing How-To: Creating an Episodic Video Series.
  • WEBBIQUITY  |  TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2016
    [Marketing, Youtube] The 14 Best Content Planning and Research Tools
    With 93% of B2B marketers now using content marketing to build brand awareness and generate leads, success going forward will require producing higher-quality content —not just more of it. Those decisions will start with your company’s content strategy and collaboration between marketing, PR and sales. Showcase reviews: Online Marketing Institute. Showcase reviews: Online Marketing Institute, Siasat. Showcase reviews: Online Marketing Institute.
    [Marketing, Youtube] 4 Mistakes Marketers Make With QR Codes
    Question: How do we become cool and trendy inbound marketers? There are a few problems with this interaction, and many modern marketers are facing them today. QR codes are quickly integrating into marketing efforts as a tool for leading consumers to some online destination: a website, blog, social media account, etc. Here are four mistakes to avoid when braiding QR codes into your marketing efforts. Answer: Try QR codes. Response: Hooray!
    [Marketing, Youtube] 17 Compelling and Highly Usable B2B Marketing Statistics
    For your use in PowerPoints, to share with associates or just to get up to date, below are 17 usable and compelling B2B Marketing stats collected from various sources around the B2B industry: B2B Social Spending B2B advertising spend on social media and lead generation sites is forecasted to grow at an annualized rate of 21% and 17% respectively to 2013 Online accounted for 7% of the B2B marketing mix in 2008.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Gary Vee: Most Marketers Are Doing It All Wrong [Q&A]
    Gary Vaynerchuk is the founder and CEO of VaynerMedia , a social media agency in New York that was recently profiled in the New York Times (" Riding the Hashtag in Social Media Marketing "). My problem was that 97% of marketers on social networks think they’re in the "right hook, right hook, right hook" business, where every Facebook post, every blog post, every tweet on Twitter is trying to sell something. This is like YouTube in 2006 and 2007, or Twitter in 2007 and 2008.
    [Marketing, Youtube] Why I Chose Vidyard: A Story of a CMO, The Video-Enabled Business, and Culture
    As a chief marketing officer, one of my core tasks is to communicate stories that engage people. Then came inbound marketing. As the power of inbound marketing became a proven way to cost-effectively attract, engage, and convert prospects, companies realized they needed to become publishers and create lots of content to feed the inbound beast. Since I knew video was so effective at storytelling, I started thinking about how to use it for inbound marketing.
    [Marketing, Youtube] The Top #Nifty50 Women in Technology on Twitter for 2012
    This year, we’re pleased to honor 50 women (below) and 50 men (in an upcoming post on the Blue Focus Marketing Blog ) who are among the top social media connectors and engagers in the technology world, representing technology vendors as well as related venture capital (VC), advisory and analyst firms. Active across social networks, Cindy leads Microsoft’s small- to midsized-business sales and marketing efforts as Vice President U.S.
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