Introducing: The Modern Marketer’s Guide to Video


by Amanda Batista | Tweet this Video marketing: You know you need it. But for many marketing organizations it’s difficult to strategize. These are pesky words that often seem to crush video marketing dreams. Because no matter how many creative, terrific brand videos you put out into the universe, as a modern marketer you have to become more strategic and prove that your investment in video marketing is resulting in clear ROI.

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Introducing the Modern Marketer’s Guide to Video


You create a cool brand video, your team loves it, you get a few social shares – even a bunch of views – and suddenly you’re the trendy marketer on top of the world. That pesky little word seems to crush your video marketing dreams, and it makes you really sweaty and weird with your boss. These KPIs, among others, are indicative of prospect interest and the effectiveness of your marketing. Blog Marketing CommunicationsIt’s a familiar scenario.