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2022 Learnings to Inform Your 2023 Content Marketing Plan


When using a full-funnel strategy with several touch points along the way, how can you truly know the effectiveness of each piece of content? Contently pioneered the content maturity model to map out a content marketer’s journey to world domination (just kidding). This is where you carve out a share of voice in the market.

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How Marketing Attribution Can Drive Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing Insider Group

This is what marketing attribution can help you to figure out. And few marketers have it completely figured out. But if you’re struggling to attribute ROI to your marketing activities, and trying to decide the best way to budget for marketing next year, then this post is for you!


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Be More Effective with Attribution Models AND Performance Management Dashboards

Vision Edge Marketing

Both Marketing Attribution Models and Marketing Performance Management Dashboards visualize important information with the purpose of identifying what is , and isn’t , working and facilitating decisions. Performance management dashboards provide insight into the effectiveness of Marketing’s strategies and associated programs. .

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How to Make the Most of Your B2B Demand Gen Budget

Walker Sands

In fact, according to Integrate’s 2023 State of B2B Marketing survey , 22% of B2B marketers plan on cutting Demand Gen spend in 2023, while 25% plan on cutting ABM spend. If you need help making the most of your Demand Gen programs, get in touch with Walker Sands’ digital marketing specialists.

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2020 Marketing Planning – powered by Marketing Analytics

B2B Marketing Analytics

Translating this analogy to our world of analytics, the insights that are provided by marketing analytics frameworks can only be as good as the data that is fed into the analytics infrastructure by the martech platforms and the associated processes. focus on 1 key area – the campaign planning and execution framework.

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Engagement-Based Attribution: The Most Accurate Way to Assign Value to ABM


The problem of Marketing Attribution has been challenging marketers ever since there’s been marketing. We want to be able to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing investments to business results – and get precise measures of ROI. So, why is attribution so hard for marketers?

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The Case for Email Marketing Metrics: Top 5 Best Practices

Adobe Experience Cloud Blog

By the end of 2018, an estimated $500 billion in digital commerce revenue will be attributable to email marketing, reports Gartner. And if you are managing email marketing campaigns your CMO wants to know: What impact did they make in terms of revenue? Determine the strategy, goals, and attribution model.