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ClickPredictions: Social Media: Where's My ROI?

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We asked Tom Pick "What are key marketing trends and predictions for 2010? What actions should marketers take in 2010?" " Tom Pick is an online marketing executive with Minneapolis-based B2B marketing and PR agency KC Associates , and writes the award-winning Webbiquity.

Philosophy of B2B Marketing: Socrates, Aristotle, Plato and You

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Now the hub of all information is the Interne, and each B2B marketer is a philosopher in his or her own right, with the ability to share and evolve ideas in the work of a moment. Here are some tips to boost your B2B marketing mix, inspired by three of history’s greatest Greek philosophers.

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5 B2B Marketing Infographics You Can’t Go Without

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As marketers, we thrive off data visualization using graphics, charts and images to educate ourselves and tell our stories. CMO’s Guide to The Social Landscape. Good, better, best is a mantra we can all live and learn from in B2B marketing. Who Participates Online.


17 Compelling And Highly Usable B2B Marketing Statistics

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Knowing what’s happening in the B2B marketing industry is key to understanding current and future trends. B2B advertising spend on social media and lead generation sites is forecasted to grow at an annualized rate of 21% and 17% respectively to 2013. B2B Social Participation.

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9 Must-Read B2B Social Media Thought Leader Interviews

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There’s no limit to the ways B2B social media marketing can help organizations build brands and amplify lead generation efforts. But for B2B marketers who have yet to venture into the social web, getting from point A to point B isn’t as cut and dry.