5 Tips on How B2B Brands can Employ Cybersecurity for Data Protection


B2B marketers are exposed to hefty volumes of data (while tracking the digital footprints of the customers as well as data for demarcating their ideal personas) & hence are obliged to leverage cybersecurity for data protection. Cybersecurity becomes a foremost priority for marketers across the globe. Cybercrime has led to an upsurge in the market for cybersecurity products & services, which is expected to grow from $75 billion in 2015 to $175 billion by 2020.

Why Data Security is Important for Your Business


As B2B marketers, many of you may often question yourself, “Why data security is important for your business.” Considering the importance of customers’ data and it’s increasingly overwhelming use in marketing, the international data protection regulations such as GDPR. In an era of omnichannel marketing and Internet of Things (IoT) information is collected in real-time across several digital platforms.

Getting More Out of Each Click with "Post-Click Marketing"


With the economy now officially in a recession (as if we didn't know that), marketers are under increasing pressure to do more with less. On the interactive marketing side, few marketers will get budget increases enabling them to drive more clicks. The challenge, then, is to maximize marketing productivity-to get more leads out of the same number of clicks. One answer to this challenge is provided by "post-click marketing," a.k.a.