8 Reasons why B2B Marketers Should Prioritize Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM)


B2B marketers think that if they are providing spectacular products or services, it’s more than enough as the services will speak for themselves. Though the impact of inbound marketing in attracting, engaging & converting the prospects can’t be neglected , the former statement is also partially true, as it resonates with the positive word of mouth marketing in practice. Ways Businesses can effectively strategize & execute Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM).


Creative B2B Marketing Ideas for Small Business Success


Democratizing creative B2B marketing ideas for small business success is a daunting, yet essential task. When the budget is limited & the marketers have lots of plans on their platter, they need to develop small business marketing plans that will not only set them apart from other businesses but will also help them develop a competitive benchmarking strategy, strong enough to thrive & stand out in the marketplace. Modern-day marketing isn’t cheap.

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10 Benefits of Employing a Powerful Content Syndication Strategy


It’s too often that marketers are worried about increasing SEO or driving traffic that they don’t pay attention to finding sites that match their brand’s messaging and positioning.”. Cost syndication is a cost-effective approach to trigger your content marketing strategies to go further. Syndication is about accentuating your content marketing strategies. Marketers can benefit from both free as well as paid content syndication. Content MarketingPrologue.


How to Scale Up Personalization to Streamline B2B Sales Cycle


The modern – age B2B marketing is majorly about prioritizing the preferences of the customers. Using personalization, to streamline sales cycle isn’t something new in a data-driven marketing world. Marketers use personalization to streamline the B2B sales cycle & to scale up the Return on their Marketing Investment (ROMI). The following methods can be used by marketers to scale-up personalization & to streamline B2B sales cycle: 1.

How Omnichannel Reputation Management Assists in B2B Branding


With the popularity of the internet & social media arose the multi-channel & omnichannel marketing tactics which ultimately obliged & gave birth to the strategies for omnichannel reputation management, together with approaches for managing public relations as an essential part. Before the concept of online omnichannel reputation management picked up, companies used to rely exclusively upon offline word-of-mouth-marketing (WOMM). B2B MarketingPrologue.


Why Visual Storytelling is Imperative for B2B Content Marketing


Beyond technology, rationality & facts & figures, B2B marketing is also about establishing genuine connections with the prospects & the existing customers alike. People prefer to purchase from people, rather than brands; hence, in order to expedite the journeys of the prospects through the conventional sales funnel, it is extremely important for the marketers to optimize personalization & users’ experiences (UX). Visual Storytelling Assistances B2B Marketers.