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Buyer Personas Require Qualitative Research and Contextual Inquiry

Tony Zambito

Buyer Persona Development and the qualitative research methodology applied to creating buyer personas have proven to be an effective means for B2B organizations to reach a deeper understanding of their buyers.    The story and narratives of users were told through personas

Is Your Organization Likeable? Are You Attracting the Right Buyers?

Tony Zambito

While there is much focus given to demand generation, content marketing, lead generation, lead management, and opportunity pipeline management, recent significant changes in buyer behaviors calls for serious examinations of whether organizations are attracting the right buyers.

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Engage the Social Buyer Persona

Tony Zambito

  As in we are engaging the buyer in the buying process for example.    A key component for engaging the social buyer persona is that an organization today must offer avenues of engagements that buyers choose.  Image by Maria Reyes-McDavis via Flickr.

The Link Between Lead Nurturing and Buyer Experience Marketing

Tony Zambito

The new buyer experience economy has resulted in shifting the economic value of many sales and marketing tactics over the past couple of years.    One approach whose value is on the rise is that of Lead Nurturing.  Image by kardboard604 via Flickr.

How to Get More Leads From Social Media


What’s your impression of how hard it is to generate leads on social media? My impression used to be that social media lead generation is unusually hard—much harder than content marketing. But in a recent survey of marketers from Ascend2 , content marketing actually surpassed social media in terms of difficulty. Effectiveness vs. Difficulty for Lead Generation. In this last survey, lead quality beat out quantity by 36%.

The Biggest Contributor to B2B Revenue

B2B Lead Generation Blog

In most B2B companies with complex products or services, marketing-sourced leads rarely account for even half the revenue and often it is much less. Very quickly, these teams contribute more pipeline than any other lead source. Improved sales productivity.

5 Steps to Optimize Your Lead Nurturing Process: The Right Content to the Right Audience

Sales Intelligence View

Did you know that inbound marketing is white-hot and content curation is king? Brian Kelly, CMO of InsideView and Pawan Desphande, CEO of Curata , presented the latest and greatest content marketing techniques at the AMA Webcast on August 20, 2013.

Content Marketing: 4 stages to mapping your content strategy

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Tweet Effective content marketing starts with listening to customers to truly understand them, and then identifying the personas of your audience, according to Ninan Chacko, CEO, PR Newswire. How to discipline content marketing to influence decisions.

7 Tips to Boost Your Email Nurturing Results Immediately

B2B Lead Generation Blog

This is important because marketers rely on email as the top lead-nurturing tactic and according to Econsultancy, it’s the best channel for ROI. The goal of this post is to give you seven tips to boost your email nurturing and marketing results immediately. It’s funny when we put on our marketing and sales hats or walk into our offices how we can talk and write differently. As I’ve written before, the best marketing feels like helping (because it is.).

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Social Buyerology: Turning Insight Into Influence

Tony Zambito

  The second, The Research Methods of Social Buyerology , reviewed the types of research methods needed to attain a deep understanding of the new social buyer persona.    In this fourth article, we examine how to turn insights about the social buyer persona into social influence.    This, in fact, is creating a tension point between marketers and buyers today.  Marketing and sales plans have a tendency to be concrete and finite plans. 

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Sales and Marketing Alignment: 45 Experts Explain How To Connect The Dots


The B2B sales funnel has changed a lot. . Until recent years, the traditional selling process looked something like this: Marketing would hand leads off to the sales team. The sales team would attempt to close those leads. . Sales did their thing.

Persona Based Marketing

KEO Marketing

Successful marketing depends on personalization. Persona based marketing helps you provide structure and insight to your company’s inbound marketing campaigns. Using market research and existing customer data, you can define your ideal customer in a very detailed manner.

The Marketing Funnel Is Dead. Let's Have Dessert.

Customer Experience Matrix

Last week’s post on lead scoring attracted more positive attention than I expected. This was doubly surprising because first, I didn’t think lead scoring was such a hot topic and second, I don’t really agree with the approaches I described. The approach was using lead scoring as a way to define lead stages. My problem is the concept of lead stages themselves. But I suspect the process was always more chaotic than marketers cared to admit.

7 Amazingly Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics


As companies adopt inbound marketing as a way to generate more leads, the importance of having an effective lead nurturing strategy becomes very clear. Implementing an effective lead nurturing strategy can have a huge impact on the results of your inbound marketing strategy.

3 Core Sales Support Services Your Agency Needs To Offer


According to 2016 data from Econsultancy , only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their lead to customer conversion rates. That's bad news for a marketing agencies with retainer clients. 3 Sales Support Services to Offer Clients. 1) Sales & Marketing Alignment.

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Ask a Content Strategist: How Do You Use Articles to Influence B2B Leads?


Instead, in the spirit of Contently’s accountable content series , let’s talk about something much more practical: how to use B2B content to drive leads. So, how do you—or others—use article content to influence leads in the B2B process?

CMOs Win When High-Value Customers Are Treated Personally Online

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Marketers today need to adopt a more realistic and accurate definition of value that’s based on “the combination of opportunities to convert and increase potential order value, and maximizes both, while at the same time, yields your highest value customers.”

Are You Killing Creativity with Marketing Automation?


Marketing automation allows us to scale mundane tasks–like sending emails–so we can reach a much larger audience more efficiently. This process allows marketers to provide timely responses and distribute relevant content more effectively than ever before. With all the modern tools available to marketers, one can’t help but ask – is marketing automation killing creativity? Data from marketing automation platforms is just the tip of the iceberg.

Tips To Power Your Sales Funnel With Video Content

Modern Marketing

by contributor | Tweet this Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes courtesy of Jon Spenceley , the Community Marketing Manager at Vidyard. He’s passionate about helping companies get the most out of their video marketing investments. Buyer Personas.

Content Marketing: How a technology company used its employees to generate quality content [Video]

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Tweet Content marketing is one of the most effective and widely used lead generation tactics, according to the MarketingSherpa 2012 Lead Generation Benchmark Report. Developing a content marketing strategy remains a big undertaking.

How to Get More Leads from Your B2B Blog

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If you’re in B2B and you’ve got a company blog, you’ve probably got it for the leads. And you always want more leads from your blog. Better leads. Blogs actually come in as one of the best lead generation tactics going for B2B marketers. A process map.

5 Steps to Creating Content That Converts to Revenue

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Andrew Gaffney is the Editorial Director of Demand Gen Report, a publication focused on demand generation best practices for B2B marketing professionals. You must know your key target markets and understand your buyer. Some marketers develop buyer personas as a guide.

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Inbound Marketing Basics: How to Attract More Customers

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Recently we hosted a webinar on inbound marketing for Asia-Pacific marketers that generated so much interest and so many questions that we didn’t have time to answer them all. Read on, and discover the essential steps for putting inbound marketing campaigns to work for you.

Drip Marketing 101: Benefits and Best Practices

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There’s a reason drip campaigns are so popular: In marketing, like so many things, timing is key. Drip marketing campaigns are an extremely valuable addition to the marketer’s toolbox. Drip marketing simply means sending marketing messages in a specific tempo.

Marketing Ops: How to Prepare for an Email Nurturing Campaign


This is the latest installment of our Leadspace Best Practices series — where we share our team’s insights and experiences into effective B2B Sales, Marketing and Customer Success. Buyer type/persona. How are you running your marketing nurture campaigns?

The Top 10 Conversion Lessons One Agency Learned After Critiquing 100+ Websites


When it comes to website design, creating a page that is visually appealing, aligned with your brand, and optimized for lead generation is no easy task. After all, there are a lot of mistakes you can make in the process. WebsiteThrowdown #design #marketing — IMPACT (@Impactbnd).

Case study in data-driven B2B customer acquisition marketing


My new book, B2B Data-Driven Marketing: Sources, Uses, Results , is launching in a few weeks. While preparing case studies for book, I had the fun of interviewing a bunch of very smart B2B marketers to learn how they were applying data and analytics to their marketing objectives.

6 Best Practices for a Lead Management Strategy

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One of marketing automation’s big wins is the ability to create a continuous process to manage leads at scale. The key to making it work is developing an effective process to automate. Define and document your process. Create buyer personas for leads.

Getting Started Guide for Marketing Automation

The Effective Marketer

With all the (deserved) hype surrounding marketing automation, is no wonder that many companies, startups especially, are adding the technology as a key component to their marketing activities. Problem is, sometimes the rush to get the software installed and running ends up trampling the creation of processes, content planning, and other key ingredients that are necessary for a successful marketing automation implementation. Getting Started with Marketing Automation.

How to Nurture Leads with Email Marketing


Email marketing is very much alive. It has withstood the test of time and remains a strong force to contend with in lead generation and management, as well as customer engagement. In fact, based on statistics from Campaign Monitor : More than 80% of B2B and B2C companies are still using email marketing technologies as part of their marketing strategies. Marketers have experienced an astounding rate of 760% added revenue from segmented email marketing campaigns.

How to Operationalize Account-Based Marketing


If prospects don’t fit your Ideal Customer Profile, they shouldn’t become leads. But that doesn’t stop a lot of sales and marketing professionals from pursuing any and all hand-raisers, regardless how poorly suited they are. If you’re having trouble converting leads – or getting leads at all – here’s your simple, three-step process to keep your eye on the ball. In short, the first rule of account-based marketing is : know your target accounts.

The 3 & 5 of Winning Drip Marketing Campaigns

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Drip marketing is a successful technique for tapping into the water table of human consciousness, establishing memorable brand awareness by methodically, deliberately, and consistently delivering marketing messages over a fixed period of time. Optimizes the sales funnel.

My Key Takeaways as a B2B Summit Clinic Coach: Top lessons from real-world marketers and actionable ideas to drive marketing success

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Tweet I just got back from this year’s round of MarketingSherpa B2B Summits in Boston and San Francisco, where I provided one-on-one coaching to attendees, marketers from Fortune 500 organizations, leading private companies, and emerging businesses. So what did I tell those marketers?

How Personalization Affects Lead Nurturing


The lead nurturing process walks a prospect through the stages of the sales funnel and continues through the sale. Proper execution requires knowing what to send when and ensuring that you’re adequately meeting your target market’s needs. In today’s digital world, personalization is an integral part of any business’ marketing endeavors, and it’s also one of the biggest trends in marketing. Personalization Moves Leads Through Your Funnel.

How to Plan Effectively and Avoid ‘Random Acts of Marketing’


Have you ever found yourself sucked in by random acts of marketing? Your team looks at your goals for the month, you see that your leads aren’t where you want them to be, and someone says, “We should do something! Without answering those questions you’ll never be able to form a coherent, effective marketing plan. This understanding will elevate those random acts of marketing and infuse them with them intention.

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Lead Nurturing and Personalization


Lead Nurturing and Personalization Here, we’re going to explain why personalization is a vital part of lead nurturing in marketing. It happens more often than you’d think, even with a lead nurturing strategy in place. What is Lead Nurturing?

Don’t Let Prospects Get Lost: Create a Customer Journey Map

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As marketers, it’s our job to help them get to their destination as quickly and painlessly as possible – to be their helpful tour guide. Learn essential ways to use content to attract top-of-funnel leads, with our eBook “ Attraction 101: Content Marketing.”

25 Great B2B Content Marketing Articles


While doing research for my upcoming webinar on creating content that converts , I found many great articles on B2B Content Marketing. For example, the complex sale is usually unique to B2B selling, and that’s when you would map content to stages in the buying cycle. Joe Pulizzi, What is Content Marketing? Michele Linn, A 7-Step Plan for Getting Started with Content Marketing. Doug Kessler, The B2B Content Marketing Workbook. Personas.

Get Started with Video Marketing: DIY

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Have you wanted to get started with video marketing, but lack the budget to hire a production company? Yes, it would be nice to have movie-quality videos for each of your products or for every vertical you serve, but it’s not necessary in order to begin reaping the rewards of video marketing.

How to Increase Your Database with Qualified New Leads


How are your lead gen numbers looking right now? Whether it’s the dog days of summer, the post-event lull, or drowning in deadlines, the best marketers know how to overcome slow traffic and stretch capacity to grow their database creatively.