Attracting New Customers with Targeted Multi-Channel Marketing


Similar to the playing routine a golfer must follow to score well, there too is a list of things every marketer should do when teeing up their next campaign. Get a good grip on your marketing message. Deliver your campaign effectively across multiple marketing channels.

Reborn AutoPilot Aims to Simplify Multi-Channel Marketing

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Back then, they positioned themselves as a “marketing operating system” that provided core functions but would ultimately let users connect with third party apps. This allows marketers to adopt Autopilot without discarding their current tools, easing the transition.

The Complete Guide To Multi-Channel Attribution Models


In this post we review multi-channel attribution, reviewing the attribution capabilities and methods available through different technologies. We’ll also discuss how to evaluate which multi-channel attribution model is best for your organization. marketing attribution

The Importance of Multi-Channel ABM


In traditional models, marketing out meant placing a 30-second commercial on TV. In today’s evolving B2B landscape where attention is scarce, marketing must always be multi-channel. . It means using personalized and relevant messages across multiple channels.

3 Core Functionalities for Multi-Channel Marketing

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Author: Patrick Groover Marketing communications continue to evolve as audiences interact with brands through an ever-increasing number of channels. This research may need further prompting and nurturing through multiple channels of communication to help encourage a decision (e.g.

Marketing Automation Trends Report 2017


This year’s Marketing Automation Trends Report has arrived. Marketing automation is growing at a rapid pace. Why is marketing automation so important? How does marketing automation impact the customer at each stage?

Email, SMS & Push: How to Automate a Multi-Channel Experience


As a marketer, you only have to digest a few statistics to understand that your marketing strategies demand a multi-channel approach—more so than any other time in modern history. Developing an automated multi-channel marketing strategy.

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Benefits of Marketing Automation for Insurers


Insurance companies in all verticals have diverse audience segments that require highly tailored and customized messaging to generate, nurture, and convert leads in a multi-channel marketing ecosystem.

Three Signs You are in Need of White Label Marketing Automation


What does white label mean, and why is white labeled marketing automation a vital technology for so many businesses? White-labeled automation. White labeling also works remarkably well for brands in need of marketing automation platforms.

Conversen Simplifies Complex Messages Through Multi-Channel Dynamic Content

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Summary: Conversen makes it easy to generate dynamic messages across multiple channels. It's more a supplement than a replacement for conventional campaign management but should save a lot of work for marketers and their agencies. The heart of Conversen are the marketing messages.

3 Effective Ways to Incorporate Direct Mail Into Your Multi-Channel Campaigns

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To some, direct mail may seem like a marketing method of the past. However, coupled with a sophisticated marketing automation platform, direct mail is getting a facelift that may make it a channel that helps you differentiate your go-to-market strategy.

Improving Business Productivity with Marketing Automation


Marketers have access to a wide variety of business productivity tools to help them simplify their day-to-day tasks. But the vast array of marketing tools available doesn’t necessarily make their work any easier. This is where marketing automation comes in.

Offline Marketing: Build, Send, and Track Postcards with Lead Liaison Multi-channel Marketing

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The marketing automation powerhouse Lead Liaison has partnered with Lob , a company that is aggressively building a suite of APIs that allow businesses to build applications within their own software for offline marketing tools. ALLEN, TX . It’s a match made in heaven.

The One 2017 New Year’s Marketing Resolution You Must Keep


Did you know that you could have been maximizing your branded communications with a marketing automation platform this whole time? This year, make sure that the one new year’s resolution you keep is to maximize your brand message with a robust marketing automation platform.

B2B Vs B2C Marketing Automation [Infographic]


Think of marketing automation as dog breeds. Marketing automation technology allows brands to efficiently generate leads using multiple mediums while simplifying and reducing marketing efforts, to ultimately increase revenue. reduction in marketing overhead.

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3 Steps to Increasing Email Deliverability Performance


Email marketing is consistently positioned among the highest ranking channels producing revenue and a strong return on investment. With those stats, you can see why brands of all sizes have adopted email marketing as part of their distributed marketing mix, just as you have.

Vroooom! 3 Ways Consumer Marketers Can Accelerate Growth in a Multi-Channel World

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Traditionally an integral part of our economy and culture, car sales in once strong markets are in decline due to lack of consumer confidence and changes in the way people buy. These changes in the way people buy have affected the marketing landscape across the board, not just in automotive.

Right On Interactive's 5Buckets Simplifies Multi-Channel Messaging

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Summary: Right On Interactive's 5Buckets connects lists from external customer management systems with many types of output vendors (email, print, fax, text message, automated voice). It's a low-cost, easy-to-use alternative to more powerful marketing automation systems for companies who don't need other marketing automation features. It can also combine its inputs into a persistent marketing database, but that's optional.

A Digital Marketing Metamorphosis: Turn Social Media Followers into Loyal Customers


Technology allows marketers to communicate with their customers in many ways. This large tech-heavy task when done right, can lead to exceptional ROI and prove that your social media marketing efforts are not in vain. Customers Make the Best Marketers.

ClickSquared System Combines Marketing Database, Campaign Management and Multi-Channel Message Delivery

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Summary: ClickSquared is marketing services agency that, unlike most of its peers, has built its own marketing automation system. The vendor has just officially launched its system, which should meet the needs of most mid-tier consumer marketers. In a post last week , I casually described ClickSquared as a vendor delivering multi-channel messages for external campaign management systems.

2017 Marketing Trends to Watch


Marketing automation on the rise. Increase marketing efficiency while achieving better results with automation. Almost 50% of North American marketers say that better integration of existing marketing technology would improve their company’s omnichannel marketing efforts.

How to Use Multiple Marketing Technologies Together for Optimal Results


How can you use multiple marketing technologies together to effectively reach your target audience and streamline your business for optimal results? The answer is marketing automation. There are a near countless number of marketing automation software providers.

Personalization a multi channel engagement priority for Brand and Agency Marketers in 2017


Experiture Blog - Customer Experience Marketing Platform - Best Practices and thought leadership. Personalization a multi channel engagement priority for Brand and Agency Marketers in 2017. Marketing AutomationExperiture Blog.

The Future of Financial Services Marketing


Exciting things are happening in the world of financial services marketing. From the opening reception to James Kerley’s musical number, the yearly event proved to be a welcome experience to anyone wanting to grow their marketing distribution efforts. Opportunities ahead.

Avoid these 10 Marketing Automation Rookie Mistakes

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If your company is considering marketing automation or you have recently implemented it, you are not alone. According to The State of the Marketing Technology Industry , only 3% of businesses surveyed use one of the four most common marketing automation systems.

Tying Multi-Channel Marketing Programs Together with Interactive Content


How do you market to the right people, in the right channels, at the right time, with the right content? There are so many options and tools available to marketers that bringing it all together in a manageable way can be a challenge all its own. Fortunately, interactive content can easily bridge gaps to push content to virtually any marketing channel you can imagine - all the while measuring behaviors and generating leads within the native channels, interfaces, or devices.

Automating Marketing When Your eCommerce Shop Gets Busy


You’ve built your shop from the ground up, making new products you think people need or want, and satisfying an ever-growing niche market. It becomes harder to find time to fill orders, manage your website, coordinate with suppliers, and manage your marketing. Improving Your Automation.

Kick Up Your Content


However, with different channels playing intricate roles with one another, content is only boring if you build it that way. Compared to B2B marketing, consumer-facing influencer marketing has seen a 55% increase in budget allocation to help brand visibility.

New Raab VEST Report: B2B Marketing Automation Will Reach $1.2 Billion in 2014

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I’ve just published the latest edition of our B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST), with updated entries on all your favorites and several new entries to boot. I added four new vendors to the report, all of which have just begun to market their products aggressively.

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More New Systems Challenge the Marketing Automation Status Quo

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Last week’s post looked at newer marketing automation systems that focused on small businesses. The general notion is that small businesses are finding existing marketing automation products too hard to use and would be happy with something simpler, especially if it costs less.

Automating Your Healthcare’s Referral Marketing


When it comes to marketing your healthcare business, there are two primary goals: to attract new clients to your practice and to acquire referral patients from other healthcare professionals. Luckily, there are automated marketing tools that can help free up your time.

The Difference Between Distributed Marketing & Multi-Level Marketing


Though they sound remarkably similar, distributed marketing and multi-level marketing are completely different concepts. One is a widely used marketing model, while the other is a controversial business model often compared to a pyramid scheme.

National Trivia Day 2017


Marketing has changed. As cliche as that may sound, marketing has evolved from what was once a one-way shouting match between brands competing for customer attention to a two-way discussion, interaction and relationship between a brand and its unique customers.

3 B2B Marketing Technologies That Make Sense of the Multi-Channel Madness


Mobile created a monster; a multi-screen, multi-channel consumer that can make marketing analytics a nightmare. Marketers have to adapt to how mobile is shaping the new customer’s needs. Marketers need to be seen where their customers are already looking.

The M.E.R.R.Y. List of Holiday Email Marketing Tips


of all shopping transactions during the holiday season achieving the rank of third highest marketing channel to attract consumer purchasing. tips to create a rewarding and lucrative holiday email marketing strategy that will do just that.

5 Ways to Reactivate Lost Leads Using Marketing Automation

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In this post I want to challenge the idea that a lost lead is indeed lost, and how, using marketing automation software, can instead be the key to unlocking a large amount of additional revenue for your company. With marketing automation software you can fully-automate these offers.

Marketing Automation for Senior Care


Marketing to reach out to attract new seniors as well as to keep connected with families is crucial. The same personalized options that some facilities now offer has to be mirrored in a marketing strategy that’s equally as personal and people-focused for the residents. Knowing which marketing efforts are driving your move-ins and helping to increase occupancy is key to tuning marketing efforts for high performance. Marketing Automation for Senior Care Tips.

Marketing Automation – The Future of Digital Marketing

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Introduction to Marketing Automation. According to the Salesforce State of Marketing report for 2018 , 44% of marketing leaders use a marketing automation platform and another 42% plan to use one within the next two years. Segment Your Market.

The 11 Best Marketing Automation Software Tools in 2019


A majority of businesses are using some form of marketing automation nowadays -- in fact, studies cite around 51% of businesses currently use the technology, and that number continues to grow. The 11 Best Marketing Automation Software in 2019. HubSpot Marketing Automation.

Creating a 2017 Marketing Roadmap for Success


With each passing year (or each passing day when talking about technology), something new is introduced that marketers must master and integrate into your strategy to maximize your brand’s success. His passion is creating personalized marketing strategies and watching them come to life.