Ten tips for customer reactivation


Consider such segmentation variables as: Original acquisition source media, like email, SEM, direct mail, display advertising, event, or telemarketing. So don’t forget the other options available—telephone, postal mail, mobile, retargeted display advertising, social media, your website—and add them to the mix to broaden your reach and keep your customers interested in your messaging. Enhance your message with a sense of urgency, to motivate quick action.

A Guide to Email Subject Line Creation to Optimize Open Rate


In a B2B world, telemarketing is a solid means of developing leads. There are telemarketers who provide more than lead generation development; they provide development services, event marketing and market research. When you use words that have an exclamation it will look like a spam mail. Do not be afraid of asking questions, you can create sense of urgency and make people wonder. E-Mail Marketing

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Inbound Marketing Alone May Not Be Enough for Industrial Companies

Industrial Marketing Today

They provide examples of how the target audience behaves in their personal lives where they TiVo through commercials, use caller ID to ignore telemarketing calls, direct mail pieces go straight to trash and of course, nobody ever reads a newspaper or a trade magazine anymore. This where traditional outbound marketing like print ads, phone calls and direct mail can help in maintaining top-of-mind awareness even when the prospect is not actively looking to buy.

5 Ways Your B2B Marketing Automation is Failing

Modern Marketing

While email marketing is a fast and cost-effective method, you may want to supplement it with telemarketing and direct mail. Telemarketing offers the greatest level of personalization and is often essential to gathering the information you need to qualify a lead. Direct mail may be appropriate when you are trying to reach a C-level decision maker and want to provide a tangible representation of your organization.