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Six Proven Strategies to Build Customer Relationships and Brand Loyalty


Buyers now rely less on information provided by suppliers and industry analysts , and more on what they find about your brand through reviews and other online sources. Gartner also found that when B2B buyers are making purchase decisions, they spend most of their time independently researching the brand online. Train your employees.

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Build Trust and Loyalty: The Importance of Brand Authenticity for Your Business

Vision Edge Marketing

Building a brand is like building a house. When you have an authentic brand, you have the foundation for building trust and loyalty with your customers, employees, and partners. But, without authenticity, your brand is like a house of cards, ready to come tumbling down at the slightest gust of wind.

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How Personalized Brand Experiences Help Drive Customer Loyalty


A McKinsey report notes that 71% of customers expect brand personalization and 76% get frustrated if it’s not provided. Image credit: cottonbro studio on Pexels B2C brands (and B2B companies increasingly, as well) focus on personalizing their services to build recognition in a cutthroat market.

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How to Build a Digital Product Brand That Lasts


A digital product brand is a recognizable symbol that distinguishes an organization from its competitors. A company can use its brand to differentiate itself from the competition to build customer loyalty, generate greater demand for its products or services, and attract new audiences. Build an Opt-in Email List.

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The Marketer's Guide to Surviving Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Speaker: Jonathan Meyer, Danielle Erwin, Jeremey LaDuque, Nathan Hedley & Nils De Moor

Merchants that are caught off guard or who are underprepared risk missing out on substantial potential revenue and opportunities to build a powerful presence online.

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The Brand Consistency Checklist: How to Build Loyalty & Recognition


## *Use This Brand Consistency Checklist to Build Awareness & Customer Loyalty* Brand guidelines and brand consistency checklists give you clear processes that everybody in your organization can follow to.

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How Exactly Does Content Marketing Help in Building Brand Awareness?

Marketing Insider Group

Brand awareness is more than people simply recognizing your business name or your logo. True brand awareness entails your audience getting to know the personality behind your brand and what makes you different from your competitors. Content marketing can be a highly effective way to build brand awareness.

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How to Match Online Customers with the Products They Are Searching For

eCommerce merchandisers and digital marketers need a site search solution that considers the customer first and not the brand, recommending content and products specifically for the user on an individual level and helping create the opportunity to build brand loyalty.