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The 17 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO and SEM


And of course, keyword stuffing, as an SEO tactic, is long dead. A nursery that understands the importance of content marketing and SEO may very well want to optimize content on its site for both types of queries—but they will be different pieces of content. 9) Long Tail Platinum.

B2B Leads in the Long Tail of Search


Optimization projects normally start with keyword research to identify the most promising “head” search terms (short, frequently used keyword phrases), and over time, a site’s rank for these terms is closely watched (and often much fretted about).

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Choosing your keywords for SEO

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Before you start making radical changes on your website, in an effort to rank higher in the search engines, you first need to decide what keywords you’re going to rank for. Short-tail and long-tail keywords.

What Should You Know About Keywords – The Long and Short of It

Vertical Response

Under the broad umbrella of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which includes both paid search as well as organic search engine optimization , there’s a common strategy that involves focusing on what’s known as “Long Tail” Keywords.

The Right SEM Strategy for Schools


Search engine marketing (SEM) is comprised of both search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. It's a long-term investment that has a lower cost with slower rate of return. Your SEO-optimized pages create a perpetual flow of traffic.

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Hospital Search Implications of Google’s Healthcare Knowledge Graph


Think about it: If a hospital website was previously pulling in visitors and clicks from general health condition searches, it might now miss out on some of this traffic because users are now able to get that same information right on Google without having to make that extra click.


3 Tips for Optimizing SEM Campaigns


For those experienced in SEM, these tips may still serve as helpful reminders. For example, suppose top marketing books was a high-performing phrase for your SEM campaign. Use SEM terms for SEO.

Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010


Regardless of age group, personal recommendations from company or industry colleagues are rated the most influential information source, while retail websites are least relied upon. B2B Marketing: Red-Headed Step-Child of SEM World?

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Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers

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Best of 2009: SEO Tips, Part 1


What other tools are worth checking out for keywords, linking and website analysis? For example, one website shows up at #2 on Google for “business services management,&# but at #23 for business service management. Another noteworthy post from this blog is Get Keyword Rank Data from Google Webmaster Tools , provides detailed step-by-step instructions for analyzing website performance using Google’s webmaster tools.

Sherpa Answers 15 Common SEO Questions


MarketingSherpa yesterday published an article titled Long-Tail Keywords Dead? Then you can focus your SEO efforts on high-value terms that are easy to optimize for, and continue to use paid search for those terms which are very difficult to SEO. Long-Tail Keywords rock. These terms can offer you higher conversion rates at a lower cost per click" when used in SEM campaigns, and are far easier to SEO than two-word or even three-word phrases.

Building a ROMI Calculator

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Their Excel-based ROI spreadsheet provides all the needed components to quickly and accurately calculate marketing ROI for just about any marketing investment, as long as you can estimate the future stream of income and costs associated with your marketing program.

Best of 2007: Articles and Blog Posts on SEO (Part 1)


Because if you don't know how to optimize a page without slamming keywords into the URLs, you don't know how to optimize a Web page.) with title tags, headlines, content optimization and meta tags at the top of the list. SEO is dead? Balderdash!

B2B Hubs Or PPC? Are All Leads Created Equal?

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Home Members Only News Features Columns SEM SEO PPC Social Media How To Google & Search First Time Here? A B2B Directory website example is ThomasNet. PPC campaigns provide control through match types , negative keyword screens, selection of keywords based on very specific niches, use of long-tail search terms, and more. Cons PPC: Cost – Obviously this will depend on the keyword space, bidding strategies, your offers, landing page optimization, etc.,

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