Collaboration is The Secret Weapon To Successful Content Planning


In fact, working in content today means you’re locked in a constant battle with what we at DivvyHQ call the Content Cookie Monster (known in other circles as the “internet”). Which is exactly why in our recent research on content planning , we asked respondents about their biggest barriers to content collaboration. In our opinion, this is a big problem. Who has the final say in what goes in your content calendar?

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Global Event Planning: How It Differs From Your Run of the Mill Event

SpotMe Blog

Virtual events became the norm when people were no longer able to meet in person for conferences, trade shows, and other events. From what to look for in a global event planning software to ways to incorporate varying cultures, we’ve got you covered. .


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Starting the Branding Process Early in M&A Planning


As such a critical factor in making or breaking success, it may come as a shock that branding is one of the most overlooked aspects of M&A planning. In other words: it happens too late. That’s why it is crucial to prioritize branding early on in the M&A process.

3 Emerging Marketing Technologies to Consider for Your 2020 Marketing Plan


The fourth quarter is officially in full swing, the holidays around the corner, and marketers and entrepreneurs are working tirelessly around-the-clock to try and close new business to reach sales and marketing numbers by the end of the year. What does your business look like in 2020?

2020 Planning: The Role Journey Attribution Plays and How Important It Is to Get It Right

Martech Advisor

Today, marketing leaders can far more accurately predict ROI and ROAS in their 2020 planning through data science. Being able to understand the true credit to key touchpoints along the journey—and knowing when and how various marketing channels contribute to those conversion events—absolutely helps inform marketing strategies and, in turn, budget allocations for 2020.


A Writer’s Work Plan: Diagramming and Mapping Out Your Mind Before Writing


In this series, we examine how Umberto Eco’s book, ‘How to Write a Thesis,’ can be used to help writers improve their focus, research smarter and get any writing project done faster. In part two, we look at strategies for creating a work plan using a tree diagram. Diagramming and leading questions based on work plans. But thought isn’t locked in word-processed-blocked-type font. Eco encourages writers to start with a work plan.

Your Chance at Lifetime Reduced Prices


We at JotForm wanted to let you in on a special deal: upgrade to one of our existing paid plans now and be locked in to that price forever — even as we restructure our price. Close your eyes and try to imagine a world where the prices you pay now would never rise a single cent. Now open your eyes! Product

Is customer satisfaction really important in B2B?


An analysis of their reasons reveals that in most B2B markets there are four distinct customer segments, each of them loyal for very different reasons. This advantage is usually in one of four areas: A better quality product or service. Sure, they value functional performance too, but the things that really make their supplier sticky are ‘softer’ in nature: They trust the supplier and value their reliability. The third segment are ‘locked-in’.

Digital Marketing: What Happens After Your Site Launches?

EMagine B2B Blog

We’re covering why it’s important to have a strategic plan in place to lock-in long-term business success in our new video. Other great content we know you’ll love: Client Success In Digital Marketing . Stay in touch with me on Twitter: @Lindsey_Hudson1. What’s next after your website launches?

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Tips to Manage the Marketer's Personalisation Dilemma


But there are differences in degree. Imagine the resources involved in reaching these levels of personalisation: Turning Dear Sir into Dear Mr Smith. in a landing page. or Lock in your future contracts! Using financial results from annual reports to generate content like You’re 5% ahead on margins but 4th in growth in your sector - personalised to each individual’s company. Personalisation isn’t all-or-nothing.

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5 Logistical Tips That’ll Help You Pull Off a Great Webinar


When my class of floppy six-year-olds stood on stage to sing a song in front of our families, my body froze. In fact, he stuttered and had a lisp.) Part of my job as editor-in-chief is to inspire our audience, supplying them with engaging advice. I’m no Winston Churchill.

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Protect yourself: 5 essential tips on how to keep your website safe


You, who are looking for information on how to create a website — have you ever wondered about the importance of investing in security? You want your Digital Marketing strategy to generate an increase in revenue. All In One WP Security & Firewall.

Digital Transformation and Continuous Change


You can read it in its entirety here. This can result in agile hybrid solutions that can rapidly adapt to market demands. This agility allows an organization to make multiple controlled releases to production in a single day, which is a competitive advantage.

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Which TV Show Matches Your Data Utilization Strategy?


In other words, don’t cram an analogy somewhere it doesn’t fit just to be “creative.” ” In this case, I think he would be quite accepting of the TV show = data challenge correlation. Including what you can do to get it all in Prime Time). Employ a name analyzer program or database scripts to identify junk content and records in the database. A solid lead scoring plan is what Rick would use (if he were a marketer).

Vision6 National Brand Campaign


So with the brand messaging and tagline locked in, we just had to transform our Vision6 HQ into a live film set, add some rainbow cake, a panda, bananas, and a Rubiks cube (plus some awesome Vision6 staff) for the perfect Vision6 brand ad cocktail recipe. It was the year 2020.

Why does the massive landscape of marketing services firms not bother people the way martech does?


The large size of the marketing technology landscape stirs many emotions in the marketing community. Although maybe in some distantly analogous way it is. However, something else has always surprised about the fervent demand for consolidation in martech.

Five Impacts of CMO Budget Cuts – Gartner 2021 CMO Spend Survey


According to Gartner’s annual CMO Spend Survey, as reported by Laurie Sullivan in MediaPost , “Marketing budgets as a percentage of revenue fell to their lowest level in recent history…Marketing budgets as a proportion of company revenue fell from 11% in 2020 to 6.4%

New Forrester Research: B2B Should Use B2C Customer Loyalty Principles


For years, B2B marketers have largely viewed B2C loyalty tactics as irrelevant in their space. Plus, customer retention has long been seen as the responsibility of those in sales, service, and support. Deepen engagement to lock in loyalty. To that end, Collins reminds us that while loyalty programs may have started in the B2C world, the concept can apply to the B2B space.

Accountable Culture and the Future of Work


“To achieve the desired culture, everyone must have a clear, consistent, common understanding of it — and everyone must work together in a deliberate and coordinated effort to cultivate it…Everyone shares accountability for achieving the desired culture.”

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BMW can imprint eyelids, we’ll drive demand.


Working with DemandGen , we spent two days locked in a room (okay, the doors were open – but you really didn’t want to leave!) Dave Lewis, CEO of DemandGen, led our group in an intriguing conversation about our lead scoring and lead nurturing practices. BMW may have the ultimate driving machine – complete with bright lights with infinite ad budgets - but we’re the ones in the hottest drivers seat. by Amber Stevens | Tweet this.

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How to Make a TikTok Video: Beginners Start Here


Download the full Social Trends report to get an in-depth analysis of the data you need to prioritize and plan your social strategy in 2022. Remember to throw in a description and some hashtags and bingo-bango-bongo you’re the Steven Spielberg of TikTok!

3 Key Steps to Integrate Marketo with Salesforce

SmartBug Media

But what if you want to access the best features from both programs in a single system? By integrating Salesforce in Marketo, you gain more control over your contacts, align your sales and marketing teams, and simplify the jobs of marketing strategists.

13 Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Event ROI

Marketo Events

Then, despite nailing your booth or presentation, you’ve been disappointed in the results. Leads trickled in and then wasted away. In this blog, I’ll give you 13 marketing tactics to boost your event ROI before, during, and after your events. Send an email or direct mail invitation, allowing attendees to plan. In the lead-up to an event, there’s a lot of email competition and it’s all too easy for recipients to hit the delete button. There’s power in numbers.

Intelligent chat isn’t one-size-fits-all: Three use cases that drive real results


Intelligent chat offers a conversational solution for mortgage lenders who are helping buyers lock in lower rates. Although the end to the pandemic is not in sight, businesses are being tasked with developing a safe return to work plan.

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What You Should Know About Financial Stress

Altitude Branding

There are reputable companies that specialize in loans for debt relief. Fortunately, you don’t have to get dressed up and go talk to a formal person in a bank or institution. In just minutes, you’ll get a good sense of your options, costs, and personal loan requirements.

Measure and Keep: 7 Key Customer Retention Metrics to Watch


As they say in horror movies, the call is coming from inside the house. Customer retention is the real key to sustainable success in business. In the big picture, marketing can and should have a lot to say about nurturing. The answers can be found in customer retention metrics.

Agile Marketing is About Focus, Not Speed: Operational Best Practices from CMOs on the Rebound


Among the best practices she shared as well as those reinforced by CMO attendees: Agile is about focus first, speed second: Many people get it the other way around, which just means you’re getting more stuff done in random, unproductive order. If other work isn’t important enough to triage regularly, then why is it being done in the first place? This is apparently referred to as “swoop and poop” in the agile community (with the perpetrators referred to as “seagulls”).

The state of ecommerce


30-second summary: Pureplay retailers will dominate in the future. Amazon, Alibaba, Pinduoduo forecasted to be the leading retailers in 2024. Tesco have held their own until now, but what is their plan to combat the digital invasion? Amazon’s weaknesses will give birth to the next success stories in retail. Here are the key takeaways from the event: Pureplay retailers will dominate in the future.

The Right Way to Do Keyword Research


Keyword research is the first step in a well-thought-out and successful SEO strategy. Because keyword research is such a determining factor in whether or not prospects discover your business, it’s natural to want to handle it with the utmost of care.

Agile marketing is about focus, not speed: Operational best practices from CMOs on the rebound

Heinz Marketing

Among the best practices she shared as well as those reinforced by CMO attendees: Agile is about focus first, speed second: Many people get it the other way around, which just means you’re getting more stuff done in random, unproductive order.

Study: Half of Marketing Jobs Will Be Replaced by Machine Intelligence

Customer Experience Matrix

This in turn got me thinking about my presentation on machine learning systems at the MarTech conference in March. This offered the possibility of showing how much employment risk is faced by marketers in particular. In examining the Frey and Osborne paper, I found just two categories that included “marketing” in their title: “Marketing Managers” with a 1.4%

What to Leave Behind and What to Adopt in 2020 | Taking Stock of Your Marketing Strategy


There are some exciting predictions about what lies ahead for marketing in my news feeds these days. Like many of us, I’m clicking and reading quite a few of these futuristic articles because I want to be aware of how marketing will innovate in 2025 and beyond.

How to Get More Blog Followers: 14 Proven Ways to Increase your Readers


In this post, we’ll show you proven ways to increase your blog followers and expand your reach. This is where OptinMonster comes in. OptinMonster comes with 50+ stunning prebuilt optin form templates and 9 campaign types including popups, floating bars, slide-ins, and fullscreen mats.

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How AI empowered CDPs are bridging the gap between marketing data and true marketing intelligence


By giving these programs access to multiple data points, across business silos, a more accurate customer profile and effective campaign suggestions that will result in loyalty and sales are generated. That’s a lot of untapped data, housed in separate business silos, going to waste.

The Importance of Context with Marketing Experiments


This “winner” has a heavy responsibility – we’re assuming that it confers the improvement in revenue and conversion that we measured during the experiment. The experiments that you run have to result in better decisions, and ultimately ROI. Where are these threats in marketing?

The Enterprise Sales Cycle: How Massive Deals Come Together


Businesses come in all shapes, structures, and scales — and the angles and processes used to sell to different companies reflects that variability. Let's jump in. You're in it for the long haul, and you need to consistently get in front of the right people to see it through.

The Rise of Account-Based Marketing, in 7 Charts


There are a lot of buzzy trends in marketing that turn out to be little more than hot air. In fact, our editor-in-chief managed to pull together about 40 of the worst of them.) ABM is a marketing strategy in which the marketing and sales teams focus on courting specific clients, rather than determining their sales pipe based on whatever companies come to them. In traditional B2B marketing, marketers move prospects through the funnel toward a sale.

8 Rules For Running Online Display Ads


by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this In olden days, when you wanted to drum up interest for your product or business, you could take an ad out in the paper, write a jingle for the radio or buy commercials on TV. But online displays ads still play a vital role in building a wider audience. In other words, think of it less like slapping a sign on a bus and more like selecting the right venue for an event. In other words, ignore the landing page at your peril.

When to A/B Test and When to Use Predictive Bandits


While A/B testing is a critical tool in your optimization program it shouldn’t be the only option on the table. With advances in new data capabilities, marketing technologies, and real-time computing power in recent years, there are now more ways to solve for the same optimization problem.

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Gearing up for Demand Generation Excellence at B2BMX


If you’re like us, you’ve locked in your marketing and demand generation plan for the year and your sales team has set their goals and expectations for a successful 2018. The event, being hosted by our friends at Demand Gen Report from February 19 – 21 in Scottsdale, AZ at the Fairmont Princess Resort, is far more than an opportunity to enjoy sunny skies and great networking. That’s right. Your calendar isn’t lying to you. It’s February already.