Learn how to change your WordPress URL


URLs added to the WordPress platform are addresses that deserve attention because they are directly related to the management of blog files and the way your business appears in the search results performed on the Internet. Why do you need to know how to change WordPress URL?

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How to Grow Your Email List With Instagram


Building email lists is getting harder. Thus, businesses start looking for new list building strategies. As a photo-sharing app, Instagram isn't the most obvious social media platform for growing your email list. Why Grow Your Email List with Instagram?

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Choosing the Right URL For Your Financial Services Firm

FMG Suite

One of the most important things that an advisor must do when designing their new business site is to choose an URL. Your URL you choose will not only provide the foundation for your brand but for your Search Engine Optimization strategy as well. Check Out Several URLs.

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The 8 best URL shorteners for engagement and tracking in 2022

Sprout Social

Since the beginning of the World Wide Web, Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) have been one of the primary methods for jumping from one webpage to another. Unfortunately, URLs become long and complex as subdomains, subdirectories and tracking codes are added. What is a URL shortener?

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12 of the Best Link Shorteners That Aren’t the Google URL Shortener


But if you’re a URL, shorter is better, pretty much every time. That’s why URL shorteners are such handy tools. Here’s everything you need to know about how to use URL shorteners, and why they should be an essential part of your social media tool kit. What is a URL shortener?

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The Email Marketers Guide to Using List-Unsubscribe


List-unsubscribe is a native unsubscribe option offered by popular inbox providers like iOS Mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook.com to make it easy for users to unsubscribe from unwanted emails. What is list-unsubscribe? How does list-unsubscribe look in the inbox?

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Google’s SERP Features: Get Your Company Listed

Marketing Insider Group

To capture your audience’s attention, it’s now critical for brands to get listed on Google SERP features. Before the SERPs we know now, there wasn’t much variation among SERPs—it was just a list of links. SEO-friendly URL.

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How to Create UTM Codes to Track Your URLs [UTM Builder]

Hubspot Marketing

Luckily, you can prove all of that with a few special codes added to the end of your URLs: They are called UTM codes. UTM codes are snippets of text added to the end of a URL to help you track where website traffic comes from if users click a link to this URL.

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5 ways to promote your promotional products


Free gift for signing up for our mailing list. Put a landing page URL on your promotional products. The way to help solve this issue is to put a unique landing page URL on your promotional products. Once recipients visit your website using that URL, you can instantly begin tracking them and attributing sales and actions to those website visitors. When you invest in promotional products, you want to make the most of them.

The Ultimate Guide to Bulleted Lists in HTML Email


Bulleted lists can be incredibly useful for content hierarchy. But like so often in email development, something that sounds so simple—adding a bulleted list can’t be rocket science, can it?—turns Not all email clients render bulleted lists the same way. So some developers just avoid using bulleted lists altogether or use tables to force them into shape—a tactic that can cause big headaches for subscribers using screen readers. Using list tags for bulleted lists.

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Discover.google.com gone as a referring URL in latest referral traffic trends


At number 10, yahoo.com fell off the list and was replaced by Smartnews ( a mobile news aggregator ), which had been hovering at the 11th spot. It appears that any traffic from the Google Discover feed comes through as a Googleapis.com referral url now, whereas in November it appeared as discover.google.com. The post Discover.google.com gone as a referring URL in latest referral traffic trends appeared first on Parse.ly.

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The Ultimate Guide to List-Unsubscribe


Mail introduced List-unsubscribe for its iOS and Android mobile clients on November 13, 2018. Popular inbox providers like iOS Mail and Gmail offer a native unsubscribe option—list-unsubscribe—to make it as easy as possible for users to keep their inboxes clean and unsubscribe from unwanted emails. What is list-unsubscribe? How exactly list-unsubscribe displays depends on the inbox provider. List-unsubscribe makes unsubscribing easy—and that’s a good thing.

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5 Link Shorteners to Try Besides Google URL Shortener


To avoid being perceived as spammy or sloppy when you have a legitimate link to share, check out our list of the five best link shorteners that’ll clip your links into clean, consistent, and clickable URLs. URL Shortener. URL shorteners not only trim your links into polished URLs, but they also let you track the performance of your individual links. Some URL shorteners even offer branded link options. url-shorterner”.

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November 2016 Release: Customize Your URL Domain Name


As of this month, you can now whitelabel the “app.snapapp.com” portion of the URL and use your own custom domain name. They will supply you with a list of some technical information we need to approve your custom domain for use. When a SnapApp is published, you have the option to deploy it to a SnapApp-hosted landing page. By default, this is formatted as [link] where you can customize the ending text to anything not already in use, such as [link].

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What Is A Tracking URL and Why It Is Important?


Also referred to as a URL, a link is a gateway to your marketing campaigns. Let’s just say digital marketing would be largely impossible without URLs to click. However, there’s so much more that can be done with your URLs, when it comes to setting up marketing campaigns.

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Top 200 Google Ranking Factors: 2022 Complete List


The list below contains the top 200 Spearman correlated Google ranking factors. Our list of Google ranking factors isn’t going to be segmented by category, but rather listed in order of relevance and importance. Many of the factors on this list are similar to other factors.

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The Ultimate SEO Growth Hacking List


In reality, the best type of guest blogging opportunities are proprietary, high authority, niche-relevant and don’t publicly list “write for us” on the site. And after building up a little trust, you can offer your most valuable content and URLs as resources to help people.

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The Definitive List of Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Holiday Season SaaS Deals


Get yourself listed by filling this form. Valid for Cyber Monday 5) AeroLeads: AeroLeads is an email finder software and chrome extension which helps a user to build the email list from sites like LinkedIn, CrunchBase and Angellist. 36) VYPER - Create viral contests, giveaways and leaderboards to grow your email list, social followers and more. Black Friday & Cyber Monday are over. But, SendX is still offering a deal. SendX ?—?SendX

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SEO for site acquisitions


Prioritize this by creating a list of your “Top 25 Keywords” that are critical to your business. Take the ranking URLs for each of those keywords, assess the content on each, and create new content/URLs on your main site. This ensures that the link authority from the original URL will be transferred to the new URL. Considering an acquisition? What’s your strategy with the acquired domain? How are you going to handle the SEO problem? No idea?

SEO Stop Words Guide for 2021 (with List)


There‘s a lot of confusion around SEO stop words and whether or not you should remove them from your page titles, headings, and URLs.

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6 steps to creating a challenge that grows your list


But to reap the rewards of email marketing, you first need to grow— and maintain —an engaged email list by creating personalized content tailored to your audience. If you're scratching your head trying to brainstorm new content that delights your list, try hosting an email list challenge.

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How to grow your email list for free in 2021


Why focus on growing your email list in 2021? 3 steps to growing your list for free. Ready to start growing your email list in 2021? Have you ever heard that you need an email list? It's actually getting enough people to subscribe to their email lists in the first place.

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How to Add a HubSpot Popup to Your Site to Grow Your List


Do you want to use a HubSpot popup on your site to grow your mailing list? Your email list is a valuable asset to your business. With an email list, you can build a long-lasting relationship with your subscribers. But growing an email list can be challenging.

The Definitive List of Black Friday SaaS Deals


Get yourself listed by filling this form. Valid for Cyber Monday AeroLeads: AeroLeads is an email finder software and chrome extension which helps a user to build the email list from sites like LinkedIn, CrunchBase and Angellist. VYPER - Create viral contests, giveaways and leaderboards to grow your email list, social followers and more. Cyber Monday is over. But, SendX is still offering a deal. SendX ?—?SendX

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How to Find and Create An Abuse.net Listing


An abuse.net listing is a best practice anyone who sends email. This article reviews how to find your listing and how to create one if it does not exist. Do You Have a Listing? The fastest way to check whether you have an abuse.net listing is to check Reputation Advisor within our Inbox Tracker platform. You will see the Abuse.net listing check listed: If you currently do not have Inbox Tracker, no need to worry!

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How to Create an ActiveCampaign Popup to Grow Your List Faster


Do you want to learn how to create an ActiveCampaign popup so you can automatically grow your email list? Then, we’ll give you 5 expert tips on how you can use your campaign to grow your email list as fast as possible. How to Create an ActiveCampaign Popup to Grow Your Email List.

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How to Easily Create Custom Pin It URLs for Pinterest


Secondly, it doesn’t let the user choose what specific data is pulled from a product listing. So did I -- which is why I built a Pin It URL Generator: a free tool that spits out custom Pin It URLs. The tool is an Excel spreadsheet that generates URLs that lead users to a Pin It window customized with a specific product page, image, and description -- rather than relying on Pinterest to pull that data for you. You can download the free Pin It URL Generator here.

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Content Hit List


Second is key for companies going all in on ABM: expanding and refreshing target account lists with timely data for more accurate signals from companies who are and are not actively seeking solutions. allow you to track hashtags, keywords, usernames and URLs and gather in-depth insights. The post Content Hit List appeared first on Content4Demand. Here is our countdown of the top-trending pieces and posts generating buzz and airplay in content marketing.

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How to Automate Pagespeed Insights For Multiple URLs using Google Sheets


There are plenty of great tools like PageSpeed Insights or the Lighthouse Chrome plugin that can help you understand more about the performance of an individual page, but these tools are not readily configured to help you gather insights for multiple URLs — and running individual reports for hundreds or even thousands of pages isn’t exactly feasible or efficient. In six minutes you should be able to extract PageSpeed Insights for around 30 URLs.

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How to Create a Bronto Popup to Explode Your List


Are you using Bronto to send your email campaigns, but want even more subscribers on your list? And have you struggled to come up with a plan to grow your contact list in a way that makes an actual impact? That means you can send emails to your contact list using their services.

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Big List of Digital Marketing Acronyms


Use this list to pick up some fresh knowledge. URL = Uniform Resource Locator. Share The post Big List of Digital Marketing Acronyms appeared first on True Influence. How can you keep up with all the acronyms in digital marketing? You just can’t, but you can try.

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How to Set Up and Use Twitter Lists: 9 Great Ideas


Fortunately, there’s a simple way to organize your Twitter feed into targeted topics, so you can always keep up with the most important conversations in your industry: Twitter lists. No matter how many people you’re following on Twitter, lists offer sanity-saving organization and targeting. Here’s a quick primer on how to set up Twitter lists. How to make a list on Twitter. From the drop-down menu, choose Lists. Click Create new list. Click Save list.

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How to Use Inline Optins for Strategic Email List Building


Inline optins make it easy to target your most engaged visitors to build your email list. In this article, we’ll show you 8 ways to use inline optins to build your email list strategically. Eight awesome ways to use inline optins for strategic email list building.

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The Big List of Content Marketing Acronyms


We update this list as we go so if you don’t see something today, there’s a good chance it’ll be here soon. An Urchin Tracking Module (now commonly known as a UTM code) is basically a URL tag that allows you to track who is clicking on a given URL.

Shorten URL Services: Evaluation Criteria, and a Roadmap for Saving Keystrokes

B2B Marketing Savvy

Depending on what shorten URL service you now use, significant keystrokes are likely yours for the picking. In 2008, Mashable did a roundup of URL shortening services and highlighted 90 providers… (yup 90!) A year later, TopRank’s Lee Odden asked his 10K+ Twitter followers for their vote on favorite shortening service to arrive at a “top 11″ list; another good read isa cli.gs Here’s an Evaluation Tick-List We’ve Observed Many Use.

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Google Free Product Listing Update


Summary: On Tuesday, April 21, Google announced that it will primarily display free product listings in the Google Shopping tab, a major shift in how the company serves shopping results. Optimize your product listings.

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How to Hide a WordPress Site Until It’s Ready (& Still Grow Your List!)


Do you want to learn how to hide a WordPress site until it’s ready for your audience, but you’d still like to grow your list in the meantime? It can help you collect leads, grow your subscriber list, and make sales before your official launch.

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How to Add a SendPulse Popup to Grow Your Contact List


Are you working with SendPulse and trying to find the best way to grow your email list? And yet, many marketers struggle with getting more subscribers on their email list. That way, all your new subscribers will automatically flow into your contact list.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: On building targeted lists for B2B Lead Generation Programs

B2B Lead Generation

« Now Announcing the "Start With A Lead" Podcast Show | Main | Your questions answered on Lead Generation via Podcasts » On building targeted lists for B2B Lead Generation Programs Would you buy this business card? When you buy a list of names, you are basically buying business cards on a list. But there is no such thing as buying the perfect list, especially if you have a complex sale. Lists should include basic demographic data.

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The Ultimate List: 57 Online Local Business Directories

Hubspot Marketing

A business directory is an online list of businesses within a particular niche, location, or category. Here are a few things to make sure your company listing has in it once you add it to a directory: Consistent NAP. Angies List (Domain Authority = 91).

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