How to Write the Perfect LinkedIn Invitation [Template]


So why would you invite someone to connect on LinkedIn with an introduction like that? Your message should show them that you actually care about connecting with them -- you weren''t just trolling LinkedIn, hoping to get your connections past the 500 mark.

8 Powerful Tips for Going Viral on LinkedIn Pulse


Somebody publishes a post on LinkedIn, and nearly overnight it goes viral, soliciting massive amounts of traffic, shares, and comments — and, consequently, a sharp spike in both leads and sales. LinkedIn Pulse is proving to be a valuable place to publish content, especially for B2B marketers.

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26 Outstanding LinkedIn Tips and Tactics


Indisputably the largest business-oriented social network, LinkedIn has emerged as a crucial site for professional networking, B2B marketing, hiring and job seeking. How can individuals use LinkedIn most effectively, whether for personal branding, job seeking or networking?

How to get 67% more revenue opportunities using LinkedIn and not just leads that go nowhere


When it comes to LinkedIn marketing and social selling, where do you think everyone’s focus is? LinkedIn marketing and social selling has become a volume play. And your efforts on LinkedIn are nothing more than a cost center.

The Ultimate Collection of Free Content Marketing Templates


Download our full collection of free content marketing templates here. In this post, you'll find what I wish I had once upon a content marketer's dream: a full collection of 386+ free, customizable, content creation templates. Content Planning Templates. A Buyer Persona Template.

Tips on how to use LinkedIn for Better Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Have you ever wondered about how can you use LinkedIn for better lead generation and business. I met Susan through following her writing on her blog and her work in the LinkedIn community. Brian: What inspired you to do your work with LinkedIn?

Facebook Cover Photo Do's and Don'ts [+Pre-Sized Templates]


Download our pre-sized Facebook cover photo template for free here to help you create and optimize your Facebook cover photo. You''ll also get cover photo templates for Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+ with your cover photo template download !).

195+ Perfectly Optimized Design Templates for Email, Social Media & More [Free Templates]


Well, to make your life easier, we worked with Canva to put together the ultimate set of 195+ design templates for every visual marketing need. This set of 195+ designs includes: Infographics templates. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest templates. Email header templates.

55 Free Templates to Make Visual Content Creation Quick & Painless


Templates, my friends. templates. And what''s great about these templates is they''re all for software you probably have loaded onto your computer already: PowerPoint. The Marketer''s Crash Course in Visual Content Creation (+ 5 Social Media Cover Photo Templates).

The Social Media Publishing Schedule Every Marketer Needs [Template]


Also LinkedIn. Here at HubSpot, we've created a templated schedule that we fill in at the same day and time every single week for the following week's social media content. Now, let's talk about how to set up your social media content in advance with this template.

How even social media & social selling experts are getting LinkedIn wrong – Part 2


In my last post , I started to show how even the most recognized social media and social selling authors, experts, and consultants are getting LinkedIn wrong. Here is the actual LinkedIn summary for Judy Schramm , CEO of ProResource Inc.,

A Buyer Persona Template for the B2B Marketer

The Effective Marketer

While buyer personas have a long history (starting to be widely publicized in the early 90′s), what I’ve seen from all the templates that I could find is they are mostly focused on the B2C market adding strong emphasis to demographics, which in the B2B world are not as relevant as say, the person’s title or role in the purchasing process. Buyer Persona Templates and guides can be easily found on the web, for example: Buyer Persona Institute Template: [link].

How to Run LinkedIn Ad Campaigns: A Beginner's Guide


LinkedIn is a highly valuable tool to network with like-minded professionals. You have more power at your disposal with LinkedIn than you might realize. That's because LinkedIn has a powerful ads platform. How to Run LinkedIn Ad Campaigns. LinkedIn Ad Reporting.

How to Use Humor to Sell More [Free Email Templates]


I like to use Twitter and LinkedIn to understand what tone I should use to approach someone. This post originally appeared on the Sales section of Inbound Hub. To read more content like this, subscribe to Sales. Sales can be a stressful job. Some months are good; others are tough.

The Essential Cheat Sheet for Social Media Cover Photo Dimensions [+ Pre-Sized Templates]


LinkedIn photo links. And to help make things easier, we''ve also built free-to-download, pre-sized PowerPoint templates for each of the following social networks for you to use as your design canvas. The Templates You''ll Get With Your Download.

Everything Marketers Need to Research & Create Detailed Buyer Personas [Template]


We've put together an interview guide and a template for creating buyer personas for you, so it's easy as pie to do your research and compile it all in a beautiful, presentable, palatable format.

How to Master Content Marketing on LinkedIn


There are a few different avenues for sharing information on LinkedIn, but which one is the best method? In fact, there are a couple of ways that marketers can leverage LinkedIn's platform for content distribution without having to pay for it. 4 Tips for Sharing Updates on LinkedIn.

How to Make Visual Content for Social Media in 5 Minutes [Free Template]


Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest have increasingly adopted more visually oriented layouts and promote more visually appealing content when possible. First things first: download our customizable template , and then we''ll get started.

9 Do's and Don'ts for Creating Outstanding Facebook Cover Photos [+Free Templates]


Bonus: If you need help creating cover photos for all your social networks, we''ve created free templates you can use for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+. Download the templates here for free !).

11 Types of Marketing Emails You Could Be Sending [+ Free Templates!]


We've already built seven sets of five different email templates for you to download for free , so you can get designing in no time! So grab your templates , and check out the following types of emails you could be designing and sending to spice up your email marketing program!

The Essential Cheat Sheet for Social Media Cover Photo Dimensions [+ Pre-Sized Templates]


LinkedIn photo links. And to help make things easier, we've also built free-to-download, pre-sized PowerPoint templates for each of the following social networks for you to use as your design canvas.

20 LinkedIn Groups Every Marketer Should Join


What these marketing pros may not realize, though, is they can easily access the latest marketing news and insights from well-known names in the field -- and even join in on interesting marketing conversations -- through LinkedIn groups. What''s your favorite marketing-related LinkedIn group?

5 steps to wrangling your most important social media channels


For those of you creative thinkers, you might want to glance at your checklists for inspiration, rather than use them as a template. You could even spend 15 minutes on Twitter on Monday and then 15 minutes on LinkedIn on Tuesday.

How to Use LinkedIn for Business, Marketing, and Professional Networking [Free Kit]


With over 380 million registered users in over 200 countries and territories, more than four million companies with LinkedIn Company Pages, and professionals signing up at a rate of more than two new members per second, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering LinkedIn


With more than 100 million users, LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals as well as one of the top social networks overall. To help you master LinkedIn , below is our ultimate list of 20 awesome tricks you've likely overlooked. 20 Hidden LinkedIn Tricks.

5 Techniques for Outreach Emails (with Templates) Proven To Get Results


– Your LinkedIn profile. The post 5 Techniques for Outreach Emails (with Templates) Proven To Get Results appeared first on Sales automation. What’s the number one goal when writing an email? You got it: getting people to read it! This process begins with the subject line.

A Simple Formula for a Stellar LinkedIn Recommendation [Quick Tip]


When I get a LinkedIn recommendation from someone I respect and admire professionally, I feel both honored and encouraged to return the favor. "Lisa has recommended you!". Awww, she has?!

10 Ways Real Brands Spiced Up Their LinkedIn Banner Images [SlideShare]


We get it: It''s LinkedIn, the professional network. But that doesn''t mean you should ignore the look and feel of your LinkedIn Company Page. In the SlideShare below, we highlight 10 popular styles of LinkedIn banner images, from the product-centric to the people-centric.

Use Content Curation to Create Leads on LinkedIn. Really!


Which brings us to social media, and, more specifically for this post, LinkedIn. As you consult clients on social media, it’s important to gauge whether your prospects are on LinkedIn at all, and if they are, how long they stay, and how frequently they visit or participate.

How to Write the Worst Guest Blogging Pitch of All Time [Template]


Chances are, the blog manager will say so in his or her LinkedIn or Twitter bio. Provide a link to your Twitter profile, LinkedIn page, or blog as well so they can learn more about you and your writing.

12 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Social Selling

Hinge Marketing

Highlight Your Visible Experts℠ on LinkedIn As your employees’ expertise gains greater visibility in professional circles, becoming what we call Visible Experts℠ , your professional services firm benefits tremendously. Another critical platform for visibility is LinkedIn.

How We Generate An Avalanche of B2B Leads on LinkedIn™ (6 Easy Steps)


LinkedIn is Dead!” ” — loudly proclaim all the B2B sales professionals around the world as soon as they fail to generate B2B leads and sales on LinkedIn… The. In fact, we get 10-15 leads and 200+ new connections on LinkedIn every week.

Hacking Tribal Social Instincts with LinkedIn

Hinge Marketing

LinkedIn is something almost all your employees are already voluntarily doing -- symbolically marking themselves as part of your organization. Trouble is, company employees rarely sing from the same song book when it comes to the quality and consistency of their LinkedIn profiles.

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Don’t be a “wuss” anymore on social media with your content and discussions


And, in my recent series, I question the thoughts, ideas, actions and content of well-known LinkedIn marketing experts like Viveka von Rosen , social media experts like Jay Baer and David Meerman Scott and social selling experts like Kurt Shaver.

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Tools I use to amplify social campaigns


When people join my Gaggle, they’re signing up to retweet and share some or all of what I share and post to GaggleAMP onto one or all of their social media platforms, either automatically via AutoAMP through Twitter and LinkedIn or moderated in a queue to Facebook and Google+.

What the growth of inside sales means to B2B marketers


Also it’s a good idea to provide reps with email templates and robust content libraries so they can easily craft informative email messages. One IBM inside sales rep reported connecting with a CIO through LinkedIn and ending up with a $500k deal.

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A Day in the Life of a Real Social Selling Pro

Modern Marketing

That’s what Eloqua’s CEO, Joe Payne , and LinkedIn’s Vice President of Marketing, Nick Besbeas , discussed during a join session at Dreamforce ’12 yesterday. Jill then hits LinkedIn, and hits it hard. There she accesses an email template for an event Eloqua is throwing in Adam’s region.

Why Use a WP Sales Page Template?

Writing on the Web

Last Thursday, I interviewed Suzanne Bird-Harris , a programmer who developed the WP Sales Page template. So when she says this is next to impossible to create a good-looking sales page in Wordpress without using a sales page template, I believe her. It may be tempting to just create a page using your WP platform, because it’s so easy to do, but it’s just as easy to use a sales page template. Share this on LinkedIn.

You Need to Understand These 6 Things About What B2B Buyers Want


I wanted to add tracking code to the final confirmation page of the survey, so I could see which channels (email, advertising, Twitter, LinkedIn) generate the most completed surveys. The more we know, the better we can sell – especially when it comes to knowing what B2B buyers want.

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How to Use Canva: An 8-Step Guide to Creating Visual Content


Even better, it comes equipped with a collection of templates that can be applied to a number of different industries. 2) Browse the templates library to find and create the right content. Canva has a collection of specific, professional templates for a wide variety of content.