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    [Linkedin] Change Your LinkedIn Profile From A Resume To A Reputation Destination
    What does a good craft beer bar have in common with a great LinkedIn profile? There is not a best craft beer for everyone, just like there is no one LinkedIn profile format or formula every should use. The LinkedIn reputation lesson is that as a good craft beer stands out based on what one is looking for, then your reputation needs to describe yourself accurately so you stand out with the correct crowd. Does your LinkedIn profile show that you play well with others?
    [Linkedin] 5 Simple Ways to Harness More Attention from Sharing Content on LinkedIn
    Many B2B marketers use LinkedIn as part of their content marketing strategy. But what happens when you’re sharing content on LinkedIn and not getting the results you expect? According to LinkedIn, if you post a status update every weekday during a month, you’ll reach 60 percent of your target audience. LinkedIn updates allow you to write a quick comment on what you’re sharing. Use LinkedIn Pulse to harness greater results. Use LinkedIn groups for greater impact.
    [Linkedin] PPC for LinkedIn, What’s the Difference?
    Author: Rachel Kavanagh Recently a large Enterprise client of mine embarked on a PPC campaign for LinkedIn to promote one of their little known B2B Services Products. So we went back to the drawing board and decided to try LinkedIn advertising. Is LinkedIn the right audience? . Remember that LinkedIn is a networking tool for Professionals. Core LinkedIn activities incorporate: Online Networking & Staying in Touch. Is your service right for LinkedIn?
    [Linkedin] How to Win at LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
    You might want to add LinkedIn Sponsored Updates to your social advertising arsenal. Unlike their predecessor (LinkedIn text ads) these posts appear in your audience’s update feeds, giving them a more organic appearance. Here’s a screenshot of LinkedIn’s targeting options: Check out the “Audience” tab on the top right. As a side note: LinkedIn may be “the professional network”, but that’s no excuse to be boring. Want to learn more about social marketing on LinkedIn?
    [Linkedin] 7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid With LinkedIn
    With over 329 million members, LinkedIn can provide invaluable networking opportunities for professional services firms. Since it is a social network geared specifically to business professionals, LinkedIn users don’t have to battle the private and public persona struggle that other sites like Facebook or Twitter can create. LinkedIn isn’t just a great networking tool—it can also be the perfect platform for B2B social media marketing. On LinkedIn?
    [Linkedin] A Simple Formula for a Stellar LinkedIn Recommendation [Quick Tip]
    When I get a LinkedIn recommendation from someone I respect and admire professionally, I feel both honored and encouraged to return the favor. Luckily, in the past few weeks I''ve written a couple of LinkedIn recommendations that I think turned out pretty well, and they reflected a pattern that''s easy to replicate in subsequent recommendations. "Lisa has recommended you!". Awww, she has?!
    [Linkedin] Does Your B2B Sales Team Dominate LinkedIn?
    Wouldn’t it be great if, when your prospects search on LinkedIn for your products or services, your sales team dominates the results? Adoption of LinkedIn is increasing by B2B professionals in corporations and organizations. Executive and managers are asking questions of their peers about which products and services they prefer in LinkedIn Groups and the Questions and Answers feature. How Can Your Sales Team Dominate LinkedIn for Your Industry? Tweet.
    [Linkedin] How to Tie Your LinkedIn Ads to Revenue
    LinkedIn is clearly one of the top platforms for B2B marketers to target prospects. According to the LinkedIn Ads Benchmark Report 2016 , over 35% of marketers on LinkedIn are unsure if they consider their efforts a success. One of the reasons why marketers aren’t sure of their effectiveness on the LinkedIn Ads platform is that they’re not connecting their ads to revenue. But conversion tracking is just one step on the road to connecting LinkedIn ads to revenue.
    [Linkedin] How to Use LinkedIn for Business Development
    LinkedIn for Business Development: Getting Started So, how should you get started? However, it’s best to begin with a solid foundation on the one social media platform that matters most for professional service firms—LinkedIn. At Hinge, we’ve seen this tactic drive a significant amount of new LinkedIn traffic to our website. People who come to your website from LinkedIn do so with some familiarity with your firm and its leaders. On LinkedIn?
    [Linkedin] LinkedIn Networking Tips: How to Increase Connections and Engagement
    LinkedIn now has over 329 million members , so it has become essential to have a strong professional presence on this social media platform. LinkedIn can be a valuable tool to help you stand out, make more connections and generate more leads for your firm. The same is true for your LinkedIn profile— the online version of your first impression. You wouldn’t attend a professional event wearing jeans and a t-shirt and the same goes for your LinkedIn profile picture.
    [Linkedin] Marketing Case Study: How I Got Results from LinkedIn
    Since, 2004, I’ve been connecting to colleagues, associates, friends and classmates via LinkedIn. Several years ago I invested more time in understanding LinkedIn by attending Chris Rollyson ’s workshop at Confab on the topic. I was so impressed by Chris that I arranged for him to teach a local workshop on LinkedIn and other social networks here in Los Angeles. I continued to invest time in LinkedIn, and, as it turns out, my efforts paid off. Tweet.
    [Linkedin] How to Use LinkedIn for Business, Marketing, and Professional Networking [Free Kit]
    With over 380 million registered users in over 200 countries and territories, more than four million companies with LinkedIn Company Pages, and professionals signing up at a rate of more than two new members per second, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network. Have you created a presence for you or your company on Linkedin yet? Download How to Use LinkedIn for Business, Marketing, and Professional Networking to find out.
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    [Linkedin] 13 Brands Using LinkedIn Company Page Features the Right Way
    Back in November, I set out to write a post to highlight businesses that were using LinkedIn's company page features effectively. Needless to say, I couldn't find enough examples to create a compelling post, so in my dismay, what I actually ended up writing was, " 11 Reasons Your LinkedIn Company Page Sucks.". Well, it's been several months now, and I wanted to give you LinkedIn marketers out there another chance.
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    [Linkedin] A Simple Guide to Setting Up Your First LinkedIn Ad Campaign
    Most of us have figured out that LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to network with like-minded professionals. But what about using LinkedIn for marketing ? More and more marketers are turning to LinkedIn to promote their products, services, and content. But you have more power at your disposal with LinkedIn than you might realize. LinkedIn also has a powerful ads platform. Setting Up Your LinkedIn Ad Campaign. LinkedIn Ad Reporting.
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    [Linkedin] How to Craft the Perfect LinkedIn Profile: A Comprehensive Guide [Infographic]
    Your LinkedIn profile is a place for you to build your professional brand, showcase your achievements and skills, share content with other professionals, and connect with colleagues, business partners, and even potential employers. What makes a LinkedIn profile stand out? And finally, what does an optimized LinkedIn profile actually look like? To help you achieve LinkedIn profile perfection, the folks at LeisureJobs created the infographic below.
    [Linkedin] 3 Reasons to Drop LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Increase Your Win Rates, and Save Money
    While LinkedIn remains the de facto online resume and p […]. Market Intelligence linkedin for marketing linkedin for sales linkedin insideview linkedin price increase linkedin prices linkedin products linkedin sales navigator linkedin subscriptions Marketing Data Sales Data
    [Linkedin] Microsoft Buys LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion: Get Ready for Software Vendors as Data Owners
    billion acquisition of LinkedIn. This is fascinating since Microsoft intersects with LinkedIn in several areas: Dynamics CRM software, Office productivity software, and Bing online advertising. LinkedIn is primarily a social network with revenue from subscriptions, recruiting services, and advertising. Done correctly, integration of LinkedIn with Dynamics CRM could provide a major boost to that product’s utility while creating a new barrier to competition.
    [Linkedin] Everybody needs both Pinterest and LinkedIn
    A few days ago, our fearless leader noted “nobody needs both Pinterest and LinkedIn.” But…Why don’t you need both Pinterest and LinkedIn? At the same time, the client also uses LinkedIn to connect with its current and future employees, as well as to coordinate contacts with professional event planners, PR and folks in the media. For others, LinkedIn. (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn).
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    [Linkedin] How LinkedIn's University Pages Will Kick Your Marketing Strategy Up a Notch
    Last week, the professional social network LinkedIn announced University Pages. A platform for universities to share information, connect with prospective students and their parents, and retain communication with alumni networks, University Pages are “one cornerstone of our strategy to help students at every critical milestone from campus to fulfilling, successful careers," said LinkedIn Director of Product Management Christine Allen in the blog post announcement on August 19th.
    [Linkedin] LinkedIn Helps You to Build a Powerful Internal Network By Adding Context to Connections
    Imagine how big my LinkedIn network would be if I connected with all of them. It turns out that many new employees use LinkedIn as a way to learn about colleagues in their company. According to LinkedIn 46% of people say that they look up coworkers on LinkedIn because it’s better than their employee directory. We have a good employee directory, but most people don't add their detailed previous job history as they do on LinkedIn.
    [Linkedin] 10 Ways Real Brands Spiced Up Their LinkedIn Banner Images [SlideShare]
    We get it: It''s LinkedIn, the professional network. But that doesn''t mean you should ignore the look and feel of your LinkedIn Company Page. As LinkedIn notes in our new guide, How to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Company Page , " Studies show that a strong employer brand can cut cost per hire by over 50%.” In the SlideShare below, we highlight 10 popular styles of LinkedIn banner images, from the product-centric to the people-centric.
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    [Linkedin] 8 LinkedIn Profile Photo Mistakes That Make You Look Unprofessional [Infographic]
    But put those same pictures on LinkedIn, and watch your connection accept rate take a nosedive. The following infographic from Sales For Life visually depicts the top eight LinkedIn profile picture no-nos, from using an out of date photo to posting a snapshot of your cat. This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Sales blog. To read more content like this, subscribe to Sales. In the age of selfies, bad photography runs rampant.
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    [Linkedin] LinkedIn Gradually Rolling Out Ability to Comment/Like Status Updates as Your Company
    Well, it looks like this morning''s LinkedIn quick tip wasn''t the only LinkedIn feature rollout to slip through our cracks in the past several months. To be fair though, I can''t really find an official announcement about this one from LinkedIn. In any event, it looks like LinkedIn is slowly rolling out the ability for Company Page admins to comment on and "like" posts on their Company Page as their company , rather than their personal profile.
    [Linkedin] The Most Shared Phrases and Topics on LinkedIn [New Q3 Data]
    LinkedIn is best known as the world's largest professional network -- in other words, users aren’t there to look at cat memes or read celebrity gossip. My company, ClearVoice, recently conducted a study that provides data and insight specifically on the most popular posts on LinkedIn. Want to build these trends into your LinkedIn strategy? Top 20 Most Common Phrases on LinkedIn. Top 20 Topics Shared on LinkedIn. Ready to Boost Your LinkedIn Content Strategy?
    [Linkedin] Answers to 17 LinkedIn Questions You Were Too Ashamed to Ask
    Last month, we hosted a webinar with LinkedIn on some of their latest updates for businesses. (If All those weird questions you had about LinkedIn are about to be answered -- and please, share any other questions you have about the platform in the comments. Common Questions About LinkedIn Company Pages. 1) Is a LinkedIn Company Page free? 2) What''s the difference between a LinkedIn Company Page and a LinkedIn Group?
    [Linkedin] How I Easily Got 25% More Views on My LinkedIn Profile
    Three months ago, CEO Brian Halligan , Marketing VP Kipp Bodnar , and I bantered about our relative rank on LinkedIn’s “Most-Viewed Members at HubSpot” list. LinkedIn’s handy 90-day “charts” feature (found on the “Who’s viewed your profile” page) made it easy understand the sources (e.g., LinkedIn Search, People Similar to You) and keywords (e.g., This entire process took only a few minutes -- again, thanks to LinkedIn’s remarkable work in data science.
    [Linkedin] YouTube - What is LinkedIn? Part 2
    What is LinkedIn? A practical example of how LinkedIn works. A practical example of how LinkedIn works. What is LinkedIn? What Is LinkedIn? LinkedIn Outlook Toolbar. Barack Obama on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Mobile Demo for the iPhone. Facebook Vs. MySpace (and LinkedIn). LinkedIn Company Profiles | March 20, 2008. LinkedIn-PCR Tutorial. Introducing LinkedIn News & the redesigned home page. LinkedIN - 2.
    [Linkedin] Marketers need to play a stronger sales enablement role on LinkedIn
    Earlier this year, LinkedIn set out to determine which departments wield the most influence over B2B buyers across a number of different sectors. The post Marketers need to play a stronger sales enablement role on LinkedIn appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Their findings show that overall, marketing has 30% more sway than sales in a typical B2B buying decision and that marketing has 27% more sway than business development. Even though marketers have the […].
    [Linkedin] The 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make on Twitter and LinkedIn (And How to Fix Them)
    In case you''re one of these marketers or you just want a little refresher on what not to do on two of the biggest social platforms for marketers -- Twitter and LinkedIn -- keep on reading. Mistake #1: Blasting LinkedIn Groups With Irrelevant Content. That''s what happens often in LinkedIn Groups. Mistake #2: Sending Generic LinkedIn Invites. So why do marketers often leave out the why when they''re inviting others to connect on LinkedIn?
    [Linkedin] 8 Ways to Transform LinkedIn from Just Another Time Suck to a Qualified Lead-Gen Machine
    While many B2B marketers continue to question the effectiveness of most social media platforms, LinkedIn stands apart. In Content Marketing Institute’s “ Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends —North America,” CMI notes that 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content, making it the social media platform used most ; 63% rate it as the “most effective” platform. Here are seven best practices for getting the most out of LinkedIn.
    [Linkedin] When to Post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Other Top Social Networks [Infographic]
    Check out the infographic below from QuickSprout to learn when to share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+. You know by now that posting on social media is one of the best ways to amplify the awesome content you''re creating. But it isn''t enough to simply post content to social whenever you feel like it. Think about it: Is your audience spreading their time spent on social media equally throughout the day? Of course not.
    [Linkedin] Making the Connection: 7 Tips to Grow Your LinkedIn Network
    It’s not easy to add connections on LinkedIn anymore. That’s why my LinkedIn network has grown over 30% in the last three months. Especially now, since I’m inviting you all to connect with me on LinkedIn.). Okay, now let’s take a look at seven ways to connect with people and build your LinkedIn network. This is LinkedIn Connecting 101, but I know many sales professionals who don’t this. After Reading a LinkedIn Publish.
    [Linkedin] How To Use Dark Posts on Facebook and LinkedIn to Increase Relevance
    Dark posts are ads that you can create and promote without publishing them on your company’s LinkedIn page or Facebook timeline. Facebook and LinkedIn both offer this feature (although on LinkedIn it is called “Direct Sponsored Content”). Here is an example of an A/B test we recently ran on LinkedIn using dark posts. For more tips on social marketing, checkout our updated Cheatsheets for the Social Marketer on Facebook , LinkedIn , and Twitter.
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    [Linkedin] An Quick Guide to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile for Social Sellers [Infographic]
    If your business wants to leverage social selling, it's important to note that you're not the only one doing research on LinkedIn before a call. While your sales reps know to look up their buyers on LinkedIn, buyers stop by reps' profiles to get a handle on who they'll be speaking with, too. This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Sales Blog. To read more content like this, subscribe to Sales.
    [Linkedin] How to Run Successful LinkedIn Ads [Free Two-Week Planner]
    LinkedIn is the #1 social media platform for B2B content distribution. But it’s not enough to use LinkedIn just to build an organic following. If you want to effectively expand your content's reach and get it in front of the right eyes, you should be using LinkedIn's Sponsored Content feature. Luckily, HubSpot teamed up with LinkedIn to bring you How to Run Successful LinkedIn Ads -- a two-week guide on running successful LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns.
    [Linkedin] Must-Know Strategies That Boost Your LinkedIn Engagement
    Is it really possible to escalate your company’s LinkedIn engagement by 386%? By having a full understanding of who uses LinkedIn and what you should (and should not) post on the site, utilizing LinkedIn to engage with your customers is not a difficult task. Based on Quick Sprout’s infographic, “How to increase LinkedIn engagement by 385%”, here are some facts to consider for your LinkedIn marketing campaigns: Numbers You Need To Know.
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    [Linkedin] 20 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest Features You Didn't Know Existed (But Totally Should)
    That you can add hidden relationship notes to your LinkedIn connections? To help you discover these hidden treasures, we rounded up 21 of the lesser-known features on Facebok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. LinkedIn. Like I said, this is my favorite little-known feature of LinkedIn. Searching for a job on LinkedIn usually takes more than one login session.
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    [Linkedin] How to Use LinkedIn Emails to Generate Loads of Leads
    Earlier this year, a HubSpot study found that when it comes to generating leads, LinkedIn is 277% more effective than Twitter and Facebook. The tricky thing with LinkedIn is that there isn't just one single place to attract leads. There's LinkedIn Company Pages, LinkedIn Answers, LinkedIn Today, and so on. But the leader of the pack -- if done right, of course -- is LinkedIn Groups. What are LinkedIn Announcements?
    [Linkedin] Talking LinkedIn Strategy with Mark Amtower
    I had just such an experience recently when I appeared on Mark Amtower’s Amtower Off Center to talk about what makes an effective LinkedIn strategy. Chuck Brooks, VP for DHS at Xerox, joined Mark and I to discuss what a powerful resource LinkedIn can be for businesses in a variety of industries, and how to leverage it for the greatest possible impact. SEE ALSO: 3 Strategies to Take LinkedIn to the Next Level. On LinkedIn or Google+?
    [Linkedin] Five Ways You Can Get Big Value from LinkedIn
    And the first and most important social media tool for B2B marketers is LinkedIn marketing. Our team at Fusion Marketing Partners has used LinkedIn to drive business and partnerships for ourselves and our clients. I use LinkedIn myself at least 3-4 days per week and have seen amazing results. In fact, LinkedIn has so many productive uses that I found it tough to narrow the list. LinkedIn marketing is a great way to accomplish this.
    [Linkedin] 12 Essential LinkedIn Groups for B2B Marketers
    Based on multiple user surveys and research studies, it has been determined that the “big 3” of social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In this post, we’ll focus on LinkedIn and identify which professional groups are the most essential for B2B marketers to join via the LinkedIn network. This compilation of 12 LinkedIn groups is based on multiple factors, including number of members, frequency of updates, and validity of content.
    [Linkedin] How to Use LinkedIn to Generate and Qualify B2B Leads
    by Jason Miller LinkedIn is often considered a jobseeker-only social media platform. LinkedIn enables brands to offer bite size chunks of content that support business objectives. To better understand LinkedIn’s value, it’s useful to understand its usage patterns. At first glance, LinkedIn’s main usage appears to be during the workweek across the U.S., Other usage patterns to consider for LinkedIn would be the people logging on to the site.
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    [Linkedin] Answers to Your Top 7 Questions About Mastering LinkedIn Marketing
    Last week, HubSpot teamed up with LinkedIn to host part 1 of a 3-part workshop series on how to master LinkedIn for marketing. The first webinar, hosted by Director of Online Marketing at LinkedIn Scott Engelman and HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe, went into detail on how companies can leverage LinkedIn Groups and Company Pages for inbound marketing success. Get ready to stuff your head with even more LinkedIn marketing knowledge ! That’s where LinkedIn comes in.
    [Linkedin] On LinkedIn, If You Won’t Share, Then I Won’t Care
    My rant has to do with a piece of LinkedIn etiquette. LinkedIn is becoming increasingly important in the world of business networking. That being said, we have seen recently that LinkedIn is doing very well as a business and is proving to be useful to professionals. But it was during this rediscovery that I turned over one rock that revealed a venomous snake in the tall grass of LinkedIn. Image via CrunchBase.
    [Linkedin] Infographic: 17 Tips for Generating Leads from Social PPC Advertising
    Before you get started, check out this infographic (adapted from an earlier post ) for handy tips on how to make the most from advertising on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. B2B Marketing Campaign Strategy Demand Generation lead generation Online Advertising Online media PPC Advertising SEM Social Media facebook facebook advertising linkedin linkedin ad tips linkedin advertising social media advertising social PPC twitter twitter advertising
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    [Linkedin] LinkedIn-Microsoft Deal Means The Intelligent Cloud Is Here
    Today, Microsoft announced its intent to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2B — Satya Nadella’s biggest deal ever and maybe the largest technology acquisition in history. With LinkedIn, Microsoft has the customer master that is constantly updated and refreshed by 433 million professionals. The post LinkedIn-Microsoft Deal Means The Intelligent Cloud Is Here appeared first on Radius. A-Featured B2B Marketing acquisition linkedin microsoft
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    [Linkedin] 13 Times We Actually Enjoyed Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Banner Ads
    So check out the following banner ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and LinkedIn ads, and learn why they're just so awesome. In an effort to recruit people showing interest in Boeing, the company placed animated infographic-type ads on the sides of its own LinkedIn Company Page. When it comes to sponsored posts on LinkedIn and Facebook, you can't just let the image, title, or description speak for itself and expect people to click through. Image Credit: LinkedIn.
    [Linkedin] Everything You Need To Know About Publishing on Linkedin
    On July 9th, Linkedin posted on their blog that there are now 1 million users publishing on Linkedin. These people have good reason to post to Linkedin, In a study by Econsultancy, Linkedin is responsible for 64% of referrals to corporate homepages. But to get results from Linkedin, you have to know how to publish the right way. I would like to give you what you need to know to publish content to Linkedin in the most effective way possible.
    [Linkedin] 10 Things B2B Marketers Should be Doing on LinkedIn
    It’s no secret that LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet. With over 313 million members in over 200 countries, LinkedIn is a vital tool in conveying brand identity and increasing reach. And it can be a lead generator as well: reports that LinkedIn is now responsible for a staggering 64 percent of all visits from social media channels to corporate websites. Here are 10 things you should be doing on LinkedIn right now.
    [Linkedin] Using LinkedIn Ads? See How Your Performance Stacks Up [Benchmark Report]
    A couple months ago, we published the second annual AdWords Industry Benchmark Report , and in this report, we are sharing our data on LinkedIn Ads. For this report, we partnered with AJ Wilcox, Founder of B2Linked , for his expert analysis of the data as well as how companies are using LinkedIn for marketing. In this section, we also segmented the data to look at the performance of ten companies who are using LinkedIn the most, as a proportion of their total marketing.
    [Linkedin] “Linking” Digital Advertising Seamlessly Across All Channels: Marketo and LinkedIn
    Yesterday we made some exciting announcements about new product innovations and our partnership with LinkedIn that will now let marketers tell a consistent, relevant, personal story that transcends channels and engages customers everywhere they are. Our integration with LinkedIn builds on this idea of marketing helping brands build real, dynamic relationships with customers. They approached LinkedIn and Marketo to solve that problem for them.
    [Linkedin] LinkedIn Launches New Company Page Design: See What's Changing
    LinkedIn Company Pages are about to get a little design makeover, the social network announced on its blog today. But it looks like you'll have to wait a bit -- LinkedIn is only rolling out these changes to select companies this week, including Philips , Citi , HP , and Dell , and the social network indicated the design won't be available for all Company Pages until later this year. Example Makeover: HubSpot's LinkedIn Company Page. Surprise!
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    [Linkedin] LinkedIn Releases New Trend Data About Women in Sales [Infographic]
    Last week, LinkedIn released a workforce diversity data report that sparked some questions about the representation of women in certain roles and industries. Using the data from LinkedIn member profiles, they set out to understand how the percentage of women in Sales, specifically, has changed in the past decade. With that in mind, take a look at LinkedIn''s research, and more importantly, read a few of the insights some of the top women in Sales have to share.
    [Linkedin] LinkedIn Video: How-to Add Recommendations for Your Connections
    This morning I recommended Certified Management Consultant Dennis McCue’s speaking skills on LinkedIn. I recorded it in a video to show you how to enter a recommendation on LinkedIn. Watch the video below for the exact steps needed to add recommendations for your LinkedIn connections, and please add your comments below. LinkedIn
    [Linkedin] LinkedIn – Customize What Displays on Your Home Page
    The detailed changes your LinkedIn connections make to their profiles that show on your LinkedIn Home page can be annoying. You can customize what updates you see on your LinkedIn Home page from the Settings page. LinkedIn Social Media/Web 2.0 Tweet. Watch this video (just over 2 minutes) to learn how. marketing social media
    [Linkedin] How to Leverage LinkedIn for Lead Generation and Recruitment
    LinkedIn remains the great stalwart of professional networks, regularly attracting some 81% of today’s B2B marketers (“How B2B Marketers Use Social Now ,” Zachary Reiss-Davis , Forrester Research ). In fact, Forbes reports content sharing on LinkedIn rose by 15% in the third quarter of 2013, at a rate faster than larger content-sharing giants such as Facebook and Twitter. So what can today’s businesses do to optimize their offerings on LinkedIn and get the most from their pages?
    [Linkedin] 10 Reasons You Need a LinkedIn Profile
    LinkedIn is the go to place for sales people doing discovery on their prospects. With over 85 million people on LinkedIn, it always surprises me when I talk to a sales team (especially in [.]. linkedin Sales social mediaIt is also the place customer 2.0 prospects go to do some discovery on the sales people they do business with. Sales 2.0 Social Selling B2B b2b sales customer 2.0 Enterprise 2.0
    [Linkedin] 5 Ways B2B Marketers Can Get the Most Out of LinkedIn Groups
    As of February 2016, LinkedIn had more than 414 million users ; that’s a lot of professionals to connect with. One great way to connect and demonstrate individual or company expertise is through LinkedIn Groups; these groups are highly targeted and allow you to connect with other professionals in your industry. It is because of this I have decided to put together a few tips on how B2B marketers can get the most out of their LinkedIn Groups.
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    [Linkedin] How to Showcase Your Work Using LinkedIn's 'Professional Portfolio' Feature [Quick Tip]
    Interviewers are constantly brainstorming new and unique questions for evaluating a candidate''s true potential , and while LinkedIn was once a great place for discovering such value, it quickly became another place where folks talked the talk. The LinkedIn Professional Portfolio. With LinkedIn''s fairly new professional portfolio feature, launched back in May , LinkedIn users can now easily display their professional work via their personal profiles.
  • FATHOM  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 19, 2013
    [Linkedin] 5 Steps To Increase Your Visibility on LinkedIn
    A common question we get here at Fathom is, “I have a LinkedIn page–now what?” With over 230 million users, LinkedIn has solidified its place as the world’s leading network for professionals, and taking advantage of this enormous market is key for businesses today. Just having a personal or business page on LinkedIn is a great start, but there are many ways to make your presence on LinkedIn count for much more. Online PR/Link-Building Social Media LinkedIn
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    [Linkedin] 5 Quick Tips for Getting High-Quality LinkedIn Recommendations [+ Email Template]
    Use these tips to source personalized, persuasive LinkedIn recommendations that will make your profile stand out against a sea of competitors. 5 Tips for Earning More High-Quality LinkedIn Recommendations. LinkedIn cuts recommendations off after approximately 65 words and adds a "see more" tag. You can either do this through email, or directly through LinkedIn. Email Template to Request a LinkedIn Recommendation. How do you ask for LinkedIn recommendations?
    [Linkedin] B2B Social Media: How do you measure the ROI of a LinkedIn InMail campaign?
    Tweet How do you measure the return on investment of a LinkedIn InMail campaign? And I think when you’re in InMail on LinkedIn, you’re taking that time, so opens are significant,” she said. This is becoming a fairly common question in B2B social media marketing, and it’s understandable given the increasing adoption of InMail as a B2B marketing strategy. Consequently, the need to quantify efforts in the channel is also becoming quite clear. So, how do you approach it?
    [Linkedin] Why B2B Marketers Might Want to Cozy Up to LinkedIn Ads
    For B2B companies, increasingly, that means shifting some ad dollars to LinkedIn , the networking site for professionals that has garnered 175 million users (40 million in the U.S.) Let's break down some of the benefits of using LinkedIn PPC ads, and dive into how you can use them effectively. Why You Might Benefit From Using LinkedIn PPC Ads. There are several benefits to moving some of your PPC marketing dollars to LinkedIn: The PPC ad program at LinkedIn is relatively new.
    [Linkedin] A Sales & Marketing Love Story: From LinkedIn & HubSpot [SlideShare]
    To find out what''s really going on, HubSpot and LinkedIn Sales Solutions joined forces to uncover the truth. Since this topic is close to our hearts at HubSpot and LinkedIn, we want to fix this broken relationship. It can sometimes feel like marketers are from Venus and salespeople are from Mars. They often have a rocky relationship and argue with each other over lead quality, follow-up procedures, social media monitoring, and cost vs. revenue (among other things).
    [Linkedin] 11 Reasons Your LinkedIn Company Page Sucks
    Up until recently, the value of a LinkedIn Company Page was minimal. But ever since LinkedIn enabled company updates for pages , they've become monumentally more valuable for marketers. Upon investigation of various LinkedIn Company Pages, though, it turns out that very few companies are actually leveraging this awesome new feature. To be honest, it's very difficult to find many examples of companies using LinkedIn Company Pages to their fullest potential.
    [Linkedin] LinkedIn is Facebook With a Tie
    I ran across an interesting quote as I was working on the InsideView guide for Social Selling with LinkedIn. The thought that LinkedIn is Facebook with a Tie is a great differentiators between the two [.]. facebook Inbound Marketing linkedin Sales Sales 2.0 As soon as I heard it, an image popped into my head and I went to Photoshop to create it. Social Media Tips Social Selling Technology B2B b2b sales customer 2.0
    [Linkedin] LinkedIn Offers New Tools for B2B Marketing
    LinkedIn has been consistently ranked as one of the top online tools for B2B marketers, often viewed as an even more valuable social network than Facebook for that sector. Recently, though, LinkedIn has added some new or expanded tools that make it even more attractive for marketers, particularly those with a B2B focus. That was probably one of the reasons why LinkedIn acquired Bizo, a digital marketing company with a focus on B2B audiences, earlier this year.
    [Linkedin] The Best Sales Groups on LinkedIn
    LinkedIn has quickly become one of the most effective and business-savvy social networking sites. To help those in the sales industry, the following groups and channels are among the most influential and valuable on LinkedIn. technology, software, strategy, social media, blogging, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more. technology, software, strategy, social media, blogging, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn’s largest Marketing & PR Innovation Group.
    [Linkedin] LinkedIn Just Created A Better Opportunity for B2B Marketers to Target Audiences
    Just in time for tax filing deadlines, LinkedIn has announced that they will remove the Products and Services tabs found within LinkedIn Company Pages. This comes as little surprise though, since LinkedIn launched Showcase pages late last year, which will become the effective replacement. The Products & Services tabs will be removed from LinkedIn company pages on April 14 th. Best Practices for LinkedIn Showcase Pages.
    [Linkedin] New Study From LinkedIn Shows How User Mindset Affects Social Media Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]
    As a social media user, do you find yourself in a different frame of mind when you log in to a personal social network like Pinterest compared to a more professional social network like LinkedIn? Whether you realize it or not, you probably are, according to LinkedIn and TNS's new study of 6,000+ social media users across 12 countries, aimed at uncovering how marketers can tap into users' different mindsets on personal and professional social networks.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 24, 2013
    [Linkedin] How to Use LinkedIn's 'Sponsored Updates,' a New Type of Ad for Company Pages
    Yesterday, B2B marketers everywhere rejoiced: LinkedIn announced Sponsored Updates , an advertising solution that allows brands to promote any post from a LinkedIn Company Page to a specific people directly in their newsfeeds. Here''s what you need to know: How to Set Up LinkedIn''s Sponsored Updates. After selecting which update you want to sponsor, LinkedIn will provide a preview for how that post will appear to others on a desktop, mobile, and tablet device.
    [Linkedin] 6 Important LinkedIn Company Page Strategy Tips
    LinkedIn Company Pages are growing in relevance every day as more people start using the platform for both B2B and B2C purposes. So how can you use your company’s page on LinkedIn to see real success? LinkedIn is unique in that most users do not want to be entertained on it. What people are really looking for on LinkedIn is solutions to their problems. Content that is more substantial and goes into greater depth, is more appropriate for LinkedIn.
  • BEYOND  |  FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2015
    [Linkedin] LinkedIn LinkedOut: new B2B ad network launched
    LinkedIn announced yesterday that it’s launching a new display advertising network. This isn’t just another ad network – it’s something that could, and most likely will, eventually have a massive impact on B2B online advertising
    [Linkedin] LinkedIn for lead generation - Are You the Missing Link?
    It takes time and commitment, but LinkedIn has become ideal venue to nurture relationships and generate new leads, especially for sales people involved in a complex sale. On that topic, I wrote an guest article for MarketingProfs, titled " 10 Tips for Using LinkedIn to Generate Leads." Related Posts: Lessons on Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation 5 steps for using LinkedIn as lead generation tool.
  • OPENTOPIC  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016
    [Linkedin] The Next Big Thing For LinkedIn
    Discover the next new, big feature LinkedIn has up its sleeve – and how it could open up countless new opportunities for you as a result. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner recently said something quite revealing when announcing the big news that Microsoft had purchased LinkedIn for $26.2 The post The Next Big Thing For LinkedIn appeared first on Opentopic.
    [Linkedin] LinkedIn Launches Company Follow Button (How to Add It Now)
    Looking to generate more followers for your awesomely optimized LinkedIn Company Page ? (It This morning, LinkedIn made it just a little bit easier to generate company followers with the launch of its new follow button. Like Twitter's follow button and Facebook's like button, LinkedIn's version makes it simple for your website visitors to follow your company's LinkedIn page with just one click. No navigating to the LinkedIn website required!
    [Linkedin] Good News for Creepers: LinkedIn Upgrades "Who Viewed Your Profile" Feature
    We all know the "Who Viewed Your Profile" LinkedIn feature. This may not be available in your LinkedIn account yet -- the email indicates they''re still rolling it out -- but here''s what it''ll look like. If LinkedIn spots a trend in people viewing your profile, they''ll identify that for you. Finally, when you check out how viewers found your profile -- the question I''ve always had -- LinkedIn provides a breakdown based on both location and keyword.
  • HUBSPOT  |  SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 2012
    [Linkedin] Twitter & LinkedIn Break Up, Disabling Automatic Posting of Tweets
    Yesterday, two of the world's largest social networks, LinkedIn and Twitter, announced an end to their partnership that allowed users to sync updates from the two sites. This essentially means that LinkedIn doesn't make the cut for that consistent set of tools, and LinkedIn users can no longer automatically sync their tweets to publish on LinkedIn. How Does This Affect Your LinkedIn-Twitter Posting? in), the latter is LinkedIn specific.
    [Linkedin] Mobile LinkedIn Features for the B2B Professional | Marketri
    [Linkedin] Great Free E-book on How to Get the Most From LinkedIn
    I love LinkedIn. LinkedIn does a great job of maximizing the value of all the data it collects so that you can sift through the status updates, discussions and events and find ways to connect with the people you need to reach. Alan Belniak of PTC has just posted a free e-book about how to get the most from LinkedIn. Getting The Most out of LinkedIn from Alan Belniak. B2B LinkedIn
    [Linkedin] Chart: Groupon, LinkedIn & The Blurring of B2C and B2B Marketing
    by Paul Teshima | Tweet this Groupon’s IPO rocked the market on Friday ( 2 nd largest tech IPO since Google ) raising over $700 million, just on the heels of LinkedIn’s IPO success a few months ago (3 rd largest since Google). I also think we are seeing more and more businesses like Groupon, Linkedin, Facebook, or with hybrid models, such as a fremium B2C offering and additional B2B “pay-for-services”.
    [Linkedin] Microsoft buys LinkedIn: the largest martech acquisition in history?
    Last week, Microsoft announced that it was acquiring LinkedIn for a whopping $26.2 If you skeptically raised one eyebrow with that last statement, you might be thinking, “Umm, LinkedIn isn’t really a marketing technology company.” LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great example of the company marketing this capability. LinkedIn has become a powerful distribution channel for content marketing — and a source of thought leadership on this subject too.
    [Linkedin] What LinkedIn’s New Blogging Tool Means for Your Business
    LinkedIn just announced it’s adding blog features to personal profile pages. It can be tough to get views on your business blog, but if you publish on LinkedIn, you share it with the professional contacts you’ve already built. Back in 2012, LinkedIn allowed high profile users, or influencers, like Bill Gates, to write blog posts. Wondering how a post looks on LinkedIn? According to LinkedIn , the new tool will gradually become available to all users.
    [Linkedin] LinkedIn: Building Your B2B Social Capital
    As B2B marketers, we all know we should be constantly engaging with social media outlets like LinkedIn , but many of us just don’t do it; and since we’ve all read numerous reasons why social media is an important part of any B2B marketing strategy, I’m not going to discuss another one in an attempt to get you to start. But in order to build this social capital, you must first have a social network; and this is where LinkedIn comes in.
    [Linkedin] Social Proof and LinkedIn: ‘Tis Better to Give, than Receive…
    Comments from others are such strong persuasion triggers, you shouldn’t limit them to just a page, but have them scattered throughout your web pages, blog, and social media profiles, such as LinkedIn. With over 350 million members, and over 1 million members publishing blog posts on LinkedIn, you’re likely to encounter a few colleagues you know. Here are a few tips on using LinkedIn to give, and hopefully receive, recommendations: Review your LinkedIn strategy.
    [Linkedin] The New LinkedIn Encourages B2B Marketing to Embrace Its Human Side
    So imagine your surprise if you’re a B2B marketer who logs on to LinkedIn—the proverbial ugly duckling of the social media world—only to discover something new. LinkedIn began rolling out this new, updated interface for its business-oriented platform back in January, and it’s just hit your desktop or mobile device. You discover that LinkedIn’s doing new research and making it available. The new LinkedIn interface does a few things to defeat this.
    [Linkedin] LinkedIn Acquires Slideshare: Five Predictions for What’s to Follow
    The announcement of LinkedIn acquiring Slideshare has all the characteristics to make an incredibly enticing pairing. Slideshare is already a fantastic tool for lead generation , but now it will be a frictionless experience to download a presentation using your LinkedIn profile to identify yourself. Having LinkedIn verify your identity when downloading Slideshare presentations will greatly increase the quality and quantity of the leads generated from presentations.
    [Linkedin] LinkedIn Releases New Guide for Marketers
    It’s no secret that LinkedIn has been making a concentrated effort to focus on business-to-business (B2B) marketers over the past several months. We are excited about the increasing emphasis that LinkedIn is putting on B2B marketers, and the new opportunities this can mean for marketers who want to generate high-quality leads and better target the right audience. how to take advantage of LinkedIn as a full funnel professional platform.
    [Linkedin] Video: How to Use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search Feature to Find Prospects
    LinkedIn is an amazing social media platform to help marketers and salespeople alike find and engage with prospects. There are many books, blogs, and guides that discuss how to use LinkedIn. For high performance sellers, they use LinkedIn more for introductions, get more referrals from customers, use LinkedIn to identify contacts, and create targeted contact lists. . Saving searches of target prospects and using LinkedIn as a CRM.
    [Linkedin] 11 LinkedIn Marketing Gems You're Missing Out On
    We already know that LinkedIn is more effective at generating leads than Facebook or Twitter. The companies that turn these possibilities into realities are those who leverage all the little hidden marketing gems LinkedIn has to offer -- and there are a lot of them. Here, we examine 11 features of LinkedIn functionality that many marketers either overlook, or just plain didn't know about, and explain how they can bolster your inbound marketing. LinkedIn Answers.
    [Linkedin] 3 Ways High Growth Firms Use LinkedIn Groups to Increase Visibility, Connections and Lead Generation
    High Growth Firms Rate LinkedIn as Most Effective Social Media Channel In a recent study on the online marketing techniques of professional services executives, Hinge asked executives to rate LinkedIn’s effectiveness in helping them achieve their firm’s objectives. Both groups rated LinkedIn as the most effective social media tool. Notably, high growth firms found ways to extract more utility from every social platform — and LinkedIn in particular.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2015
    [Linkedin] The Anatomy of the Perfect Profile Photo For Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & More [Infographic]
    If a picture really does "speak 1,000 words," then what does your profile photo say about you? Before you go uploading any old photo online to serve as a representation of yourself, it's important that you put some thought into the selection process. Sure, you might want to show off your awesome tan from the cruise you just went on, but is that shot of you sporting sunglasses with an umbrella drink in hand really the best option?
  • LEADERSHIP  |  FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2014
    [Linkedin] Interesting Infographics: Why You Need to Embrace LinkedIn for Lead Generation – Right Now
    If you need to know the best lead generation tool for generating B2B leads, your answer is LinkedIn. According to an infographic by Oktopost , LinkedIn leads to approximately 80% of conversions. When you compare LinkedIn with other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, this is a massive percentage; Facebook and Twitter have been calculated at a little over 6% and 12.73% in conversions respectively. Interesting Info About LinkedIn.
    [Linkedin] A Detailed Anatomy of the New LinkedIn Company Page Design
    Last Thursday, we announced that LinkedIn Company Pages were getting a nice, refreshing makeover, and provided a brief overview of the changes. So we pulled together a comprehensive new ebook on the subject -- A Step-by-Step Guide to LinkedIn's New Company Pages -- and thought we'd share a more detailed explanation to help you get accustomed to the new anatomical changes coming to your Company Page.
  • HUBSPOT  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 2013
    [Linkedin] LinkedIn Now Testing Facebook-Style Mentions, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week
    LinkedIn Is Rolling Out Facebook-Style Linked Mentions of People and Companies in Status Updates, From The Next Web. LinkedIn has confirmed that it will be testing a new feature to add Facebook-style mentions of people and companies in status updates and conversations throughout LinkedIn. For marketers that have been using Facebook and Twitter to actively engage with their audience, this LinkedIn feature will be an amazing new tool.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 13, 2013
    [Linkedin] How to Build Authority on LinkedIn in 15 Minutes a Day
    So you followed the step-by-step wizard to completing your LinkedIn profile. Congratulations, you graduated LinkedIn 101! With LinkedIn, you can become whoever you want to be if you put in a little bit of time. And if you''re a European marketer who is looking for a deeper dive into using LinkedIn to drive business results, check out our recently released toolkit, Lessons in LinkedIn for the European Marketer.
    [Linkedin] LinkedIn Lets B2B Marketers Establish Expertise
    As regular readers of this blog know, we’ve been watching and commenting on the growing focus LinkedIn has placed on B2B marketers. B2B marketers are increasingly relying on LinkedIn as a critical source for leads, brand engagement and content distribution. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 62% of B2B marketers say they use LinkedIn and feel confident that it is effective. Content Marketing Social Media B2B Marketing content marketing linkedin
    [Linkedin] 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Forget About LinkedIn
    Sometimes LinkedIn gets put on the backburner, with more focus allotted to other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. But when it comes to B2B marketing LinkedIn can be your most valuable resource. No other social platform allows you to find leads, share content and drive traffic as effectively as LinkedIn. Not to mention, LinkedIn can drive traffic to your website and blog. Give them a reason to follow you on LinkedIn as well. Join LinkedIn groups.
    [Linkedin] Increase LinkedIn Engagement by 386%
    While Facebook may have the highest profile of the current crop of social networking sites, smart marketers know that LinkedIn is an important part of their online marketing strategy. Did you know that LinkedIn’s visitor-to-lead conversion rate is actually 3 times higher than Facebook or Twitter? LinkedIn has: 259,000,000 users and 2,100,000 groups. Schedule your LinkedIn update into your workday. 60% of LinkedIn members prefer content related to industry insights.
    [Linkedin] LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation Roundtable Group Turns One
    Last year, I launched the B2B Lead Gen Roundtable Group on LinkedIn. Join the B2B Lead Gen Roundtable on LinkedIn It started with a simple goal: to create a group to discuss and share ideas that focus on the many aspects of B2B lead generation such as lead nurturing, lead management, teleprospecting, social media and more. We didn’t start the group to become the biggest; we just wanted it to be the best.
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