• VIDYARD  |  TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2017
    [Linkedin] 4 Tips for Creating a Top-Notch Sales Enablement Strategy
     For example, browser extensions that can pull information while reps prospect on LinkedIn. Ensuring reps have the tools and collateral they need to be successful is hard — especially for leaders in high-growth companies, where scaling creates a constantly evolving environment. Creating a strategic sales enablement plan will make your team more productive and help you reach your goals each quarter.
    [Linkedin] How You Could Benefit from B2B Outbound Marketing
    The methods for reaching these potential clients include cold calls, emails, LinkedIn outreach, retargeting ads, and direct mail. There are many business to business (B2B) companies out there trying to reach a small pool of high-value buyers. Most of these businesses are unable to capture their prospects’ attention. According to Marketing Insider Group, 68% of B2B companies report that they struggle with lead generation , which is the backbone of their operations.
    [Linkedin] How to Ramp Up Your B2B Sales Lead Generation with Social Media
    In fact, a report by LinkedIn found that 90% top performing sales representatives incorporate social media into their tactics. Social media is no longer just a fun, helpful supplement to a marketing mix. For many companies, it has become the primary vehicle for customer engagement. Using the right tools and data, you can find compelling […]. The post How to Ramp Up Your B2B Sales Lead Generation with Social Media appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Demand Generation
  • PUREB2B  |  SUNDAY, JULY 23, 2017
    [Linkedin] 20 Signup Form Optimization Techniques for More Sales Leads
    LinkedIn utilizes a very simple and straightforward signup form to prevent friction and make it easy for users to provide the information needed: Strategically Place Forms in the Line of Vision. The LinkedIn signup form on mobile is designed differently from their desktop version but includes all the relevant information. Marketers and entrepreneurs focus much of their time and energy on growing their email list and generating leads.
  • NUSPARK  |  SUNDAY, JULY 23, 2017
    [Linkedin] How LinkedIn Sales Navigator Can Generate Qualified Leads
    Launched in August 2014, LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator makes use of the social platform’s richly populated database of business profiles to identify the ideal prospective customer. As a fellow member of LinkedIn, you are able to see where their interests lie, what they’ve done in the past, and who their contacts are. The post How LinkedIn Sales Navigator Can Generate Qualified Leads appeared first on NuSpark Marketing.
    [Linkedin] Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing: Which Should You Choose
    Some of the most effective types of Inbound marketing that B2B companies utilize include search engine optimization , sharing content (blogs, case studies, e-books, whitepapers) on their own website and with other sites, posting on social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, and holding webinars. Some of the most effective outbound marketing tactics include Account Based Marketing , email marketing, LinkedIn outreach, advertisements on social media sites, and phone calls.
    [Linkedin] Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing? What You Should Know
    LinkedIn posts. LinkedIn is the top social media site for B2B lead generation. Every day, potential buyers see more than 5,000 advertisements and brand exposures. They watch television commercials, pass by billboards, look at banner ads, read branded blogs, receive email newsletters, and more. These inundated audiences cannot keep up with all the messages coming at them.
    [Linkedin] Trends in Outbound and Inbound Marketing for 2017
    It allows you to sequence your outbound touches through email, LinkedIn, sales calls and even direct mail to provide more meaningful interactions and faster sales velocity. This integrated approach allows you to target high-value buyers at organizations with relevant and personalized content, and follow up with them through personal messages in emails and Linkedin.
    [Linkedin] Account-Based Marketing Without a Budget
    They also designed a cadence of outreach such as follow-up phone calls and social media touches like LinkedIn and Twitter. The Account-Based Marketing discussion has gotten louder and Louder and LOUDER over the past couple of years. But it seems to me that something important often gets lost in all that noise — strategy. Instead, most ABM plans I read about can be summed up like this: Step One: Buy the latest, shiny technology toy. Step Two: Then look for ways to use that toy.
  • SNAPAPP  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, 2017
    [Linkedin] 27 Seriously Impactful Event Hacks Every B2B Marketer Should Know
    Connect with other attendees on LinkedIn. With so much marketing happening digitally now, in-person events have taken on new meaning. . An event is a chance to grow your network, learn more about your industry and upcoming trends, meet influencers and spread the word about your brand. . An event is also an invaluable opportunity to meet other human beings, face to face, in real life. . I spend a lot of my time behind a computer screen. I know you do, too, dear reader.
    [Linkedin] How to build your social selling system with LinkedIn and Twitter
    In this Biznology webinar video with Mindi Rosser, you’ll find out how to: Design a compelling personal brand on LinkedIn and Twitter. In this 30-minute video, Mindi explores how to create your social selling system using LinkedIn and Twitter to build relationships with your prospects, listen to their dilemmas, and solve their problems. The post How to build your social selling system with LinkedIn and Twitter appeared first on Biznology.
  • VIDYARD  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, 2017
    [Linkedin] Surpassing 100,000 Users, ViewedIt by Vidyard Leads the Way as Top Video Messaging App for Business
    ” ViewedIt by Vidyard offers a seamless experience for recording custom videos from within the Google Chrome browser and instantly sharing via Gmail, Outlook, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other online channels. Global leaders such as Honeywell, McKesson, Lenovo, LinkedIn, Cision, Citibank, MongoDB and Sharp rely on Vidyard to power their video content strategies and turn viewers into customers.
    [Linkedin] Why You Need Digital Marketing Experts
    Perhaps they guest blog on big websites, the local business journal, have many Twitter followers, or create viral posts on LinkedIn. Digital marketing is dominating the marketing space, and its influence will only continue to grow. Every year, organizations are increasingly allocating bigger shares of their overall marketing costs towards digital. According to Forrester Research, last year, the average company dedicated 30% of its marketing budget to online efforts.
    [Linkedin] CMOs - A High Level View
    According to LinkedIn the top companies for CMOs based on where members work include: Microsoft. The role of Chief Marketing Officer, CMO to me and you — has undergone a massive amount of change over the past few years. To be successful today's CMOs need to be more than just marketers. A lot more. Recently NGDATA released a guide entitled Anatomy of a CMO: Education, Experience, Salary Data, and More Insights on What Makes a Successful CMO.
  • VIDYARD  |  TUESDAY, JULY 18, 2017
    [Linkedin] Welcome to the Business-to-Human (B2H) Movement
    Customers want someone to listen to them and care about their unique struggles—not make broad assumptions based on their LinkedIn job title. This post was originally published on Upshot. Businesses don’t care about your content. They don’t read your blog, click on your ads, or buy your products or services. People do. People are emotion-generating machines. Of course, we want to do well at our jobs, get promoted—but we also want to be entertained.
    [Linkedin] 4 landing pages every smart retailer uses
    Use your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms to spread the word about a limited-time offer, and link to a landing page for more details. Email marketing is a powerful tool for driving customers to your website. But many businesses make the mistake of dropping customers onto outdated, irrelevant or ineffective webpages that don’t persuade visitors to take action. Landing pages are one of the most effective ways to convert leads into customers.
    [Linkedin] Four ways I fight for freedom and digital citizenship in the era of fake news
    Follow Anitha on Twitter , LinkedIn and her blog. By Anitha Aswath {grow} Community Member. Freedom is a core human value. It is sacred and pristine. But how do we preserve this in a world of fake news, bullying, hate, and all that comes with the constant hum and buzz of social media? Two weeks ago, Germany passed a new law that requires companies to delete illegal, racist, fake news, and slanderous posts on social media or face fines up to €50 million (approximately $57 million US).
  • THE POINT  |  MONDAY, JULY 17, 2017
    [Linkedin] Shifts in B2B Buyer Behavior Support New Priorities for Demand Gen Content
    IMPACT : Use retargeting ads not only to generate net new leads, but also to maintain awareness throughout the buying cycle; expand lead nurturing “beyond the inbox” to include ads on platforms like LinkedIn. Demand Gen Report has published the results of this year’s “B2B Buyer’s Survey,” and the trends identified merit close attention for those marketers involved in B2B demand generation and content development.
    [Linkedin] What is Outbound Marketing?
    ABM may involve sending outbound emails, LinkedIn messages and sales calls to specific decision makers at companies. Outbound marketing is the process of pushing marketing messages to people where they are, as opposed to Inbound marketing which is about creating content to pull prospects towards you.
  • PUREB2B  |  SUNDAY, JULY 16, 2017
    [Linkedin] How to Research Your B2B Audience
    If your B2B audience is more social media savvy, post a survey on LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social media channels to get a better response. You might be surprised by how much your B2B marketing strategy relies on changes in your audience. Even if you’ve already identified your ideal buyer persona, you might be leaving multiple audience segments on the table depending on the objectives of your marketing strategy.
    [Linkedin] 6 Employee Productivity Boosting Tips Your Company Needs
    With the popularity of networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, your employees have an opportunity to be a voice for your company. Does Your Employee Productivity Need a Boost? Even if you think your company has little or no employee productivity issues, more than likely there is room for improvement to make sure your company is running at its best.
  • NUSPARK  |  THURSDAY, JULY 13, 2017
    [Linkedin] Is Programmatic Display Good for B2B advertisers?
    By using programmatic advertising in a members-only environment such as LinkedIn, marketers are protected from bots and various other ad fraud methods. We hear a lot these days about the importance of delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. This might have been challenging in days gone by, but with the development of programmatic media it’s now little more than a breeze.
    [Linkedin] What to Look for In a Digital Marketing Company?
    The company’s website and LinkedIn profiles will be able to provide this information. . Digital marketing is on the rise. Businesses are progressively investing in it to gain more customers and boost their bottom lines. According to a study from EConsultancy, in 2016, 72% of company and agency marketers increased their digital marketing budgets. Digital marketing expenditures are expected to continue rising and will reach nearly $120 billion by 2021. Why digital marketing is thriving.
    [Linkedin] 5 Marketing Trends and How Technology is Helping Marketers Address Them
    LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, for example, improves the member experience and conversion rates on the Linkedin mobile app with a form that pre-populates with contact and professional details. Marketo recently released a product integration with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms that automatically syncs captured lead data to Marketo and allows marketers to instantly deliver an email follow-up, sales alert or add someone to a nurture list.
    [Linkedin] The ultimate list of 20 worthy social media rants
    ” Fifty times a week I get some message on LinkedIn or Twitter saying “hello” and “let me know if I can help you …” Will that EVER result in a phone call? By Mark Schaefer. I always urge people to bring their own story into their social media content. I try to do that as best I can. Sometimes I’m happy. Sometimes I’m bemused. And sometimes I’m just amazed by the stupid stuff I see around the web. Alas, today is one of those days.
  • BUZZSUMO  |  THURSDAY, JULY 13, 2017
    [Linkedin] How to Write Engaging B2B Headlines: Analysis of 10 Million Articles Shared on LinkedIn
    The research is based on an analysis of 10 million articles shared on LinkedIn. The two word phrases starting headlines that gained the most LinkedIn shares on average were as follows (x represents a number). The most shared single words that start headlines were as follows: Headlines starting with ‘The’ were the most shared on LinkedIn. In a B2B context on LinkedIn it seems ‘how to’ posts outperform numbers. . ” LinkedIn Webinar.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 13, 2017
    [Linkedin] How to Do ABM Without Selling Your Soul
    Are the members of the account teams at your ideal customer companies on LinkedIn? Mayo on a sandwich. Hot sauce on a taco. Hot fudge on a sundae. All things that when used correctly make the thing they complement way better. But If you use too much of any of them, or use them in the wrong context (hot sauce on a sundae? No thanks.), or simply use them wrong (gobs of mayo, instead of a thin layer), you’ve ruined a perfectly tasty snack.
    [Linkedin] Ask a Content Strategist: How Do You Create Data-Driven Content?
    I spend a fair amount of time checking content marketing and content strategy questions on Quora, inbound.org, and content marketing groups on LinkedIn. Sites like Inbound and LinkedIn are great because their professional information is front and center, so you can even track questions by persona. Welcome to Ask a Content Strategist , the column where I answer the questions you’re terrified your boss will ask you in the next marketing all-hands meeting.
    [Linkedin] How to get 67% more revenue opportunities using LinkedIn and not just leads that go nowhere
    When it comes to LinkedIn marketing and social selling, where do you think everyone’s focus is? LinkedIn marketing and social selling has become a volume play. The focus is on how many connections are being made, how many prospects are joining the LinkedIn community, how many views the content is generating, how much website traffic are they getting, how many people are being reached with messages. And your efforts on LinkedIn are nothing more than a cost center.
    [Linkedin] Customer Communities: The Engagement Economy’s Best Kept Secret
    And you don’t need a gated, proprietary community either (they are great, but do take resources to build), you can get started with a moderated group on a social platform like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. In a time when our customers hold the power, when they don’t want to be marketed to, and when they want to be engaged with in a personal and authentic way , if you have a customer community, you already have an incredibly powerful tool at your fingertips with which to engage customers.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 11, 2017
    [Linkedin] Speakers | Grow with HubSpot Sydney 2017
    With speakers from HubSpot, Canva, LinkedIn and more, we're covering everything from how marketing and sales has changed, to in-depth workshops on improving your SEO strategy, and talks on how to turn your web traffic into leads and customers. Prior to HubSpot, Marilia worked with industry leading organisations including Apple and LinkedIn. BEN EATWELL, LINKEDIN. Here's where you can meet all our speakers at today's event and find details on each of their sessions.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, JULY 11, 2017
    [Linkedin] Patchwork quilt stitch your marketing website tightly together using internal links and navigation (every page is sacred, every page is great, if a page is wasted, Google gets quite irate)
    Google handles every internet page separately. Every page has its own unique PageRank and you can’t tell the success of a website based only the PR of it’s Default Index Landing Page. A page that’s deep and abandoned in your website may very well be the most important page on your site. While Google does understand the concept of Site and Domain, every page is scrutinized on its own merits. Every page is sacred. Every page is great. If a page is wasted, Google gets quite irate.
  • ENGAGIO  |  MONDAY, JULY 10, 2017
    [Linkedin] The 4 Types of Data You Need to Identify Accounts for Your ABM Program
    You can find this information from a variety of sources, including annual reports, LinkedIn, and third party data vendors such as Dun & Bradstreet and Reachforce. LinkedIn. Across many ancient philosophies and cultures, it’s believed that the universe is formed by the four essential elements: earth, air, fire, and water. These four elements operate together in harmony to bring a balance to nature.
    [Linkedin] What is Business to Business Digital Marketing?
    B2B digital marketers use platforms like social media sites (Twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare), video sharing sites (YouTube, Vimeo), email delivery platforms (MailChimp, HubSpot, GetResponse), blogs, industry forums, live chat, SMS, and Google search to reach their prospects and buyers. Business to business digital marketing is a type of marketing needed by companies who sell to other companies.
    [Linkedin] B2B Marketers Lean Toward LinkedIn Above All Other Social Media Platforms
    B2B marketers use a wide array of social media channels, LinkedIn in particular, new research suggests that they are still hesitant to lean toward some outlets, such as Instagram. So far in 2017, the majority of B2B marketers (96 percent) say they use LinkedIn. The most impactful channel for B2B marketers thus far has been LinkedIn, with 73 percent citing this channel.
  • NUSPARK  |  FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2017
    [Linkedin] How to Build Remarkable B2B Influence Online by Guest Blogging Successfully
    To try to find editors, go to LinkedIn and type in keywords. To grow your business today, you must build your online influence by creating insightful content that helps your target audience. But let’s suppose you’re already churning out blogs, e-books, videos and more. Why are you not getting the results you had anticipated? The problem is likely that your target audience is not finding you.
  • VIDYARD  |  FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2017
    [Linkedin] 4 Tips for Creating A Killer Video Voicemail
    For example, in the video above, I mentioned their title and some of their responsibilities that I found on LinkedIn. Using video in email outreach is something that we’ve seen a lot of success with. Whether you’re in sales trying to book more meetings, in marketing communications trying to convey your message, or even in higher education trying to connect with your students, people enjoy something that has been crafted and personalized for them.
  • SNAPAPP  |  FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2017
    [Linkedin] 42 Experts Explain How to Get Better Qualified Leads with Interactive Content
    Linkedin has been a primary focus with thousands of insurance agents connected to us. While working with the ad retargeting platform Bizo (since acquired by LinkedIn), we built a number of quizzes in SnapApp that served a few purposes: to engage users, to gain more insight into who their users were, and ultimately, to generate a new lead. 61% of B2B marketers send all leads directly to sales; however, only 27% of those leads will be qualified (MarketingSherpa). The result?
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2017
    [Linkedin] Agenda | Grow with HubSpot Sydney 2017
    11:45 am - 12:15 pm - Empowerment, not alignment: Why marketing should focus on empowering sales teams, rather than aligning by Ben Eatwell, LinkedIn. In this session, Ben Eatwell of LinkedIn discusses the need for marketing to focus on empowering sales, rather than aligning. 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm - Future of Marketing Panel with HubSpot, Canva and LinkedIn. Registration & Keynotes. Marketing & Sales has Changed. 7:30 am - 8:30 am - Registration, Coffee & Breakfast.
    [Linkedin] A Resource Guide to Marketing Content Success
    Additionally, LinkedIn put together The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing , which tackles the difficult issue of content over-saturation online. Do you want to sharpen your skills in marketing content but aren’t really sure where to start? We’ve compiled some of the best assets in content marketing: everything from white papers, educational videos, and podcasts to other written content.
  • VIDYARD  |  THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017
    [Linkedin] Best Practices for Prospecting with Video
    Let’s say I’m prospecting Karen Smith at GE, and I go onto Karen’s LinkedIn profile and I record a quick video of myself in the corner scrolling through her LinkedIn profile. ” That can be a great way to visually get Karen to click, because when she sees her own LinkedIn profile she’s going to be curious. Personal video messages are a great way to stand out and to boost response rates when prospecting new customers.
    [Linkedin] Digital Marketing Trends for 2017
    Content that is compatible with Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, because these social media networks are where people consume, spread, and discover content. In 2017, digital marketing has continued to explode. Successful brands are increasingly harnessing the power of digital marketing to reach their customers and increase their sales. The Gartner CMO Spend Survey 2016-2017 of 300 marketing professionals notes that marketing budgets made up 12% of company revenue.
    [Linkedin] 3 Top Metrics for B2B Marketers to Track on Social Media
    So, you’ve been publishing content to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and maybe a few other social networks, building up some followers and engagement. What’s next? How can you measure and demonstrate the true impact of your B2B social media marketing efforts? In its 2016 Report Metrics That Matter for B2B Marketers, Forrester surveyed a large number … Social Media Marketing B2B Marketing Lead Generation Social Analytics
    [Linkedin] Learn How To Use Quora Ads for B2B User Acquisition
    Let’s say, on the right hand of this spectrum, targeting business users — LinkedIn targeting parameters and sponsored update ad network — seems to be very squarely on targeting business users. Rodrigo: Hey everybody, I’m Rodrigo Fuentes from ListenLoop and I’m here with Jaime from Vettery, and this is a session of Marketers Teaching Marketers. Jaime, please introduce yourself and tell us how to use Quora Ads for B2B user acquisition. Jaime: Thanks so much Rod. So, I’m Jaime.
  • CONTENTLY  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 2017
    [Linkedin] Infographic: What Are the Best Days and Times to Post on Social Media?
    Social CoSchedule facebook Infographic Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest social media TwitterOne of the most popular insights Contently’s strategy team provides clients is a custom analysis of the best times and days to post on social, based on the behavioral patterns of their target audience.
  • EMEDIA  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 2017
    [Linkedin] How to Select Your B2B Channel Mix
    LinkedIn. Marketing budgets are always tight. Competition for prospects’ attention and engagement is unrelenting. Some of your demand generation channels are pulling their weight, others not. But do you really know which channels are the most productive? How can you look at information you have on hand to optimize your B2B channel mix?
    [Linkedin] Ask a Content Strategist: How Do You Use Articles to Influence B2B Leads?
    LinkedIn is more expensive, but delivers content in an environment where folks are looking for work-related content. Welcome to a special Fourth of July edition of Ask a Content Strategist, where I finally answer the question: What’s the ROI of wearing an American Flag romper all weekend in the Hamptons?
  • VIDYARD  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 29, 2017
    [Linkedin] 5 Personalized Prospecting Ideas You Can Use Today
    Connecting with your prospects on LinkedIn is one thing, but you can’t just go straight in for the hard sell without expecting to be rejected. Engaging with prospects through Twitter or LinkedIn 1-3 times before reaching out via email can be a great way to ease into this new relationship. Let’s face it, regardless of how successful a rep you are, we can all use some fresh ideas every once in awhile.
    [Linkedin] How can you start using hashtags effectively on LinkedIn?
    Using hashtags on LinkedIn is one of those trends, and here’s how you can use them to your advantage. Weave hashtags into your LinkedIn profile, especially your summary and/or headline. The easiest way to make this change is to turn the keywords in your LinkedIn summary into hashtags. The hashtags are to help you get found in LinkedIn’s search engine when prospects or buyers are looking for someone who does what you do. Add hashtags to your LinkedIn Company Pages.
  • EXO B2B  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28, 2017
    [Linkedin] How to build an editorial line
    In B2B, 91% of companies use LinkedIn, 65% say they’ve acquired at least 1 customer there. Those most frequently used are: Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…. Content marketing is really at the crux of setting up an inbound marketing strategy with the objective of “attracting” your customer. That’s why it’s essential to define an editorial strategy. The first step is to define your goals and identify your readership. Then, choose the channels you’ll use.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2017
    [Linkedin] Slow and steady content-creation wins the Google Search race
    Blogging Content Marketing Search Engine Optimization Search Marketing Advertising agency Android (operating system) Facebook Google Google Search linkedin social media social media marketing Social networkFully, generously, and even a little verbosely populating your website, your blog, your social media profiles, and your social media content is 100x more important to your success than “optimizing for search.” ” Morning Runs.
    [Linkedin] Cannes Lions 2017 Sights, Sounds And More
    In her post on LinkedIn last week Alex Rynne referenced this very topic as being one of the trending topics to come out of Cannes. Last week saw the close of another Cannes Lions event, AKA the International Festival of Creativity. As the dust settles, I figured now's a good time to take a look back at some of what was said, seen and heard. Let's start off with some sights and sounds. First up is Sylvia Jensen, Head of Marketing, EMEA, Oracle Marketing Cloud.
    [Linkedin] How to Qualify Opportunities with Lead Scoring
    LinkedIn click. All businesses need leads, but one of the primary problems is the pressure to generate qualified leads and route the right ones to sales. Perhaps your inbound marketing strategy has helped generate a database full of leads, through varying campaigns. You have a bevy of potential customers interested in your products or services, but are they ready to make a purchase? It is certainly obvious that not all of your new leads are a the same stage in the buying process.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JUNE 26, 2017
    [Linkedin] 5 Key Traits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs
    At LinkedIn (and HubSpot, too), there’s a saying that CEO Jeff Weiner throws around frequently , borrowed from the legendary “Coach K” at Duke University: “Next Play”. Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook as a simple “hot-or-not” site to get back at classmates. Nike founder Phil Knight called the now ubiquitious shoe company his “crazy idea." Instagram began with a single photo filter to make turn its users into less-crappy photographers.
    [Linkedin] How Account-Based Marketing Changes the Business Developer’s Role
    Also, your business developers can do some sleuthing by using online platforms such as LinkedIn. “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” ” — Charles Darwin. A Shift from Inbound Marketing. After decades when there were few changes in marketing, in the 1990s, internet marketing was born.
    [Linkedin] Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Phoenix | KEO Marketing
    In the past 17 years, KEO Marketing has won several awards for its groundbreaking marketing campaigns including: American Business Awards℠: otherwise known as Stevie Awards TM : In 2017, KEO Marketing won four awards for creating the new website for international load bank rental company, ComRent, and an award for their viral targeted LinkedIn Outreach program. Companies in every single industry across the globe are realizing the value of digital marketing.
  • VIDYARD  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 2017
    [Linkedin] 4 Easy and Effective Ways League Integrates Video Into Their Sales Strategy
    Even on LinkedIn and on Twitter, there’s almost no reprieve. This post was originally published on Upshot. Crafting a perfect sales message can be painful, but it’s essential to capturing a decision maker’s attention. In an over-saturated sales market, why not try video? That’s exactly what we did at League. We create innovative personalized video emails in an instant.
    [Linkedin] A guide to getting started on using hashtags on LinkedIn
    LinkedIn wants you to start using hashtags and I think it’s about time. Up until recently, hashtags were frowned upon when used on LinkedIn because they were a telltale sign of cross-posting content from Twitter (a big no-no). Since LinkedIn is hell-bent on becoming the premier social network for professionals and the LinkedIn database has become enormous, they realized the need to better categorize, organize and filter content. How do hashtags work on LinkedIn?
  • BIZIBLE  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 2017
    [Linkedin] How to Run a Weekly Growth Team in B2B
    Try lead ads on linkedin for all retargeting. Many B2B companies have annual sales and marketing goals. and consistently miss these. For sales, annual targets can make sense due to the length of sales cycles (however many pros recommend quarterly targets). Marketing success on the other hand relies on frequent feedback and constant testing.
    [Linkedin] How to Get 67% More Revenue Opportunities Using LinkedIn and Not Just Leads That Go Nowhere
    When it comes to LinkedIn […]. The post How to Get 67% More Revenue Opportunities Using LinkedIn and Not Just Leads That Go Nowhere appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Social Media Kristina Jaramillo LinkedIn LinkedIn Marketing linkedin social selling social media marketingIn the “Ultimate Sales Machine”, Chet Holmes mentions that only 3% of your target market is ready to buy!
    [Linkedin] How to Improve Your Business Branding with Content
    Yet, those shares are responsible for driving a 30% increase in the total engagement a company sees ( LinkedIn ). Business Branding + Content. Business branding is one of the most important activities you can do to grow your business. Not only is it important for overall visibility, it’s also important for developing trust with new potential customers. That said, building a business brand isn’t easy.
  • EMEDIA  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2017
    [Linkedin] Which B2B Media Platform Matches Your Mission?
    Digital marketing can include display ads, sponsored content, native ads, blogs/website/SEO, live online events, social media (Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.), B2B marketers now have a plethora of channels, or media platforms, to choose from when planning their marketing campaigns. It can be overwhelming. The goal is to be omnichannel with a seamless experience across all platforms and touchpoints but this presents challenges for B2B organizations.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2017
    [Linkedin] Your online reputation on Google is the direct result of the content you write on your website, your blogs, and on social media, over time
    How (and, to be honest, if) you, your brand, your business, and services, your products, and your colleagues are portrayed in a simple Google search is the most important personal and professional reputation there is. Your Google SERP is who you are, and you need to take control of it. Google relies on global online content to come up with its search results. This is the truth. Unlike reddit or Wikipedia, Google isn’t micromanaged.
    [Linkedin] There is no glory in “old school” marketing
    “I don’t even have a LinkedIn profile. By Mark Schaefer. “I’m not into social media,” one marketing executive recently told me (with pride). I’m old school.” ” Old School. What does that even mean? Usually I find that’s simply another way of saying “I’m stubborn, resistant to change, and scared out of my mind that I am becoming irrelevant.”
    [Linkedin] Snapchat Isn’t Going Away: How to Cope, and Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns
    Until last year, it was still Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn which got the most […]. While Snapchat is wildly popular with individual users – it reached the 100 million daily active user mark at the end of 2016 and has ballooned to 161 million since then – businesses are only now catching on to the potential. The post Snapchat Isn’t Going Away: How to Cope, and Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Social Media
    [Linkedin] Lead Generation Tactics: How to Attract the Highest Quality Leads
    LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Facebook can help you reach your target audience. Lead generation is more than just generating as many leads as possible. Properly done, lead generation results in leads of the highest quality that engage with your brand and convert to revenue. You can measure your lead generation program’s success by: The quality of leads generated. The leads that convert to revenue. Metrics that prove your program’s value to your company’s bottom line.
  • VIDYARD  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 2017
    [Linkedin] 3 Things You Need to Know to Dominate Video On YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram
    Social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn rely on the discovery through a “push” experience or mainly organic, passive discovery. Would you write the same birthday card to your Grandma May on her 80th birthday as to your nephew Sal on his 8th birthday? I would bet not. Because they have different tastes and are looking for different things. Sure, they’re both birthday cards but you can’t just reuse the same card for a different purpose.
  • ENGAGIO  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14, 2017
    [Linkedin] Setting Benchmarks, Aligning Your Team and Orchestrating ABM: Q&A with Katie Bullard
    Don’t forget to connect with Katie on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter at @Katie_E_Bullard, or learn more about DiscoverOrg. Making the shift from a traditional demand gen strategy to an Account Based Marketing strategy doesn’t happen overnight. After all, ABM means different things to different companies. What works for Engagio may not work for you.
    [Linkedin] How well do you really know your web audience? Does it matter?
    Our platform delivers powerful insights by combining data on known audience and anonymous audience, leveraging exclusive data partnerships with LinkedIn and Bombora, and connections to many more data sources. Effective personalization is all about understanding your customers from many angles – not just knowing one or two things about them. An ideal customer profile (ICP) has to include more than just company and industry. People are motivated by more than where they work.
    [Linkedin] Study: Facebook Surpasses LinkedIn as Most Important B2B Social Media Platform
    However, “For the first time in the history of our study, Facebook has passed LinkedIn as the most important platform for B2B marketers,” noted the authors of the report. Just 37 percent of respondents said the same about LinkedIn. While sites like Instagram (60 percent) and Pinterest (32 percent) were near the top of the usage list for B2C marketers, LinkedIn (81 percent) was more popular among B2B marketers.
    [Linkedin] Digital marketing channels–whole lotta mediocre going on
    LinkedIn requires strong writing. Content Marketing Digital Marketing Email Marketing approach Audience bell curve commitment compete consistency Data decisions digital channels Digital marketing direct mail direction email explore failure goals improvements industry instagram investments Learning linkedin long-term marketers match materials maximize measure methods productivity replicate resources results reverse engineering ROI skills success tips Tools track visual content work Writin
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14, 2017
    [Linkedin] Does Influencer Marketing Actually Work? A HubSpot Blog Experiment
    I also asked each influencer to commit to promoting the post on LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as their email newsletter if they had one. The influencers were responsible for 4,143 of those views -- each sharing their link on Facebook and Twitter within three days of the launch date, with several sharing the link on LinkedIn as well. A sales leader I found on LinkedIn is a perfect example. I ran my first experiment in influencer marketing in middle school.
    [Linkedin] Who should own lead generation for a complex sale?
    And they leverage their social network via LinkedIn and Twitter, and monitor news feeds about key accounts. To get a broader perspective, I asked the 19,734 members of my B2B Lead Roundtable LinkedIn Group about this topic , and I got some great input from other marketing and sales leaders. So, who should own B2B lead generation: sales, marketing or both? You might be thinking, “isn’t the answer obvious?”. It’s not. Let me explain. I hear the same problem over and over.
    [Linkedin] B2C Marketing: What No One is Talking About 
    For example: Firmographics— Detailed company characteristics have become widely available through LinkedIn or vendors such as Dun & Bradstreet and ReachForce. Using rich data is commonplace in the B2B world. It seems though that people have tended to shy away from applying those same data-driven marketing principles to the consumer marketing world or may not have even known that it’s possible. For the businesses that do, it’s a game changer.
  • CONTENTLY  |  MONDAY, JUNE 12, 2017
    [Linkedin] How the World’s Top CEOs Use Social Media
    For those who are active on social, LinkedIn tends to be the first choice, followed by Twitter. LinkedIn, meanwhile, is an excellent place to build clout in industry circles. Social LinkedIn social media study thought leadership TwitterThought leadership gets a lot of flak in marketing circles. Some of it is fair. “Thought leadership” is jargon for something companies have done forever: trying to position their executives as influential leaders.
    [Linkedin] The average enterprise uses 91 marketing cloud services
    It includes Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (although those are in the social category, separate from marketing ). This past weekend, I caught up on Mary Meeker’s latest Internet Trends report for 2017. As always, it was jam-packed with incredible data and insights, and this year it ballooned to 353 pages worth of them.
    [Linkedin] What’s Your Employer Value Proposition?
    Get more brand development tips and strategies by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter. Does your firm struggle to attract the smart, capable people you need to take your business to a higher level of success? You’re not alone. Hiring and retaining talent is one of the top challenges faced by most professional services firms. In fact, There’s isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to this problem. In a tight job market, it can be tougher to attract quality talent than find new clients.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, JUNE 12, 2017
    [Linkedin] How to Maximize Your Inbound Strategy
    But, if you’ve done the legwork of building a robust buyer persona, you should have a pretty good sense of the channels your audience is using, whether that is LinkedIn, Facebook, syndication, PPC advertising, or some other vehicle. Marketers are pressed for time. There are way too many things to do and channels to do them on ‒ and not enough staff, cash, or time to get them all done. That’s why an inbound strategy is so appealing. Maybe this isn’t true for you and your B2B marketing team.
    [Linkedin] How to Assess the Relevancy of 3rd Party Intent Data
    On LinkedIn, you can find potential buyers by looking at their job titles, companies, group affiliations (i.e. At this point, most of us have realized that traditional, or “spray-and-pray” marketing approaches no longer work. We are now living in the Engagement Economy where buyers have more power than brands and expect personalized, relevant interactions at every touchpoint.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 2017
    [Linkedin] You Need to Understand These 6 Things About What B2B Buyers Want
    I wanted to add tracking code to the final confirmation page of the survey, so I could see which channels (email, advertising, Twitter, LinkedIn) generate the most completed surveys. The more we know, the better we can sell – especially when it comes to knowing what B2B buyers want. That seems to be the underlying premise of marketing right now. It’s not a bad premise. It leverages one of the all-time great marketing principles: relevancy.
    [Linkedin] The 3 Most Effective Ways to Grow Your Email List
    Right now, there’s no easier way to target buyer groups than through Facebook and LinkedIn. As a content strategist, I ask people about their content marketing goals every day. Sometimes I almost feel like a fast food worker. “Would you like some lead gen with that?” ” These goals vary greatly since content can impact everything from sales to customer experience , but there’s one goal that’s pretty universal: growing your email list.
  • HG DATA  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 2017
    [Linkedin] The Best “Business Books” for Your Summer Vacation
    Stay informed through blogs, LinkedIn articles, Facebook posts, Tweets, podcasts and audiobooks. Two weeks ago, I was asked at breakfast to quiz my 13-year-old daughter for her spelling bee coming up later that day at school. I was half asleep going through the routine, multitasking checking the opening of the stock market and overnight emails from long lost relatives from Kenya, when I asked her to spell the word encyclopedia.
    [Linkedin] How I Use Video to Build Trust and Accelerate My Sales Cycle
    On LinkedIn today, you tend to see a lot of articles being written about spammy sales tactics, cold calling ineffectiveness, outbound sales fails etc. As a salesperson, no matter how long your sales cycle, one of the most important things that you need to build with your buyer is trust. Actually, I’d argue that you will never get a deal done without it.
    [Linkedin] Give your social oomph with SocialOomph
    SocialOomph Supports More than Twitter: While Twitter is the most profoundly useful platform for SocialOomph, autoposting is operationalized for Twitter , Facebook , Pinterest , LinkedIn , RSS Feed , Blog , and even the Plurk zombie. So, why not plug in your RSS feed or your blog into SocialOomph and post each and every one of your latest blog posts automagically onto Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn.
  • SNAPAPP  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 6, 2017
    [Linkedin] Understanding the Modern B2B Sales Process
    Social selling tools like Hootsuite and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. . It's been a dramatic last 10 years for B2B sales teams. What worked a decade ago now makes modern buyers run for the hills. . B2B sales cycles have changed. Salespeople and buyers have a new relationship with one another, and it has directly impacted the sales process. . First, let’s nail down this crucial definition. What is a sales process? .
    [Linkedin] Account Based Marketing Best Practices
    For example, LinkedIn is a leading business to business platform. 79% of B2B marketers view LinkedIn as an effective place to gather prospects. The next evolution in B2B marketing over the past couple of years is account based marketing. As opposed to a mass marketing approach, B2B marketers are utilizing this strategy to specifically target named companies and prospects with content and messages that specifically address their needs.
    [Linkedin] Why Joe Pulizzi and I disagree on today’s content marketing dynamics
    If you have an intermediary between you and the audience like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, you do not have a relationship with your audience. ” Your economics are driven by transmission — people seeing and sharing the content, and if the best chance of that happening is on Facebook or LinkedIn, do it there and don’t think twice about it. By Mark Schaefer.
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 1, 2017
    [Linkedin] How To Use Social Media To Convert More B2B Leads With Daniel Kushner
    Let’s say we’re using Oktopost and we scheduled a LinkedIn message. And this LinkedIn message is pointing to an article in the Wall Street Journal that discusses maybe our company, or maybe just our general topic or general area that we play in. So now we have this prospect that might be known in the Act-On database that clicked on a LinkedIn post and went to the Wall Street Journal. They know that they’re on LinkedIn. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn?
  • SNAPAPP  |  TUESDAY, MAY 30, 2017
    [Linkedin] 8 Interactive Content Statistics to Guide Your Marketing Spend in 2017
    Interactive content generates 4-5x more pageviews than static content ( LinkedIn ). . A decade ago, interactive marketing was something we only saw in Hollywood films and video games. . . . Oh, how things have changed! In just one interactive content campaign, Zenni Optical generated 29,410 conversions and over $1,000,000 in revenue. But that's just the beginning. . This success, and many others like it, was not a product of some kind of V.R.-enhanced
  • CONTENTLY  |  TUESDAY, MAY 30, 2017
    [Linkedin] Ask a Content Strategist: Does Thought Leadership Mean Anything to Regular People?
    An effective LinkedIn update will have different copy than a tweet, which will have different copy than an email blast. For most, Memorial Day weekend means barbecue, beers, and jealously glaring at Instagram pics of your co-workers in the Hamptons. For me, it also means spending Sunday morning filing my monthly column so that our managing editor doesn’t kill me. So let’s get into it.
    [Linkedin] New B2B Persona Research From Salesforce and LinkedIn Study
    Starting in the fall of 2014, Salesforce started to analyze more than 15 million data points, spanning a four-year period, from two of the largest B2B databases: Data.com and LinkedIn. LinkedIn, now being owned by Microsoft, has a massively powerful database, and to marketers, it is I think one of the most powerful databases for B2B marketers specifically because it gives us employment data.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, MAY 30, 2017
    [Linkedin] The salesmanship of influencer marketing
    Are you going to dance the light fantastic amongst your connections of LinkedIn ? Influencer Marketing Advertising affiliate marketing Blog Business Insider cold calling Facebook Influencer marketing linkedin marketing Sales social media twitterIf you’re doing influencer marketing right, you’ll have a lifetime relationship with your influential. And, like any family member or friend, relationships require consistent and attentive attention.
    [Linkedin] 10 B2B Marketing Presentations to Favorite on Slideshare
    Please add your suggestions through the comments below or send us your recommendations through Twitter or LinkedIn as well. Slideshare can be an excellent resource for B2B marketers looking to showcase expertise, and provide a way to share thought leadership and information. Slideshare can also be an underrated social media platform for SEO and lead nurturing as well.
  • ACT-ON  |  TUESDAY, MAY 30, 2017
    [Linkedin] 8 Powerful Tips for Going Viral on LinkedIn Pulse
    Somebody publishes a post on LinkedIn, and nearly overnight it goes viral, soliciting massive amounts of traffic, shares, and comments — and, consequently, a sharp spike in both leads and sales. LinkedIn Pulse is proving to be a valuable place to publish content, especially for B2B marketers. Plus 79 percent of B2B marketers report that LinkedIn is an effective source for generating B2B leads. Is it bad for your LinkedIn reputation? Understand LinkedIn channels.
  • ENGAGIO  |  MONDAY, MAY 29, 2017
    [Linkedin] 5 Online Advertising Tactics that Really Successful ABM Programs Use
    LinkedIn goes even further with products such as Sponsored Updates, Sponsored Content, InMail, and now Account Targeting. In Account Based Marketing , you need a way to reach out to important buyers where they are, instead of waiting for them to come to you. That’s why an intelligent use of online advertising and retargeting – across mobile, social, display and video – is the answer for many ABM teams.
  • CONTENTLY  |  FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2017
    [Linkedin] Why Marketers Abandon Their Content Strategies Too Soon
    Social selling tools like Linkedin Elevate and Dynamic Signal can help, potentially driving more traffic than content shared by branded social accounts. Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson once said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” ” The line gets at something most people can appreciate, regardless of whether they’ve been in the ring.
  • KEO MARKETING  |  FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2017
    [Linkedin] Getting Started with ABM Marketing
    Email LinkedIn, Twitter, direct mail, and conferences are common channels for communicating with targeted prospects. ABM marketing , or account based marketing , is an effective strategy for generating highly qualified sales leads. Over the past few years, B2B marketers have overhauled their approaches, and many of the most successful have switched to ABM marketing.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2017
    [Linkedin] 8 of the Top Marketing Challenges Marketers Face Today [New Data]
    To find freelancers, we recommend: Tapping into your personal and professional network by posting on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social networks with a description of what you're looking for. While traditional job sites like Indeed.com, CareerBuilder.com, or LinkedIn will help you cast a wide net, we recommend checking out Inbound.org , which is the only job listing service in the world that's exclusively focused on inbound marketing and sales jobs.
  • TELEVERDE  |  THURSDAY, MAY 25, 2017
    [Linkedin] Balancing Technology & the Human Touch
    Let’s continue the conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn! I recently sat down with Jesse Scardina from TechTarget’s SearchCRM site to talk about how to incorporate customer experience technology into marketing. Jesse and I had a good exchange about how the CMO role has changed, the importance of incorporating the right technology and remembering to include the human element. The marketing technology stack is already overflowing and new technology is coming into the market daily.
    [Linkedin] 5 Steps to conduct a superior podcast interview
    ” “Your LinkedIn profile notes you worked for Coca-Cola. By Mark Schaefer. With the release of a new book, I’ve probably done 100 interviews in the last three months. And I found a stark contrast in the quality of the interviewers! Creating a great interview can be an extremely effective and time-efficient way to do a podcast, blog post, or video but it takes some skill to pull it off.
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