“Linking” Digital Advertising Seamlessly Across All Channels: Marketo and LinkedIn

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Author: Chandar Pattabhiram We’re just about to kick-off Day 3—the final day—of the Marketo Marketing Nation™ Summit 2015. They approached LinkedIn and Marketo to solve that problem for them. Together, Marketo and LinkedIn have made doing this a lot easier.

The Missing Link Between Media and Marketing

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Integration between the two is a critical missing link. Taking action on the missing link is a necessity. It’s apparent that there’s a missing vital component in the quest to modernize marketing.

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Happy 10th Birthday, Marketo!

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Author: Sanjay Dholakia Ten years ago this month, Phil Fernandez, David Morandi, and Jon Miller founded Marketo with one idea: to create a new kind of enterprise software company, one dedicated solely to the needs and mission of today’s marketing professional.

Marketo Summit Presentation Nurture 101

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For those of you who missed it, here is the link to my presentation on nurture at Marketo Summit. There’s a lot of good information on nurture in general and also some hints on how Marketo does their nurturing. Nurture 101 at Marketo Summit Take a peek here.

SEO Links: How to Build Them On-Page and Earn Them Off-Site

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There are three types of links that are important to any SEO strategy : internal links, external links, and inbound links. Internal links are those you create in your content that point to other pages on your site. Best Practices for Internal and External Links.

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Cracking the Code for ROI: Linking the Marketo and Google Worlds Together

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We have integrated Marketo’s Engagement Marketing Platform with Google AdWords. In other words, if one of these prospects connects with a sales rep, and ultimately ends up purchasing, Marketo feeds that conversion back to Google AdWords.

Marketo User Summit 2012 Key Points


The Marketo User Summit was a phenomenal event where our team took reams of notes and came back with tons of ideas. Key Takeaway: Use Marketo code on each email to include links to your social channels versus using them on templates so you can get individualized tracking.

Marketo Goes to College

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Today, Marketo announced that they’re standing up for the next generation of marketers. Partnering with Cal Poly’s Orfalea College of Business , Marketo will be helping to prepare undergrads for this new world of marketing. Author: Jesse Finn Good marketers are hard to find.

Impressive Marketo User Summit


At this week’s Marketo Summit , I realized we’re right in the middle of B2B Marketing Event Season. In this post I’m giving a short impression of the Marketo Summit. The Marketo User Summit was BIG: 600 customers and partners were attending. Marketo University. The program started with the Marketo University, with a beginner and an advanced track. Global Marketo Roll-Out. How Marketo Uses Marketo.

The Marketo Approach: 3 Ways to Invest in Your Customers Through Education

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For example, Marketo customers don’t simply want to learn how to use our platform for the sake of being certified Marketo users. As you can tell, education is something we are passionate about at Marketo.

First Look at New Marketo Release

Customer Experience Matrix

I’m going to diverge just slightly from my current obsession with usability to talk about a conversation I had today with Marketo President and CEO Phil Fernandez, who previewed the 3.0 In Fernandez’ view, this reflects a fundamental philosophical difference from his competitors: Marketo sees marketing as reacting to prospect-initiated behaviors, not executing company-driven interaction paths. Marketo’s approach is to trigger campaigns based on specified events or list criteria.

Dr. Marketo’s Cabinet of Curiosity

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Author: Dayna Rothman At Marketo, we’re all about the science of marketing. But few people know about our rich heritage as marketing automation pioneers – a story that stretches back to the experiments of Dr. Gustav Marketo. Dr. Marketo’s Cabinet of Curiosity from Marketo.

How to Bring Your Marketo Organization into a Multi-Touch Attribution World


Who is going tag links with utm parameters, who sets up the email campaign, who is launching the campaign on social? There needs to be individuals in the organization who will say, hey we need to tag links because then you’ll get credit for all the leads you’re bringing in.

The Complete Guide to Marketing Automation Integrations (Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot, Act-On, Pardot, and Infusionsoft)


To create this guide, we analyzed documentation from Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, HubSpot, Act-On, Salesforce Pardot, and Infusionsoft. Marketo Integrations. If you integrate Marketo and Salesforce through a third-party integration hub, for example, data will move from Marketo into Zapier, then from Zapier into Salesforce. Marketo Integrations. Marketo Integrations (Note: Using Marketo to drive traffic to your website? Smart Links by PlusThis.

5 Basic Things Every B2B Marketer Needs to Do to Prepare for GDPR

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If you use a marketing automation platform such as Marketo , that software will track anonymous visitors to your Website by capturing their IP address and other information by means of a browser cookie.

Marketo Sales Insight Expands Salesforce Access to Marketing Data

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Summary: Marketo's new Sales Insight ranks prospects for sales people, based on recent Web and email activities. It lets Marketo sell seats to sales departments, which could be more lucrative than selling its core demand generation system. Marketo today officially launched “Sales Insight”, an application that makes prospect activity history directly available to sales people from within Salesforce.com. The moments are set up as real time triggers within Marketo.

Texts From Marketo: Starting Our Story From Page 1

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At Marketo, we recently decided to restart our social storytelling and are going back to page 1 of our social storybook—without any jargon. We realize that some people may not know what we mean when we say that Marketo is the “best in class engagement marketing platform”.

21 Tips & Other Impressions from the Marketo User Summit

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Earlier this week, Marketo , the marketing automation company, held its second ever user conference in San Francisco. As a Marketo agency partner, I attended along with colleagues from Spear Marketing Group to greet clients, talk shop, and hear how other companies – including Marketo themselves – are putting technology to use in the service of improved lead management. Systems like Marketo can be used to remind sales reps (via sales alerts) of untouched or stale leads.

Link Thought Leadership to Intelligent Client Discovery

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" Companies engaged in a complex sale must link thought leadership to intelligent client discovery. Summary: Companies engaged in a complex sale must increasingly link thought leadership to intelligent client discovery. Click and download FREE eBook from Marketo and ClickDocuments.

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Engagement is Everywhere: Marketo’s Spring 2015 Product Release

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For the first time, we are making it possible for marketers to engage their customers on any channel–-email, web, social media, digital advertising, and more—all from Marketo. When you pair powerful technology and insights from Marketo with ad tech, marketing magic happens.

Prepare for 2015 with Marketo’s Marketing Predictions

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To answer this question, we caught up with Marketo’s internal thought leaders to hear about the changes they anticipate in the coming year and how they think marketers can prepare.

[Infographic] The Marketo(er’s) Guide to SXSW

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This year, Marketo is going big. We are hosting 10+ sessions featuring marketing thought leaders from organizations like My Fitness Pal, The Economist, Kaiser Permanente, Mashable, and of course, Marketo! Author: Dayna Rothman We can’t wait for SXSW!

Marketo Data Tells Us: Which Channel Wins More, Faster

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So in this fourth blog in the Marketo Institute series, we’re going to look at the next two channel pipeline metrics: win rate and velocity. This image shows win rate across all channels (all Marketo customers). This image shows velocity across all channels (all Marketo customers).

Top 6 Content Marketing Takeaways from Marketo Summit


As a Marketo Summit newbie, I was pretty pumped to be heading to San Francisco with the Vidyard team last week. Session 3: DJ Waldow on Being Human DJ Waldow is the Digital Marketing Evangelist at Marketo and his session on being human definitely made my top three list.

The Economist & Marketo: Figuring Out The Next Era of Marketing

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To help provide a few guideposts, Marketo and the Economist Intelligence Unit have teamed up to see if we can jointly help marketers everywhere navigate this new era. Author: Sanjay Dholakia “What a long, strange trip it has been…”.

Marketo’s Marketing Nation Roadshow Wrap-Up: European Edition

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Marketo’s Marketing Nation Roadshow Wrap-Up: European Edition was posted at Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership. | [link].

DF 2012 Interviews: Marketo Executives Talk Shop

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by Dayna Rothman Marketo had a huge presence at Dreamforce this year and the marketing cloud was a major focal point for both Salesforce and all of the attendees. Marketo CEO Phil Fernandez Explains Revenue Performance Management.

Marketo Aims to Simplify Demand Generation

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One company that has made a concerted effort is newcomer Marketo. Marketo has a one-word elevator speech: simplicity. That’s not to say Marketo is a simple product. Like every other demand generation vendor, Marketo has wrestled with how a branching, multi-step lead nurturing campaign can be made easy enough for non-specialist users. Marketo’s solution is to do away with the branches. It more or less goes without saying that Marketo is sold as a hosted service.

Power to the Marketer: Introducing Marketo’s New Dialog Edition

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Author: Matt Zilli <Begin sales pitch> Today, Marketo announced the Dialog Edition , which will help B2B and B2C email marketers enter the wonderful world of marketing automation. And everything Marketo builds is intended to be used by a marketer.

The 2012 Marketo User Summit [Infographic]

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by Jason Miller The 3rd annual Marketo Summit kicks off next week here in San Francisco, and we are so excited for this year’s lineup. You can follow the Marketo Summit on Twitter using the hashtag #mus12 and be sure to stay tuned to our blog for live updates starting on Wednesday.

Why Marketo and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customers Have Gold in Their Sights

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At Marketo, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to help sales and marketing perform together with the finesse of Olympians. Marketo’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables Datix to provide a steady stream of win-ready leads direct to each sales rep.

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Mad Libs: My Best Marketo Marketing Nation Summit Ever

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Author: Dayna Rothman Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit is less than 30 days away, and if you’re anything like us, you’re already in round-the-clock preparation mode for the best Summit ever. Tweet us ( @Marketo ) with the results of your best Marketing Nation Summit ever!

Marketo’s Take on Salesforce.com’s ExactTarget Acquisition

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Many of our customers, prospective customers and business partners may be wondering what this move means for Marketo, since we are a leader in the marketing software space and so many salesforce.com customers also choose Marketo as their marketing automation platform.

Fast and Furious Feature Releases – A Marketo Community Update

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by Heather Watkins On December 6, 2010, Marketo launched its revamped customer community on the Salesforce.com platform to give our customers the ability to: Get product answers quickly. Connect and share resources with other Marketo peers. Suggest features for the Marketo Roadmap.

Marketo Book Club: Sales 2.0

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In case you haven’t had the chance to check out Marketo’s B2B Sales and Marketing Book Club , we’ve decided to showcase one book every week. Check out Marketo’s YouTube page to see Anneke speak on how to get started with Sales 2.0. Marketo Book Club: Sales 2.0

ExactTarget, Marketo Announce Strategic Partnership to Integrate Marketing Technologies

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And during explosive growth like we’re seeing at Marketo, it’s critical to increase distribution reach. We announced a strategic agreement under which ExactTarget will resell Marketo’s Revenue Performance Management solution globally.

[Infographic] Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit 2014 Map

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Author: Dayna Rothman We are SO excited for tomorrow, the official kick-off day for Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit 2014 ! Enjoy Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit 2014, and welcome to San Francisco!

Accelerating the Pace of Inbound Leads: An Interview with Paul Albright of Captora

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Paul Albright boasts a 30-year track record of success in Silicon Valley, including executive roles at companies such as Marketo, SuccessFactors, NetApp, and Informatica. HS] I notice that you integrate with some of the leading marketing automation vendors, including Marketo and Act-On.

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Lead Scores Too High? Maybe They Need An Expiration Date.

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Click link in email: add 5 points, wait 1 week, subtract 5 points. lead scores lead scoring marketo Marketo agency Marketo consultant Marketo lead scores Marketo lead scoring Marketo partner

Big deals for Marketo and Demandware, but what do they mean?


Two billion-dollar M&A deals: Marketo was acquired by private equity firm Vista Equity Partners for $1.79 Marketo’s deal isn’t industry consolidation — at least not yet. Let’s start with Marketo.