How Content Marketers Prepare To Write for a B2B SEO Program

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SME Interviews. While a marketing overview provides the foundation, SME interviews allow content marketers to immerse themselves in material necessary for writing SEO-specific material related to complex solutions. Competitive brand visibility (inbound links, social shares, etc.). Blogs and third-party publications which are often critical for link building outreach as well.

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How To Solve the Biggest Content Marketing Challenges

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SEO: An audit, keyword strategy, and external link building. Then we execute on it by using our own subject matter expert (SME) writers, SEO optimization best practices, and buyer’s journey funnel goals. Content marketing is a journey, and it’s not easy.


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Study Confirms Moz Has the Largest Link Data Set


With this in mind, we’re excited to share that Moz has the largest link data set, according to a study done by Perficient. The link index study was done by Perficient , a respected publicly-traded consulting firm specializing in digital solutions. In link research, size matters.

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Three Ways to Build Links in the Age of Google Penguin


Still, on-page factors are less important to Google ranking than links and social signals—how Google determines the relative importance and context of the page to other experiences on the web. The good news is linking appears to be every bit as important as it has ever been. Also, if you start with high-quality, shareable content, you will have an easier time garnering links to it. So my advice on building links focuses only on what Penguin will not punish you for: 1.

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How to Make an Amplification Strategy With Shares AND Backlinks

Content Marketing Institute

To reach the widest possible audience, build authority, and drive traffic, content needs both social shares and backlinks. To build authority & drive traffic, #content needs both #social shares & backlinks. In this post I look at the issues, including the importance of an amplification strategy and content that achieves both links and shares. There are two primary ways that content is amplified – by sharing a link on social media platforms or by including a backlink.

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5 Ways SMB Business Owners Can Revamp Their Digital Marketing Strategy

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There are a vast number of technology resources available that can help extend your reach, but knowing which ones are the most suitable for your SME can be challenging. Building relationships with those who leave feedback. Targeted emails are becoming the norm and, when it is done correctly, localized email marketing moves beyond simple personalization ; it can be the key to building stronger connections with your audience. How to Build a Facebook Chatbot Marketing Funnel.

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Digital Marketing Software: Landscape Of the Top Tools

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If you run an SME or startup, then you know scaling a business is all about how many customers you can gain while retaining as many customers as possible. Honestly, if you’re just starting to build your marketing stack, I would recommend signing up for three free tools, Hubspot, Google Analytics, and Mailchimp. Bottom line, if you are running a remote team or just hiring a freelancer, video-conferencing tools are a great way to build better connections and trust.

28 (of the) Best SEO Guides, Resources and Infographics of 2013


by completely filling out profiles on Yelp, Bing Places, Yahoo Local, and Google+ Local) and posting frequently (“The more you post, the better chance you have for link building, sharing, and engagement opportunities—all important when it comes to SEO”). quality of sites linking to the domain, anchor text distribution) or page-level keyword usage (content quality, relevance, meta tags, etc.). Step-by-step guide to my Google Panda penalty recovery by SME Pals.

Hiring a SEO Agency? 45+ Experts Tell You What to Look For & Avoid!

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Unfortunately, the cheaper end suppliers are forced to take shortcuts, like buying links from ‘’, or using link farms or automation scripts. Chris Dreyer. ~ #SEO specialist and CEO of [link]. Founder of [link] , [link] , [link] and [link]. Ask for links, examples and documentation… if they’re running a good operation they should be able to provide regular updates. #5. Agencies who will NOT show you the links they are building.

Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in Europe


Case Study: Vue Entertainment wanted to build online authority and improve their brand presence on the internet. Success Story: CityBlock, a company specialized in building student accommodations, wanted to improve its traffic and achieve 100% occupancy across locations.