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Gems from Godin

Paul Gillin

Show up to lead one that already exists. Seth Godin keynoted the #Inbound13 conference in Boston this morning, serving up his usual bounty of great quotes. Godin’s overarching point: We are moving from the age of mass to the age of connection.

8 Data Points about the Importance of Customer Experience

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Gartner estimated last year that by 2014 “ failure to respond via social channels can lead to up to a 15% increase in churn rate for existing customers.”

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Bidding Fond Farewell to BtoB Magazine

Paul Gillin

Here was a chance to learn by talking to practitioners on the leading edge and earn a few bucks and a byline in the process.

BtoB 101

What a Hotel Manager Taught Me About the Future of Business

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It’s just a leading indicator of forces that will sweep through nearly every market as customers learn to organize and apply the new powers of influence.

Lead Generation Checklist

You spend a lot of time, energy, and money doing lead generation to capture leads but it's how you manage them that makes the difference between success and failure

Delay Is Killing Major League Baseball

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In the seventh inning, leading by five runs, Red Sox manager John Farrell replaced pitcher Alex Wilson with Craig Breslow despite the fact that Wilson had struck out the previous two men he faced, the last one on three pitches. Was this really necessary with a five-run lead?

Live Blog: Lotusphere 2012 Opening Session

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We use the power of collaboration to lead transformation to high-quality, cost-effective health care.” GAD is a leading provider of secure processing capabilities to 430 banks in Germany. Michael J.

Social Marketing Hangover

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There’s a period of exuberance, followed by the cold reality that the new tool won’t shorten the work week or lead to permanent weight loss. Traditional marketing is campaign-oriented: Put a message in the field and then sort through the surge of leads and responses that come in.

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Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in Plain English

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This makes LinkedIn a compelling new tool for professional networking and lead generation. I prepared summaries for my upcoming Search & Social Double Whammy seminar on May 2 in Burlington, MA describing the “big three” social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. My goal was to describe in plain English the way these networks provide value to their users and the metaphors they use for interaction.

Empathy: Your Lead Generation Superpower

Speaker: Brian Carroll, CEO & Founder of markempa

The single biggest issue for B2B growth is effective lead generation: increasing lead quality and quantity. Empathy is not just a “soft” skill, it's an incredibly powerful tool to understand customer motivation and increase lead conversion.

IBM’s Beck: Social Business is About Enablement, Not Control

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IBM has been a leading adopter of social business principles, which Beck defined as “the application of social tools and culture to business processes and outcomes. Social business isn’t about tools and promises.

I’ve Been Writing A Lot Lately, Just Not Here

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Sales complains that marketing gives them lousy leads while marketers charge that sales wouldn’t know a good lead is it bit them on the nose. Improve lead quality and a lot of the bad karma disappears.

Marketo Tells How to Use Social Media for Lead Generation

Paul Gillin

Marketo recently contacted several B2B social media marketing pros to get their tips on how to generate leads with social platforms. Check out “ How to Use Social Media for Lead Generation.”

What Social Media Marketers Should and Shouldn’t Do

Paul Gillin

Don’t lead with a sales pitch. Indium’s sales leads grew 600% in the year after the program was launched. A journalist contacted me with some questions about social media marketing that I hear quite often. I thought I’d share my responses here. These thoughts are particularly directed at B2B marketers. What are three or four things social media marketers should do, and explain why they’re important.

Here’s What 25 B2B Marketers Think Are the Key Trends in 2016

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With marketing now responsible for helping to nurture and advance the buyer through 70% of the purchase cycle, there are monumental inefficiencies if the sales team is knocking on cold doors rather than closing sales-qualified, warm leads.” – Debra Andrews (l.). “If

Effective B2B Marketing Content That Will Lead to Sales Growth

Effective marketing content leads to increased sales productivity, more revenue, greater marketing effectiveness and stronger alignment between marketing and sales

Unfair Rap on Gates

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Most people would agree that capitalism in its purest form creates imbalances that lead to lead to things like the Great Depression, and that’s why some regulation is needed. Bill Gates at the World Economic Forum ,2007. Photo credit: Wikipedia).

Facebook Can Work for B2B Marketers, But You Gotta Know the Rules

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Buddy Media uses it to capture leads , as does e-mail marketing provider Infusionsoft. In my work with B2B organizations, the question of how to use Facebook is invariably front and center.

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How Twitter Amplifies a Customer Attack

Paul Gillin

People with large Twitter followings can quickly magnify a complaint with a single retweet, and the media has learned to use Twitter both as an amplifier and a leading indicator of developing news. The following is an excerpt for the forthcoming book, Attack of the Customers: Why Critics Assault Brands Online and How to Avoid Becoming a Victim , by Paul Gillin and Greg Gianforte. The target publication date is late 2012.

Recommended Reading – 7/9/15

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It’s a great way to increase the visibility of your thought-leading content by sharing slide decks that would otherwise be put on a virtual shelf. Ninja Guide to Content Creation: Top 10 Writing Tools – Content Marketing Institute.

Why B2B Content Strategies Are Paramount for Generating Quality Leads

Generating demand and ensuring the consistent flow of high-quality, actionable leads is what makes B2B marketers successful

How to Calculate Social Marketing ROI

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whose blog-driven search strategy yielded a six-fold increase in leads in just one quarter, and Clickable , whose Gurus drove a 400% one-year growth in billings. ROI analysis enforces rigor that leads to better decisions. It’s not enough to begin tracking when the lead is generated.

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Surveys Show ‘Social Business’ Concept Gaining Traction

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If, as many people believe, small and midsize businesses are leading indicators of economic growth, then there’s also good news in survey of 1,295 small and medium business IT professionals conducted by Spiceworks.

‘The Truth about Leads’ Is Just That

Paul Gillin

My 15 months of hell taught me otherwise, and that’s why I was curious when Dan McDade sent me a copy of The Truth about Leads. McDade Is an entrepreneur whose company, PointClear , helps businesses improve their prospecting and lead nurturing.

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Bulldog Reporter’s Faux Pas Shows Why Not to Take Research at Face Value

Paul Gillin

This lead from a recent Bulldog Reporter case study on business blogging certainly caught my attention: “Recent research reveals that 64% of American companies will launch their own corporate blogs in 2014, and the average budget for corporate blogging will increase by nearly one-sixth.

8 Ways to Create More Effective Lead Generation Programs

Explore key areas you should focus on with your content syndication strategy in order to help you get the attention of your target audience and build trust

McKinsey Research Again Validates Social Technology Benefits

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In larger numbers than respondents in other clusters, they think that social technologies will lead their companies to adopt entirely new processes under current conditions and to do so even more aggressively if all constraints were removed.

Book Review: Tales From a Veteran Blogger

Paul Gillin

Those glimpses into your experiences, hobbies and interests create touch points that lead to meaningful relationships.

Organizing the Chaos of Social CRM

Paul Gillin

Unfortunately, many companies simply use CRM as a fancy lead management tool. Software Advice has posted a grid that presents a new way of looking at the social CRM market. More importantly, Marketing Director Houston Neal argues that social CRM actually doesn’t exist.

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A Chance for CIOs to Lead in Social Business

Paul Gillin

I suggest in my presentation that there are several initiatives IT could lead that would give them a critical role in social business. I’m presenting a session at the CIO Solutions Gallery at the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University tomorrow on the topic of “Measuring Social ROI: The CIO’s Role.”

9 Experts Rethinking Demand Generation

How to strategically target your content and lead generation campaigns to disrupt the status quo and facilitate the sale

Attack of the Customers: The Pampers Dry Max Crisis

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It stepped up advertising about the benefits of Dry Max and posted videos by leading pediatricians about the causes and treatment of diaper rash. “If

Let Your People Speak!

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Result: 600% jump in leads in six months. IBM engineers celebrate Watson's victory (from an IBM YouTube video).

Five Facebook Tips for Small Businesses

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If you lead with your wall, you’re missing an opportunity. Fitness has a variety of other offers on its Facebook presence, but it leads with the simplest one. Most small businesses are terrible at marketing in general and online marketing in particular.

How Will Technology Affect Employment?

Paul Gillin

Probably, because it can lead to policies that are intended to preserve these positions instead of moving toward the jobs that are growing. Live-blogging from the IBM Watson University Symposium at Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan School of Management. .

Seven Things Marketers Need to Know About Lead Generation

Speaker: Douglas Burdett, Host of The Marketing Book Podcast, Founder/Principal of ARTILLERY

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company's product or service. One of the biggest responsibilities and challenges for marketers is generating leads.

New Video Series Shows How Mobile Marketing Can Work for B2B

Paul Gillin

Christina Kerley is a leading voice in B2B mobile marketing, and she’s starting posting engaging educational videos that show how mobile devices can be incorporated into the B2B marketing mix.

Did Coke Respond Effectively to Former Marketer’s Attack?

Paul Gillin

Or that it is following, rather than leading the market. Coca-Cola is dealing with a minor crisis this week because of comments by a former marketing executive expressing remorse over his contributions to America’s obesity problem.

Tips For Making That “Networking” Meeting More Fruitful

Paul Gillin

He generously consented, and two years later put me onto a lead that got me my first real journalism job. Back in the early days of my career, I made a point to go on frequent informational interviews.

David Ferrucci on Building the World’s Smartest Computer

Paul Gillin

You need to parse what “direct” means: to guide, to lead, to direct? Live blogging Dr. David Ferrucci’s address to the IBM Watson University Symposium at Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan School of Management. Ferrucci was director of the IBM Watson project.

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