Event Lead Management: What You Need To Know Before Your Next Live Event – Webinar Transcription

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Learn how to make the most out of your next live event with proper event lead management. We’re talking about planning, lead capture, and post-event nurture. Chris Kipgen, Lead Liaison. So we’re gonna go into a little bit of Event Lead Management and why it matters right now. Why we should be using this live events and why it’s very important that you have something on the backend to help you manage the events as well.

5 Techniques For Lead Management Success That You Probably Aren’t Using


by Dayna Rothman Lead management is the ability to capture, respond, and manage incoming leads. When spending so much time and money on creating the perfect campaign, you want to make sure you have numerous best practices in place to manage your leads throughout the entire lifecycle. Unfortunately, many marketers don’t employ clearly defined lead management practices. Work directly with sales to determine when a lead is “sales ready”.


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5 Ways to Expand Lead Nurturing Beyond the Inbox

The Point

Email may still be the workhorse in how B2B companies build relationships, maintain awareness, qualify leads and nudge prospects along the sales cycle, but these days, it pays to think about “lead nurturing” as more just an email campaign. If nothing else, integrating other channels into your lead nurturing mix reduces a 100% reliance on email and improves your chances for lead nurturing success.

How to Start a Lead Management Program in 9 Easy Steps


No two ways about it, starting a lead management program from scratch can be daunting. Long gone are the days of simply sending out a direct mail piece or placing an ad and waiting for the leads to roll in. Instead, the channels for lead generation multiply almost daily, and sorting through them to determine which will be most effective, let alone how to manage the leads once they come in, give even the most experienced marketers many gray hairs.

A handy checklist for successful B2B lead management

EMagine B2B Blog

So much attention is devoted to online lead-generating mechanisms (SEO, PPC, etc.) that much less is given to the less glamorous activities involved in properly handling those leads, once acquired. And in these recessionary times, leads are just much too precious to waste by mishandling them. So along comes Mac McIntosh in his Sales Lead Report [.]. Tags: B2B Web Strategy Lead generation

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PPC Optimization: Conversion is Only Half the Battle


The value of a lead is relative. Most marketing departments would be more comfortable handing off a lead from sballmer@microsoft.com than one from anonymous@gmail.com. Yet, from an online marketing perspective, these leads often look the same. Ad networks like Google AdWords offer robust reporting, but they are fairly limited in evaluating the quality of a lead. Unfortunately, leads are fairly useless without an eventual sale.

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Inbound Marketing & Marketing Automation


Many digital marketers are using marketing automation tools to automate lead nurturing. But if you want to expand your business, you also need to continuously add new leads to your database. Traditional lead sources are tradeshows or lead programs with magazines. Those are definitely useful, but the number of leads is low and the cost per lead is high. It may be attractive to shift more budget to generating leads via your company’s website.

Are You Maximizing the Yield of All Leads that Enter Your Funnel?


Whether your sales and marketing teams are crushing their numbers or they are struggling to generate sufficient pipeline, there is always a desire for more leads at the top of the proverbial funnel. As the head of an inside sales team or a demand generation leader, you’re probably having frequent discussions about increasing lead volume or improving lead quality. However, the best organizations are figuring out how to maximize the yield on their lead flow.

21 Tips & Other Impressions from the Marketo User Summit

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As a Marketo agency partner, I attended along with colleagues from Spear Marketing Group to greet clients, talk shop, and hear how other companies – including Marketo themselves – are putting technology to use in the service of improved lead management. Here are 21 of the more useful, practical or inspiring ideas on lead nurturing, content marketing and demand generation that I heard: 1.

Best Practices for Lead Source in Your Engagement Platform


Lead source is defined as the method by which a prospect found your product or service, and is an essential part of effective lead management. Lead source ensures that your leads remain measurable across the buyer’s journey. As you track the source of your lead through the funnel, you can quickly determine what is working and what is not in your marketing strategy. Categorize the Sources of Your Leads. Keep the Lead Source Constant.

B2B’s Problem with Pay-Per-Click: Three Things You Need to Know


I have personally run pay-per-click (PPC) programs for the companies I have worked for, and I have worked with agencies that specialize in PPC claiming to have proven track records in B2B. PPC is always challenging in B2B, and is clearly a different animal than the more transactional sale that PPC was clearly designed for. The PPC rewards can seem sweet (page one, anyone?), Focus on lead management-.

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Top 10 Demand Generation Resolutions for 2014

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Measuring opens and clicks may tell you something about email performance, but it says nothing about the impact that email campaign had on qualified leads, or opportunities, or revenue. Blogs have long been the exclusive province of the PR team, but demand generation marketers are starting to realize the potential for blogs to generate leads in a big way. Even a modest lift in conversion rates (click to lead) can decrease cost per lead dramatically.

The Rise of AI Tools: Verticals to Watch, Part 5


Whether they know it or not, marketers have been using solutions augmented by artificial intelligence for a few years—particularly if they’ve run a PPC campaign. Marketing teams are able to use AI to support classic strategies like product recommendations and predictive lead scoring. This is especially valuable when it comes to providing sales teams with content and guidance about new leads. Welcome back to our five-part series on the rise of AI.

Webinar Best Practices – Down to the Do’s & Don’ts

The Mx Group

Be sure to also promote your webinar two weeks beforehand via social media, blogs and possibly PPC advertising. Demand Gen & Lead Management Strategy, Design & Content Topics B2B webinar best practices B2B webinars Buyer Personas Design and ContentSo you’re thinking about creating a webinar. Maybe even a series of webinars … awesome! It’s smart to develop such valuable content to market your organization. Creating B2B webinars is worth your time and effort.

“…Squeeze Water Even from A Dry Towel”: Continuous Improvement


Part 2 – The Definitive B2B Lead Generation Checklist. How do we do that in our lead generation and B2B marketing efforts? In continuation of the definitive B2B lead generation checklist, here are additional best practices that facilitate process improvement in your marketing organization: The Definitive B2B Lead Generation Checklist…Making the Best Better! MAKE ADVERTISING ACCOUNTABLE FOR LEAD GENERATION.

B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2018 Plus 5 Strategies to Kick to the Curb


With a new year fast approaching, now is the time to re-evaluate what lead gen strategies are worth keeping and which outdated habits should be kicked to the curb fast. The big secret to effective lead gen in 2018 is knowing when to adapt to newer trends that work and are increasingly relevant, and when to optimize those marketing strategies that may need a tweak or two. Therefore, it only makes sense to optimize mobile marketing efforts for lead generation purposes.

Demand Generation Implementation Survey: Half of Users Deploy Basic Features in One Week

Customer Experience Matrix

lead transfer to CRM 18 5 8 0 2 2 35 0.94 lead scoring 12 7 3 0 10 4 36.89 multi-step lead nurturing campaign 8 10 7 2 5 4 36 0.89 Looking at the table, we see: - virtually everyone (more than 90%) does outbound email, campaign reponse reporting, lead transfer to CRM, and CRM integration. Just slightly fewer (80-90%) do landing pages, lead scoring, multi-step lead nurturing, Web site analytics, Webinars and campaign ROI reporting. lead transfer to CRM 0.55

Lead Source: What Is It and Why It's Valuable To Your Team


The more you know about your buyer personas, leads, and customers, the easier it is to effectively target them. It also means knowing how your leads find your business — how and by which method they come across your company. This is known as a lead source. Lead Source.

Top Lead Generation Statistics for 2018


As new companies join the space, existing companies will find it increasingly difficult to generate new leads. We’ll go out on a limb and say that, as a marketing practice, lead generation will never go extinct. As such, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest lead generation trends, technological advances, and- as always- your customer base. Ready to learn more about the state of B2B lead generation? B2B Lead Generation Statistics: The Challenges.

Activation: The Missing Component of SaaS Search Marketing

Directive Agency

Key Points: Search marketing is incredibly effective in driving traffic and leads with purchase intent. You must build a lead nurturing process to generate more revenue for those without purchase intent. Integrate sales and marketing to activate your leads and generate sales.

A Guide to Advanced ABM Strategies with Google Ads


However, further investigation leads you to learn that there a smaller franchise spread across the country that would be interested in becoming a massive retailer for your product. Assigning quotas for striking a balance in resources for PPC and ABM campaigns.

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How to maximize your online lead-generation conversion rate – a complimentary webinar

Sales Lead Insights

Interested in getting some expert advice about how to optimize the lead-generation conversion rates of your web pages? If so, be sure to attend this complimentary, how-to webinar for B2B marketers: HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR ONLINE LEAD-GEN CONVERSION RATE. Two experts on online lead generation will share proven techniques for generate more leads and sales from you web pages, email and PPC landing pages. B2B Lead Generation Online marketing

Rethinking Your Premium Content: How to Build a Guided Learning Course


Some brands are beginning to define this blurry line by developing their own learning management systems (LMS), as a private hub for paid access to their best educational resources. What's a learning management system (LMS)? What does a learning management system look like in practice?

5 Ways to Reactivate Lost Leads Using Marketing Automation


When a lead expires, what do you do? Most companies move on to the next lead, forgetting about these leads entirely. After a few years have passed, this once insignificant pile of expired leads can look more like a mountain of missed opportunity. In this post I want to challenge the idea that a lost lead is indeed lost, and how, using marketing automation software, can instead be the key to unlocking a large amount of additional revenue for your company.

12 Essential LinkedIn Groups for B2B Marketers

KoMarketing Associates

Each platform poses unique opportunities for B2B marketers to create brand awareness, generate leads, interact with clients and perspectives, and gather valuable information about what’s happening in the industry. Members of this group engage in daily discussions about relevant digital marketing topics such as content marketing, social media marketing, site traffic, lead generation, email marketing, and more. Online Lead Generation – 54,553 members.

Retargeting; An Internet Marketing Tactic to Increase Conversions Rates & Leads


For lead generation, conversion optimization, and lead nurturing strategies, retargeting may be the overlooked child, but there’s no question it can be very effective and an efficient tactic to bring prospects back to your website or content. They let users buy, manage, report on, and optimize display media. Company C: Lead Nurturing. Here’s a strategy that can retarget audiences AFTER they become leads; but before they become sales. Lead management process.

10 Marketing Terms You Need To Know – Pt. 1

EMagine B2B Blog

It organizes and automates the insight-focused capabilities from your CRM, lead management system, web analytics platform, and other campaign systems to create a smooth streamline across all channels. Day Parting: refers to a feature in a PPC campaign that allows you to run your ads during the peak days and times that your audience is most engaged and receptive to take action. .

3 Awesome Results from Visitor Tracking

Lead Liaison

When you use a visitor tracking platform like Lead Liaison’s ProspectVision™ , you’ll be surprised what you can learn about your prospects, your content, and your campaigns. When combined with Marketing Automation like Lead Liaison’s Lead Management Automation (LMA)™ platform, it’s easy to learn where your precious marketing dollars are best spent. Imagine knowing not just where your prospects came from (organic search, PPC ad, etc.),

Top-10 Demand Generation Vendor Blogs


It is about Internet marketing: very interesting posts about SEO, PPC and Social Media. Market2Lead Marketing Automation and Lead Management blog. Reachforce: The B2B Lead. Reachforce publishes almost daily Lead Generation tips. ReadyContacts Lead Data Management blog. In my previous post I listed the Top-10 Demand Generation blog by marketers and consultants. Today I’ve put together a list of vendor blogs.

Email Marketing vs Marketing Automation Software

TrustRadius Marketing

Multi-channel interactions with leads are all created and tracked within one platform, allowing for greater personalization and intelligent campaigns. Landing pages and forms Email management Triggered emails Dynamic web content Website visitor tracking Mobile Optimization SEO/PPC integration.

Retargeting; A Internet Marketing Tactic to Increase Conversions Rates & Leads


For lead generation, conversion optimization, and lead nurturing strategies, retargeting may be the overlooked child, but there’s no question it can be very effective and an efficient tactic to bring prospects back to your website or content. They let users buy, manage, report on, and optimize display media. Company C: Lead Nurturing. Here’s a strategy that can retarget audiences AFTER they become leads; but before they become sales. Lead management process.

Multichannel Marketing Tools for 2019: Step-By-Step Guide

Unbound B2B

According to the Demand Generation Multichannel Marketing and Data Survey Report 2018 , email is the leading marketing channel used by B2B marketers to drive leads. deliverability rates, list-building, list management and lead nurturing features including sending out newsletters. Pipedrive was built as a CRM and pipeline management tool but it also easily integrates with phone systems to enhance productivity even more. Bonus: Lead Management/Nurturing Tools.

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An Interview with Jon Miller, Co-Founder of Marketo


Jon leads strategy and execution for all aspects of Marketo’s hyper-efficient demand center (powered by Marketo’s solution, of course). In Marketo’s popular blog, Modern B2B Marketing , he explores everything from lead nurturing and social media to marketing ROI and revenue performance management (RPM). I think a lot of companies are still trying to figure out what revenue performance management and marketing automation really mean.

What Galileo Can Teach Marketers About Lead Generation


This can have massive impact on lead generation. Inspired by Galileo, here are five lead generation experimentation ideas for your B2B marketing. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC). PPC works extremely well for some companies but it requires courage, patience, resources, and expertise. For example, if interest is lead generation and you’re in the B2B environment, test free information (a white paper or special report ) against a free initial consultation.

The 11 Best ClickFunnels Alternatives & Competitors in 2020


It also helps to have dedicated landing pages, sales pages, splash pages, and lead capture forms. Additionally, you'll want messaging tools like email, push, or SMS to communicate with your leads and prospects. Lead capture forms. Great lead capture tools.

Vertical SaaS: The Future of SaaS Is in Niche Industries

Single Grain

And now we've entered a new stage of SaaS evolution – vertical SaaS: In recent years, several vertical SaaS companies have seen huge success: Veeva , a cloud-based CRM and content management solutions provider to the life science industry, went from zero to $2.4

What Is Marketing Automation: Definition, Benefits & Uses

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Marketing automation is extremely important to improve the overall success ratio of your marketing campaigns because it manages every activity related to marketing. It identifies the lead, nurtures it and closes the sale all by itself without the need for any manual interference.