Oracle Eloqua Named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management


by Eloqua | Tweet this The 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management has been published and Oracle Eloqua is in the Leaders quadrant for the second consecutive year. Gartner evaluates vendors in a Magic Quadrant on two main dimensions – completeness of vision and ability to execute on that vision. As a part of Oracle, we plan to continue to innovate to help our customers make Modern Marketing work and drive business results.

Top 10 Lead Management Software Systems for 2020

Martech Advisor

Lead management software track, manage and nurture prospective customers. And, there are new software innovations emerging every day to help you manage your leads better. In this article, we discuss: What is lead management, and how technology can help. Questions to consider before purchasing lead management software. As a marketer, you’re always looking to capture new customers, build relationships, and drive conversions.


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6 Tips for Symbiotic Sales & Marketing Lead Management


Planning meetings and informal discussions go a long way toward repairing the rifts between sales and marketing, but both teams need to see the impact of those conversations to really establish trust. Once your sales and marketing teams speak a common language and have their goals outlined in a service-level agreement (SLA), it’s time to start applying that structure to your day-to-day sales and marketing activities. Tip # 1: Focus on Both Lead Quality and Quantity.

Producing Revenue with Lead Management – Interview with Carlos Hidalgo


by Katie Byrnes Two lead management experts, Carlos Hidalgo, CEO of the Annuitas Group, and Jon Miller, VP of Marketing at Marketo, had the chance to riff on a few hot topics in B2B marketing , including the current state of marketing automation , the decision of the Annuitas Group to go “vendor neutral&# and, obviously, lead management best practices. You must also evaluate the marketing medium.

Demand Generation Strategies & Lead Management Processes First


Lack of clarity and erroneous assumptions about demand generation, lead management and marketing automation are effectively addressed in two recent Software Advice whiteboard videos by Carlos Hidalgo, CEO, Annuitas Group , and Executive Director, Marketing Automation Institute. In part one , Carlos differentiates between demand generation strategies and lead management processes. Nonexistent lead management processes.

Marketing Leads: Quality Vs. Quantity

Marketing Insider Group

Skip to content Home About Michael Brenner Appearances B2B Marketing Insider Michael Brenner's Blog on B2B Marketing Content Marketing Demand Generation Mobile Sales Alignment Search Marketing Social Media Strategy August 12, 2010 9 Subscribe Marketing Leads: Quality Vs. Quantity Share Last night I had the pleasure of dining with one of our media partners. We discussed the great lead quality vs. lead quantity debate.

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Picking A Provider? Meet BERQ.


Or perhaps you’re in the market for lead management solutions. For a marketing agency, you could look at the turn round time to complete a task and how big of a bite it will take out of your budget. In marketing services, results could mean the number of leads generated from an event or the number of people an ad reaches. For marketing automation , you can measure results by the number of transactions that the software can handle.

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What Happens to Your B2B Marketing Leads After They Are Qualified?

BOP Design

As B2B marketers, we are tasked with attracting ideal prospects to our B2B website, educating them to build trust in the products or services we provide, and then getting those prospects to take the first step – make contact with us via a website form, phone call, or email. Qualify Your Leads.

Demandbase: A New Twist In The Lead Management Automation Market

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Home Forrester Research « I was recently briefed by | Main | Going Corporate » August 26, 2008 Demandbase: A New Twist In The Lead Management Automation Market [Posted by Laura Ramos ] In a recent survey of over 2100 IT professionals who buy or recommend telecom and networking solutions, we found buyers turn to peers and colleagues first, followed by vendor, industry trade, or professional Web sites, to inform their purchase decisions.

How to Sell Marketing Automation to Your CEO (& Other Burning Questions)

The Point

Recently I was asked to contribute some thoughts to Marketo’s new ebook, “ The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation.” You can download a free copy of the ebook – 100 pages on everything you need to know about marketing automation – what it is, how it’s different from CRM, common features, keys to success, and more – by clicking here. What are the most important things to look for in a marketing automation vendor?

3 Cool Lead Nurturing Programs You’re Not Running


by Jennifer Talcott | Tweet this I’ve been in the marketing automation community for about 7 years. In that time, I’ve seen lead nurturing go from “nice to have” to a hard-set business requirement for major, fast-growing businesses. While there’s something to be said for the standard use case meant to educate prospects, lead nurturing can do so much more. Face it, your prospects most likely look at other vendors.

The New B2B Buyer Dialog: A Conversation with Kathleen Schaub

The Point

Most B2B companies will readily acknowledge how much the Web has transformed the way they market their product or service, most visibly in the form of vehicles like search, content marketing, social media, and lead management. Now as founder and principal consultant at TrellisOne Consulting , she helps B2B companies transform marketing practices, aligning them with business objectives in order to improve sales performance. Vendors leveraged that knowledge gap.

Why Lead Scoring is the New Opportunity Stage


By the time a potential buyer is talking to you, she has probably done plenty of research and might even be leaning towards a particular vendor. If you can’t get honest answers, how do you know where to put a lead in the pipeline? To identify serious buyers, you need to understand a lead’s behavior. That’s where lead scoring comes in. Put another way, lead scoring is the new the opportunity stage.

3 European Marketing Trends


by Sheila Bohan | Tweet this We recently hosted Eloqua Experience Europe , a two-day, London-based event where Europe’s top marketers gather to share ideas, learn, and network. If the EMEA market didn’t immediately join the marketing automation party, the region is in full swing now – as the record attendance at the event shows. Lead Nurturing Knows No Boundaries. The marketing team at NetApp took their successful nurturing programs built in the U.S.

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One Hour Content Marketing Reality Check


Has our point of view given buyers enough insights and ideas to allow us to make the short list of vendors for consideration? Content Marketing Lead Management Marketing and Sales Strategy Uncategorized buying process Content assets Content marketing content strategyTake an hour in the next week to objectively assess whether you have created a competitive edge in the way you engage buyers through online content.

Marketing Automation: What Is It & Why Do I Care? (Webinar)

The Point

Do you feign understanding when your CEO talks about “sales and marketing alignment”? Unclear on the difference between lead management and revenue cycle management? Horrified at the responsibility of investigating marketing automation solutions for your company? In a little over 20 minutes, you’ll learn: • What makes marketing automation different from older email platforms. • Who the leading vendors are in the marketing automation category. •

Numeric Scoring: The Key To Lead Management Success

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Home Forrester Research « We’re renaming the blog | Main | New networks in the news » April 16, 2008 Numeric Scoring: The Key To Lead Management Success [Posted by Laura Ramos ] Recently I saw a preview of Eloqua’s spring release and it got me thinking about the role lead scoring plays in determining campaign effectiveness. And this is where I think the marketing rubber hits the sales road. In my view, these marketers live by four best practices.

NitroMojo and Marketing Advocate Specialize in Marketing Automation for Channel Partners

Customer Experience Matrix

As I noted in a post last year , there is a universe of specialized marketing automation systems for companies that sell through channel partners. These products address several interrelated challenges: distributing leads to partners without losing track of performance; distributing partner-customized versions of company-created content; and helping partners run their own marketing campaigns. The system can also integrate with event management software and Google AdWords.

If Lead Nurturing is the Question, is Software the Answer?

The Point

I was reminded today of just how successful the marketing automation vendors have been (to their credit, it must be said) in defining their solutions as the answer to today’s marketing problems. That conclusion was prompted by this question, posed on Focus : “We want to start doing more lead nurturing with our leads, and really aren’t quite sure how to go about it. Do you use a specific software for lead nurturing?

BANT Criteria in a Buyer-Centric World? No More


Everyone in sales and marketing knows what BANT stands for – Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe. This concept was first introduced by IBM in the early 2000s and was the gold-standard for qualifying sales and marketingleads.” It was used religiously to determine sales-ready leads and almost every sales representative (inside as well as outside) and marketer knew the value of these qualifiers. Blog BANT Lead management

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Inbound Marketing & Marketing Automation


The Marketing Automation industry is evolving continuously. Many digital marketers are using marketing automation tools to automate lead nurturing. But if you want to expand your business, you also need to continuously add new leads to your database. Traditional lead sources are tradeshows or lead programs with magazines. Those are definitely useful, but the number of leads is low and the cost per lead is high.

Alsa Marketing Adds Multi-Language Capabilities to Low-Cost Marketing Automation

Customer Experience Matrix

Summary: Alsa Marketing is a late entry to small business marketing automation. It’s harder every day for a new company to enter the business-to-business marketing automation industry. Of the three classic competitive strategies – low price, great service and innovative products – there are plenty of low price options and leading vendors work aggressively to help their clients succeed.

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True Influence's LeadPAC Offers Pay-Per-Click Email. Think About It.

Customer Experience Matrix

Summary: LeadPAC lets marketers pay for email responses as easily as they pay for search responses. It’s a major improvement over traditional lead generation. I can’t recall a vendor with the same business model as LeadPAC from marketing automation vendor True Influence. LeadPAC lets marketers order prospect lists based on segmentation criteria such as title, industry and company size. The vendor alone bears the cost of low response rates.

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Aprimo Marketing Studio Supports Sophisticated Business Marketers

Customer Experience Matrix

Summary: Aprimo Marketing Studio offers powerful features in an on-demand system for sophisticated business and consumer marketers. When I wrote about Aprimo Marketing Studio in a post last August , I was impressed by the scope of the product but reserved judgment because it hadn’t yet been launched. Like Aprimo itself, Marketing Studio is a bit of an oddity because it serves both business and consumer marketers. Project management is especially powerful.

Why Inbound Leads Should Be Your First Priority

BOP Design

I am continually trying to convince salespeople that inbound website leads should be a priority. Most salespeople still distrust B2B website leads , possibly because inbound web leads are relatively new. Also, salespeople have been trained to perform outbound sales and don’t know what to do with an inbound lead. I want salespeople to not only have faith in inbound leads but make inbound leads a higher priority than outbound leads.

Don’t let Bad Leads Happen to You


   Lead Management  requires creating solid thought leadership pieces, forming relationships with bloggers and analysts, building and optimizing forms and landing pages, and creating viral marketing pieces.   This takes time, patience, and hard work, and, even when you're doing the right things, and bringing in great leads, sometimes there is pressure for quantity, even if your leads are high quality and meeting your goals.

Lessons Learned: A Reflection on Marketing Automation


With only two marketers, we were struggling to keep up with our growing database across multiple systems. We found that using our CRM to handle our lead management and reporting ended up creating more problems, such as duplication. We decided to explore marketing automation to help simplify our marketing efforts, namely in the areas of lead management, lead nurturing , and campaign tracking. Expectations : Flash back two years.

Small Accounts = Big Wins with Telemarketing

The Mx Group

There are two sales and marketing challenges we consistently hear about from many of our clients: First, too many individual sales reps aren’t meeting their goals, which puts pressure on everyone. And second, Sales takes issue with the quality of the leads Marketing provides to support them in hitting those goals. In fact, you may be dealing with an organizational structure issue, rather than one of lead quality or Sales buy-in. Prove Marketing ROI, Big Time.

Marketer Showcase: Nathan Huet of DocASAP


That’s why we’re excited about our most recent Marketer in our Showcase. Meet the Senior Marketing Manager at DocASAP , Nathan Huet – A savvy expert at putting data to work to understand how he can leverage the power of content to deliver quality leads to his sales team.

Rules of B2B Lead Scoring – Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

Industrial Marketing Today

Lead scoring has become very important in today’s B2B marketing. Marketing’s role in interacting with prospects has expanded and goes further into the buy cycle than before. This has resulted in fewer direct interactions with sales reps from vendors. Lead scoring, a key component of lead nurturing and management, is an effective tool for aligning sales and marketing. Lead scoring increases sales productivity and drives revenues.

Interesting Infographics: It’s All About The Leads


Much like how the Nature vs. Nurture argument in scientific circles has evolved into an acceptance that both sides play a role, both quality and quantity are important when it comes to lead generation and management. You may have a stable full of leads but may not be nurturing them properly, which could hurt your chances of converting those leads into sales. Lead generation, we all know, isn’t a straightforward process guaranteed to lead to sales.

Lead Generation Best Practices: Thought Leadership with The Funnelholic


The next interview in the B2B Marketing thought leader interview series is with Craig Rosenberg , author of The Funnelholic (one of my favorite B2B marketing blogs). the world's fastest growing B2B online media and lead generation company. Tell us a little bit about how you got into B2B marketing and what you like most about it. No B2B marketers. And when you leave college, you don't say "I am going to be the best B2B marketer in the software industry."

A Guide to Marketing Automation


While marketing professionals understand marketing automation can streamline essential processes, many do not leverage these systems to their full advantage. Marketing automation is beneficial. What is Marketing Automation, And Why is it Important?

How to Capture Buyer Intent in B2B Marketing

Marketing Insider Group

The digital era has led to changes in the way brands market their products and services. Buyer intent comes down to understanding what makes an excellent lead for your business. Quick Takeaways: Customer experience is a leading priority for modern businesses. Lead Generation.

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Lessons from the CSO Insights 2010 Lead Generation Optimization Study


The CSO Insights 2010 Lead Generation Optimization Study identifies some of the best practices that companies are focusing on to optimize their lead generation performance. And a key part of delivering sales and marketing ROI is the ability to track the dispositions of all sales leads via a CRM system. Mine the Gold in Marketing Automation and CRM Systems. This focus helped lead conversion rates increase by nearly 20%. Sales and Marketing 2.0.

Moment with a Marketing Maverick – Sonya Hansen

Directive Agency

Sonya is responsible for leading a team of “whip-smart” marketers in the U.S. across areas that include analyst and press relations, content creation, lead and demand generation, and marketing operations. I seek to provide strategic direction for the business and work closely with sales, executive, and product teams to give Matillion a more significant impact on the data transformation market. How did you start your career in marketing?

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Key Findings from the 2021 ANNUITAS Enterprise Marketing Automation Platform Analysis


Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs) are perhaps the most misunderstood component of the Demand Technology Stack. Too often MAPs are associated with tactical email nurturing and simple lead qualification — tactical use cases that dominate immature platform deployments.