What B2B Marketers Can Learn About Lead Generation From Costco

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Are you struggling to generate leads without creating content to attract them? Lead generation is popular these days, especially with people whose livelihood depends on selling something in order to keep their job. For generations, leads were something that outbound, interruptive marketing tactics worked beautifully to generate. And once awareness was established, leads would follow from curious buyers who could be guided through the sales funnel.

Are Your Lead Generation Tactics Targeting The Wrong Buyer? 4 Steps You Can Take.

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Target (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Lead generation today is becoming the art and science of targeting. Nearly 30% expressed dissatisfaction with lead conversion to sales. If you are off-target with the buyer – you will be off-target on your lead generation tactics. Marketing and sales leaders today are looking to increase their percentage of being on target when it comes to lead generation.


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Five tips for using email as a lead generating machine


(Photo credit: Wikipedia). Done right, it can still be a powerful tool for lead generation. Leads are the metric that marketers live and die on because leads mean money. Here are five tips for using email as a lead generating machine. As marketing tools go, email is definitely not “sexy” anymore the way social media is now. That doesn’t mean that email marketing isn’t worthwhile though.

Reverse IP Lookup in Lead Generation: Why and How?


In this article, we break down what exactly is a reverse IP lookup, and share how you can use this to generate more leads for your company. DNS refers to Domain Name System, and Wikipedia defines this as “a hierarchical decentralized naming system for computers, services, or other resources connected to the Internet or a private network.”. What has reverse DNS got to do with generating leads? This helps you qualify your leads , and determine who’s a good fit!

Lead Generation: Have You Evolved Past Cold Calling?


by Maria Pergolino Remember the days when cold calling was one of the primary ways sales reps managed lead generation ? defined by Wikipedia as: “Customer relationship management… a broadly recognized, widely-implemented strategy for managing and nurturing a company’s interactions with clients and sales prospects”), cold calling — and lead generation have evolved in four important ways: 1. Marketing generates and nurtures leads until they are sales-ready.

Prevent Defense or Permit Offense? What a Football Argument Has to Do with B2B Sales Lead Generation


According to Wikipedia, the Prevent Defense is a defensive alignment in American football that seeks to prevent the offense from completing a long pass or scoring a touchdown in a single play and seeks to run out the clock. Inbound drives organic engagement and attracts leads, while outbound helps you target specific prospects more accurately. Ardath Albee (Marketing Interactions) disagrees (and I do too): “A form completion is a lead.

How to Properly Use Quora for B2B Lead Generation

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Quora can help you generate quality leads for your business while keeping your marketing costs low. Quora can generate tons of B2B leads. According to SimilarWeb, Quora is the second most popular source of information after Wikipedia. Unlike Wikipedia, the authorship of the content you post on Quora is visible to everyone. For you, this means more upvotes, profile views, and potential leads. ” Choose the right questions to gain leads.

Share of SERP: A B2B Cheat Sheet to Maximizing Your Inbound Lead Generation from Search Marketing

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Keep reading to find out what you should do, shouldn’t do, and could do (but may not want to do) as you embark on your journey to increase your inbound lead generation with the help of Google search results. A search marketer’s goal is to drive inbound leads from search. The knowledge graph gives information about the subject, as well as a link to the Wikipedia page for the keyword and a link to Google Images results.


How To Embed Content Marketing And SEO For More Traffic And Leads?

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You can think your page as a Wikipedia. This will boost the chances of the sustainable, long lasting organic traffic and yes leads too! The post How To Embed Content Marketing And SEO For More Traffic And Leads? Content Marketing Lead Generation SEO

Why a Content BOM is Crucial to a Successful Industrial Web Design

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I’ve had people call me and start the conversation by saying, “We’ve spent a lot of money on a site redesign but it hasn’t produced any leads. Wikipedia defines it as “A bill of materials (sometimes bill of material or BOM) is a list of the raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, components, parts and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product.”. How to use content to convert visitors into qualified leads (Lead generation).

When, Why and How to Gate Your Content for Maximum Results


I swear I read this on Wikipedia somewhere… ). But what about lead generation? He addresses this a few paragraphs later: You’ve got to think in terms of spreading ideas, not generating leads. I need the leads, thank you very much. But here’s the radical idea: What if not gating your content actually resulted in more leads – and better leads, too? The lead gen form had to be filled out before users saw any of the content.

Winning The War: Content Marketing Adoption Widens


Content page-2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia). 51% Lead Generation. Internet Marketing Business Content marketing lead generation marketing Marketing and AdvertisingPhoto credit: jrhode. We’re winning the war. Content marketing is being integrated more frequently and more fully by marketers of every stripe and size.

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B2B prospecting data just keeps getting better


(Photo credit: Wikipedia). B2B Marketing Market Research Offline Marketing Slider B-to-B B2B Data data modeling database marketing lead generation marketing lists propspecting The most reliable and scalable approach to finding new B2B customers is outbound communications–whether one is using mail, phone, or email, or using rented or purchased lists.

How the Halo Effect Drives Better Demand Generation Results

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My dad taught me many lessons growing up, and one that stands out as relevant to demand generation is this: He said, “Choose your friends carefully because we are often judged by the company we keep.” In this post, I’m going to explain how the halo effect applies to lead generation. You are adding value in the same way you do with prospects when you do lead nurturing. Lead Generation customer-centric journey map marketing tactics

HELP! My CMO Is Big on Hacking!


Key points in Wikipedia’s definition of Growth Hacking are: Growth hacking is a marketing technique which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure. Going beyond the Wikipedia definition, Ott says growth hacking actually applies to companies of all ages and sizes. Why it falls short of your leading competitor’s product? Is lead generation and marketing becoming a constant challenge as customers become more demanding?

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Are Your Marketing and Sales Systems Broken?

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Everything Is Broken (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Whether they relate to demand generation, content marketing, sales enablement, and more, efforts are being made to make adaptations to changing buying behaviors. Boost Demand Generation Using Target Ready Buyer Models (buyerology.com). For many in marketing and sales, the march continues towards the attempt to develop tactical plans that will connect them to buyers.

Making Your Industrial Website Be All It Can Be

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Source: Wikipedia ). The other half of the equation has to do with converting that traffic into prospects and qualified leads. Search engines and SEO will drive traffic to your industrial site but it is your site’s content that must convert it into qualified leads. Content Marketing Inbound Marketing Industrial Websites B2B Lead Generation conversion SEO website contentRemember the old US Army commercial – “Be All You Can Be?”

Content Marketing and Sales Enablement Must Get Married

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Image via Wikipedia.   The reality, in this case, was marketing believed it was providing “content” for generating buyer interest however sales didn’t think it had much purpose afterwards.  The raging waters of the sales and marketing alignment debate continues to make its’ way through the halls of corporate America.    This is despite recent entrance of social technology enabled systems and processes all professing to be the cure that remedies this debate.  

Mapping the Social Media Landscape

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The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking Mapping the Social Media Landscape Infographics, according to Wikipedia are “graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge&#.

Importance of Context to Understanding the New Social Buyer Persona

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia. These strategy areas include content strategy, social marketing, marketing automation, social selling, demand generation, and buyer experience marketing.  One of the major outcomes of the recent advances in the social age is the resurgence of contextually-based persona development and its’ role in helping to inform as well as shape strategy. 

The 4 B’s of Buyer Experience Innovation (2nd Rendition)

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Image via Wikipedia.   Leading their organization like an orchestra to understand how, in perfect harmony, they can create the sweeping composition that rivets the attention of buyers.    Informed with buyer insights, buyer personas, and buyer journey mappings, executives can lead their teams through initiatives of designing and innovating unique buyer experiences. 

What does Audience Development Really Mean to Social Media, Digital Marketing, and Content Marketing?

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Image via Wikipedia. One of the interesting outcomes of the rise of Social Media , Demand Generation , and Content Marketing in 2010 was the increasing use of the term audience development.    As I see it, audience development does not equate one-to-one with such efforts related to relationship marketing, selling approaches, lead generation, and other similar tactical means. 

Buyer Experience Innovation: Why B2B CEO’s Must Make It Their Top Priority

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Image via Wikipedia. Cohesion : In conversations with several B2B CEO’s, a recent issue is that while there have been new approaches related to areas such as demand generation, content marketing, and social media, there is a lack of cohesion in these efforts that contributes to the overall buyer experience. Design Thinking : Forward thinking CEO’s today are leading their organizations through sound design thinking in products, services, and experiences. 

The 10 Rules for Creating a Buyer Persona: Rule 10 and Final Recap

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Image via Wikipedia.   Tags: buyer goals buyer insight buyer persona development Buyer Personas buying process Customer Insight customer strategy demnad generation Digital Buyer Persona digital marketing digital marketing strategy lead generation Marketing marketing automation Personas social business strategy social media social media marketing social media strategy Strategy

5 Ways BIG Data Can Be A BIG Deal for B2B


Source: Wikipedia ). There are few stories yet of the successful use of Big Data in B2B lead generation, although in the B2C sector, you only need look at Amazon to see how Big Data can deliver. Click here to download a free eBooklet: 13 B2B Lead Generation Mistakes You’ve Made. Get a 360° view of your B2B demand generation. You can generate suitably large data sets such as marketing campaign results – clicks, likes, shares, tweets, diggs and so on.

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How much do you “charge” for your content?

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Image via Wikipedia. Even the most basic lead scoring mechanism raises the price of content as buyers consume more of it—i.e., Maybe I’m focusing too much on semantics, but I think lead scoring only gets it half right. Lead scores don’t ask, “But what are they willing (and happy) to pay for our content?

How much do you “charge” for your content?

Chris Koch

Image via Wikipedia. Even the most basic lead scoring mechanism raises the price of content as buyers consume more of it—i.e., Maybe I’m focusing too much on semantics, but I think lead scoring only gets it half right. Lead scores don’t ask, “But what are they willing (and happy) to pay for our content?

A Conversation on 7 Buyer and Sales Trends to Watch in 2011

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Image via Wikipedia.   The country will begin to come out of the post-recession doldrums and the digital age novelty will begin to wear off leading to real world practical usage  in such areas as social media.  Every once in a while, you have to admit you just didn’t get it right.    My recent post entitled Seven Buyer and Sales Trends to Watch in 2011 is one of those instances for me personally. 

Macro Trends Transforming the Buyer Experience

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Image via Wikipedia. Recently, I had an engaging conversation with Lauren Carlson, a CRM Analyst with   Software Advice , as well as read her article Tailwinds for Marketing Automation Software posted on The Software Advice Blog.    Lauren notes that the B2B environment is faced with increasing challenges in marketing to as well as selling to the buyer. 

How to Focus on Buyer Goals to Grow Top Line Revenue

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Image via Wikipedia.    Organizations today in their pursuit to get more leads, grow more revenue, and close more deals can lose sight of the fundamental process of listening to customers and being attentive to nuance changes in their goals.  Many organizations have a game plan for demand generation, lead nurturing, sales promotions, marketing tactics, and the likes. 

The Four Elements of Buyer Experience Ecosystem Thinking

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Image via Wikipedia.   An important attribute that B2B CEO’s will need to possess to lead organizations in Buyer Experience Innovation is ecosystem thinking.    Taking a step back and evaluating via an insight-driven approach can lead to choosing the right mix of technologies that contributes to overall growth strategies.  B2B market CEO’s must feel a little like the great explorer’s of our time. 

7 Sales And Marketing Tactics That Should Be Impeached In 2020

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These Need To Be Removed From Your Plans To Free Up Budget And Accelerate Lead Generation. From Wikipedia, “Impeachment in the United States is the process by which a legislature. Impeachment is on everyone’s list of topics not to talk about during your family holiday celebration, but everyone and their brother is reading about it, writing about it and thinking about it. brings charges against a civil officer of government for crimes alleged to have been committed.”.

3 Sure-Fire Tactics to Attract More Leads (and Be Better Looking)

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In most cases, “somewhere” is the top of the funnel with lead generation. (It’s There are countless ways content marketing is used to generate leads. Here they are, including three ways to use each tactic to attract leads and entice them into your funnel. Better yet, search marketing has the net effect of pre-qualifying leads; if a person clicks on your listing, it’s because it matches what they’re looking for right now. Source: Wikipedia, open access.

Need Better Content? Define Your Use Case Requirements


Or, perhaps you’re responsible for lead generation and demand management, but you lack effective education-oriented nurturing content to support your desire to deploy multiple persona, stage and industry relevant nurturing campaigns. You might manage channel sales and your partners regularly complain they lack channel appropriate content to fuel their lead gen and selling activities.

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All SEO Service Providers Are Not Created Equal


Image via Wikipedia. In order to achieve sales or lead generation goals of a Web site, that Web site first needs to be found by target audience members. by Nick Stamoulis. Smart businesses and individuals understand that it takes a lot more than just setting up a Web site to find online success these days. Internet users use search engines like Google and Bing to find information on anything, including the products or services that you have to offer.

Should Marketers Use Pop-Up Forms? A Comprehensive Analysis


As inbound marketers, we care about creating lovable experiences for our website visitors -- but we also want to generate as many leads as we can for our sales teams. Over the past few years, pop-up forms have re-emerged as a popular marketing tactic for promoting content, driving blog subscriptions, growing email lists , and fueling lead generation. According to Wikipedia , the first ever pop-up ad appeared in the late 1990s on the web hosting website Tripod.com.

How B2B Marketers Can Dominate Branded Keyword Search Engine Results

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Branded AdWords listings provide an opportunity for the applicable B2B organization to more specifically manage copy associated with priority results as well as drive advertising visibility to key lead generation assets. The following AdWords tactics should be considered in an effort to improve brand presence and provide opportunities for further B2B lead generation efforts.