21 B2B Lead Generation Tactics


When it comes to B2B lead generation, trust is the name of the game. Without developing trust during every step of the customer journey, potential B2B leads will look for other ways to spend their money. 11) Segmenting the Target Audience.

7 Reasons to Use Content Marketing for the B2B Lead Generation


The very purpose of content marketing has been associated with the feedback mechanisms to trigger lead generation processes for B2B businesses. According to the Content Marketing Institute, Content marketing lies at the very core of all the lead generation efforts.


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Do Psychographics work in B2B Marketing & Sales?

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Trying to get a handle on Company Psychographics? Do Psychographics work in B2B Marketing & Sales? to segment and target relevant markets. While B2C marketers do use demographics, they also use psychographics to really understand what interests their prospective buyers. Psychographics classifies prospective buyers by psychological attitudes such as aspirations, interests, attitudes, opinions, etc.

Lead Scoring: Set Yourself Up for Success


As marketers, we need to prioritize the good leads over the bad. But, by taking the time to set up a lead scoring system, you can assign points to potential prospects, target the attributes most often associated with serious customers, and more easily identify which people to further invest time and resources in. Heinz provides an eight‒step checklist for implementing a lead scoring system. Scoring is often broken up into two categories: psychographic and demographic.

Buyer Personas Require Qualitative Research and Contextual Inquiry

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  As buyer personas makes their way into the dialogue of B2B marketing, content marketing, lead generation, and lead nurturing, this seems to be what is happening:  buyer personas are being seen as another means for profiling buyers.  Image by XXC via Flickr.

#10 Best Practices for Effective Lead Nurturing


B2B lead nurturing is all about engaging with a targeted group of prospective customers by providing hyper-tailored solutions to their pain-points according to their specific stages in the buying cycles. Ways to Excel Effective Lead Nurturing. Marketers need to re-engage with the leads.

How to Incorporate Geofencing in B2B Content Strategy


Geofencing is a new concept & the next big thing for marketers who wish to target their audiences based on geographical radii & wish to launch specific geo-targeted ad-campaigns with well-tailored segment-specific content strategies to boost the experiences of their buying prospects.


Netline Launches Audience Explorer for Quantifying Content Consumption


On 25th of June 2019, NetLine Corporation, known for operating the largest B2B content syndication & lead generation network & for its largest depository of insights related to content consumption, launched Audience Explorer.

Key B2B Demand Generation Strategies for 2015

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Recently I sat down with Amanda Nelson, Director of Marketing at RingLead , a leading provider of cloud-based data solutions that make it easy to analyze, remove, merge and prevent duplicates in Salesforce. In our business, demand generation and content marketing are nearly synonymous.

A Multi-Channel Approach to Opt-In Advertising

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We believe that opt-in lead generation should be the backbone of most advertising plans. And you gain valuable first-party data from your newly acquired leads. But opt-in advertising doesn’t stop with lead generation. Retarget Lost Leads With Opt-in Advertising.

How to find the target audience: 6 simple steps


The who is my target audience quiz & how to identify the target market are the questions that marketers need to find apt answers to before they define their niches & before they opt for modern targeting methodologies to segment & sub-segment their target audiences. Prologue.

Why Customer-Centricity is Important for B2B Branding


Performing extensive customer research about the demographic, firmographic, technographic & psychographic insights of the customers allows marketers to segment the prospects into the right clusters to align the organization around the core bottom lines.

BrightTALK Unveils new insights tool for B2B Marketers to Target the Buying Intent


On the 30 th of September 2019, BrightTALK announced its new insights tool to aid in the level of precision of its buying intent-based marketing product named Intent Leads. The tool helped the B2B brands identify the prospective leads possessing the buying-intent.

B2B Marketing Trends & Studies That Every Marketer Should Know


Keeping an eye on the B2B marketing trends & studies that every marketer should know, helps marketers quantify their endeavors in terms of marketing statistics & assists them to focus on & optimize their SEO, content marketing, social media, video marketing, lead generation, advertising & email marketing endeavors, so that they can connect with their customers & optimize their reach to the target audience to boost conversions. Prologue.

Nine Variables To Consider When Creating Remarkable Content

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Content, content, content and oh, by the way, the “inbound marketing” revolution that Hubspot is evangelizing is driven by content marketing; lead generation is driven by content marketing; you name it.

5 Essentials of Dynamic Content for Smarter B2B Marketing


Dynamic content (sometimes also known as adaptive content or Real-Time content) refers to web content that changes based on the preferences of the buyer persona or as per their demographic, firmographic, psychographic or “fit-data.”

How Customer Behavior Prediction Can Help to Generate More Leads


How Customer Behavior Prediction Can Help to Generate More Leads. The biggest mistake your business can make is assuming that all leads are similar. With time, you discover that some leads convert easily while others take time. Segment Your Target Audience.

10 Powerful B2B Marketing Strategies to Optimize Sales Conversions


With the advent of intent data & the amalgamation of diverse data points across the digitized landscape, lead generation has become easier than ever. To optimize sales conversions, marketers need to optimize the influx of quality leads.

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Scales up B2B Sales & Marketing


Following are five ways AI can add value to B2B marketing: 1) Predicting Potential Customers: Once the B2B marketers plan to target a specific persona, they launch their targeting campaigns for generating leads.


Why should you opt-in for B2B Contextual Marketing?


This includes the information about their current location & intent data, their demographic, psychographic, firmographic & fit-data insights & other information about their research methodologies & the channels opted-in for researching about their buying preferences.

B2B Marketing in Martech Age


They can learn about their target markets & craft niche-specific audience segments. Customers are segmented into specific clusters based on their demographic, firmographic & psychographic insights & thereafter, cluster-specific targeting strategies are devised for the personas.

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Behind the Scenes: What Does the Client Onboarding Process Look Like at SmartBug Media™?

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Our team leads are also involved from the very beginning. First, we start conceptualizing your ideal buyer personas by segmenting your audience into categories based on their specific needs and pain points in relation to your products or services.

How to Incorporate Personalization in the Email Marketing Campaigns


Another report by content.myemma.com implies that 59% of the B2B marketers consider emails to be the most effective channel for lead generation. According to a report by Campaign Monitor, Email Marketing generates 4400% ROI & $44 for every $1 spent. Prelude.

Top 5 Ways to Supercharge ABM with Intent Data


Intent data encompasses the insights gathered from the demographic, technographic, firmographic & psychographic factors associated with prospects along with their research methodologies, purchasing habits & the past browsing histories of the prospective customers. Prologue.

How to Design, Manage & Optimize Multichannel B2B Content Strategies


According to a research published by Gartner, B2B marketing campaigns that integrate four or more digital channels outlast those which assimilate only single or dual-channel programs by generating up to 300% more Return on Investment (ROI). Prelude.

10 Tips for Building B2B Marketing Campaigns


Over the years B2B marketing strategies have changing, in part because of the superfluous volumes of data being generated & employed by the business in their decision-making process & in part because of the evolution in the researching habits of the prospects. Prologue.


How to Build Customer Loyalty with Content Marketing


Well, this operates on the simple philosophy of optimizing the omnichannel experiences of the customers, even after generating sales conversions. According to Cintell , Companies that exceed the lead & revenue goals were 2.2

Audience Targeting: What It Is and Why You Need It


For instance, I really enjoy how Netflix has different Twitter and Instagram accounts dedicated to their popular categories like Netflix Is A Joke (Comedy) and Strong Black Lead (African American audiences). Do you ever feel like your favorite companies just get you sometimes?

How the Evolving & Intelligent CRMs powered by AI Aid B2B Businesses


CRM systems assist lead generation, lead qualification, & lead nurturing campaigns. billion in the year 2018, while the DBMS market generated revenue of USD 36.8 It helps in optimizing the Lead Generation process by Predictive Lead Scoring : .

Email Marketing Manager: Role, Skill Set, and Job Description

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Understanding Segmentation and Personalization. The success of hyper-personalization lies in audience segmentation. Using this data, the marketer can create segments and campaigns that address audience needs and pain points.

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How Deep Learning Revolutionizes B2B SEO


When it comes to B2B marketing deep learning can aid in SEO keyword research, link building, and intent targeting & even can conduct the psychographic analysis of audiences for targeted content creation. We, at Valasys Media, give high impetus to targeted campaigns for lead generation.

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How to leverage Database marketing to increase your conversions


Step 1 – Start by segmenting list. Breaking up your contact lists into smaller segments is the first step in Database Marketing. A well – segmented targeted database can drive 66% higher conversion rates.

How to Scale Up Personalization to Streamline B2B Sales Cycle


& the demographic, firmographic, technographic & psychographic insights of the customers amassed from an array of channels across the web. The modern – age B2B marketing is majorly about prioritizing the preferences of the customers.

What Is Outbound Marketing? Definition, Types, Strategy, Best Practices, and Examples

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Often considered as a traditional form of marketing, outbound marketing is defined as a set of tactics initiated by a brand to connect with the maximum potential customers to drive brand awareness and generate leads at scale. Lead generation, nurturing, follow-up campaigns.

21 Steps to be Successful in B2B eCommerce


The data in the CRM allows companies to identify which products the customers within a similar segment have looked at o purchased. Get your Customer segmentation Right. This helps in audience segmentation and in identifying the unique attributes of each segment.

How B2B Marketers can stay close to their Customers


According to Gartner, Customer Experience Management (CEM) is the practice of designing & reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed their expectations, leading to greater customer satisfaction, loyalty & advocacy. Effective marketing is difficult to get right.

10 Tips for B2B Marketers to Excel at Customer Experience Management (CXM)


The segmentation can be done on the basis of demographic, technographic, firmographic, psychographic, intent-data as well as on the basis of the fit-data. Prologue. Architecting the roadmaps to excel at customer experience management (CXM) is incontrovertible for B2B marketers.