Are you doing webinars for lead gen? You should be.


As a marketer, I’m always looking for new ways to engage prospects and drive leads for my sales team. For many marketers, webinars may not be worth the trouble. That’s why webinars become interesting as a lead generation tactic. That’s why you see webinars rated as one of the top lead-gen tactics today (source: Placester ). We generated 23 marketing qualified leads for our sales team to start working right away.

10 Ways To Nurture The MQLs Received From Your Lead Gen Partner

Unbound B2B

Your lead generation partner has just handed you a list of marketing qualified leads (MQLs). But although those leads may buy from you in future, they are not quite there yet. How Qualified Are Your MQLs? The Problem With Lead Nurturing Inhouse.


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When NOT to Use Lead-Gen CTAs in Your Marketing


If the goal of inbound marketing is finding people who are excited to learn about your product or service, then your CTAs are the big (occasionally red and blinking) heralds telling your site visitors where to go next. We know that marketers who use CTAs on their websites are more likely to convert visitors to leads than those who simply post a 'Contact Us' button on their site and pray. Because we weren't looking to use that video directly to get new leads.

How to Put the Customer First in Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet Putting customers first in lead generation. As marketers, we have more ways to observe our customers behavior and can leverage tools like marketing automation, Web analytics and CRM systems to help us manage all this complexity. Unfortunately, empathy is often ignored or lost when we start to become overly clever and complex with lead generation. At its core, lead generation is really about relationships.

Best Lead Generation Tactics for Content, Email & Social Media Marketing

Single Grain

Leads are the lifeblood of every business. You need a constant flow of leads in order to generate more sales and get an edge over your competitors so that they don't snag those precious customers first. Online lead generation is important for every industry. Content marketing.

B2B Marketing: The first step a systems integrator took to achieve Sales-Marketing alignment

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet “One of the most important things you can do for your sales team is to generate qualified sales,” Kelly Harman, Vice President, Marketing, Carousel Industries, said at B2B Summit 2012. Her presentation, “Make Marketing Indispensable: Strategies for turning the sales team into your biggest fans,” featured steps marketers can take to achieve a productive, cooperative relationship with Sales. Fostering Sales-Marketing Alignment: A 5-Step Lead Management Process.

7 Ways AI Changes B2B Marketing


AI and Machine Learning for B2B Marketing. You may not think artificial intelligence and B2B marketing are a match made in heaven. With new changes in AI, you can improve lead generation, establish a marketing database, track behaviors and more. Now’s the time to be asking questions about the possibilities of AI, which has enormous potential for B2B marketing, facilitating data driven matching of businesses and sales prospects. High-volume lead generation.

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How One Tweak to the Funnel Increased Conversions 150% at Avaya


A methodical approach to Avaya’s sales and marketing funnel sent conversions skyrocketing at all stages of their pipeline, using a simple change any marketing team can implement. Would you love to tell your board how you boosted sales-qualified-leads by 150 percent? I don’t have to tell you a proper sales and marketing funnel can make or break a company. Despite marketing’s best intentions, the funnel wasn’t working.

B2B MarTech Future: 8 Changes You Can’t Afford to Ignore


The Explosion of Marketing Technology. Marketing Technology) landscape. Scott , the VP of Platform Ecosystems at Hubspot and the editor of, has been categorizing marketing technology since 2011. A Useful Perspective on the B2B Marketing Stack. I talk to people like David Lewis who brings considerable perspective to B2B martech used for demand generation and lead management. Lead scoring. Lead nurturing. Context is everything.

Why You Might Want to Rethink B2B Revenue Attribution


Usually, the head of marketing operations advocates measuring revenue. He’s running marketing operations at Medidata Solutions now, but he shared valuable insights from his years as VP of Marketing Operations at SAP. We talked about what it takes to build a results-driven marketing team. David also touched on these topics: The danger of linking marketing to revenue-generating activities. Is your marketing team focused on the right outcomes?

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How Sales and Marketing Alignment Increased Revenue at Pitney Bowes


Sales and marketing alignment eludes many companies. She has been a pioneer of marketing operations, most recently with Pitney Bowes where she was Vice President of Global Marketing Operations and Technology. Accepting and Moving Past the Marketing-Sales Culture. The marketing-sales disconnect is often simply a matter of definitions. The word “lead” is a perfect example. To marketing, a lead is someone who shares their contact information.

Sales 101

Leads Don't Suck - Good Leads Are.

Smashmouth Marketing

When I was on my conference road trip this spring, I heard publicly, from speakers and audience alike the same comment, "Leads Suck". What if you could get your sales team to NEVER say "Leads Suck"? If marketers give sales people what they want, they will never have a reason to complain (ok, I kind of know that's a lie, but follow me here). There are lots of terms describing leads. Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL), Sales Qualified Lead (SQL), Sales Accepted Lead (?),

Leads 100

Lead Generation Marketing 101: How to Find Leads Your Sales Team Wants to Close


All eyes are on you, Marketing Manager, to feed the sales team ready-to-close leads. But how do you find leads and prime them for buying? Welcome to lead generation marketing. What is Lead Generation Marketing? Email Marketing Lead Generation.

5 Ways to Turn Your B2B Website Into a Lead-Generation Machine

Walker Sands

All too often, B2B companies execute demand generation campaigns that drive marketing-qualified leads to their website, but those prospects never successfully convert into sales-qualified leads. Often a company’s target personas are outdated and based on the “gut hunch” of someone in marketing or sales. To learn more about how Walker Sands can fine-tune your website and help you achieve your marketing and sales goals, contact us here.

The Lead Generation Strategy Guide


What is lead generation, and why is it a source of contention for sales and marketing teams? What does a “good lead” look like anyway? Get answers to these questions about lead gen — and so much more! What is Lead Generation? What is a Lead?

How to Generate Better Results with ABM


Earlier this week, we launched “ Ask an ABM Expert ” a series of bite-sized videos created to answer the most pressing questions in ABM and modern B2B marketing. In the first episode, Andrew highlights why you should drop the old, outdated lead gen model and instead invest in ABM.

Green Leads Announces New CEO, Mike Farrell

Green Lead's B2B

Green Leads Appoints Industry Veteran, Mike Farrell as CEO. Pipeline generation leader to oversee Green Leads’ global team of lead development and sales development reps. Boston, MA - January 18, 2020 - Green Leads today announces the appointment of Mike Farrell as their new CEO.

Lead Generation: 2 simple tips to determine cost per lead

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet Getting to the heart of lead cost is not easy. In today’s B2B Lead Roundtable Blog post, I wanted to explore cost per lead by sharing a few tips and insights from the panel of industry experts that spoke on the subject at MarketingSherpa Lead Gen Summit 2013. Clearly define what a lead is for your organization. The panel rightfully pointed out the idea of a lead can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

Who should own lead generation for a complex sale?

B2B Lead Generation

So, who should own B2B lead generation: sales, marketing or both? Sales and marketing aren’t doing a great job of executing lead generation because they both believe it’s the others job. Companies don’t typically call what salespeople do “lead generation” or “demand generation.” Even with the increase of content marketing and inbound marketing, I find salespeople get stuck carrying the load of prospecting for their leads.

Marketing 101: How to get started in lead generation

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet I was recently reading your blog “ Lead Generation: Who knows the customer better – Marketing or Sales? It’s been really fascinating to me to try and figure all this sales and qualifying a lead thing out. Do you have any advice or books on how to effectively get leads and qualify them and the processes involved in doing so? I’ll focus on some fundamental questions you should answer as you craft your lead gen program.

Email Analytics: KPIs to Gauge the Success of Your Campaign


If you use email to generate leads for your company (and if you don’t, you should ), you have to face a basic question: how do I know if my campaign has been successful? There are a number of ways to measure the success of an email lead gen campaign. The most basic is the raw number of leads. If you ask for 100 leads and you get them, you’ve been successful. Here are a few ideas on how to gauge the ROI of your lead generation.

How to Reduce Your CPL By 82% On LinkedIn Ads


So we’re teaming up with some of the best B2B marketers we know. In 90 days, we increased our paid lead volume by over 270%, while simultaneously decreasing cost per lead (CPL) by 82%, and increasing lead-to-MQL conversion rate to over 60%.

CPL 83

A 5 Steps Journey to Launching an ABM Program


While account-based marketing (ABM) has gained a lot of traction among B2B marketers, there isn’t much consensus in the industry around how to get started. Taking a tiered approach to ABM aligns the way your marketing and sales teams prioritize target accounts.

The New Rules of Lead Generation: Book Review

The Effective Marketer

I was fortunate to receive a copy of “ The New Rules of Lead Generation “, by David T. As I read the book I couldn’t help but notice that the author not only goes straight to the point (which is refreshing), he also shows a good deal of experience illustrating each lead generation tactic with clear examples. Scott, is the founder and CEO of Marketfish , a data management and lead generation platform. Lead Generation Tactics. Email Marketing.

Rules 130

How to Shorten Turnaround on Inbound Lead Generation


For quality leads — that are more effective in the long-term — inbound marketing undoubtedly provides better sources for lead generation than outbound. Well, for starters, inbound prospects, by definition, choose themselves as leads. What is Inbound Lead Generation?

8 Lead Generation Ideas for 2021


Capturing potential clients’ attention and keeping it is a strategic dance of accurately timed, designed, and placed content summed up in one term – lead generation. . What is B2B Lead Generation, Exactly? Lead and demand generation lead a directly symbiotic relationship.

How to Fix your MQL Problem


As a modern marketer, you’ve probably experienced the limitations of traditional lead generation. In leads-based companies, there’s a lot of pressure on demand gen units to deliver more marketing-qualified leads (MQLs). Marketers feel it from their own managers, sales, and the C-suite, but that pressure doesn’t always translate to top-line growth. Is your sales team complaining about lead quality? Instead, marketers nurture the 6.8

MQL 73

Why VP Sales Leaders Need Social Media Engagement, Too


It’s no secret that VP Sales is responsible for: Leading their sales team to meet and exceed sales goals. So how can both department leaders begin to shorten the sales cycle without sacrificing the quality of leads and help sales close more opportunities? B2B Marketing

The New Rules of Lead Generation: Book Review

The Effective Marketer

I was fortunate to receive a copy of “ The New Rules of Lead Generation “, by David T. As I read the book I couldn’t help but notice that the author not only goes straight to the point (which is refreshing), he also shows a good deal of experience illustrating each lead generation tactic with clear examples. Scott,is the founder and CEO of Marketfish , a data management and lead generation platform. Lead Generation Tactics. Email Marketing.

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Why B2B Lead Generation Is Dying A Slow Death (And What To Do About It)


If you’re a B2B marketer, that’s the question you’re faced with every single day at work. And if you’ve answered this question anytime in the past decade, the answer probably involved implementing a marketing automation platform and executing a multistage lead generation funnel. Even more depressing, one study showed that less than 1% of marketing qualified leads actually result in closed deals. Account Based Marketing

How Engaging is Your Content Marketing? 5 KPIs to Measure Content Engagement

Lake One

Engagement is a key goal for many marketers. Research has found that getting target customers to engage with a brand is the top challenge for B2B marketers. Related Reading: Lake One’s Guide to LinkedIn Marketing. Brand Market Share. Qualified Leads.

How To Stop Relying On Referrals And Automate Lead Generation


Automated lead generation is simply the process of using software to automate aspects of your lead generation and marketing process. This gives your business the ability to produce better lead generation results without the time investment of traditional sales techniques.

A 6 Step Guide to ABM Execution


The old lead gen model tracked leads, form fills and only delivered marketing-qualified lead (MQLs). An ABM program instead tracks accounts, interest/engagement from defined target accounts, and delivers marketing qualified accounts (MQAs) to your sales team. If you haven’t noticed, ABM is completely different from the traditional marketing approach. Think of it as marketing 2.0 Account Based Marketing

7 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Should Invest in Content Marketing

When people think about content marketing, they likely think about blogging, vlogging, and social media posts that build brand awareness. While that’s not wrong, it’s a limited view of what content marketing can do for your business. Lead Generation Goes on Autopilot.

4 Steps to Optimize Your Lead Generation Process


Tailor specific content, comms and offers according to the current status of the leads. Don’t be discouraged by rejected leads. Don’t let hot leads cool down! That explains why 63% of companies consider generating traffic and leads as their most important challenge.

The Trick to Increased Revenue: Better Sales Lead Qualification Criteria


That’s a new idea for marketers. We tend to get caught up focusing on more: More sales, more traffic, more leads. Here’s why: Doing more and more marketing work is not better. But doing more effective (and thus better) marketing tasks? And having more leads is also not necessarily better, but having better leads? That’s the key message of a webinar we did about qualified leads recently, and it speaks to a lot of what’s going on in marketing right now.

What is Demand Generation in the B2B World?


Making the public conscious of their business is a key factor in leading them to want to learn more. It’s any marketing effort your B2B company makes to bring people into your sales funnel, with an emphasis on personalization. B2B products and services aren’t typically purchased impulsively, so commercials and traditional ad strategies don’t always work in such niche markets. So think outside the box when it comes to your demand gen strategies. B2B Marketing Strategy