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The Case for Allowing Personal Emails on Lead Gen Forms

The Point

Should you allow prospects to enter a personal email address when they fill out lead gen forms? By forcing someone to comply with your process, you’re not making them more interested in doing business with your company (or talking to sales); more likely, the result is the exact opposite.

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Demand Gen vs. Lead Gen: Which is ‘Best’ for Startups?


However, investors today expect to see sophisticated user-attraction models and established growth trajectories from even seed-stage startups , making lead generation mission-critical for businesses hoping to secure additional investment. But while the lead-gen-vs.-demand-gen The good news?

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33 Questions to Ask B2B Appointment Setting and Lead Gen Vendors

Smashmouth Marketing

There are so many demand gen vendors out there, and if you are a demand gen professional in sales or marketing, we've probably called you. Outsourcing some or all of your appointment setting or lead generation activity to a third party vendor is a task that shouldn't be undertaken by responding to one cold call.

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Out of Office Responses - Lead Gen Tip Gold Nugget

Smashmouth Marketing

Just because your lead is out of the office, does not mean they should be crossed off your list. You can get lead gen nuggets. When receiving an out of office or away on vacation email response, you get a lot more than just an email you want to delete. I will return on Monday, June 24.

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Lead Generation Marketing 101: How to Find Leads Your Sales Team Wants to Close


All eyes are on you, Marketing Manager, to feed the sales team ready-to-close leads. But how do you find leads and prime them for buying? Welcome to lead generation marketing. What is Lead Generation Marketing? Lead gen marketing is what businesses do to attract ideal customers.

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Top Three Signs You Need a Better Lead Gen Plan


Many hands make light work, which is why sales organizations employ a pretty sizable stock of talented people who come together to drive efficiency across the sales cycle. From business development representatives to account executives, everyone does their part to ensure a high-performing, successful sales team.

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Who should own lead generation for a complex sale?

B2B Lead Generation

So, who should own B2B lead generation: sales, marketing or both? Sales and marketing aren’t doing a great job of executing lead generation because they both believe it’s the others job. Companies don’t typically call what salespeople do “lead generation” or “demand generation.” Now it’s time for sales.