How to Fine-tune Your Target ROAS


Many bidding platforms offer some form of Target ROAS bid policies. These strategies will typically try to maximize the volume of a revenue metric, at a designated ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) value. How do you know what ROAS target will actually result in the highest profit?


Fashion Retailer Hot Topic Increases ROAS by 12% with Intelligent Bid Optimization


Put simply, the task of managing over 4,000 PLA campaigns, each containing hundreds of product partitions and keywords, was exhausting Brian’s time to a point where he was unable to effectively maintain and service his portfolio regularly.


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Utilizing Revenue-per-Click to Calculate PPC Keyword Value


How do you determine a search keyword’s value? Are you making data-driven bid optimization decisions based on keyword data? Should you be focused on keyword revenue-per-click in your PPC campaigns? Search keywords. PPC Keyword Value.

7 Ways to Use Google’s Keyword Planner That You Haven’t Thought Of


If you’ve used Google AdWords, you’re probably familiar with the Google Keyword Planner. From there, click the Tools icon, then click Keyword Planner in the menu that flies out. So, now that you’ve got access to Google Keyword Planner, what can you do with it?

4 Keyword Filters to Run in Every Search Account


One thing I do in all of the accounts I manage is add filters at the keyword level to help me save time identifying problem and opportunity areas. I often hear or read suggestions to remove keywords that are not driving any impressions. High CPL or ROAS below target.

Driving “Profit Maximization” in your PPC Bid Optimization Strategy


Not so you can kick up your feet and watch the money flow in, but because you’ve considered it a potentially meaningful strategy – similar to why you would set revenue maximizing goals with a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) efficiency constraint.

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Utilizing Natural Language Processing in the Health Insurance Industry


This is because every day, you need to: Make sure you are advertising to the people who are the best fit for your health insurance plan Make sure your keywords are up to date, in terms of semantics and bids. A sample of keywords you will create might include: [best health insurance for 2020].

A Guide to Google AdWords Paid Search Bidding Strategies


Self-explanatory; this strategy gives you total control over your keyword bids but does take more effort to optimize campaigns. Currently only maximize clicks, eCPC and target ROAS are available for Google Shopping campaigns.

Amazon Ads: The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your First Ad Campaign


Like search PPC, advertisers can bid on specific keywords to get higher visibility for their products. They’re designed to get your products in front of people who are actively searching for related keywords. Headline search ads are cost-per-click and also keyword targeted.

How to Tell if You’re Wasting Money on Google Ads


Google AdWords (Now called Google Ads) and Bing Ad Center have evolved dramatically over the past several years, developing more features that enable advertisers to make their ad targeting more precise and their keyword bids more efficient. Can I bid on keywords that have little or no data?


8 Ways to Improve PPC Campaign Management


Researching search queries and adding relevant new keywords to accounts. Eliminating poor performing keywords from campaigns. Define your goals before you start, because it will ultimately impact what bidding strategy you choose, what keywords you target and what kind of ads you serve. Duplicating keywords across campaigns and ad groups. Refine your keyword lists as you learn. Consistently update your negative keyword lists.

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SMX East 2016 Day 2 – SEM for Brands, SEM Testing Best Practices, SEM + TV, Beyond Search, Multi-Channel


Every brand is at a different point in its SEM journey – for some, SEO departments manage keyword lists, while others are starting to focus on secondary search engines. Add question keywords such as “where” and “which”.

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Digital Future: Predictive Advertising, Chapter 2 – The 9 Biggest Challenges in Marketing Technology at a Glance


From a variety of different targeting strategies to long-tail keyword bidding, paid search advertisers have a bewildering number of ways to optimize campaigns for their audiences. Online Advertising Campaign Strategy Digital Marketing Keyword Research Optimization

Case study: Choozle’s advertising strategies


The marketing team at Choozle used historical data and consistent optimizations to test and find success with retargeting, contextual keyword, and custom Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code audiences.

Why is My PPC Performance Bad? Part I: How to Identify Root Cause


So it also might come as no surprise if you find your boss breathing down your neck, asking “Why has our ROAS dropped from 150% to 130% over the past month?!” Your program might contain hundreds of campaigns, with thousands of ad groups, and tens of thousands of keywords or product groups.

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How To Use RLSA To Help Increase High Quality Leads

KoMarketing Associates

Because RLSA allows you to customize your bids, search ads, and keywords based on your visitors’ past activity on your website, you’re able to target audiences and not merely keywords. Keyword Targeting.

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Portfolio Bidding: A Breakdown of the PPC Bid Optimization Technique


But just in case, we’ll go on… Portfolios are groups of assets, and in search engine marketing, these assets are the keywords and “publisher objects” that you can apply bids and bid strategies to. The relationship between spend and return is non-linear, and that is true across keywords.

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A Guide to Choosing the Best Paid Search Management Software


Keyword Targeting and Optimization. There are many platforms out there to help manage bids, yet few can help with keyword targeting and optimization. Automating bids based on predicted keyword performance is one thing but what about other keyword-related optimizations?

Google Ads: The Definitive Guide (2018 Update)


If you can pay the most for a particular search keyword, you have a chance of getting your ads placed. You then choose some basic stuff and then go on to choose the keywords you want your ads to be displayed on. Keyword Relevance to the ad group. Keyword Targeting.

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SEM for Financial Services: Everything You Need to Know


With SEO, you create and keyword-optimize your website content to rank well in organic search results. Besides optimizing for the right keywords, there are a lot of factors that impact your ability to rank well in organic search results. Target long-tail keywords.

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Dynamic Search Ads: Bridging the PPC and SEO Gap

EMagine B2B Blog

Way back in 2011, Google unveiled a new technology called Dynamic Keyword Insertion. Examples of Dynamic Keyword Insertion in Ads. DSAs allow advertisers to skip the arduous task of creating long lists of keywords to cover every possible way someone could search for their business.

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Optimization Tips for Conquering Amazon

Martech Advisor

Titles and keywords are important! Your top converting keywords should be included in the title to help Amazon find and deliver your product when shoppers search for those keywords--the more conversions to sales, the better your brand’s rank will be.

The ‘3 R’s of PPC’ — AKA The Last PPC Audit Guide You’ll Ever Need

DAGMAR Marketing

Keyword selection and the messages that support them flow through every component of prospect interaction, from the initial search term to the landing page. How to use keyword planner to build out an Ad Group. Poor keyword grouping is easy to spot.

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Part 3 – Everything Else You Need to Know

Go Beyond SEO

Each campaign could have multiple ad groups and then finally, the ad group level where the keywords and ads are organized. Make sure to add your brand keywords as negative keywords in your non-brand campaigns to be certain all brand traffic goes through your brand campaign.

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Manual Bidding is Inefficient: Why You Need Automation for Paid Search Optimization


Market data provides valuable insights that advertisers use to adjust bids for different audiences and ensure their max CPC is optimized for every keyword. Even modest advertising campaigns include a long list of keywords to target.

Why is My PPC Performance Bad? Part III: How to Ensure You’re Optimizing Towards the Correct Metric


An optimization metric is a metric you use in order to determine what bid you would like to place on a keyword, which bid adjustment you would place on a device, etc… Optimizations will always, to some degree, be related to your business goal.

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10 case studies show how web analytics prove ROI


The result are: 1) 89% increase in visits from organic search, 2) 75% increase in registrations from organic search, 3) 30% increase in CTR with AdWords, and 4) 124% increase in ROAS with AdWords. What good is data if you don’t know what to do with it?

Why is My PPC Performance Bad? Part II: How to Identify Poorly Performing Dimensions


You went through the steps, identified poorly performing accounts, campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and product groups. The keyword from these two clicks are the same, but the following dimensions differ: Gender Age Location Day of Week Time of Day Device.

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5 Google Ads Hacks for 2019 Success


Upload a list of visitors and Google will show your ads to that specific audience when they search for terms that you are targeting through your keywords. Conversely, you may not want to compete as heavily in certain areas or for certain keywords.

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choozlechat: Learning from your holiday marketing strategies with Megan Dyer


MD: It’s important to keep the cost per acquisition (CPA), return on ad spend (ROAS), and a customer’s average lifetime value in mind.

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Smart Bidding: The Pros and Cons of Using Google Automated Bidding


Current hallmark strategies include Maximize Conversions, Target CPA, and Target ROAS, among others. For broad match keywords, this capability can be especially valuable, since the relevance of search queries can vary widely. Keyword. Keyword. How Smart is it Really?

QuanticMind’s 5 Most Popular eBooks of 2019


The most powerful tool, though, is unquestionably keyword bids. Out of the gate you’ll want to ask yourself these questions: Am I using the right keywords? Have we made any business model changes that could affect ROAS?

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The Advanced PPC Auditing Guide: Determining Root Causes, Bleeding Dimensions, and Optimization Strategy


A comprehensive audit will help you understand what is happening throughout your entire paid search program, surface areas that can be optimized more rigorously, and uncover any keywords or campaigns that are simply not moving the needle in your favor.

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Let’s Tackle Your Biggest Paid Search Challenges Head-On


Join QuanticMind for a live demo that will show you how to use new technology to optimize your campaigns down to the keyword level, fully utilize Enhanced Campaign modifiers, generate reports in seconds and maximize your ROI, ROAS and profits.


The Role of Bid Optimization Technology in Preventing PPC Performance Issues


You can optimize keyword bids using automation technology, but that’s just one of its many features: automated bid optimization can help marketers improve campaigns, reach business goals, and avoid performance issues altogether.

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Part 3 – Everything Else You Need to Know

Go Beyond SEO

Each campaign could have multiple ad groups and then finally, the ad group level where the keywords and ads are organized. There are a ton of ways you could ultimately structure your campaigns, but of course, there are some best practices to consider: Create separate Search Campaigns for your brand keywords. Make sure to add your brand keywords as negative keywords in your non-brand campaigns to be certain all brand traffic goes through your brand campaign.

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5 Simple Steps to Develop an Effective PPC Strategy


The key to success with AdWords audience targeting is not targeting the most relevant keywords related to your business, but targeting based on intent. For example: An ecommerce business should invest largely in transactional keywords to encourage conversions.

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SMX West 2017 Day 2 – AdWords Attribution, Drafts & Experiments, and More Attribution


DDA is a machine learning-based attribution method that attempts to properly credit upper-funnel keywords for their contributions to conversions. Search keyword “best phone” -> search keyword “Google Pixel” gets 2% conversion rate.

Building an Ecommerce Business: From Zero to $100,000 in Revenue from Instagram Ads


What Remi found was that the keyword “stickers” is saturated by people looking to print their own stickers, rather than buy pre-made stickers. The keywords around that topic didn’t really work for me,” he explained.

The Ultimate Guide to PPC


So, why would you pay for ads when you can reach your audience organically through great content and strategically-placed keywords (otherwise known as SEO )? The answer is: keywords have become increasingly competitive. Keywords. Your keywords should inform your ad text.

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