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100+ Blog Directories and RSS Sites for Promoting Your Blog


The two keys to search success are great content and links. Assuming you’ve already got great content, there are many places to get links (e.g. But two great sources are blog directories and RSS syndication sites. Not only do they provide valuable links, they can also supply direct traffic and help build your RSS subscriber list. link]. link]. 100+ Blog Directories and RSS Submission Sites. Blogbunch blog+rss.

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5 Steps for Crafting an Effective B2B SEO Blogging Strategy

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Keyword referral reports can be a fantastic asset for overcoming this obstacle. Even if SEO isnt a priority of a B2B blogging strategy, keyword research may still provide a depth of opportunities. Leveraging Google Trends for keyword "hot topics" related to your industry.

4 Steps to B2B SEO Accountability

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Why dont some of my keywords show, even though we bid very high? Those tasked to manage the SEO requirements of the corporate website are, after all, judged by their ability to secure prominent rankings for keyword phrases deemed to be important. Pick (Keyword) Fights You Can Win!

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4 Content Strategies for B2B Corporate Blogging

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Here are four ideas and supporting examples for B2B corporate blog writing, designed to target specific audiences, help achieve Internet marketing goals, and build links for search engine optimization campaigns. Receive news via SEW RSS feeds Incisive Interactive Marketing LLC.

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B2B Social Media Marketing -- Does It Work?

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Log in now ClickZ Interactive Marketing Events Search Engine Watch Search Marketing Conferences Subscribe to Newsletter Subscribe to RSS Feeds Free Webcasts Members Area Forums Advertise You are here: SEW Home › Experts › Social Media Marketing › B2B Social Media Marketing -- Does It Work? Why dont some of my keywords show, even though we bid very high? Receive news via SEW RSS feeds Incisive Interactive Marketing LLC.

Best of 2009: SEO Tips, Part 1


How do search engines treat different forms of keywords? What other tools are worth checking out for keywords, linking and website analysis? Q&A: A Few Things You Need to Know About Keyword Usage by Search Engine Guide. Build A Great B2B Search Engine Marketing Campaign by The Milwaukee SEO. Ron Jones reviews several keyword, site grader and linking tools. Why it Makes Sense to Target Longtail Keywords First by SEO Book.

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Best of 2008: Blogging for Business, Part 2


Among Ann's quick tips: be "scan friendly" by using bullet points, link to other blog posts on the same topic, and engage your readers in conversation by responding to comments. As she notes, "It (building relationships with other bloggers) doesn’t work like magic!

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Best of 2008: Cool Web Tools, Part 2


Feedoor Similar to feedkiller , previously reviewed here , lets you merge RSS feeds or even individual blog posts into a single feed. A low-cost web analytics package with features that can't be matched by that free one everybody uses. A search engine just for faces.

Best of 2008: Cool Web Tools, Part 1


WiseStamp lets you control the look of the email signature as well as adding RSS feeds and social networking links like LinkedIn and Facebook. Looking for some helpful tools to enhance your online reputation management?

Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers

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Subscribe to our RSS Feed Subscribe via Email Your email: Learn Inbound Marketing Inbound Marketing Software Learn how HubSpot can help turn your business into an inbound marketing machine. At least it is one link in the sales chain.

Best of 2008: Social Media Optimization, Part 2


A high number of RSS subscribers is going to be your best Google indicator." Topics include finding popular keywords, generating backlinks, tagging, using WordPress with social media, Twitter, and creating and promoting content. How should you measure the impact of social media?

Best of 2008: Blogging for Business, Part 1


by Blogsessive Alex Cristache provides an outstanding list of ways to show appreciation to your favorite bloggers (many of which can benefit you as well) like commenting, linking back, and blogrolling. What are some of the most effective ways to attract more readers to your blog?

How NOT to pitch a blog | Online Marketing Blog

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The crew at SEOmoz actually covered our pitch strategy in post: [link] If you read the thread, there are details on how we did the blogger outreach campaign. I receive dozens of scripted link requests daily all promising the tremendous benefits achieved from reciprocal linking despite the abundance of information available today touting the dangers of excessive linking from Google’s point of view.