Is the end of television advertising near? Maybe, maybe not


When I wrote the first version of this post, almost a month ago, I wanted to make a point about how traditional television advertising would someday disappear, replaced by more subtle and creative innovations in marketing. So is television advertising over? Internet Marketing Slider Academy Award ads Ellen Ellen DeGeneres George Clooney marketing netflix online ads Samsung Television What was the most memorable moment of this year’s Oscars?

TV or not TV? That is the question: Insights on World Television Day


30-second summary: Television has gone through significant transformations since its invention in 1924. This World Television Day we reflect on some of the most curious TV-related metamorphoses over the decades.


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Gin, Television, and Social Surplus - Here Comes Everybody

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Gin, Television, and Social Surplus. And television watching? Put another way, now that we have a unit, thats 2,000 Wikipedia projects a year spent watching television. Lets say that everything stays 99 percent the same, that people watch 99 percent as much television as they used to, but 1 percent of that is carved out for producing and for sharing. The Internet-connected population watches roughly a trillion hours of TV a year. Here Comes Everybody.

Television Ownership Declines in the U.S.


For nearly 20 years, television manufacturers have experienced a rise in ownership of their devices. But according to new data released by The Nielsen Company, television ownership is declining, with 96.7 Upon graduating college, these digital natives are opting out of buying TVs and are instead using their computers and the internet for entertainment. For marketers, television has been a primary marketing channel for many years.

Using QR codes on television: Good or bad?


Starting off as a 4-day experiment in October, QR codes have become a staple for both its print and television campaigns. HSN isn't the only company taking advantage of QR codes on television. In one test, the QR code linked to an Internet security system instead of the kitchen set that was being advertised. So, should you consider incorporating the QR code into your already existing television campaign? Imagine a late night of channel surfing.

Interactive video for sales just got a big boost from Apple


Increasingly, video is the internet.” But he goes on to note that “most consumption of online video remains very similar to watching TV via the internet.”. In a wide-ranging report, The Future of Video , Feng Li of London’s Cass Business School writes that “video is not simply an important part of the online experience. A type of video experience that is not like watching TV—and is new to most smart phone users— is “interactive” video. It’s more like an app.

How Social Media Will Save – Not Kill – the Television Ad


David Griner doesn’t think television advertising needs to be saved from the Internet and social media. On the contrary, Griner says television ads need to be saved from themselves. “I I personally find that most television ads are gutless and self-obsessed,” said Griner, director of digital content for the ad agency Luckie and a regular contributor to AdWeek’s AdFreaks blog. They don’t take risks because television doesn’t reward risk taking.

Internet cookies: From 1994 to 2019, and the industry shifts of the future


Internet cookies as we know them became popularized roughly 20 years ago (after being first released in 1994.) Origins of the internet cookie. Internet cookies as we know them today also became popularized roughly 20 years ago, as a way for websites to anonymously track a visitor’s activities and user preferences. In fact, it came at a time when a hand-held portal into an all-accessible internet was relatively unfathomable.

The TV Is No Longer a TV

Chris Koch

I am in the vanguard of cord cutters, a small but growing group of cable TV subscribers who have decided to ditch the cable box in favor of a variety of geeky devices that serve up entertainment through an internet connection. I’m sure that by now you’ve heard of an Internet TV startup called Aereo that uses tiny individual antennas to let consumers in several U.S. cities watch live broadcasts on Internet-connected devices and store shows in the cloud to watch later.

Television Networks to Increase Ads For Online Video


On the heels of a report which found that online ad revenues will likely surpass those of print ads in the next year, television networks are poised to increase the number of ads run during episodes of shows viewed online. Typically, online episodes contain between 2 and 3 minutes of advertisements while traditional television broadcasts contain roughly 20 minutes for each hour. ABC isn’t the only network making shifts in online ads for viewing television episodes.

Five Key Takeaways From Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends Report


Bond Capital founder Mary Meeker is back with the 2019 comprehensive Internet Trends Report for 2019! The 333-slide deck looked back at every important internet trend in the last year as well as analyzed what these trends tell us to expect for the year ahead. It touches on everything from accelerating internet ad spend in the US to the growth of digital delivery services in Latin America. billion people) were internet users last year, up from 3.6

The Internet Had a Busy Week. Here's What You Missed.


Apple has also hinted at a delve into this type of technolog -- CEO Tim Cook revealed to Bloomberg Television in June that the company would be “focusing on autonomous systems.” The drama of this week’s Apple event is hardly over. Despite many of the announcements having been leaked in the days leading up to it, the tech world is still positively a-Twitter about what was unveiled, and what will come of it.

Build your brand (for free)


I used to be a professional photographer back in the transition from pre-Web to the Internet Age and the shooters who refused to put their images online were always the the mediocre talent. Personal Brand Christmas Digital distribution Doctor Moon Facebook Facebook features Google Search engine optimization Television channel twitter YouTube I have a modicum of online reputation with the people who matter to me. I also have search locked down.

Brand 170

Internet Ad Spend is About to Surpass TV Ad Spend [New Report]


There are few things I look forward to more every year than the release of Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report. Voice queries are replacing the typical internet search, Netflix and other streaming services are replacing cable television, and social media is overtaking traditional cable TV habits. Another way the internet is changing TV? The State of Internet Advertising in 2017. Internet Trends 2017 Report from.

Manufacturers Can Communicate Your Value through Internet Video for Educating Potential Clients


According to an early 2013 article posted on the Reuters website regarding the growing use of Internet video – largely due to mobile access these days via smartphones and notebooks – Internet video is the “fastest growing form of online advertising.” Manufacturers should use Internet video NOT to advertise or entertain but to educate potential buyers on your processes, equipment, facilities and services.

This Week in Content Marketing: Google and Amazon Prepare for Internet War

Content Marketing Institute

52:07): Robert’s correction: Last week, Robert shared a rant, in which he said the number of panelists in a sample of Nielsen’s Portable People Meter survey of television viewers was 6,200. The post This Week in Content Marketing: Google and Amazon Prepare for Internet War appeared first on Content Marketing Institute. PNR: This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose can be found on both iTunes and Stitcher.

The Internet Trifecta & the Battle for Attention: Lessons From Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report


Every year, Mary Meeker releases her annual Internet Trends Report. While most trend reports end up disappearing into some small corner of the internet, Meeker’s report packs insightful analysis, astute observations, and data-driven forecasts into one monster annual SlideShare, making her presentation a veritable must-read for anyone using the internet to do business (ahem, that’s all of us). KPCB Internet trends 2014 from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Do tricky marketing claims really help you as a marketer?


Internet Marketing Offline Marketing Social Media Marketing Business social media Television advertisementImage via Wikipedia. “Drivers who switched to us saved an average of $538.” ” Maybe you’ve seen that claim on TV commercials or online. So it sounds like their auto insurance is cheaper, right? Well, maybe not. This is actually a tricky claim, designed to fool us.

The Evolution of Language: How Internet Slang Changes the Way We Speak


Every year, hundreds of new words and phrases that come from internet slang are added to the dictionary. Why are so many new words and phrases emerging the internet, and so quickly? Is the Internet to Blame? The internet isn''t the only technological phenomenon that''s changed the way we talk. Radio, television, and telephones have introduced their fair share of new words and phrases into our lexicon over the last century. How Slang Spreads on the Internet.

One person can change the world. Thank you, Internet


Maybe the revolution will not be televised but it will certainly be tweeted. While there may well be 3,015,231,472 Internet users worldwide and over 150,000,000 blogs, almost 300,000,000 active Twitter users, and 1,230,000,000 active Facebook users, most of them are lurkers. Forget Uber or any of those “disruptive” Silicon Valley startups, the Internet is the ultimate disruptor. The Internet promises to make school obsolete and national borders irrelevant.

Switch the user interface to accelerate growth and leadership


On the internet, billions of ads are ignored, a phenomenon called banner blindness. The internet forces every kind of business to adapt. They can include your other screens, controlled by television set top boxes, video recorders, and game systems. What’s the Internet’s next business model? Lesson for leaders. Advertising looks like an unstoppable force as it drives Google ’s and Facebook ’s dominance, earning them one-fifth of global ad revenues.

Banner 242

3 digital marketing tactics that will increase conversions now


Even twenty years ago, marketing options for a small business included a radio or television ad (if you had the money). Content Marketing Digital Marketing Content marketing conversions Customer experience Digital marketing digital marketing strategy digital marketing tactics Internet marketing Marketing and Advertising online marketing online marketing strategy SalesIf you pause for a moment, you will realize that digital marketing is quite amazing.

How Dissatisfied CEOs Push Marketers into the Future

B2B Lead Generation

The Internet has closed down old-school marketing. The old-school approach to marketing, with the fuzziness associated with measuring the brand impact of traditional media like television, is running its course. The Internet has changed the playing field. However, the Internet is more than a channel – it’s a laboratory to get into the customer’s mind and close the gap between the customer’s reality and ours.

Lurkers are the 99.989% of Social Media


It’s happened like this over and over: photography, filmmaking, recording, radio, television, computing, the Internet , message boards, blogging, and now social media. There’s very little need to be a hobbyist to engage with the Internet any more. The Internet has razed the barrier to entry to all of these things and the tools are all cheap. Or, if you are of a tech brain, maybe you’ve moved on well past the Internet.

Is Eastern Europe the Next Email Marketing Frontier? [CHART]


Although Russia is of particular interest to me (in a former career I was a Russian language interpreter and translator), I decided to take a look at how email marketing is progressing in five countries out if Internet and social media (in this case Facebook) usage are directly proportional to the country’s population. It also seems that in the smaller of these nations, Facebook usage is becoming more and more popular as compared to the number of Internet users.

Email 176

Be a persistent social media parent


Too many social media marketers don’t communicate with their readership in the sort of flawed, open, and honest voice that is more common in radio and on television. Internet Marketing Public Relations Social Media Marketing best practice Blog Business Facebook Internet marketing Marketing and Advertising social media twitter YouTubeThey always say that the parents who put in all the boring, taken-for-granted time are the very best.

The second screen: what it means for small business marketers


Mobile phones quickly became another appendage – an ever-present device that is a computer, television and oh yeah, a telephone, all in one small package. The ease and small size of smartphones and tablets mean that consumers are often using them while enjoying other media – like television watching or even working on a laptop. For several years, the big marketing push has been to “go mobile.”

Mobile is dead: start thinking mobility now…


Television might not be the queen anymore, but what happens on the web is well-connected with things served or broadcast on the big screen. Television becomes the trigger, most of the time, of our online searching or browsing. B2B Marketing Blogging Content Marketing Internet Marketing Market Research Mobile Marketing Slider Big Data Customer experience ecosystem Media media convergence mobile Web mobility native twitter United States (Photo credit: Irita Kirsbluma).

Mobile 161

Can Google find you in your online store?


” And Google be like: “how much do you spend a month on insurance, taxes, salaries, health, training, inventory, security, theft, rent, advertising (newspaper, newsletter, radio, television), local sponsorships (5ks, little league, local schools), and all that?” Bush, or even Al Gore , who invented the Internet. With a little technical skill, it’s cheap and easy to build a self-running, autonomous, online store.

Google 175

Is it time for your marketing to include a mobile app?


Consumers spend more time with mobile apps than they do watching television. Television watching has stayed steady at between 70 to 72 minutes per day for the past three years. Internet Marketing Mobile Marketing Business Facebook Mobile application development small business twitterPhoto credit: lucamascaro. It is no secret that mobile applications have changed everyday life.

Mobile 158

B2B: Where Social Media Meets Direct Marketing


It can work in direct mail and email, but also in print, on billboards, on television and radio. Internet Marketing Offline Marketing Social Media Marketing business-to-business Facebook marketing social media social media marketing twitterPhoto credit: s_falkow. Business marketers have embraced social media with enthusiasm.

Are you a social media marketing trapper?


Since time began — or at least since blogs began (actually before then, newspapers, television, radio, and all the rest are either breaking something new or surfing the wave of interest that results) there has been an entire economy of bloggers who work to create content as quickly as possible in response to breaking news — this is just the natural extension of it.

Agile marketing meets TV


I spend a lot of time speaking and consulting on agile marketing–what I wrote about a lot in Do It Wrong Quickly –and I often use the example of television commercials as the very antithesis of agile marketing, the epitome of old media. So, if even TV advertisers are moving online and watching their ads grow in popularity one happy viewer at a time, perhaps billboards are next… Internet Marketing Monthly Newsletter Social Media Marketing(Photo credit: Wikipedia).

A 13-step crash course in digital marketing


Before 2018, digital media spending is expected to equal or exceed television. Internet Marketing Digital Digital marketing Digital media digital strategy Did you know that in this decade, digital is the only media channel to grow every year? Or that in 2013, digital media spending surpassed all form of print media spending (e.g. magazines, newspapers)? And it’s not stopping.

Course 161

Building and spending social media equity


Commercial broadcast television does this a little bit in the form of needing to create television programing compelling enough — equity build — that you’ll forgive the 10 minutes-per-helf-hour of commercials that are needed to make that programing viable. What’s more, the Internet has proven time and time again that denizens of the Internet have a strong fear of falling in love and getting hurt.

As the Google Turns


Soap operas have long been a staple of daytime television. Internet Marketing Google Soap operaImage via Wikipedia. by Frank Reed. The over-the-top nature of the silly plot lines have kept audiences coming back for what seems like forever. Another thing that keeps people interested is the speed with which things change. Funny thing is that no matter how long you stay away from a soap opera, you can usually catch up quickly even after months away from the set.

Google 101

Vulnerability is essential to your social media marketing success


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