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    [Interactive] B2B Lead Generation Blog: New Cartoon Series Depicts "Sales Lead Hell"
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    [Interactive] B2B Lead Generation Blog: Marketing Spend Shifting to Below-the-line
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    [Interactive] B2B Lead Generation Blog: The Lead Generation Advantage for Small Businesses
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    [Interactive] B2B Lead Generation Blog: New Book on Corporate Blogging
    B2B Lead Generation Blog About Free Resources Get FREE Updates Instantly Get A FREE Chapter from my book. FREE E-Book 8 Critical success factors for lead generation Just tell us where to send your FREE updates Subscribe in a reader Podcast Feed Subscribe via iTunes Recognition Thanks for Reading!
    [Interactive] B2B Lead Generation Blog: E-mail and the phone have high response rates, DMA report finds
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    [Interactive] B2B Lead Generation Blog: Webcast: Closed-Loop Lead Generation & Management
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  • FATHOM  |  THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2015
    [Interactive] Google AdWords Releases “Advanced Reporting” in Select Accounts
    Graphs are interactive and easy to put together. Well, Google has hinted at updated and better reporting within their AdWords UI in past livestreams, and it looks like some advertisers are lucky enough to get early access! I was just looking at some various accounts today and noticed a “reports” tab in the top navigation in one of the accounts.
    [Interactive] 5 Event Ideas that Attract Customers
    Interactive/Hands-On event – Similar to a learning event, a hands-on event takes that learning and literally puts it into the hands of an attendee. Customer events are outstanding ways to create excitement and attract new prospects and loyal customers to your business. But how do you come up with an event idea that people want to attend and then get the word out? Here are five ideas for customer-attracting events that any business can use: 1.
    [Interactive] The 5 Don’ts of Customer Service
    Don’t ignore your customers needs for real-time interactions. Don’t Let Your Personal Life Interfere with Your Customer Interactions. However, these personal problems should never interfere with your customer interactions. Are your customer service skills up to par or are you making fatal mistakes that turn your customers away?
    [Interactive] 25 Helpful Sales Blogs You Don't Want to Miss Out On
    How Sales Technology Will Shape the Future of Buyer Interactions. I don''t know if you know this, but we here at HubSpot kind of like blogging. So naturally, we''ve written about some of the best inbound marketing blogs on the internet (on our blog), but we hadn''t taken the time to find some of the best sales blogs out there. So, we scoured the internet looking for the best writers and thought leaders in sales.
    [Interactive] DIY Digital PR (Online Engagement & Blogger Outreach)
    Interact with them so that everyone feels respected and leaves happy. Photo credit: zoxcleb. Yesterday’s Biznology® Webinar with Chris Abraham was all about blogger outreach and online engagement. Have you spent all this time and money building the perfect social media and content marketing campaign and now feel all dressed up with nowhere to go? Did you build it and no one came? You must get out there, identify influencers, and engage with them.
    [Interactive] 5 Major Challenges Marketers Face (And How to Solve Them)
    The best way to boost sales with social media is to provide your sales team with social media lead intelligence -- information about a lead's behavior and interaction with your company in social networks. Every marketer faces different challenges. Although we typically share similar goals, some marketers are stuck on lead generation , while others are having trouble converting leads into customers, and some just aren’t generating the traffic to their site they need in the first place.
    [Interactive] Why Buyer Experience Matters to Get B2B Buyers to Stick Around
      What are the types of interactions, channels, and experiences that will keep buyers engaged over the entire buyer journey and sales cycle?  Image by racoles via Flickr. Two of the most compelling issues facing B2B marketers today is how to not only reach buyers but how to get buyers engaged.    Adding to the complexity of these issues is the fact that buyers today are increasingly seeking experiences more than just a sale. 
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MARCH 10, 2014
    [Interactive] How to Identify and Remedy Duplicate Content Issues on Your Website
    For example, sites can offer personalized features based upon who that user is and their past interactions with the site, or an ecommerce store may remember what that person added to their shopping cart on their last visit. It''s easy to be fooled into thinking SEO is just about link building. There are so many posts covering the latest developments on what links are good or bad, that we sometimes forget about the huge gains we can make by simply fixing problems with our own site.
    [Interactive] The Who, What, When, How and Why of Lead Nurturing with Webinars and Videos
    You can track which content buyers viewed, how long they viewed it, how they interacted with it and where they went before and afterward on your site. Webinars and videos nurture leads through a series of content-based interactions that humanize your brand and personalize viewers’ experiences. by Dayna Rothman Today we would like to welcome Kathryn Kilner as our guest blogger.
  • WRITTENT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 28, 2014
    [Interactive] 27 Must Use SEO Tools for Incredible Content Marketing Results
    Infogram is a service that lets you to create interactive infographics and data illustrations for your content marketing. Content marketing is about creating, optimizing, and distributing valuable content to grow your web presence and steer the actions of consumers. It involves driving traffic, generating leads, and building authority. Not too hard if you have the right skills and strategy, but without an arsenal of SEO tools at your disposal, you are bound to waste time and money.
    [Interactive] Sales and Marketing Alignment in 2013? Not so Fast!
    Leverage new technology and Tablets to eliminate the mini-van of content needed and advance to a more provocative, data-driven, interactive, intelligent and relevant customer engagement. Executives continually point to the need for Sales and Marketing to align, with 90% of Senior Marketers indicating to Forrester that indeed alignment is a high or very high priority. Although there is a desire for alignment, where the rubber meets the road, the story is quite contrary.
    [Interactive] A Winning Business Philosophy: “Everything We Do Is Impossible”
    It’s unfair and unrealistic to expect that your creative marketing team will be able to deliver an effective lead generation campaign without close interaction with and quality input from your sales staff in the field. The Definitive B2B Lead Generation Checklist: Part 1. For years, car manufacturers have worked hard at creating car brands that aim to outshine their competition. These are automotive engineers and designers, all very brilliant minds.
    [Interactive] Year in Review: Top Content Marketing Themes of 2013
    3: Why Interactive Content Leaves Static Content in the Dust. Interactive content outperforms static content because it provides an engaging experience. This blog takes a hard look at static v interactive and that in order to be successful you need to have interactive content. #2: 1: Tying Multi-Channel Marketing Programs Together with Interactive Content. Say good-bye to our favorite blogs of 2013.
    [Interactive] The 5 “Must-Do’s” For A Profitable B2B Social Media Strategy
    Which posts are generating the most interactions? Would you like your social media strategy to help increase website traffic, leads and sales? These five things can help make that happen. Despite social media’s ubiquity and adoption by people, there are a lot of B2B companies that have not done much to leverage its power.
    [Interactive] 5 Copywriting Tips to Enhance User Experience
    Something as seemingly simple as the words you use can have a dramatic impact on how a visitor interacts with your site. Google Analytics is a great way to know how people are interacting with your site. When it comes to copywriting and your business, you may have put a lot of thought into how you describe your product or service on your website or in ads, but have you considered how your copywriting impacts your user experience (aka UX)?
    [Interactive] 10 Creative Exercises That Are Better Than Brainstorming
    By developing a visual story to explore the problem at hand as a narrative, your team will be able to see how ideas interact and connect to form a solution. We're all familiar with traditional brainstorming as a method for producing new ideas, but there are many alternative exercises for tackling problems and developing new ideas, both individually and in a group setting.
    [Interactive] Ranking B2B Marketing Automation Vendors: How I Built My Scores (part 1)
    Summary: The first of three posts describing my new scoring system for B2B marketing automation vendors. I’ve finally had time to work up the vendor scores based on the 150+ RFP questions I distributed back in September. The result will be one of those industry landscape charts that analysts seem pretty much obliged to produce.
    [Interactive] 5 data assumptions that marketers should avoid
    A 2016 Forrester study found that marketers are struggling to be responsive in real-time interactions with customers, as they focus on traditional performance measurements such as customer retention and acquisition. The following is a guest post by David Dunne , CEO of Velocidi. Marketers using data to inform strategy is not a novel concept.
    [Interactive] Marketing lessons from the college admissions process
    So you might be surprised that in-person interactions greatly influence final choices. I truly feel for the college marketer. Her buyer is notoriously fickle about his preferred method of communication. He has long since rejected paper. Email is perhaps his third or fourth choice – and falling. He prefers to connect via an app. Even this is subject to change. There’s always a new app.
    [Interactive] Smart Marketers Will Be At Forrester’s B2B Marketing Forum (And Use Our Discount Code!)
    59% of those same business buyers prefer not to interact with a sales rep as their primary source of information. There’s no doubt B2B marketing is getting harder, especially when you see stats like these: 74% of business buyers conduct more than half of their research online before making an offline purchase. More and more, […]. Events Marketing Sales B2B b2b sales customer 2.0 forrester marketing Sales Intelligence sales productivity Smarketing sponsor technologies
  • LEANDATA  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 11, 2017
    [Interactive] Business Leaders Concede They’re Struggling with Lead Management and Routing
    It’s mind-boggling that so many businesses feel like they’re not having quality interactions with their customers,” she said. The state of lead management. . . is not strong. Unfortunately. LeanData conducted a first-of-its-kind survey, The State of Lead Management , to learn more about how businesses are managing their lead processes. The results were eye-opening.
    [Interactive] The Fundamentals of Increasing Web Traffic from Social Media
    A plethora of potential buyers interact every day on social channels, and the companies that are engaging them are drawing them to their websites. Author: Daniel Kushner Social media marketing, for B2B companies, often means one thing: generating new leads. But what do you do with these leads? At some point, you’ll want them to visit your website and other web properties, where they can be exposed to more of your content, become a captive audience, and enter your sales funnel.
  • VIDYARD  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 4, 2017
    [Interactive] Last Chance to Register for Fast Forward on April 11
    For Marketers: Video may be changing the way marketers are interacting with prospects, but it’s not the only shift that’s happening. Fast Forward is less than a week away, and we’re more excited than ever about what our speakers are planning to talk about. From seasoned sales leaders taking their teams to the next level with video, to marketing trailblazers that wrote the book on driving more conversions with video, there’s something for everyone at Fast Forward.
  • KAPOST  |  MONDAY, JUNE 6, 2016
    [Interactive] How Do You Know If a Marketing Content Platform Is a Fit?
    Angi Harp (AH): Typically the first interaction with customers happens with our sales development representatives. Then, we have a customer success manager who is responsible more for the day-to-day interaction with the customer—things like training and onboarding, configuration, and supporting integrations. You’re thinking it could be time to invest in a marketing content platform.
  • NUSPARK  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2016
    [Interactive] Who Should Nurture B2B Leads with Social Media?
    Social nurturing can take the form of answering a question, learning something about a need someone has and sharing content that could be helpful—or simply connecting them to someone else who can assist, so why limit social interactions to just sales and marketing? B2B marketers have always been more resistant to using social media than their B2C counterparts, which is in large part a mind-set issue.
    [Interactive] How Often Should Companies Blog? [New Benchmark Data]
    Each time you publish an original blog post, you''re creating a new opportunity to get found in search engines, get shared on social media, get linked to by other sites, and get a new person to interact with your company. "Blog early, blog often.". In the inbound world, these are words to live by. After all, blogs help businesses attract new website visitors and convert them into leads.
    [Interactive] 20 Marketing Automation Terms Marketers Should Know
    Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system that manages interactions with existing and potential customers and sales prospects. To truly be relevant, lead nurturing and email campaigns need to take into account buyers’ experiences across multiple channels and platforms, such as interactions on social media. RPM is a system that improves your interactions with prospects along the sales cycle, measures results, and seeks to maximize revenue.
    [Interactive] 10 Essential Reads for the Modern Marketer: New Inspiration & Timeless Classics
    I recommend the audio version of this, it makes your commute to work much more pleasant while filling your head with a new way to view everyday interactions. by Jason Miller As a modern marketer it is vital to stay on top of current trends and brush up on forgotten or underutilized skills. In my last blog post I was asked by several folks what books I am currently reading and what books I recommend to become a better writer.
    [Interactive] How To Set Marketing Goals, A Management Guide To Revenue Generation
    In other words, every interaction and engagement gets tracked with a timestamp so we can understand which campaigns and channels are associated with faster velocities. A marketing goal is so much more than a target objective. Good marketing goals are a prescription for action, telling your team how to reach them. Setting a lofty a goal is one thing, being able to set a goal that is obtainable and realistic is another. You can’t have the latter without a firm understanding.
  • B2B MEMES  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 2, 2012
    [Interactive] Three Common Failures in Online News: Are You At Fault?
    The internet is by its nature an interactive medium. For most B2B publishers, electronically delivered news content is becoming an increasingly important part of their output. The potential rewards are substantial. In theory, any B2B e-news package consistently delivering relevant, high-enterprise, fast-paced, exclusive content should dominate its competitive space. But the evidence suggests that few if any e-news staffs are up to this challenge.
    [Interactive] [X+1] NexTargeting Conference: Cross-Channel Attribution and Online Ad Scalability Remain Hot Topics
    This reinforced and refined my conclusions from last month’s OMMA Metrics conference , which identified the burning industry issues as: - better understanding of the interactions between online and offline events (both advertising and results), and - better scalability for successful online advertising programs. Continuing my adventures in online ad measurement, I attended [X+1] ’s NexTargeting Summit last week.
    [Interactive] Marketing Showdown: How to Reach Gen Y
    You already care about how customers interact with your brand on social media , and you should pay special attention to Generation Y. Treat interactions on social media in the same way. Author: Phillip Chen I recently attended a company event at Marketo, where I had the privilege of talking to a senior-level salesperson. What started as a lighthearted chat soon became a battle of the generations.
    [Interactive] 27+ Resources to Learn SEO Copywriting
    Interact with real people. Image source. Copywriting is how companies sell things online. And offline. Smart businesses know this and are investing in learning how to use the written word to their full advantage. However, don’t expect to reach scores of buying masses until you master SEO copywriting and leverage search traffic. Quality content is great. It’s necessary.
  • BIZIBLE  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 2017
    [Interactive] 9 Ways B2B Analytics Can Optimize Marketing Strategies
    For instance, an unqualified lead could spend a lot of time interacting with your content and be associated with a high lead score, even though their firmographics or technographics don’t fit your persona profiles. Attempting B2B marketing optimizations without accurate analytics is like flying blind. But which B2B analytics platforms are best equipped for certain types of measurement?
    [Interactive] Contagious Content: Facebook Posts That Get Shared Like Crazy
    So what do fans do when they interact with a post on Facebook? by Dayna Rothman I am excited to introduce today’s guest blogger Brian Carter. Brian is the author of three social media books including “The Like Economy”, “LinkedIn For Business” and the bestselling “Facebook Marketing” He has appeared on Bloomberg TV and in The Wall Street Brian is a keynote speaker, stand up and improv comic and has an awesome dog named Brad Pitt. Who Cares About Shares?
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 10, 2013
    [Interactive] Psychology for Marketers: 9 Revealing Principles of Human Behavior
    Another psychological theory by Cialdini, “liking” means that if you feel positively toward another person or company, you’ll be much more likely to interact with them or buy from them. One key part of being a great inbound marketer is understanding how -- and why -- other people think and act the way they do. Think about it for a second. How can you create compelling content if you don’t know why it would be compelling to your audience in the first place?
    [Interactive] Is South Park Onto Something? A Look At Sponsored Content in the Media
    It all centers on the increasing intelligence of ads’ ability to predict what you, as a consumer, will click on or interact with in real life. Author: Mike Tomita “Kids today are lazy and entitled. Technology is ruining our lives. Advertising is out of control. Get off my lawn!”. Every generation shares the same fears and uncertainty about the future that the previous generation once had. We may not see it at first, but there’s really no escaping the fact.
    [Interactive] Highlights from the AA-ISP Leadership Summit #LS2012
    This two day conference includes a variety of general sessions, interactive break-out sessions, and lively panel discussions featuring all new presentations from some of the nation’s leading Inside Sales experts. Inside sales flocked to the AA-ISP Leadership Summit in AZ this week.
    [Interactive] Highlights from the AA-ISP Leadership Summit #LS2012
    This two day conference includes a variety of general sessions, interactive break-out sessions, and lively panel discussions featuring all new presentations from some of the nation’s leading Inside Sales experts. Inside sales flocked to the AA-ISP Leadership Summit in AZ this week.
    [Interactive] Creating Stronger Brand Value Wins More Business
    A prospective client may not directly interact with your company, but they may work closely with, for example, an MEP subcontractor who mentions your high regard for job site safety, or an architect who describes how your team prevented cost overruns on a past project. It must be reflected in everyday interactions.
    [Interactive] Gmail Superstars
    Explore your interactions with Google Reader. An unofficial blog that watches Googles latest attempts to move your operating system online. Google Operating System. Unofficial news and tips about Google. Sunday, July 13, 2008. Gmail Superstars. One of the 13 features added to Gmail Labs in May is Superstars, an extension of Gmails starring system. Instead of using a single star to flag all the messages, you can choose between 12 icons.
    [Interactive] Use LinkedIn’s New Channels to Grow Your Business
    If you follow someone that’s engaging, you’re more likely to interact with that person and who knows what kind of business possibilities can arise.”. Social media’s most professional network is rolling out a new feature that could help your business grow. LinkedIn users can now follow channels , which are broken into broad-based topics such as marketing strategies, higher education and healthcare. Once you follow a channel, it shows up on your home feed. What’s the benefit, you ask?
    [Interactive] Social Media Invite Emails That Are a Marketing “Do”
    Your email list is full of people interested in your biz, and getting them to interact with you on social media can help build your relationship with them and keep your business top of mind. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, the list of social media networking sites continues to grow. And, once you’ve created your account on the latest social network, or even if you have an established account, how do you get people to find it? Email marketing, of course!
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2016
    [Interactive] The Evolution of Account-Based Marketing
    While this interaction is valuable, you have a problem: your typical decision-making buyer is usually a Director or VP of marketing – and you have a product that covers much more than just social media marketing. In my consulting days at Microsoft, I was fortunate to get a peek behind the curtain at the tactics that have been used by both the US and Worldwide sales teams for two decades.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 27, 2014
    [Interactive] 10 Steps to Better Visual Marketing With Canva
    On these services a photo is often the first, and sometimes only, interaction with readers, and this changes everything. Using graphics to tell the story of your brand is the next big thing of social media. This is called “visual marketing,” and it came about because of the success of Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest and Instagram set the standard for content marketers and social media managers to create good -- if not awesome -- visual content that tells a story.
    [Interactive] My Secret Methods for Turning Marketing Leads into Qualified Sales Leads
    Whether or not leads are sales-ready, SDRs can nurture relationships with each interaction. At Marketo, we score our leads in three ways: a “fit score” quantifies how well a person matches our ideal target; an “engagement score” accounts for a lead’s level of interaction with Marketo’s content and thought leadership; and a “buying intent score” tracks when a lead demonstrates key purchase indicators.
    [Interactive] Are Beacons a Mobile Marketing Trend or a Dying Retail Technology?
    The problem is that most people apparently have never interacted with a beacon—myself included. Marketers may have jumped the gun on beacons’ mobile marketing potential. According to Walker Sands’ Future of Retail Report , only 6 percent of consumers have used a retail beacon this year. That’s despite investment from some heavy retail hitters, including Macy’s, Target, and Lord & Taylor. Beacons were once heralded as a marketing game changer.
  • LEANDATA  |  MONDAY, MAY 16, 2016
    [Interactive] How LeanData Stacks Up
    Brinker is the chief technical officer at ion interactive and the influential blogger at At some point, Scott Brinker began to notice a familiar pattern at business conferences. Each time a marketer was on stage giving a presentation, one slide would eventually appear on the screen. The speaker would say something like: And here are the tools that we use. That always got the audience’s interest.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2016
    [Interactive] 3 Valuable Lessons From Seth Godin on Failure, Permission Marketing & What It Means to Be Remarkable
    In a world where we tend to obsess over things like high open rates and strong clickthroughs, Godin challenges us to look a level deeper and decide whether or not we have genuine permission to interact with our customers, leads, and subscribers. Trying to nail down Seth Godin's greatest strength is no easy task. He's a brilliant author, marketer, speaker, and entrepreneur, but above all that, he's truly mastered the art of getting straight to the point. Have you seen his blog ?
    [Interactive] Strategies for B2B Marketing in a Recession, Part 2
    In the past, Sales was the face of a company; they were a potential buyer’s first interaction with the brand. According to Gartner, by 2020 customers will manage 85% of their relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a person. by Jon Miller The single most popular post of all time on this blog is 7 Strategies for B2B Marketing in a Recession: The Definitive Guide , written almost three years ago in June, 2008.
    [Interactive] To Change Your Audience’s Perspective, Ask for a Compliment
    ” The psychological idea is pretty intuitive to grasp: Ask a customer about what went well during her interaction with your brand, and she’s likely to start reframing her entire experience in a more positive light. A small-but-growing business wants to jumpstart its email marketing, so it seeks out two B2B software companies for help. After 30-day software trials, both send their potential client a customer feedback survey. The surveys are identical, save for one key question.
  • WEBBIQUITY  |  TUESDAY, MAY 29, 2012
    [Interactive] When Behavioral Tracking Gets Creepy
    I recently visited a marketing interaction software vendor’s website (doesn’t matter who–I’m not out to besmirch the company, but rather look at a disturbing practice that goes well beyond a single organization) and read in disconcerting detail about what’s possible when the vendor’s product is combined with analytics, post-click marketing software, online databases, marketing automation software and social media monitoring tools.
    [Interactive] Breaking the Sales Growth Plateau May Require A New Approach
    No one can keep track of the thousands of interactions prospects have with you in email, social media, and your website—let alone engage with each of them uniquely with contextualized messages. For companies struggling to reach sales goals, doing more of the same (more cold-calls, adding more salespeople) won’t break through growth plateaus.
    [Interactive] The Somewhat Surprising State of Online Advertising [New Data]
    A social media interaction is just one step in the process or becoming a life-long customer! Online advertising. What do you think of it? Annoying? Effective? Come a long way? Waste of money? Don't even notice it? And when you're answering, are you answering as a marketer, or as a consumer? Or (gasp) both? Some of us do fall into both buckets, after all. Adobe set out to answer some of these very questions in their recent report, The State of Online Advertising.
    [Interactive] Ready, Set, Gold: 4 Skills That Marketers Need to Master
    Determination and grit aren’t just an understanding of where you want to go and the unflappable pursuit of it—they help you frame activities and interactions differently, often with the lens of ‘How does this affect my pursuit of x ?”. Author: Ellen Gomes I don’t know about you, but I’m officially obsessed with the Olympics. It’s powerful to watch the world’s top athletes come together—despite differences in global politics, race, or religion—to compete in an athletic arena.
    [Interactive] How a Content Refresh Can Help You Stay Relevant
    Readers also expect a visual and engaging experience—include images or video, as well as interactive elements like social sharing buttons. Author: Elaine Ip If you’re a savvy digital marketer, you’ve probably been on the content marketing train for years. Bonus points for you, but is that pile of existing content starting to look a little stale? For those in a fast-paced industry, some of your best content might start to look stale after only a year or two.
    [Interactive] Putting Meaning Back Into Marketing
    Likewise, marketing is probably only familiar with R&D’s end product because it’s what they interact with most. Everyone in an organization is (hopefully) aware that marketing is essential to a company’s success. However, when asked to define what the marketing team does and how it impacts business, answers tend to come up short.
    [Interactive] Convince and Convert: Why Calculators Are a Demand Gen Marketer’s Best Friend
    At the most basic level, this type of interactive content will take a set of inputs, run a formula, and generate a quantitative output that is meaningful to your audience. Interactive content such as calculators has been proven to be more engaging than static content. As a discipline, content marketing teaches solving problems and answering questions prospects are asking rather than interrupting their day with unasked-for advertising.
    [Interactive] Content Firm Buys B2B Marketing Data Startup
    Downloadable content has always been a key part of content marketing—especially for B2B brands—but until now, there hasn’t been a way to see how potential customers are interacting with that content.”. A service that specializes in providing content to a wide range of business clients now has a new resource to offer content-related data and insights to those clients, particularly those in the business-to-business sector.
    [Interactive] The Nifty 50 Top Women of Twitter for 2011
    Interactive Minnesotan skilled in web strategy, conversion rate optimization (CRO), e-commerce, SEO, social media, QR codes (she knows a lot about QR codes), design, UX, analytics and inbound marketing. Few phenomena have ever spread as far and grown as rapidly as social media; obviously, this has tapped into something essential to our nature. What is it? The answer may come from the email marketing field.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2016
    [Interactive] 4 Warning Signs Your Prospect Isn't Ready to Invest in Marketing
    As a founder and CEO of an industrial marketing agency , I have had the pleasure to work and interact with over a thousand brands. Imagine yourself sitting across the table from a prospective client's CEO at a coffee shop. She’s engaged, ready to listen, and apparently in a positive state of mind. This is a marketer's dream situation; you feel that any question is fair game and honest answers will be forthcoming.
    [Interactive] Why Marketers Should Fear Mobile Marketing
    Well look at this chart that comes from a study that the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence produced called “ Mobile Phone Video Diaries: Understanding Mobile Video Usage “ (The chart was synthesized by eMarketer). Photo credit: Wikipedia. Earlier this week, I saw a piece of data that, if accurate or even half accurate, is something that every Internet marketer should fear in the same way that a kid fears the dentist. “What?”
    [Interactive] What’s HOT in Mobile Marketing – 5 Trends to Watch in 2015
    Each industry will have its own innovators that dramatically change how customers interact with their business. Author: Niko Nelissen If we haven’t said it enough, the era of mobile marketing is among us! At this point, mobile apps are becoming a must-have in every marketing plan. The way mobile apps enable marketers to reach their marketing goals is rapidly evolving, and we are seeing major shifts in mobile marketing tactics this year.
    [Interactive] 6 New Ideas for Your 2013 Marketing Plan
    So give them what they want: videos, graphical eBooks or infographics that add value in a dynamic, interactive and colorful way. What tactics will get you the best results in 2013? Here are six new marketing ideas for increased success in the coming year. When you write your marketing plan for next year, keep in mind that much has changed. Read my previous post, If There’s One Thing Constant About Marketing, It’s Change.)
  • CONTENTLY  |  TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2016
    [Interactive] 4 Ways to Make Friends With Legal and Get Content Out Faster
    Interactions are quick and pleasant instead of slow and painful. It’s difficult to find a more frustrated person than a junior marketer or account manager responsible for motivating another department. It’s like a Navy SEAL endurance course, except with anxiety instead of sandbags. The creative team misses their deadline; the strategy department shows up late to every meeting; and oh god, the design team needs to update every asset with a new font again.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 6, 2015
    [Interactive] 7 Quick Ways to Free Up More Time in Your Day
    This flexible, interactive project management app provides users with an organized way to keep track of their tasks, while making it easy to collaborate, communicate, and assign projects to different members. When life gets stressful, there's one quote that I always like to remember: "You have the same number of hours in the day as Beyoncé.". As true as that saying may be, most of us still come up short in terms of the time and resources we need to cross tasks off our list.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 1, 2014
    [Interactive] Facebook, OkCupid, and the Ethics of Online Social Experiments
    Facebook ran tests to see if they could affect users'' emotions, and OkCupid ran tests mismatching users to see if they would interact with each other differently. Changing a ''Buy'' button to a ''Buy Now'' button will influence how people interact with your shopping website," says Ritzenthaler. "It Recently two different social websites admitted they ran experiments on users who had no idea they were being experimented on.
  • PUREB2B  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 11, 2017
    [Interactive] Are You Managing Your Leads Effectively?
    Businesses can also track a customer’s complete history of interactions and engagement. When interacting with your prospects, lead them to a targeted landing page instead of your homepage. Some businesses think that slow returns and stagnant revenue are due to not having enough leads. But in reality, poor lead management is often the true culprit. According to a recent study , more than 80% of generated leads are lost, discarded, or ignored.
    [Interactive] The 7 B2B Sins of Social Media Ignorance
    It’s basically a technology-facilitated version of human interaction. by Andrew Moravick | Tweet this What holds back b2b companies from tapping into social media? All too often, it’s the rampant misconception that social media may work well for consumer-facing businesses, but not for the b2b sector. And that misconception is often the result of one or several of what I call the 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media Ignorance. Here’s what they are and how you can purge yourself of them. Pride. “We’ve
    [Interactive] The night the claustrophobic giant pangolins earned their freedom: collaboration in B2B marketing
    Recently for Earnest, however, it was literally that, as half of the office spent an evening at clueQuest , an interactive game where people choose to be locked in a tiny room and solve puzzles to escape within a one hour time limit. “Trapped, like a trap in a trap.” – Dorothy Parker.
    [Interactive] Pinterest Analytics
    You can determine which pins and boards people interact with most, and what appears most in search results. Top boards show you which of your boards have had the highest interaction — or pin impressions — in the last 30 days. From creative ideas to genius life hacks, Pinterest is a social networking site where users post and share — or pin — pictures.
    [Interactive] Content Marketing Delivers Lead Insight to Sales
    Marketing is able to provide this lead insight to sales by tracking visitor interactions and by monitoring the kinds of content they read and/or download. It is true that industrial buyers are more in charge of the buying process today than ever before. Even though the process of buying industrial products and services has not changed much over the years, how industrial buyers prefer to go through their buying cycle has changed dramatically.
    [Interactive] How Inbound Marketing Aligns With the New Purchase Loop
    Your product being the best choice for their needs -- needs which you've gotten to know over the course of your interactions with them -- leads to a purchase of your product. In 1898, Elias St. Elmo Lewis developed the Purchase Funnel, the now familiar pathway customers travel from consideration to purchase. There are four steps in the process that have always been integral to every CMO's approach to marketing: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action. The Purchase Funnel.
    [Interactive] 20 Content Marketing Tools to Rely on From Start to Finish
    If a question has a high interaction rate on Quora, it’s likely a topic of interest across the industry. When used effectively, content marketing can help build your brand, attract new business, support SEO initiatives, and improve your reputation across the industry. However, truly impactful content strategies require some very hard work and dedication. Thankfully, there are many online marketing tools available that can help to save time and bring strategies to the next level.
    [Interactive] 10 Essential B2B Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Professional Services Firm
    A recent study on referral marketing has found that 17% of expertise-based referrals are made on the basis of interactions on social media. Your CRM serves as the database for all the information you collect about opportunities and clients, including specific interactions with them.
    [Interactive] Facebook Launches Page Manager App for Android, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week
    And according to MediaPost, 70% of all interactions on social media sites now involve pictures. These pictures are interactive, and they create an experience for fans and followers. Now that 2013 is here, there's a lot to think about to help you kick your marketing year off strong. So many new concepts, ideas, trends, and technologies have emerged over the last year and are becoming more and more important for marketers today.
    [Interactive] Announcing the 2016 Stackies to be awarded at MarTech
    Since I am a co-founder at ion interactive , we sadly aren’t eligible to win a Stackie. “The idea of the ribbons — the orange, blue, and green pipes that run through multiple stages of the buyer’s journey — was to represent the three main tools we use across the lifecycle of prospects and customers: (1) ion’s own interactive content platform, which is frequently embedded in our website, (2) our marketing automation platform, and (3) our CRM.
  • KAPOST  |  TUESDAY, JULY 5, 2016
    [Interactive] In the Minds of Marketers: A Benchmark and Trends Report on B2B Marketing Content
    When asked about their influencer strategy, specifically, how they target and interact with influencers to boost content performance , 43% said they have a small network of influencers, with whom they engage inconsistently, and have gained little traction. A mere 2% have a mature influencer program–which means a staffed influencer program that ranks influencers by topics, solicits interaction and links, and tracks performance. What’s going on in the minds of B2B marketers?
  • WRITTENT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 20, 2014
    [Interactive] 17 Content Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye On
    Interactive Content. Nowadays, marketers are meeting that need by creating interactive content (the KISSmetrics quizzes , for example) that capture their audience’s attention. Content marketing — like any other type of online marketing — is continually changing and evolving. Meaning, if your content campaign today looks just like it did in ‘07, then it isn’t as effective as it was in 2007.
    [Interactive] Marketing and Artificial Intelligence: Make Your Job Robot-Proof
    By extracting insights from both structured or unstructured data, AI empowers brands to produce more enhanced and personalized interactions with buyers. Author: Jacob Shama “Hey, Siri! Find the nearest sushi restaurant.”. New technologies are emerging and showing up in our everyday lives at a rapid rate.
    [Interactive] How to Build Your Video Marketing Strategy Like It’s Hollywood
    So it’s no wonder that with the growth of technology, we’ve found a hundred and one new ways to create, share, and interact with a medium that used to be constrained by reels of film and pounds of celluloid. “Work in the movies,” they said. “You’ll be a star.” ” Films, flickers, talkies, cinema—whatever the name or the century, from the moment it was first recorded, people have always loved video.
    [Interactive] Top 10 Marketing Techniques for Professional Services
    By choosing (or organizing) the show strategically, you keep your cost-per-interaction low, engaging closely but also efficiently with many potential clients in a short span of time. Online video allows for many of the benefits of face-to-face interaction. How can professional services firms raise their reputation and visibility in the marketplace? The answers aren’t the same as they used to be.
    [Interactive] How To Increase Customer Loyalty And Revenue
    Businesses should realize that free items and room upgrades aren’t the only reasons customers interact so eagerly with loyalty programs. Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of John Rampton , entrepreneur, author and contributing writer for Forbes,, Inc., and The Huffington Post. Customer loyalty is a top priority for many brands. Acquiring new customers is costly, requiring an additional expenditure of marketing costs.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 2014
    [Interactive] 5 simple steps to increase your online visibility
    It’s not about you during online interactions. Building your personal brand takes a lot of hard work and dedication. One of the most difficult aspects, and yet perhaps the most important in this digital age, is increasing your online visibility. Once you have your website and blog in place, your next step is to direct people toward them. What good are they if no one is reading?
    [Interactive] Digital Marketing: The 7 Essential Channels
    There’s another reason to love digital marketing – it gives you the ability to see how audiences interact with your brand and react to your marketing. As is the case with all digital advertising, paid search campaigns can be optimized in real time based on how audiences interact with your ads. However, unlike traditional advertising, digital advertising comes in several different forms such as banner ads, video ads, interactive ads, and rich media ads.
  • MARKETRI  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 27, 2013
    [Interactive] Expert Blogger Shares Secrets to Success: Wit & Wisdom
    But, I jumped right in, and once I started to blog I began paying more attention to other bloggers and interacting with them, leaving them comments and sharing information. But, I jumped right in, and once I started to blog I began paying more attention to other bloggers and interacting with them, leaving them comments and sharing information. As a marketing manager, I coach my professional services clients on the ins and outs of blogging, including its countless benefits.
    [Interactive] Zaius Offers Mid-Market Customer Data Platform Plus Analytics and Campaigns
    Zaius assigns events to sessions after they are linked to unified identities, so one session can include interactions across several channels. It wasn’t until the end of a long demonstration that I finally understood what Zaius is. Which is pretty ironic, since they’re an almost perfect example of a Customer Data Platform – that is, a system that assembles customer data from multiple systems and makes it available for marketing and analytics.
    [Interactive] The CIO and Social Media: Embracing Change
    Because we encourage collaboration and interaction on social channels, we created a company-wide social media policy to guide company communications. Author: Greg Higham Seventy-five percent of Fortune 500 companies have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts, according to a recent study from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.
    [Interactive] Meet the New ‘Status Quo’: Personalized, Customized User Experiences
    Organizations across a variety of industries are increasingly viewing hyper-personalized interactions with their website visitors as a key core competency. Author: Frank Passantino As any marketer can tell you, the nature of commerce has dramatically changed in the last decade – in fact, it’s changed a lot in the last year. One of those changes is that customers and prospects expect more highly customized experiences of your products and services than ever before.
    [Interactive] 3 Quick Wins to Improve Your Nonprofit's Website
    Part real estate, part use case, the ways visitors interact with a mobile site are very different than a desktop site. Not every marketing success comes from a big campaign. When you're a nonprofit operating under budget constraints, big campaigns aren't always even an option. Sometimes, it's the little tweaks that can yield a boost in results. In some cases, the tweaks correct an issue that's been holding your website back.
  • PUREB2B  |  SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2016
    [Interactive] 30 Terms Every Sales and Marketing Professional Should Know
    This refers to the practices, strategies, and technological solutions used to manage customer interactions with a brand. This refers to the amount of interaction received by a brand, usually in social media. The marketing field is always evolving and to succeed, every marketing professional needs to keep up with the latest in industry trends, including its ever-expanding glossary. Marketers are naturally good at talking the talk; it’s kind of in our job description.
    [Interactive] How These 3 Companies Built Content-Enabled Campaigns: Paycor, Blackbaud, SnapApp
    When Paycor , a multi-service software solution, wanted to drive buyers through their funnel, boost first-time appointments, and increase revenue, they looked to interactive content to help them reach their goals. . When the Paycor team looked back at the revenue produced from digital marketing between May and July, they found that a whopping 23% came from these interactive materials. . Interactive Content for Leads at Different Stages. .
    [Interactive] Are You Falling Out of Love with Your Blog?
    But most of all, I look forward to the greatly interactive and welcoming community on {grow}. But most of all, I look forward to the greatly interactive and welcoming community on {grow}. By Amber Osborne, {grow] Contributing Columnist. When I started blogging many years ago, I looked up to other amazing bloggers out there who generated massive amounts of content. I would get emails from them daily with their beautifully written, descriptive and well-thought-out blog posts.
    [Interactive] 6 Cross-Channel Marketing Obstacles and How to Overcome Them
    A lack of a clearly defined strategy (21%) and lack of resources (20%) were the main reasons cited for the failure to deliver well-orchestrated cross-channel interactions. Cross-channel marketing is a big win for B2B marketers—and winning is always sweeter when you’ve overcome obstacles. Here are some of them. Most marketers would agree the mediasphere has shattered into a million splinters—along with our audiences’ attention.
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