Stitching Intent Data into Your Sales Strategy


Today, we’re talking through the buying journey and intent data – from the perspective of my true-life example of buying a sewing machine for my fiancée. I’m just trying to understand who the vendors are. Step 3: Vendor selection and elimination.

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Using Intent Analysis to Tailor Programmatic Ads


Intent analysis should do more than just show whether or not an account is in-market. Such a simplistic, boolean decision forces you to decide when and how to execute a marketing strategy in response to building intent momentum.

10 Unintentional Intent Signal Mistakes to Avoid, Part Two


Welcome to the second part of our blog on avoiding intent signal mistakes. From an intuitive perspective, this may seem like an extremely negative statistic – but actually, thanks to intent signals, this is pretty good news. Apply intent signals at every stage of the funnel.

The Content-Ready Buyer Persona

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Recently, Cintell was a proud sponsor of a Marketo webinar with Ardath Albee on the topic of content marketing and buyer personas. What’s more, 75% of buyers believe vendors give them too much material to sort through, 62% of which is considered useless (Forrester).

SD Summit 2019: Keep ABM Weird with Intent


SiriusDecisions held 19 sessions focused on ABM at Summit this year, and dozens of vendors on the show floor latched onto ABM-related messaging. While the novelty of ABM is wearing off, SD Summit kept ABM weird and fresh in Austin this year by bringing in intent.

Intent Data Improves Sales Reps Onboarding and Retention


Research in Intent Data Can Help. Intent data reflects buyer behavior today which allows new sales people to react to pending deals immediately. vendor comparisons) and build other funnel skill sets in logical order.

Using Buyer Intent to Drive Your Marketing Efforts


If you’re familiar with the B2B buyer’s journey , then your business may benefit further from understanding the age-old but somehow underutilized concept of buyer intent. Buyer intent comes down to knowing what makes a great lead. So, What Is Buyer Intent? Using Buyer Intent.

Benefits Of Using Intent Data For B2B Marketing


At a minimum, your job will entail defining buyer personas , creating timely and relevant content, performing market analysis, and creating stable conversion pipelines. This is where intent data comes into play. Read on, and find out how to leverage intent data to its full extent.

7 Intent Signal Successes: How to Take Demand Gen to the Next Level


From B2B to B2B2C, businesses of all kinds benefit from the insights and information available from buyer intent signals. Here are seven stories of intent success. Success #1 – Extreme Networks – Intent-based leads drive triple-digit sales appointments.

Buyer Personas: The Missing Piece of Your SEO Strategy


In today’s blog post we explain why buyer personas are a critical—but often missing—element of your SEO strategy. What is a buyer persona? Buyer personas are created using quantitative analysis, market research, anecdotal observations, and many other data sources.

How to Drive More Sales with Intent Data


One method that continues to pique interest is Intent Data. But it’s clear to me that the most fundamental problem is this: the majority of B2B professionals still don’t actually know what Intent Data is! So, what is intent data? Are you leveraging intent data?

3 Steps to Applying Your Personas to Segmentation

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You have spent months creating your list of personas. How do you actually humanize these personas, find them in the marketplace, and target them appropriately? The answer lies in using technology to create segments, and tailor your marketing to each persona by assigning it a segment.

How to Leverage Social Intent Data for Email Marketing

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Your prospects are bombarded with pitches from different vendors. We created separate nurtures tracks based on industry and buyer personas, and we have learned a lot of lessons along the way. To implement real-time, intent-based email marketing, you need intent data.

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Looking Outside In: Know Your Buyer First


In it, the use of buyer personas was explored and surprisingly only 44% of enterprise B2B organizations use buyer personas as part of their Demand Generation planning. Demographic information is critical for most marketers using buyer personas according to the ANNUITAS research.

Plan for the Social Buyer Before It’s Too Late

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  An even more profound and sobering fact is that 80% of business buyers today say that they found their vendors as opposed to vendors finding them.  Using Context for Social Buyer Persona Strategy ( Image via Wikipedia.

Looking Outside In: Know Your Buyers First


In it, the use of buyer personas was explored and surprisingly only 44% of enterprise B2B organizations use buyer personas as part of their Demand Generation planning. Demographic information is critical for most marketers using buyer personas according to the ANNUITAS research.

The 7 Proven Steps and the 3 Biggest Myths of ABM

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2 –Identify people : Fill out these accounts and buying contacts for key personas based on your ideal buyer profiles. In our updated guide to Account Based Marketing , I’ve laid out a map containing all of the ABM vendors and the category in which they belong.

Jewel, a CFO and 2,500 B2B Marketers Walk Into a Room…


Last week in Las Vegas, we were 2,500 B2B marketers, 99 vendors, numerous sales people and two CFOs (yes – I found another one there!) As the CFO of a software company, the prospect of attending a three-day B2B marketing conference can be daunting. Where do I fit in amid a sea of marketers? Fortunately, the SiriusDecisions 2017 Summit had a little bit of everything for everyone.

Leader of the Pack! Forrester Wave Results Revealed for Predictive Marketing


The Forrester Wave ranks all the vendors in four categories: the leaders are first. Oh, and PS – you can compare 6sense to other vendors here too. Forrester has just released The Forrester Wave TM : Predictive Marketing Analytics for B2B Marketers, Q2 2017. In the first report of its kind for the predictive marketing analytics space, Forrester named 6sense a leader among predictive analytics providers.

The Next-Generation SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall: A Framework to Prioritize In-Market Buyers


Cisco: achieved a 3x higher MQL to SQL conversion rate than any other campaign ever run, 5x higher average opportunity size and 13x more pipeline than three other intent vendors combined. If you’re heading to SiriusDecisions Summit next week, one of the can’t-miss analyst keynotes will be Kerry Cunningham and Terry Flaherty ’s unveiling of the Next-Generation Demand Waterfall.

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My Journey from What If to What’s Next


In 2013, Forrester released a Forrester Wave report (aka Forrester’s evaluation of vendors in a software, hardware or services market) in the Identity and Access Management space for the cloud. This year, identity in the cloud was merged with access management, which includes all large IT vendors: Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and CA Technologies.). The whole world is going digital – and companies everywhere must adapt to compete. No industry is immune.

Lead Nurturing: 5 Useful Tactics to Get More Opportunities

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During this stage, you’ll share content to help progress them from interest towards purchase intent. ” The goal of lead nurturing is to help progress leads from initial interest toward purchase intent.

5 Things Your Business Must Consider About Outsourcing Customer Research


Keeping with this metaphor, many marketers choose to enlist the help of a personal trainer when it comes to buyer persona or related customer research. These consultants have led the evangelism of buyer personas for years now – in fact, two of the industry’s best are on our board of advisors as we build technology meant to better enable buyer understanding. Understand the difference between a well-developed, well-researched persona, and a sketch.

In Defense of Demand Generation in the Age of ABM

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To be successful, we’re told, ABM requires a deep understanding of one’s target audience (including personas and buying centers), an abundance of personalized, relevant content, and success metrics that align with specific, quantitative goals and even buying stages.

How To Define A Content Mapping Strategy


Keep Your Personas Top Of Mind. Your buyer personas are generalised, fictional representations of your ideal customers. Keeping your persona audience in mind will ensure your marketing campaigns have the best chance of success, by resonating with their specific needs and interests.

How to Choose the Right Predictive Analytics Tool for Account-Based Marketing


” What to Look for in a Vendor. Most predictive analytics vendors make use of multiple data points to help “feed” the models and forecast potential high-value accounts. Research Vendors.

Is it Time to Add Chatbots to Your Demand Generation Engine?

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Martech vendors in the space, notably Drift , are elevating the concept of chatbots to something called “conversational marketing,” the notion that chatbots enable B2B marketers to replicate the consumer experience by providing an immediate, real-time, personalized conversation – at scale.

How to Audit and Beef Up Your Lead Gen Strategy Using Content

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Step 1: Make Sure Your Personas Are Your Top Priority. Whether you’re auditing specific conversion paths, or reviewing the full scope of your lead generation strategy, understanding your personas is critical to your success. Consider a Persona Refresh.

How To Measure Account-Based Marketing In 7 Easy Steps


Step 4: Assess Account & Persona Development. It’s also necessary to regularly update your buyer persona profiles, which will enable you to better target specific decision-makers within your target accounts. For fast insight into your ideal customers, track personas in a worksheet.

Netline Launches Audience Explorer for Quantifying Content Consumption


The marketers are asked to enter the details about their target audience (the persona they want to target). Features such as ‘Trending Topics & Buyer Research Stream’ provide information about the type of content being consumed by a specific persona in real-time.

Evolution not Revolution: The Future of Marketing Automation

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As an organisation trying to run integrated ABM, you'll probably have to choose: a data vendor, a predictive vendor for account targeting, maybe a 3rd party data vendor for anonymous account profiles, and then display partners — phew!

Magpies and 4 Other Things I Heard at the Inaugural SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange #SDTechX


and while I encourage the intention of this, it has the potential to be completely dangerous. And to be honest, as one of the many vendors vying for the mind share of marketers, I’m prone to agree and try to respect this in my own sales demos and marketing campaigns. Takeaway 3: The world of personas is ready for an infusion of technology. We’ll write a full recap of how Oracle operationalizes personas in a future post. Think of personas as static, unusable documents?

To Generate Pristine Data, Lock Down Your Buying Group


Define your personas. Incorporate new pockets of demand and personas until sales stops coming back with adjustments. I call these air-cover programs: paid search, technical SEO, and intent marketing.

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Creating and Putting to Work an ABM Target Account List

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In getting started, a useful perspective is the frequently cited FIRE checkpoints: Fit, Intent, Recency, and Engagement. What we need to hence define is a target “persona” of a firm.

The (Almost) Lost Art of Listening in Demand Generation


Julian Treasure , an author and speaker on conscious listening says a major obstacle to listening is a common tendency to filter and judge others’ talk based on pre-existing assumptions, expectations and intentions. Marketers talk. A lot. Well, a lot of us do.

The 11 Best Content Marketing, SMO, and Marketing Performance Management Tools


Pricing: contact vendor for quote. Pricing: contact vendor for quote. Pricing: contact vendor for quote. Pricing: contact vendor for quote. Pricing: contact vendor for quote.

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All CMOs are Planning to Increase New Customer Acquisition: How Predictive Can Help


If you have been following the predictive space, you may have heard about intent data. In short, intent data is collected via cookies from search engines, communities, media sites, blogs, forums, etc. about a web user that make show some intention or future action.