Intent Data: Beyond the MQL

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In a previous post, I gave a few examples of how to optimize the use of MQL’s as a starting point for qualifying opportunities. One of the more fundamental roles (and there are quite a few roles) Intent data plays is to help you see what accounts are researching when they are not on your site.

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The Significance Of MQL For A B2B Marketer

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As a result, it’s no wonder that most marketers emphasize only on generating as many leads as possible especially when it comes to lead generation rather than employing MQL. Must Read: Is MQL Dead? How To Asses MQL? Determine whether behaviors reflect intent or interest.

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What Is MQL & SQL and How Do They Differ?

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A marketing qualified lead (MQL) is one who has acquired a piece of content or connected with your marketing team but has not yet approached your sales funnel. What Exactly Is A MQL? MQL Vs. SQL: How Do They Differ? Difference Between MQL & SQL. Must Read: Is MQL Dead?

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How to Fix your MQL Problem


Is it getting more difficult to reach your MQL goals? If you can identify with any of these challenges, then you my friend have an MQL problem on your hands and need to fix it. When leads aren’t viable, salespeople waste time talking to unqualified leads, and marketers waste time trying to hit MQL goals when they could be running campaigns that help grow pipeline and drive revenue. At the end of the day, fixing your MQL problem requires you to ditch it altogether.

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How Decisional Intelligence increases MQL Conversions


All of this information can be gathered through utilizing predictive analytics, intent, and decisional intelligence to collect and modify your data. A mindset and challenge that was once fulfilled through intent data; predictive analytics has substantially increased the number of insights you can gather from one lead. The post How Decisional Intelligence increases MQL Conversions appeared first on PureB2B.

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What is a Good MQL Conversion Rate? Who cares?


As results-focused marketers, it’s natural to wonder whether you are crushing competition or falling behind with your MQL conversion rate. This is especially true for marketers who spend their days working hard to hit rising MQL targets, that somehow don’t seem pacify the frustration coming from sales departments. Even if your MQL to SQL conversion is on par with industry averages, or even a few percentage points above, sales teams are still going to be frustrated.

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PureB2B Launches PurePredict: Multi-Source Intent Data.


PurePredict aggregates and analyzes three layers of intent data – contact-level intent, domain-level consumption trends, and company-level social media intent triggers to provide more accurate in-market buying predictions.

Intent Data Limitations: Context is Key

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A cornerstone of Aberdeen’s methods is something you’ve been hearing about: Buyer intent data. This refers to information we capture about online research conducted by actual buyers who emit a discernible purchase intent signal. In a post on Leadspace’s blog , Ari Soffer explores the limits of intent data that you should be aware of. Cut The Hype: When Intent Data Shines — And When it Doesn’t. But with the right context, intent data is immensely valuable.

Banish the MQL? Four Fears and Five Breakthroughs from B2B CMOs

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The topic: Let’s say in your next job, the CEO banished the venerable marketing qualified lead (MQL). Watch and manage the body of work a prospect engages in to more accurately track and ascribe value to their true intent? The post Banish the MQL?

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Intent Data: The Backbone of Effective Account Scoring


Effective B2B marketing teams have always scored leads, often with statuses like Marketing Qualified (MQL), Sales Accepted, and BANT. Account Scoring in ABM with Intent Data. Efficiency and Accuracy with Intent-Based Account Scoring.

Ins And Outs Of B2B Intent Data Explained

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Enter Intent Data. Over time, B2C marketing has moved away from probability driven marketing to intent data-driven marketing. Intent data utilizes recency, frequency and engagement data to gauge intent. Sources Of Intent Data. They are; First Party Intent Data.

Buyer Intent May Be There, But is it the Right Fit?

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Confirming buyer intent matters. Even if the lead you’re handing to Sales has high intent to purchase, they won’t be a viable lead if you don’t serve their industry or can’t meet their needs. However, if Marketing can ascertain the prospect has intent to purchase and expressed that their needs and goals fit what your organization provides, you have a qualified lead to give to Sales. In an EverString blog post titled, “ Why Should I Care About Fit & Intent ?”,

MQLs: The Beginning of the End and the End of the Beginning

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So why isn’t the MQL evolving to meet modern expectations? How can we get traditional market and sales organizations to start recognizing the EV equivalents of the MQL on our way to something better? Right now, the MQL is hurting organizations in many ways.

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MQL vs. SQL: How Marketers Should Define and Qualify Leads


At the heart of this matter is the topic: What’s the best way to define an MQL vs. an SQL? Sign up and try Leadfeeder free for 14 days to see company details, behavioral buying intent signals, and more. The Multitudes Contained Within “MQL” The criteria used to define sales qualified leads (SQLs) are usually a very specific set of filters that deem a company worthy of account executives and the sales team pursuing.

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Marketing with Intent to Solve Problems, Not Just Sell a Product

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In marketing and sales, if everything was a nail and Intent data was a hammer, life would be so much easier and we could all go golfing or whatever your golf equivalent is. Unfortunately, using intent data and behavioral signals requires just a bit more data science and work to make it all come together nicely. To put it bluntly, sellers of Intent data by the pound have oversimplified what the data represents to the point where it can be fairly unusable and irrelevant.

How To Become An Expert At Generating MQLs!

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Some businesses may use lead scoring to determine how suitable a MQL is to be passed on to the sales team. This score reflects buyer intent and aids marketers in delivering higher-quality leads to their sales teams. Must Read: The Significance Of MQL For A B2B Marketer.

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3 Alternatives to Email That Drive As Many MQLs (Or More)

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It was filled with tips and tricks that are useful for marketers everywhere who are looking to take their strategy to the next level — specifically three intent-driven alternatives to email that are just as (if not more) effective. Utilizing quality intent data gives marketers clear visibility into the customer journey, ridding marketers of any sort of trial-and-error and offering: The ability to capture a broad set of behavior data.

Using Buying Intent To Transform Marketing & Sales


To learn more about behaviour based marketing and how predictive analytics can transform marketing and sales strategies, Strategic IC are partnering with Cyance on 14th November for a breakfast event discussing Intent-Driven, Intelligent ABM. Specifically, as technology has evolved, it is now possible to leverage intent-data to create buyer behaviour focussed strategies across sales and marketing. How Does Behavioural Intent Data Tie Into Inbound and Account-Based Marketing?

How to Recognize and Respond to Buying Signals (and Close More Deals!)


Buying signals in sales combine verbal cues and intent data, positioning your team to tailor prospect-focused communications. Given that nearly 90% of pre-purchase research is done on the internet, this online content consumption is a significant signal for understanding buyer intent.

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The Proof Is in the Revenue. How Does Your Intent Data Compare?


Using key metrics within the sales funnel is one good way to determine the effectiveness of intent data. Astute marketers know that high quality data produces higher click through rates, higher MQL and SAL rates, which in turn reduces the cost of sales. Not All Intent Data Is the Same.

Intent Data: The Secret to Creating Killer Lead Generation Campaigns


Demand Generation Powered By Intent. As one of the initial architects of intent data technology , True Influence uses intent monitoring to target in-market contacts. Big Data, and Predictive Analytics and Intent Data, Oh My. The cynical among us may be tempted to ask, “Is intent data a marketing fad?” What makes intent data different? In a nutshell, that’s exactly what the promise of intent data delivers. Intent Data 4-1-1.

How Intelligent Content Syndication Can Generate High Intent MQLs

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You have to be accountable for generating leads and filling quotas, and there’s pressure from above and from sales and finance—all looking to you to generate high intent MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads). And that’s how you can generate high-intent marketing qualified leads !

The rise of the intent lead


Intent data helps overcome that issue. Intent data is information collected about a company’s digital activity to provide insight into their buying intent and research behaviour. Intent data is by no means a new phenomenon. What is an intent lead?

Avoiding the Blind Spot for Marketing and Sales Qualified Leads


Because of the fact that lead qualification – from marketing qualified lead (MQL) to sales qualified lead (SQL) – encompasses more than “fit.” We will dive into the difference between the MQL and SQL, focus on the lead qualification blockage, and how to find those lost leads. .

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InsideView Takes Buyer Intent Data to the Next Level


We’re excited to announce today that we’ve integrated Bombora’s Company Surge® intent data into our world class B2B data and intelligence platform. This takes buyer intent data to the next level in several ways. No need to settle for inferior solutions to get integrated intent data.

4 Ways that Marketers Frustrate Sales and How to Adapt

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But many MQLs aren’t actually showing purchase intent. Instead, you have a system of scoring for things like content downloads, website visits, and demo requests that may not accurately predict intent. Rather than forcing your MQL system to work, you need to find a way to speak the same language as sales. Using Intent Data to Avoid Sales Frustration. Quality intent data is the key to getting on the same page with your sales team.

How to Assess the Relevancy of 3rd Party Intent Data


Now, savvy marketers are turning to intent data to listen to their target audience. What is Intent Data? Intent data is time-based, information collected about a person’s activities which tell you the topics they are showing interest in or researching. Intent data can help you keep the pulse on your target audience at every stage of the buying journey. Although the conceptual value of intent data is compelling, the solutions market is still maturing.

Swapping MQLs for Intent Data Could Ease Your Marketing Troubles, as seen on Toolbox | Marketing


Marketers might feel the familiar Marketing-Qualified Leads (MQL) is the best way to generate revenue during this time of economic uncertainty. As marketing leaders, we can’t jeopardize our own team’s success by relying on the outdated MQL. Marketers might feel the familiar MQL is the best way to generate revenue during this time of economic uncertainty. If an MQL-based strategy wasn’t working before all of this, it definitely won’t work now.

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When Companies Research the Things That Need What You Sell (But Not the Things That You Sell)

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In marketing and sales, if everything was a nail and Intent data was a hammer, life would be so much easier and we could all go golfing or whatever your golf equivalent is. Are not even researching in the category of what your intent vendor thinks your product/solution represents.

How to Uncover Buying Intent at Every Stage in the Buyer Journey


Marketers have more data than ever to study prospects and predict buying intent. But low MQL conversion rates suggest marketers haven’t turned that data into reliable intent predictions. Find out how marketers can accurately assess where prospects are in their buying process, and uncover actionable buying intent in the webinar below. Why behavioral data is only a proxy for buyer intent. Which approaches work to uncover buying intent at each buying stage.

How to Leverage Social Intent Data for Email Marketing


In the past six months at Socedo, we’ve shifted our email marketing strategy from persona-driven campaigns to intent-driven campaigns. This shift to intent-driven email campaigns has helped us dramatically increase our email performance and opportunity creation rates. In this blog post, I’ll explain why an intent-based email marketing strategy is effective and how you can create successful email campaigns from social intent data: What Is Intent-Based Email Marketing?

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The Evolution of Agile Lead Generation


Having a high number of fatigued and tired leads creates for a major decline in MQL conversions, resulting in repetitive marketing activities and ultimately a waste of time. Lead Generation Demand Generation MQLThe Marketing Qualified Lead Dilemma.

The Evolution of Agile Lead Generation


Having a high number of fatigued and tired leads creates for a major decline in MQL conversions, resulting in repetitive marketing activities and ultimately a waste of time. Lead Generation Demand Generation MQLThe Marketing Qualified Lead Dilemma.

Why You Should Be Investing In MQLs Given The Current Pandemic?

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Intent data (actions that prospects take on your website). As you consider what defines an MQL for you now, ask yourself, has my buyer persona changed? Marketing Blog MQL LeadsIntroduction.

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MQLs vs HQLs – Valuing, Pricing and Deciding Which One to Buy?

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These include using first party intent data or third party intent data. First party intent data is basically the information that they gather from their interactions with prospects, visitors, and customers across varying digital platforms like company websites, social media, and emails.

4 Common Lead Scoring Snags – How To Fix Them!


Are those behaviors really an indicator of buyer intent? The Problem: Conversions from MQL to SAL are low and many of the leads passed onto sales are actually disqualified. Establishing rules that only allow leads to advance to MQL stage once every six months can help as well. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this You have a problem. Your marketing team’s lead scoring efforts have hit a snag. Sales is receiving too many “tire-kickers.”

How To Convert MQLs to SQLs With Sales and Marketing Alignment In 2021

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They are very much aware of their needs and join your mailing list with a very specific intention like accessing gated content like white papers, ebooks and high level articles. Marketing Blog MQL LeadsIntroduction.

Check out the New PureB2B Website


It is so fun to be in the middle of this transition – watching our customers accelerate their sales processes, building products to help buyers and sellers come together more effectively and efficiently, and learning new things every day about data, intent and how behavior today can predict buying in the future. Our MQL product line offers ways to generate more highly qualified leads and drive immediate ROI.

How To Raise Your Marketing Funnel From The Dead


The actual consumption of content, something we call Engaged Intent , tells you everything you need to know about why prospects are or aren’t progressing to the next stage in their journey and allows you to serve the best class of leads to your sales team. Best Practices Demand Generation Lead Nurturing demand gen engagement data forms funnel acceleration funnel conversion MQLDrip…drip…drip. What’s that sound? Could it be? It’s…it’s leads disappearing out of the funnel!

Better Together: How to Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams for Success


Within your typical martech stack, you have a CRM, marketing automation, sales enablement tools, web chat, and maybe even intent data or predictive analytics. It all starts with coming together on the basics, which is to examine what each team defines as a marketing qualified lead (MQL), sales qualified lead (SQL), and sales accepted lead (SAL). Blog B2B Lead Generation marketing MQL SAL sales sales and marketing alignment Sales Enablement SQL