4 Tips For Effective Landing Page Design


Picture just a blank white web page with a form to fill out, and basic text that reads “Fill out form for [insert offer here].”. Technically speaking, that could count as a landing page. What Is A Landing Page? Why Is Landing Page Design Important?

10 Principles of Effective Landing Page Optimization

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You can learn a lot from a company’s landing pages. First of all: Do they have any landing pages at all? Even a few years ago, only 67 percent of medium-sized companies used any landing pages (!). And only 48 percent built a new landing page for each marketing campaign. Even now, you only have to click a few online ads to find a company that’s still sending traffic to a generic page. Lesson learned: Traffic matters for landing pages.


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3 Tips for Getting More Value from Your Landing Pages


A marketer’s job isn’t done once a visitor converts on a landing page. Even the landing page itself has more work to do before we can start giving ourselves a high-five for scoring a conversion. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all landing page.

Back to Basics: What is a Landing Page and How Do They Work?

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Converting visitors into leads is the first step in creating a relationship between your company and a potential customer — and everything you need to know about what landing pages are and how they work is right here. What is a Landing Page. Building a Great Landing Page.

SEO Best Practices for Landing Page Optimization


Optimizing the landing pages isn’t an overnight task. Employing the SEO best practices for Landing Page optimization (LPO) optimizes the landing pages for search engines – assimilating features that make the pages particularly appealing to the algorithms.

13 Landing Page Best Practices to Help You Make a Mark on the Internet


If you’re wondering how to start leveraging the full force of the internet in your favor, you need to know two words: Landing Pages. What are landing pages? Landing pages are hosted web pages where new visitors and existing members of your audience can learn what your brand offers. With landing pages, visitors have the chance to subscribe to your content and/or product in exchange for an email address. How to use landing pages.

Enrich B2B Content Marketing with Intent Data and AI


Intent data and AI help your B2B content stand out from the clutter and noise online today, but users have no tolerance for information that adds zero value. Brands also recognize that intent data and AI help them do this. . 2 – Landing page conversions.

Intent-driven Blogging: Lead Generation for B2B Marketers


Blogging remains a basic piece of most content marketing strategies, and intent-driven blogging for lead generation takes it to the next level. Intent intelligence lets you know what buyers think is useful. Use existing assets and landing pages when referring to additional content.

10 Unintentional Intent Signal Mistakes to Avoid, Part One


Now, Intent Signals are neither new or a fad. History and experience have established that Intent Signals are a viable demand generation strategy. Savvy B2B sales and marketing teams must put Intent Signals in relative context by using other data factors that may or may not include psychographic, geographic, and firmographic information. To be fair, the thirst for Intent Signals is certainly easy to understand. Is this even a useful indication of intent?

9 Tools for Creating Effective Facebook Video Ads that Convert

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As a result, your ROI will be higher. So if you want to get more plays and generate the highest ROI, you should create multiple thumbnails and then A/B test them to see which one performs best. Less content in the videos convinces people to visit the landing page to learn more.

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4 Ways to Enhance Content Marketing with Buyer Intent


In 2021, as organizations get ready to recover from the pandemic, focus on what really matters, and this is where intent data comes into the picture. . Intent data is the secret weapon marketers were missing, and leveraging it will help them create personalized marketing campaigns.

Intent data reference guide: Intent terms and definitions for B2B marketers


Interested in intent data for B2B demand generation , ABM, content syndication, or some other strategy? Here are some intent signal phrases and definitions you should know. Speak the language of intent data. Hence, their intent is inferred.

How to Boost the ROI of PPC Campaigns With Targeted Optins


In this post, we’ll show you how to boost the ROI of PPC campaigns by using targeted optins on your site. According to Google AdWords and other major PPC networks, an acceptable popup is a type of graphic that appears within the landing page instead of opening in a new browser window.

3 Ways Intent Data Maximizes Digital Ad Performance

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By using intent data effectively, you can maximize ad performance and drive business results. There are three specific ways that intent data can increase ad performance and keep you from wasting marketing resources. Investing in third-party intent data helps you gain insight into the topics and websites that your ideal customers are interested in. Using intent data to improve your topic choices gives you an opportunity to change that display advertising narrative.

Intent-Based Marketing Cloud: Holistic Platform for Integrated Marketing


An intent-based marketing cloud is a trusted solution to address these challenges. Putting the focus on intent insights gives you a leg up to: . Raw data feeds provide intent signals that show what buyers are interested and perhaps ready to buy.

What Is Good ROI for Your Marketing Campaigns?

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Return on investment (ROI) is one of the most important metrics for determining the success of a campaign or program. But what is good ROI for marketing campaigns? You do not want to be surprised by dwindling ROI data, and then put on the spot to explain it.

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B2B Pay Per Click Advertising


It’s true that measuring true ROI usually takes a longer time and more effort than measuring ROI for B2C campaigns – so, when the ROI data does start to come in, it’s all the more exciting. Terry: As I mentioned, it typically takes much longer to determine things like lead quality and ROI. Jep: What are you tips for creating effective landing pages and/or microsites? Interview with Terry Whalen from CPC Search.

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First Steps to Add Intent to Your Programmatic Ad Strategy


Intent programmatic ads are no less than gold when it comes to maximizing CTR, engagement and other conversion metrics. Getting hold of intent data and analyzing the same gives a cleaner picture of your prospects and your marketing campaigns. (In

Use Intent To Unlock A Whole New Level Of Customer Acquisition

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Let’s take a loo at some of those challenges before we explore solution: Intent data. Difficultly proving ROI. Intent data: The Answer to Customer Acquisition challenges. But, fear not because intent data may be the answer you are looking for.

The Ultimate Guide To A Content Marketing Strategy That Delivers ROI

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Content marketing is the kind of marketing that delivers ROI you can measure. It’s this genuine intent to help your customers that offers the authenticity that consumers are so attracted to. You also want to clearly demonstrate the historical ROI of your own content marketing.

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ABM ROI Series: 3 Proven Sales Orchestration Plays


Welcome back to the last and final instalment of our ABM ROI Series! Part 1 highlights why B2B marketers should consider running a cohort analysis to measure ROI and show value. Tactic 3: Follow-Up with Personalized Landing Pages.

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What’s the Right Content for Each Stage of the Marketing Funnel?

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Landing Pages. However, on social platforms people’s intent is not necessarily to buy, but rather to procrastinate, catch up with friends, or check out funny pictures and videos. 2) Landing Pages. If you’re running paid ads, then landing pages are where you’re going to send most of the traffic. Find one thing you want to communicate, and build your page around that message. NEWLY UPDATED!

Intent Data and Account-Based Marketing (ABM): A Charming Mix

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Intent Data in Account-Based Marketing. Access buying intent data or indicators and seize the lead before your competitor does. Intent Data is The New Art of Listening. This ability to see and to listen to the customer has been made easier by intent data. Introduction.

Top 10 B2B Website Performance Metrics to Monitor to Hit Your Goals


Organic traffic, sessions, traffic cost, keyword rankings, and organic top landing pages are metrics that will determine if you’re driving the right traffic to your site. A session can entail multiple page views, interactions, etc. This is an important metric to monitor because you can make an estimated ROI on your SEO efforts. Top Landing Pages. Those pages are most likely ranking well for specific keywords, meaning they are valuable pages on your site.

How to Use Intent Signals: 4 B2B Marketing Tips


And it’s all thanks to intent signals. Let’s take a closer look at what intent signals are. What Are Intent Signals? Intent signals, or intent data , are indicators that identify accounts who are actively researching your line of products on the web. .

The ROI of Digital Personalization


Gartner agrees , that this is the year that personalization can enable up to 15% more profits for companies who re-engineer their content strategy to align with customer intent on a case-by-case level. Is it worth it to increase your ROI? You’re on the Right Landing Page.

Perfect your Post-Click Experience to Boost ROI


In this blog, I’ll give you some tips to help boost your post-click experience to maximize your ROI. That’s why 63% of all new web visitors bounce instantly according to Kissmetrics and why most landing page conversions are so low. (To To see how your landing page performance stacks up to your closest competitors, see the Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report.) What Makes a Good, Soft Landing? For a great example, see this landing page by Vidyard.

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Content Marketing ROI: 5 Metrics You Need to Know

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Only 35 percent of B2B marketers measure content marketing ROI. That remaining 65 percent of marketers don’t measure content ROI, or (even worse) aren’t sure if they do. Your team can look at 100 different metrics related to your latest blog post, new landing page, or recent email campaign, but they don’t really matter unless you have goals to measure performance against. Now, onto the metrics to showcase content ROI: 1. Time on Page. Pages/Session.

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4 Bad B2B Content Experiences And How To Avoid Them


Marketers carefully build long, thoughtful email nurture programs with the best of intentions: to warm up cool contacts in your database, one piece of content at a time. The weird thing is that when someone clicks one of those calls to action, they’re often sent to a dead-end PDF or thank-you page with no obvious next step. And then further down the line an ROI calculator or demo?

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Lead Generation: How MQLs Can Be Vetted To HQLs To Obtain Maximum ROI

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In other words, how can you vet MQLs, to ensure you remain with HQLs that will give you maximum ROI? Another important aspect of lead nurturing, and that we will discuss later in this article, is the role of intent data for turning MQLs to HQLs. 42% improvement in ROI.

How to Measure Your Facebook ROI

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But unless you’re tracking what you’re doing, how much money you’re spending and what results you’re getting, it’s difficult to determine whether or not your Facebook ROI is actually working. Return on investment (ROI) plays a big role in your decision to not only bring Facebook into your marketing strategy, but to keep it there. The problem with Facebook ROI is it’s different from traditional online marketing. What Is Facebook ROI? ROI isn’t the same for everyone.

The 5-point plan: how to increase marketing ROI from call conversions


Here are five techniques marketers can use to better understand their customers; to streamline their experience with the contact centre; and to ultimately improve ROI. Google’s call conversion tool allows marketers to optimise each page of their website by seeing the amount of engagement it’s getting, but there are also more sophisticated methods available for tracking where customers are coming from. Guest post by Luke Rees.

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Why the volume and quality of interactions with customers has to pass for social media ROI

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So when we think about social media ROI, we need to make a leap of faith. To make ourselves feel a little more comfortable with this idea, we may need to categorize social media with something whose hazy ROI we’re more familiar and comfortable with: PR. There have been research attempts made to uncover and evaluate methods for measuring the ROI of PR. Jumping through ROI hoops. But ROI has to be there, right? Good blogs hold people to the page they’re viewing.

A/E/C Trade Show Marketing: 12 Ways to Maximize Your Firm’s ROI

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While it’s always tempting to promote everything about your A/E/C firm at a conference, it’s generally better to intentionally highlight one particular area and create a theme for each conference. And be intentional about it: invite them to dinner, take them out golfing, plan a meeting, set up a consultation or ask them to attend your presentation. The post A/E/C Trade Show Marketing: 12 Ways to Maximize Your Firm’s ROI appears on circle S studio.

How Medstar Media Increased Their Clients’ Conversions by 500%


Medstar Media’s return on investment (ROI) is dependent on enticing visitors to come into their client’s office or spa for a consultation. By using lightbox popups with exit-intent, conversion rates increased by 500%.

10 Things to Do When Marketing Spend is On Hold

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Are you able to track leads resulting from organic social and show real ROI? Update and refresh email and landing page templates. Are your landing pages and forms compliant with data privacy laws like GDPR?

Strategies to Scale Your Local PPC Campaigns Without Killing Your ROI


And, second, when you’re trying to appeal to prospects in many locations with different ads and landing pages, mistakes and resource costs can easily kill your Google Ads campaign profitability. Your goal in establishing keyword themes is to match your paid audience with the message that is most relevant to their search intent. Message match is all about making sure your prospects’ keywords, your ads, and your landing pages are all consistent.

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