Google AdWords Keyword Insertion: The What, Why & How


This seemingly magical feature is called keyword insertion. What is Keyword Insertion? Simply put, keyword insertion allows you to customize ad text based on the search term a customer uses. Why Would I Use Keyword Insertion? How Do I Use Keyword Insertion?

Can I Insert a Quiz Inside a Sweepstakes? [SnapApp FAQ]


SnapApp allows you to create many different types of interactive content for your social channels, web page & blog including landing pages, trivia quizzes, personality tests, polls, surveys, and sweepstakes. But wait - what was that?

How to Insert Google Calendar Invites in Your Marketing Emails


Insert a Google calendar invite right in your next email! How to Insert Google Calendar Invites Into Your Emails. Conferences, workshops, product launches, webinars, networking hours -- they''re essential.

How to Insert Google Calendar, iCal & Outlook Event Invites Into Your Marketing Emails


Lucky for you, you don''t have to worry about that anymore, because I am about to share a juicy marketing hack with you: how to insert Outlook, iCal, and Google Calendar invites right into your email in a few easy steps. Step 4: Insert Invites Into Your Marketing Email.

3 Tips For Building A More Robust Customer Reference Program

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In the past 15 years, customer reference usage in marketing and sales has evolved from simply inserting testimonials in ads to a dedicated discipline that drives revenue. Now, many more savvy marketers are looking at the bigger picture: they’re turning to customer advocacy as their “secret sauce” for making a bigger impact on their company’s.

Handy-Dandy Guide To Content Marketing

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Consider these ten briefing inclusions to help your writers develop the most efficient copy for your social media strategy: The working title of this blog post or content is [INSERT TITLE HERE]. The target audience reader for this blog post is [INSERT TARGET HERE]. The key question this blog post or content to answer is [INSERT KEY QUESTION HERE]. The key take away the reader should have from this blog post is [INSERT KEY TAKE-AWAY].

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How to Market an Analyst Report

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In fact, quite the contrary: to the extent that you market the analyst report as an opportunity for people to learn how down right terrific (insert analyst here) thinks your product is, the less the average prospect will be interested in downloading and reading said report.

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The First (Almost) Clickable Direct Mail

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That’s why I was intrigued to learn of a new product, USB INSERT , that claims to “combine the touch and emotional appeal of print communication with a direct bridge to the digital world.”. Essentially, USB INSERT is direct mail that you plug into your PC.

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The Two Types of Programmatic Advertising and Why Programmatic Matters

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” Digiday defines it as "ad buying what typically refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising, as opposed to the traditional process that involves RFPs, human negotiations and manual insertion orders.

The Power of Unsubscribe


Here are some ways “not” to insert the unsubscribe link: -Placing the unsubscribe link in an image. Inserting the unsubscribe link in white text on white background to completely hide the text. Inserting the unsubscribe link in extremely small font that it is not visible. Inserting the unsubscribe link in very “faint” font to make it difficult to view. The unsubscribe link is a crucial tool for every email marketer.

Dynamic Yield Offers Flexible Omni-Channel Personalization

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Web site personalization is especially flexible: the Javascript tag can read an existing Web page and either replace it entirely or create a version with a Dynamic Yield object inserted, without changing the page code itself. Users who do control the page code can insert a call the Dynamic Yield API. Email personalization can also be done by inserting an API call, which lets Dynamic Yield reselect the message each time the email is rendered.

13 Awesome Headlines for Business Blogging Success


5 Things You MUST Know About [Insert Business Topic]. A Guide to Understanding [Insert Business Topic]'s Recent Changes. Best Practices for [Insert Business Topic]. Learn How to Do More [Insert Business Topic] With Less. 6 [Insert Business Topic] Secrets Revealed.

Why (and How) Your Team Should Personalize the Customer Experience


Random acts of just inserting someone’s first name into a piece of content or an email won’t cut it. We all have good intentions when it comes to customer experience and treating our customers well, but sometimes there are disconnects.

Why (and How) Your Team Should Personalize the Customer Experience


Random acts of just inserting someone’s first name into a piece of content or an email won’t cut it. We all have good intentions when it comes to customer experience and treating our customers well, but sometimes there are disconnects.

Virtual Presence: How to Engage a Distracted Virtual Audience

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McCreary recommends inserting a break at the 18 to 20-minute mark of your next meeting to refresh and reinvigorate your virtual audience. If you can find a way to successfully insert them into your meetings, you’re bound to win some extra engagement.

7 Creative Demand Gen Tactics to Drive Trade Show Booth Traffic

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Plus, as a physical medium, direct mail provides creative options to drive booth traffic and track response – for example: “be one of the first 50 people to bring this postcard with you to our booth and get a free [insert free gift here].” (Tip:

Content Marketing Storytelling: Not Everything Has To Have A Marketing Lesson! Just Share Your Stories!


Now, sometimes it’s okay to respond to and insert ourselves into breaking news events. It’s totally OK to respond to and insert yourself through your blog and social media into the discussion surrounding breaking news events from time to time.

Who Owns the Pipeline, Marketing or Sales?


With the advent of new marketing automation capabilities, AI apps and other technology, marketing is inserting itself deeper in the pipeline at almost every level. Traditionally few would contest who owns the pipeline in any organization. It’s referred to as the sales pipeline and it’s owned by sales people, right? But is this still true?

So You Want to Create Content That Actually Converts?

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With this information, you can recommend inserting calls-to-action (CTA) on these highly trafficked posts to drive website visitors to whatever it is you’re looking for them to do on your website, whether it’s downloading a whitepaper, registering for a webinar recording, etc.

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Common Email Mistake to Avoid

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One assumes that in this upcoming training workshop from TechTarget, one of the “common mistakes to avoid” will be: If you’re going to insert variable information (i.e. company name) into a subject line, make darn sure that a) your data is accurate, and that b) the fields actually contain the information you want. BEA Systems was a [.].

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The Power of Instagram in Email Marketing

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Instagram in Email Marketing Before contextual email technology was available, inserting social media content into an email template wasn’t easy. Adding a live Instagram feed into your email isn’t just another way of inserting a social media logo.

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The Insights You Should Be Following in the 2017 B2B Market

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For instance, if you are not using dynamic content insertion as a daily technique in your email blasts, you have some catching up to do. You do not have to wait on the new year to give an assessment of your marketing and business strategies.

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Four Lessons From IBM’s Centennial Advertising

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Page One of IBM's 4-Page Insert. In recognition of its founding 100 years ago, last week IBM produced a 2,592-word, four-page advertising insert that ran for just one day in the U.S. “Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the.

Three Reasons to Personalize for Account Based Marketing (ABM)


Vendors like Vidyard that can insert a person and company name into videos. Creating personalized content is one of the most effective things you can do to prove you understand your target account’s pressing challenges and needs.

How B2B Brands Can Drive More Leads This Year


Use proper fonts and colors for better readability, insert clear calls to action (CTAs), and add available client testimonials. Guest post by Brandon Brown. In survey after survey, year after year, lead generation is a top priority for B2B brands.

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MDC DOT Provides Marketing Automation for Direct Salespeople

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The initial tagging and subsequent redirection both require inserting some MDC Dot code onto whatever content the salesperson uses for the initial customer interaction. I briefly mentioned MDC Dot in an earlier blog post about giving sales people access to marketing automation capabilities.

Why Twitter #Hashtags Are Worthless [Infographic]

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But the problem occurs when spammers target hashtags in an attempt insert themselves. Twitter is a fantastic tool for disseminating information to an audience in real-time.

4 Ways Your Video Content Can Naturally Include a Call to Action

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Its sensory strengths make it a moving format, but they also make it harder to insert or transition to a clear call to action. Inserting the Action. Use them strategically to easily insert an action. Video isn’t going anywhere.

Why CMOs Need To Be Bullish On Programmatic Advertising

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“Programmatic ad buying typically refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising, as opposed to the traditional process that involves RFPs, human negotiations and manual insertion orders.

11 Overused Stock Photos to Ban From Your B2B Marketing

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Insert ‘Top 10’ list headline here. Insert stock photo of a businessman jumping in the air there. Have you ever seen a piece of content and had a déjà-vu moment?

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The Artificial Intelligence Impact: Friend or Foe to Marketing?


AI can also be inserted into very human-centric processes, such as teleprospecting, to optimize the intensity, timing, and even content of teleprospector calls, helping revive a challenged B2B function. The era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is upon us.

How to Motivate Customers Across the Entire Buyer’s Journey


This is where you craftily insert your desired call to action and elicit the buy. Motivation. It’s a word that comes up in various facets of life, from locker rooms to courtrooms to pop culture. Maybe the word makes you envision motivational speakers – such as Tony Robbins or even Chris Farley’s hilarious Saturday Night Live character Matt Foley. . The word can evoke negativity, too. What’s your motivation?” a peer or spouse may ask you, trying to pick apart your argument.

How to Publish Your B2B Content on LinkedIn

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Insert an Eye-Catching Graphic. This part is pretty standard -- with a formatting bar that allows you to bold and italicize text, add headings and quotes, as well as insert links, video, and other media.

Leads are Hard 


According to Wikipedia: “a reader service card or bingo card" was a reply card inserted in a magazine and used by readers to request free samples and literature from businesses who advertised in the issue. A Story From Yesteryear About Reader Service (aka Bingo) Cards. Many advertisers were listed on the reply card.

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The Six Best Screen Capture Tools


It can capture single images or screen motion include mouse button presses, with the ability to pause and restart recording and add inserted text messages. Screen capture apps can be a simple yet valuable addition to any content marketer’s toolbox.

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How to Optimize Your Company LinkedIn Page in 40 Minutes (or Less!)

ATAK Interactive

Time Spent: 5 minutes Take the time to go through your LinkedIn profile and make sure you’re inserting keywords where relevant. You’ve been connecting with colleagues and peers on LinkedIn for years but have you tapped into the power of LinkedIn company pages?

What Programmatic Advertising Means for Marketers

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The agency would compile a list of potential outlets for your ads and you, as the brand marketer, would place your insertion orders and wait. Before we dive into the matter at hand, let's take a quick stroll down memory lane, shall we?

Interview with Ann Handley

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Or [insert some amazing tool here]? Ann Handley – Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs. Key Topics: Digital Marketing, Strategy, Content, Social, Demand Gen. Location: Boston, USA.

Offline Marketing: Build, Send, and Track Postcards with Lead Liaison Multi-channel Marketing

Lead Liaison

Dynamic Data Insertion. The new Lead Liaison Postcard Builder gives users the ability to insert standard or custom fields as dynamic text inside of their postcards. ALLEN, TX . It’s a match made in heaven.

List Builder Bake-Off: MailChimp vs. Sumo


While it’s not terribly difficult to add script or HTML code to your WordPress site using either theme options (if provided) or a plugin such as Insert Headers and Footer s or Add to All , it can be a little intimidating to non-technical users.

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