Inserting Images via FreeMarker in the ClickDimensions New Drag and Drop Email Editor


In this block, you can insert your own HTML code to customize your drag and drop emails like never before. The HTML block has a lot of potential uses, but one of the best ones is inserting images dynamically.

Google AdWords Keyword Insertion: The What, Why & How


This seemingly magical feature is called keyword insertion. What is Keyword Insertion? Simply put, keyword insertion allows you to customize ad text based on the search term a customer uses. Why Would I Use Keyword Insertion? How Do I Use Keyword Insertion?

How to Insert Google Calendar Invites in Your Marketing Emails


Insert a Google calendar invite right in your next email! How to Insert Google Calendar Invites Into Your Emails. Conferences, workshops, product launches, webinars, networking hours -- they''re essential.

How to Insert Google Calendar, iCal & Outlook Event Invites Into Your Marketing Emails


Lucky for you, you don''t have to worry about that anymore, because I am about to share a juicy marketing hack with you: how to insert Outlook, iCal, and Google Calendar invites right into your email in a few easy steps. Step 4: Insert Invites Into Your Marketing Email.

Can I Insert a Quiz Inside a Sweepstakes? [SnapApp FAQ]


SnapApp allows you to create many different types of interactive content for your social channels, web page & blog including landing pages, trivia quizzes, personality tests, polls, surveys, and sweepstakes. But wait - what was that?

5 Best Practices for Cold Emailing with Templates Included!


Here’s an example from our sales team: Dear [Insert Name], I am contacting you on behalf of [Insert Company]. We at [Insert Company] look forward to hearing from you. Best regards, [Insert Name and Title] The Referral Approach Referrals often make the B2B world spin ‘round.

3 Tips For Building A More Robust Customer Reference Program

Influitive b2b

In the past 15 years, customer reference usage in marketing and sales has evolved from simply inserting testimonials in ads to a dedicated discipline that drives revenue. Now, many more savvy marketers are looking at the bigger picture: they’re turning to customer advocacy as their “secret sauce” for making a bigger impact on their company’s.

Direct mail vs. print advertising

Direct Response Coach

Even with so many online opportunities around them, many retail stores, restaurants and other local businesses still rely on their local newspapers, free standing inserts and solo direct mail to reach [.].

Mail 185

13 Awesome Headlines for Business Blogging Success


5 Things You MUST Know About [Insert Business Topic]. A Guide to Understanding [Insert Business Topic]'s Recent Changes. Best Practices for [Insert Business Topic]. Learn How to Do More [Insert Business Topic] With Less. 6 [Insert Business Topic] Secrets Revealed.

Target: Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Medicines ONLY $1.29

Modern Marketing

We also have a $4/2 Alka-Seltzer Plus Product coupon insert available to stack with this deal. Target: Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Medicines ONLY $1.29 Target is offering Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Medicines for just $4.39

Target 132

The First (Almost) Clickable Direct Mail

The Point

That’s why I was intrigued to learn of a new product, USB INSERT , that claims to “combine the touch and emotional appeal of print communication with a direct bridge to the digital world.”. Essentially, USB INSERT is direct mail that you plug into your PC.

Mail 162

Holy Shift! How to Maintain Brand Integrity in a Merger or Acquisition


When you hear your company is merging with or being acquired by another company, your first thought might be, “[Insert expletive here,] am I going to have a job in.

How to Market an Analyst Report

The Point

In fact, quite the contrary: to the extent that you market the analyst report as an opportunity for people to learn how down right terrific (insert analyst here) thinks your product is, the less the average prospect will be interested in downloading and reading said report.

Report 204

The Power of Unsubscribe


Here are some ways “not” to insert the unsubscribe link: -Placing the unsubscribe link in an image. Inserting the unsubscribe link in white text on white background to completely hide the text. Inserting the unsubscribe link in extremely small font that it is not visible. Inserting the unsubscribe link in very “faint” font to make it difficult to view. The unsubscribe link is a crucial tool for every email marketer.

The Two Types of Programmatic Advertising and Why Programmatic Matters

Modern Marketing

” Digiday defines it as "ad buying what typically refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising, as opposed to the traditional process that involves RFPs, human negotiations and manual insertion orders.

So You Want to Create Content That Actually Converts?

KoMarketing Associates

With this information, you can recommend inserting calls-to-action (CTA) on these highly trafficked posts to drive website visitors to whatever it is you’re looking for them to do on your website, whether it’s downloading a whitepaper, registering for a webinar recording, etc.

Is Text Messaging the Next Frontier of Content Marketing?

Modern Marketing

Insert call-to-action buttons and notices so that customers can text you with their questions. Develop a work-flow that allows your entire team to easily insert text interactions into your customer management software (CMS).

SMS 232

Tech Insights from our CTO: Was Magic Leap’s AR Headset A Big Enough Leap?


Sixty-four percent of adults use glasses and will, therefore, need to have custom prescription inserts for the Magic Leap glasses to produce a clear picture. Denny Luan.

Insert 130

Dynamic Yield Offers Flexible Omni-Channel Personalization

Customer Experience Matrix

Web site personalization is especially flexible: the Javascript tag can read an existing Web page and either replace it entirely or create a version with a Dynamic Yield object inserted, without changing the page code itself. Users who do control the page code can insert a call the Dynamic Yield API. Email personalization can also be done by inserting an API call, which lets Dynamic Yield reselect the message each time the email is rendered.

Who Owns the Pipeline, Marketing or Sales?


With the advent of new marketing automation capabilities, AI apps and other technology, marketing is inserting itself deeper in the pipeline at almost every level. Traditionally few would contest who owns the pipeline in any organization. It’s referred to as the sales pipeline and it’s owned by sales people, right? But is this still true?

MDC DOT Provides Marketing Automation for Direct Salespeople

Customer Experience Matrix

The initial tagging and subsequent redirection both require inserting some MDC Dot code onto whatever content the salesperson uses for the initial customer interaction. I briefly mentioned MDC Dot in an earlier blog post about giving sales people access to marketing automation capabilities.

7 Creative Demand Gen Tactics to Drive Trade Show Booth Traffic

The Point

Plus, as a physical medium, direct mail provides creative options to drive booth traffic and track response – for example: “be one of the first 50 people to bring this postcard with you to our booth and get a free [insert free gift here].” (Tip:

Is Your Personalization Strategy Missing How To Be Personal?

Modern Marketing

No, their timing is impeccable: They patiently attend to your needs and seamlessly insert suggestions just as you need them. We’ve all been put off by pushy salespeople. But have you ever been truly pleased with a salesperson?

Boost Email Relevancy With Dynamic Content

Industrial Marketing Today

Dynamic content will automatically insert relevant content within your emails based on trigger rules and segmentation that you set up. Set up trigger rules for automatic insertion of dynamic content. To keep things simple, I recommend starting with no more than 2-4 dynamic content insertions. Email marketing has been a staple of industrial marketing for a long time. However, many of these marketers are now experiencing declining open and click through rates.

Common Email Mistake to Avoid

The Point

One assumes that in this upcoming training workshop from TechTarget, one of the “common mistakes to avoid” will be: If you’re going to insert variable information (i.e. company name) into a subject line, make darn sure that a) your data is accurate, and that b) the fields actually contain the information you want. BEA Systems was a [.].

Email 100

Why (and How) Your Team Should Personalize the Customer Experience


Random acts of just inserting someone’s first name into a piece of content or an email won’t cut it. We all have good intentions when it comes to customer experience and treating our customers well, but sometimes there are disconnects.

How to Publish Your B2B Content on LinkedIn

B2B PR Sense

Insert an Eye-Catching Graphic. This part is pretty standard -- with a formatting bar that allows you to bold and italicize text, add headings and quotes, as well as insert links, video, and other media.

Content Marketing Storytelling: Not Everything Has To Have A Marketing Lesson! Just Share Your Stories!


Now, sometimes it’s okay to respond to and insert ourselves into breaking news events. It’s totally OK to respond to and insert yourself through your blog and social media into the discussion surrounding breaking news events from time to time.

The Power of Instagram in Email Marketing

Modern Marketing

Instagram in Email Marketing Before contextual email technology was available, inserting social media content into an email template wasn’t easy. Adding a live Instagram feed into your email isn’t just another way of inserting a social media logo.

Email 207

Four Lessons From IBM’s Centennial Advertising

Marketing Craftmanship

Page One of IBM's 4-Page Insert. In recognition of its founding 100 years ago, last week IBM produced a 2,592-word, four-page advertising insert that ran for just one day in the U.S. “Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the.

How to Eliminate Breakpoints to Improve Customer Experience

Measure Up Marketing

Regardless of whether you insert a human or a machine (think automated voice systems) into these particular interactions, when it breaks, the effect is damaging. “Customer experience (CX) is the new Marketing battlefront,” declared Gartner in their Customer Experience study.

How to Set Up Google Analytics for WordPress


Note: When your plugin is installed and authorized, and a default domain is selected, the Google Analytics tracking code is automatically inserted on all web pages. Some plugins may require you to insert the tracking code yourself if they don’t come with the same level of automation.

Leads are Hard 


According to Wikipedia: “a reader service card or bingo card" was a reply card inserted in a magazine and used by readers to request free samples and literature from businesses who advertised in the issue. A Story From Yesteryear About Reader Service (aka Bingo) Cards. Many advertisers were listed on the reply card.

Lead 178

Why (and How) Your Team Should Personalize the Customer Experience


Random acts of just inserting someone’s first name into a piece of content or an email won’t cut it. We all have good intentions when it comes to customer experience and treating our customers well, but sometimes there are disconnects.

Sheena’s App of the Week: Awesome Note

Heinz Marketing

It’s also easy to share things, insert images or links, and more. By Sheena McKinney , Executive Assistant to President Matt Heinz at Heinz Marketing. This is the latest in a series of weekend posts highlighting a wide variety of applications we think are pretty cool.

11 Overused Stock Photos to Ban From Your B2B Marketing

Marketing Insider Group

Insert ‘Top 10’ list headline here. Insert stock photo of a businessman jumping in the air there. Have you ever seen a piece of content and had a déjà-vu moment?

Insert 203

Forget Trends. Forget Buzzwords. Successful Marketers Need ONE Thing to be Successful


You can do ABM or Demand Gen, or video marketing or [insert buzzword here], or pay the highest price for the best new martech, and read every book and blog post about your industry… and still not be a successful marketer.

Trends 166

10 Ways to Generate More Leads from Your Business Blog

The Point

As in: “For a more detailed discussion of [Topic A], download our free white paper on [Insert Title Here].” As in: “Excerpted from the white paper: “[Insert Title Here]”.

7 Ebooks to Write ASAP to Generate More Leads


10 Best Practices for [Insert Industry/Topic] - Some prospects are new to your industry and need to have a clear understanding of best practices. 12 Common Questions About [Insert Industry/Topic] Answered - This ebook topic is about playing on the motivating factor of curiosity.

Why CMOs Need To Be Bullish On Programmatic Advertising

Modern Marketing

“Programmatic ad buying typically refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising, as opposed to the traditional process that involves RFPs, human negotiations and manual insertion orders.

The Insights You Should Be Following in the 2017 B2B Market

Navigate the Channel

For instance, if you are not using dynamic content insertion as a daily technique in your email blasts, you have some catching up to do. You do not have to wait on the new year to give an assessment of your marketing and business strategies.

Insert 141

What Programmatic Advertising Means for Marketers

Modern Marketing

The agency would compile a list of potential outlets for your ads and you, as the brand marketer, would place your insertion orders and wait. Before we dive into the matter at hand, let's take a quick stroll down memory lane, shall we?

Holiday Email Sending Mistakes to Avoid


The emails range from promotions and sales to general “Happy <insert holiday here>” greetings. Thanksgiving! Black Friday! Cyber Monday! Hanukkah! Christmas! Kwanzaa! New Year’s! And more!

Email 63