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How to Get More Blog Traffic – Real World Data


Every blogger wants more traffic. So where does blog traffic come from, and how does this change over time? What’s important here isn’t the specific results from this blog, but what those results say about how to get more traffic to your blog.

Strategies to help your business overcome information overload

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” A study by InboundWriter shows only 10 to 20 percent of a company’s website content drives 90 percent of its online traffic. The decline of RSS and the coming Age of the Great Algorithm. Website of Dr. Robert Cialdini. Website of Voices Heard Media.

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Content Promotion Strategy: 23 Proven Ways to Explode Website Traffic


Call it an era of abundance, information obesity, or the content arms race, but the truth is that it’s much harder than it used to be to build an audience. Gentlemint , a Pinterest-style website dedicated to “manly things?” Company Assessment: What do you think of our website redesign?

6 Ways to Filter Your RSS Feeds - ReadWriteWeb

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6 Ways to Filter Your RSS Feeds. RSS is easily one of the best things to happen to web publishing in the past 10 years. But the problem many people face is that there are so many sources of information that were trying to keep track of, weve become buried. Information overload is a real problem for many web users, and one way to cope with it is to filter your RSS feeds so you only see what you want to see. Feed Rinse is a best of class RSS filtering application.

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Does Google Think Your Website Is Spam?


Not every awful website is web spam. Some companies just happen to have bad websites. How do you know that the SEO you're outsourcing is truly legitimate and won’t result in your website being considered spammy? So, how do you know if your website is spammy?

15 Things People Absolutely Hate About Your Website


So why is it that many websites are still chock full of the elements that so many visitors have bemoaned over and over? So we compiled a list of the 15 most annoying things we've seen on websites to act as a sort of guide for what not to do when designing your website.

B2B Marketing | Business to Business Marketing Information Portal

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This Knowledge Bank provides marketers with practical advice and guidance on how best to enhance the visibility of your website, and to maximise its effectiveness at driving website conversion, focusing on search marketing, online advertising, website optimisation and web analytics. write compelling website content Advice on writing content which will best optimise your website for search engine traffic and be compelling for visitors.

The 26 Best WordPress Plugins


WordPress is far and away the most popular content management system (CMS) for websites. It runs between 25% and 28% of all websites, and nearly 60% of all sites built using any sort of CMS platform. You customize the RSS, Twitter and Google Alert Sources you want to use.

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Six Ways to Search-Optimize a Blog


Many of the same principles apply to optimizing a blog for search as for optimizing a business website : use keywords in the body copy, post titles, subheadings, permalink URL, image alt tags and meta tags. But a blog also presents additional opportunities for search optimization beyond those that apply to standard websites (which is why Google loves blogs ). Content syndication and blog directory sites provide valuable backlinks as well as driving traffic directly to your blog.

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Why Host a Blog on Your Corporate Website?

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› Home › Column › Search › SEO Why Host a Blog on Your Corporate Website? Today, I’m going to share my opinion of why you might want to consider adding a blog to your corporate website. Who would really want to link to a corporate website?

Integrate Social Networks with your Corporate Website with ‘Social Sign On’

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Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang Home About Speaking Research Media Contact Subscribe via RSS Connect with Jeremiah: twitter friendfeed linkedin flickr technorati Connect with Jeremiah on twitter A few years ago, critics said Blogging was a fad.

15 Elements Most Successful Blogs Have in Common


Please don’t make us go to and finagle with the “site:” operator to find information on your site. Some search box installations don’t actually return the information they should. It helps visitors sort through all the information you’re throwing at them to find what’s new.

10 Reasons to Develop a B2B Blogging Strategy

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In addition to the online newsletter, B2B blogging provides a subtle way to routinely stay connected to the subscribed prospect, via RSS, email, and social media distribution. The website most likely will not be the final place closed sales occur. 5 Traffic-Driving B2B Blog Topic Ideas.

What the Death of Google Reader REALLY Means


For those of you who didn't catch wind of the news last week, Google has made the decision to retire its RSS feed reading platform after eight years, effective July 1. The fact of the matter is, the way people consume information has fundamentally changed. Information in a Social World.

Is Your Industrial Website Still Just a Business Card?

Industrial Marketing Today

Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website Is Your Industrial Website Still Just a Business Card? Why should you care about your company’s website? She said, “Treat your website as if you were hiring a six-figure salesperson.

Driving Traffic to Your Homepage All the Time May Be a Big Mistake

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Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website Driving Traffic to Your Homepage All the Time May Be a Big Mistake by Achinta Mitra on October 26, 2009 in Industrial Websites , Website Design & Development You’ve read up on all the traffic generation tactics and optimized your site to rank high on major search engines. Drive traffic to these landing pages and your bounce rates will decline and conversion rate will climb.

Why Blog? The Benefits of Blogging for Business and Marketing


1) It helps drive traffic to your website. Raise your hand if you want more website visitors. Now think about the ways people find your website: They could type your name right in to their browser, but that's an audience you already have. So, how can you drive any traffic?

5 Rules of Website Redesign for Engaging Engineers and Industrial.

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Today, technical buyers and engineers expect suppliers to have a substantial online presence with a website packed with relevant content in a variety of formats and easily searchable. Is your site ready for this shift in expectations or do you need a website redesign?

How to Launch a Successful Blog in 12 Weeks: Lessons from Webbiquity


the graph below compares the last three months of traffic on the WebMarketCentral blog, which after four and a half years had built up a sizable and consistent following, to the first three months after launch of the Webbiquity blog. Blog Traffic After Launch - Webbiquity vs. WMC.


17 Marketing Terms You Were Too Embarrassed to Google (But Should Definitely Know)


Algorithms are like recipes: They’re formulas that include a bunch of different variables that search engines use when they crawl your website to determine how your page should rank in search results. If you need to know what a 301 redirect is, you might be t hinking about a website redesign.

17 Marketing Terms You Were Too Embarrassed to Google (But Should Definitely Know)


Algorithms are like recipes: They’re formulas that include a bunch of different variables that search engines use when they crawl your website to determine how your page should rank in search results. If you need to know what a 301 redirect is, you might be t hinking about a website redesign.

How To Turn Your B2B Blog Into a Golden Egg-Laying Goose

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In HubSpot''s State of Inbound Marketing Report , the benefits are pretty darn clear: More traffic: Companies that blog get 55% more website traffic than those that don''t blog. Leverage Your Website - Use the real estate on your website pages to highlight relevant blog content.

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26 Outstanding LinkedIn Tips and Tactics


Furthermore, due to its multiple sharing options including buttons, apps, personal updates, company updates, and industry-focused group discussions, LinkedIn is often among the top three or four traffic sources for B2B blogs. ” 9 Ways to Add LinkedIn to Your Company Website by Mashable.

15 Blog KPIs You Should Already Be Tracking


Tracking this on a monthly basis will give you a good sense of whether you''re growing traffic to your blog over time and insight into monthly trends. 2) Traffic Source Breakdown. Where is the traffic to your blog coming from? Which posts are you real traffic drivers?

33 Inspiring B2B digital marketing case studies

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The plan including sprucing up the website, integrating a blog and social sharing, and offering some valuable content by free download. The content marketing mix included: advertorials, display ads, email, direct mail and a campaign website.

35 Tech Terms Translated Into Plain English


A permanent redirect from one URL to another -- usually from a company''s old website to their new website. They''re also used to redirect web traffic from those old web pages to the new ones that have replaced them. Here''s how responsive design gets you more from your website.

9 Ways To Get More Prospects To Discover Your B2B Blog

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In most instances, your B2B blog is how most of your website traffic will enter the gravitational pull of your company on the way to becoming a lead. Content like that tends to quickly rise to the top of the blogosphere because of the demand for information about the new topic.

So What Exactly IS Inbound Marketing?

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For instance, when someone wanted to buy a car they had to make a trip to the dealership to get most of the information. At that point, the sales person could influence the sales process since they had the leverage of information.

How to convert blog traffic into loyal readers

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What I mean by conversions is making it easy to subscribe to your RSS feed , bookmarking your posts, and/or leaving comments. In this way, businesses can help generate leads using blogs and you can increase your blog traffic Many people find your blog daily either from comments you may have left on other blogs, links from other websites, random searches etc. The question is, how do you keep this traffic and convert these people into regular readers?

Why B2B websites fail

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B2B websites can fail for many reasons but one of the main reasons is due to the difficulty of accessing content. In an article that he wrote for Rain Today, Brian Carroll , an authority on how businesses can improve the lead generation process, sites evidence from Marketing Sherpa and the Nielsen Norman Group to outline why companies don't translate great web traffic into sales leads. If prospects find your blog and like it, they will eventually submit their contact information.

How We Overcame 2015’s Top Content Marketing Challenges

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These videos are designed to have subject matter experts answer customer questions while giving us an opportunity to drive organic traffic to the website by ranking in Google’s video results. 5 Practical Content Marketing Tactics to Educate & Inform Your B2B Audience.

60 Marketing Acronyms Every Industry Pro Should Know


APIs allow an application to extract information from a service and use that information in their own application, or sometimes for data analysis. HubSpot has APIs that developers use to get information from our software into theirs. RSS: Rich Site Summary.

20 Online Marketing Tools That Boost Campaign Results

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SimilarWeb provides users with a snapshot of a website’s traffic sources as well as a high-level view of the online marketing strategies that are powering it. This Google Chrome extension logs all HTTP traffic between Google Chrome and the internet.

Simplify Your Social Media Marketing with These Terrific Tools

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Social media is one of the most powerful ways to increase brand awareness, thought leadership and send traffic to your website. – RSS Feeds – we often talk about our two favorites, Feedly and Flipboard, in our blog as tools to research and find content.

17 Questions On How To Build A Content Marketing Strategy [Q&A]

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Using a sub-domain of your corporate site can deliver search traffic from day one. What I initially found was that our website wasn’t helping our customers at all to answer their questions. The words you use and the way you communicate on your website is your brand speaking.

26 Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2013 | OMI Blog

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TrendSpottr – TrendSpottr helps users discover the most timely and relevant information about any topic from across the real-time Web. RSS Feeds Hootsuite Plugin – If you use Hootsuite, this plugin is great for keeping track of your RSS feeds all in one place.

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Essential 5 Step BuzzSumo Process For Social Media Agencies


To get started, enter the URL of an industry leading website or successful competitor into the Most Shared section of BuzzSumo. Social media represents the convergence of information and communication, Neal says.