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Why is Inside Sales So Scared of Lead Nurturing?

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Recent studies tell us while the adoption of marketing automation technology continues to gain momentum, fewer than 20 percent of marketing executives say that they are fully integrating the technology into their current sales and marketing initiatives. Marketo sends first follow-up email.

Prevent Defense or Permit Offense? What a Football Argument Has to Do with B2B Sales Lead Generation


I can’t mediate those in the world of football, but I can weigh in on three areas of argument in our industry that are dramatically impacting sales and marketing spending and results that I feel are important to understand: There are some who say that Inbound/Content marketing is king and Outbound is dead. I don’t agree with those folks, but I do agree with contrarian Marketo’s response: “Inbound, Outbound? A lot of people will tell you that sales and marketing are aligned.

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My Secret Methods for Turning Marketing Leads into Qualified Sales Leads

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jon Miller The Definitive Guide to Sales Lead Qualification and Sales Development. This is especially true in the handoff between marketing and sales. Aaron Ross and Craig Rosenberg , are two of the biggest advocates of having a separate sales development function.

How to align sales and marketing with a lead management process


Despite good intentions there are still many loopholes in lead management that undercut sales performance. That’s why having a solid lead management process in place can save lead generation programs from the chopping block. I was lucky enough to catch up with a few sales and marketing leaders recently from companies like LeadGenius, Socedo and Metadata, to learn more about how their teams develop a sales pipeline with lead management best practices.

Are You Lost In A B2B Sales Lead Paradox?

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They’ve filled the funnel with sales leads. The sales department followed through on the leads provided but somehow your close-ratios are dropping. Your Lead Scoring Is Off The Mark. Nowhere is this more evident than in your lead scoring system.


Nurturing Sales Leads

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If you ask most executives to describe where revenue comes from in their organization, they'll usually talk about the "sales cycle" or "sales funnel". Today, companies can start building a relationship with potential buyers long before they want to speak with sales. This means marketing needs to fill in the gap by nurturing those leads until they are ready to engage in an active buying cycle. Looking for more information?

Sales, Big Data, Partnerships & Integration: A Conversation with Henry Schuck of DiscoverOrg and Mark Godley of HG Data


It’s an amazing time to be a consumer of sales data. That is why DiscoverOrg is beating the pack and has emerged as a best-of-class sales intelligence platform. In conjunction with the DiscoverOrg/HG Data partnership announcement, we sat down with DiscoverOrg co-founder and CEO, Henry Schuck, and HG Data’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Godley, to get their perspectives on the role of data and SaaS tools on both the trends and future direction for sales and marketing.

5 Reasons to Leverage LinkedIn To Increase Your B2B Prospects

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Today’s demand generation has created a long cycle in online lead nurturing. From first click to sealing the deal, trust and rapport are critical to the sales process. The influence of social media is a cornerstone to opening the door to new leads and bolstering existing ones.

Defining the Perfect Sales Lead – 4 Tips to Getting it Right

Modern B2B Marketing

Today’s B2B marketing success revolves around the new spirit of collaboration between marketing and sales, and nowhere is this more important than the point where the sales cycle begins – defining the perfect sales lead. They’ve just begun the research process.

5 Ways Sales Will Continue To Evolve

Modern B2B Marketing

by Bill Binch B2B companies don’t have the same luxury that businesses had in former years, when sales controlled consumer behavior. Now the digital marketplace has put the buyer in the driver’s seat and some sales forces behind the eight ball to keep up with consumer habits. Sales 2.0

Lead Scoring: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Modern B2B Marketing

by Rick Siegfried When we say a lead is “hot,&# what do we mean? Exactly when is a lead “cooked” enough to go to sales? Such is the eternal struggle of sales and marketing teams across the world. It’s kind of a subjective description, isn’t it?

Why B2B Lead Nurturing Can Be The Golden Ticket to Sales Success

The Forward Observer

Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer B2B marketers who excel at lead nurturing are growing their businesses rather sweetly by generating more sales-ready leads at a lower cost per lead. But is lead nurturing worth it?

Three Truths Behind Sales and Marketing Alignment

Modern B2B Marketing

by Bill Binch To create the best lead generation process, you’ve got to keep sales and marketing on the same page. There is a continuing challenge for marketing to fill the sales lead coffers. Collaborative lead scoring is the basis for effective qualification.

Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail for Lead Generation Nirvana? [PowerOpinions Part 1]


According to a report by SiriusDecisions, 2015 State of Account-Based Marketing (ABM), more than 60 percent of companies plan to invest in technology for ABM to better align sales and marketing over the next twelve months. ABM aligns marketing and sales.

Creating a New Customer Every Few Days – Marketo’s Secret Sauce to Sales Success

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Last week I helped moderate the webinar, Marketo’s Secret Sauce for Sales Success. It is a sequel to one of Marketo’s most popular webinars. The Secret Sauce to Demand Generation , given by Jon Miller, VP of Marketing at Marketo about how we generate leads and nurture them through the buying process. This webinar has had hundreds of views and shares the exact reports, plans, and scoring that Marketo uses to prepare leads for our sales team.

50 Statistics About B2B Sales and Marketing (Mis)Alignment

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But if there’s one, at least in the business world, it’s how to fix the chasm between sales and marketing so companies quit bleeding leads (qualified or not) and customers. Well, actually it’s a change management problem, rather than just a sales and marketing alignment problem.

Manufacturers, It’s Time to Take Back Control in the Buying Cycle

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Now, cloud computing is driving the creation of a network of connected machines that act as an intelligent network that can predict failures and trigger maintenance processes autonomously. The Sales and Marketing Blind Spot. Not a Campaign, But a Process.

How the CEO Can Enhance Sales, Marketing, and the Executive Branch


Someone once told me that CEOs don’t care about leads. Unfortunately, as a result of this thinking, marketing spends a ton of money generating leads for sales that are never followed-up. Is 60-70% of the buying process over before prospects want to engage with a salesperson?

5 Ways Top Sales Reps Can Use Marketing Automation to Close More Deals

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Chris Gillespie Marketing automation software is a huge blessing for sales teams, but unfortunately, it’s usually a tool that few salespeople leverage. The bottom line though is that marketing automation is sales’ best friend but also probably its most misunderstood ally.

Dynamic Duo: Close More Deals with Sales and Marketing Alignment

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Stacey Thornberry A joint Marketo and Reachforce research piece found that businesses are 67% better at closing deals when sales and marketing work together. He spoke about “Lead Generation: Strategies that Kill the Competition.”. Lead Scoring.

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10 Worst Things to Do With a Qualified Sales Lead

Modern B2B Marketing

Marketers spend a lot of time (and money) delivering leads to sales teams. Of course, one big mistake – or even a series of little ones – can be the end of a potential sale. Constant phone calling is a sure-fire way to get a qualified leads running for the hills.


Sales Lead Management Best Practices: Thought Leadership with Barry Trailer

Modern B2B Marketing

Barry is co-founder of CSO Insights , an analyst firm that benchmarks the challenges faced by today's sales and marketing organizations, tracking the trends in the usage of people, process, technology and knowledge to improve sales effectiveness. Barry is also a member of the Marketo Board of Advisors. Barry is also presenting his latest research about marketing and sales alignment at an exclusive webinar titled Using Marketing's Insights to Close More Deals Faster.

Lead Qualification Best Practices: Sniff: “Inspect What You Expect”

Modern B2B Marketing

by Stephanie Yung Every lead a Marketo Sales Development Representative calls into goes through an initial prospecting process, called “the sniff test”. Recently, when I was working my new sales qualified leads, all senses of logic ran out the door.

139 Content Marketing Blogs to Watch in 2017 (Broken Down By Category)


Demand Gen / Lead Gen. If you need more convincing, their blog has tons of information about marketing, how to use Facebook, the best ways to engage through email, and more. Check out their easy to read and informative blog! Marketo. The Wistia blog leads by example.

The ROI of Marketing Automation

Modern B2B Marketing

Generate more high quality sales-ready leads. Companies that use marketing automation source more pipeline from marketing, have more productive sales reps, and experience better revenue attainment. Source: Marketo Benchmark on Revenue Performance as of Sept 15, 2012 (N=489).

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First World Problems: What To Do With Too Many B2B Leads

The Forward Observer

Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer Are you getting lots of leads but not enough sales? Lead scoring can help you practice smart B2B sales triage, while boosting conversions and revenues. While having too many leads may sound like a nice problem to have, it can actually be worse than not having enough leads. Wait, Too Many Leads Can Be A Problem? After a few calls, most salespeople give up , deriding the leads as weak.

Stop Selling, Start Helping: 5 Tips for Creating Magnetic Content

Modern B2B Marketing

So they created an app for iPhones and Android phones to use at an accident scene, carefully walking you through the proper steps – collecting information, taking pictures, and contacting your insurance company. Tip 4 – Make Helping a Process and Not a Project. Lead Generation Metrics.

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Mega-List of Features in Marketing Automation (That You Won’t Find in CRM)

Modern B2B Marketing

Salesforce recently rebranded their social marketing application as the Marketing Cloud, and their website says you can use their solutions to “optimize campaigns from lead to close, on every channel”. Track opportunities and pipeline, manage contact and account information.

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First World Problems: What To Do With Too Many Leads

The Forward Observer

Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer Are you getting lots of leads but not enough sales? Lead scoring can help you practice smart B2B sales triage, while boosting conversions and revenues. While having too many leads may sound like a nice problem to have, it can actually be worse than not having enough leads. Wait, Too Many Leads Can Be A Problem? After a few calls, most salespeople give up , deriding the leads as weak.

Marketing Automation 101

Modern B2B Marketing

But in order to achieve these goals along the way, you need to align your people, process, and technology. Marketing Automation Enables Modern Business Processes. Typically, only one-fifth of your leads are ready to make a purchase the first time they come in.

Sales and Marketing Alignment: Thought Leadership with Jill Konrath

Modern B2B Marketing

The next interview in the B2B Marketing thought leader interview series is with Jill Konrath, Chief Sales Officer and Author of Selling to Big Companies. This interview with Jill provides great insight and best practices to improve sales and marketing alignment and shorten the sales cycle for B2B companies. How did you get into sales and marketing, and what you like most about it? I started my sales career at Xerox and immediately fell in love with the profession.

Five Ways Marketing Automation is Transforming B2B Marketing

Modern B2B Marketing

by Liz Smyth The abundance of information available online and on social networks has fundamentally changed the way that customers research and buy solutions. Leads that are nurtured are more likely to buy more, and have shorter sales cycles, so you generate more revenue faster.

Marketing Automation- Keep Them Coming Back For More

Modern B2B Marketing

The company has been around for 75 years and back in the 1950′s, the company designed and implemented equipment to automate the doughnut-making process in each of its factory stores. It takes 33 minutes to complete the process to make a glazed doughnut.

CRM Expert David Taber Discusses How Marketing Automation Enhances CRM and Putting Your Leads on a Diet

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jason Miller David Taber is a CRM expert and the author of the book, “ Secrets of Success,” which covers the people, policy, and process issues surrounding effective CRM solutions. Marketo: How can SFA/CRM systems support Product Management and Product Marketing?

Going from Good to Great Marketing: Leading and Managing Change

Modern B2B Marketing

Buyers are now in control of when and how they access information during the purchase process. Build new, repeatable processes around lead nurturing. Collaborate at new levels with sales. Automate processes. Your Process.

How to Manage Successful Webinars, Part 3: A Post-Event Checklist

Modern B2B Marketing

Post-event follow up with attendees – and good timing – is critical to keeping momentum and turning your B2B marketing investment into qualified sales leads. Being the first vendor to follow up lead to a much higher email click-through rate. Process the webinar recording.

How to Optimize Your B2B Marketing and Sales with Online Video

Modern B2B Marketing

Any B2B marketer concerned with marketing ROI and sales enablement needs to know how and when to use it. Conveniently for us B2B marketers, video also conveys more information per minute than any other media platform. Capture sales leads with longer form video.

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5 Marketing Tips That We Could Learn from Celebrities

Modern B2B Marketing

Keep in mind that customers and sales leads can tell when you aren’t passionate about what you do. Example: Steve Jobs, Apple – if you look at any of the Apple products online, most of the technical information is hidden behind the product.

Marketing in a Downturn Part 3: Aligning Sales and Marketing

Modern B2B Marketing

by Liz Smyth In the final part of our Marketing in a Downturn series, we’re examining the importance of getting your sales and marketing teams aligned. Read Part 1: Lead Generation and Nurture and Part 2: Content, Content, Content.). Score Your Leads Collaboratively.

Unleash Your House Database with Lead Nurturing

Modern B2B Marketing

Five Tips for Effective Lead Nurturing. Fewer than 25% of them meet the criteria for “sales ready” and fewer than 5% have an active opportunity. The remaining 50% aren’t interested in or ready for a sales contact, yet the company attempts to contact each just to “see if they’re interested in talking”. As a result, the house database becomes a place where leads “go to die” and most (or all) of them never make it back to sales.