Stop over-complicating your customer information


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Social lead validation—the missing ingredient from most inbound LinkedIn marketing programs


The people who said “yes” to a call was just looking for free information, to network, and maybe refer the company. This shotgun thinking assumes that getting the sales information “out there” may eventually lead to a sale. All sales leads are not equal.

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The state of B2B marketing in Asia—moving toward digital


These new ways of engaging customers require new streams of content, from thought leadership, to tips and trends, to bite-sized product and customer service information. While teaching in Hong Kong for the semester, I’ve had the chance to meet some very interesting people.

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How storytelling can shape the corporate brand and culture


Technology has transformed our world into a data-obsessive circus where information is unbelievably accessible, connectivity is constant, and unpredictable events always surprise and engulf us. They discovered that the brain does not process information in “files” (e.g.,

Developing a Conversational Approach

Speaker: Carlos Hidalgo, CEO & Founder of VisumCx

With information at their fingertips, the chances are that potential customers have already met you, judged you and have a firm impression on your company and products. B2B buyers are more sophisticated than ever before, from the customers’ initial discovery, to the moment they commit to buy.

6 types of content your readers hate


Even if you have shocking information to impart, let the content speak for itself. If you can’t take the time to spell out words, how can your readers trust you to deliver quality information?

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How to triple your digital marketing results


In fact, in B2B, the most powerful offer is authoritative, educational information, packaged up in a report, a case study, a chart, a video—something that answers a question or solves a business problem. No more bland “More Information” buttons.

Influencers: the key to content marketing


These are the people who know the most about the products and can give the “inside” information B2B buyers are hungry for. Techies are not known for their ability to make complex technical information accessible to those unfamiliar with the products they build.

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Why you are just a resource & how you’re failing to drive demand with your content & social media marketing efforts


Isn’t this information that most business, sales and marketing leaders should already know? So the information is simply a reminder. Doesn’t a thought leader make you think differently–so how is the information you’re providing making you anything other than a resource?

Ten tips for customer reactivation


Use data appending to gather more information about the customer. Prepopulate the webform with the customer’s information. Are you looking for the best ways to reactivate dormant customers and reduce churn?

New Year’s resolutions for digital marketers


But they use data to inform and improve what their instincts suggest. Your customers now carry more computing power and access to information in their pocket than we’d even imagined possible just a few years ago.

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How to reach your customers at work or at home


StiristaLINK’s files are pretty sizable: 20 million B2B profiles are enhanced with consumer information, and 55 million consumer emails are linked to a B2B profile. Have you ever wished you knew more about the consumer side of your business customers?

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Modeling B2B video content on micro-learning


The idea is that you can reduce cognitive overload and increase retention by chunking information. Designed for exact moment-of-need—the right information at right time. The goal is to persuade the viewer to seek more information.

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How to optimize your LinkedIn profile


Do not pack your resume information into this section. Education : Add your formal and informal educational experiences here, especially if they build your credibility. One of the questions I get asked the most on Quora relates to optimizing your LinkedIn profile. If you’re building a personal brand or want to become known as a subject matter expert in your industry, your LinkedIn profile is home base.

How to simultaneously attract new prospects and retain loyal customers


Interview them informally by asking good questions at the right time. One of the challenges business owners face is attracting new customers while trying to retain current customers. Choosing where to spend your energy and how to divvy up your time between the two can be challenging.

Content marketing data: It’s not geeky and it’s not boring


But even as data is frequently much more accessible than it had been, most marketers still think of it as a necessary evil or something that simply doesn’t help them unless they’re a Fortune 500 CPG firm with huge pools of information to work with. Data gets a bad rap.

Why walking meetings can be wonderful at work


Next thing you know, you might be the big Silicon Valley mogul that serves as another example when researching information about walking meetings. This is a news flash: walking isn’t just good for your health; it can be good for your job too.

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3 reasons to avoid Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)


You might consider AMP for informational blogs, wikis, or other static help documentation. In the simplest possible terms, tracking users through their information journeys is about matching their cookies to your pixels. At the time, IBM had a very strict interpretation of what constitutes personally identifiable information (PII). I often get asked about IBM ‘s position on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs).

7 key roles in digital marketing


This is sometimes called information architecture (IA) or client experience (CX). I recently had the opportunity to speak at a Fairfield County, CT, AMA event. It was a lot of fun presenting Outside-In Marketing to local executives and students at UConn Stamford, which hosted the event.

Tactical video for technology sales and marketing


You can increase the credibility of a straight testimonial by providing additional information about the customer’s application. All would benefit from clickable enticing chapter headings that summarize topics covered and allow the viewer instant access to information she cares about.

6 assumptions push marketing gets wrong


Digital is a literal medium that only works if you build trust and loyalty with your audience by helping them get the information they need. Hubspot studies show that more people trust corporate information sources now than they did, say, in the age of black-hat SEO.

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Better built than bought – how to build your email marketing list


Examples of lead magnets include informational articles, informational videos, how-to guides, worksheets, and any information that is clearly and obviously not sales material.

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Are you ready for GDPR, Europe’s upcoming data privacy requirements?


The data elements likely to be at issue include a name, a photo, an email address, bank details, posts on social media, medical information, or a computer IP address. Privacy is probably one of the least appealing topics in marketing. But this one’s a doozy.

Now is the time to fix your LinkedIn profile—here’s why


Buyers feel more confident they can identify true experts and get trustworthy information, especially on LinkedIn. Have you been meaning to update your LinkedIn profile and just haven’t gotten around to it? You’re not alone, and I hope this article will lead you to rethink that position.

Five habits of highly-effective entrepreneurs


It can help you record important information, release thoughts and feelings, and help you track your personal and professional goals and growth.

2 applications of marketing AI


The major hole in our book Outside-In Marketing: Using Big Data to Guide Your Content Marketing is the lack of information on marketing artificial intelligence (AI). We talk about how to transform your marketing organization to take advantage of big data, but we don’t address the crying need of CMOs and marketing analysts to incorporate AI into their marketing tech stack. Perhaps we can be excused for this omission.

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Why account-based marketing is a game changer for Japan


I am defining ABM as “strategic marketing that aims to maximize sales revenue from defined target accounts, by integrating customer information within the organization and aligning marketing and sales.”.

Increasing customer engagement with videos just got easier


A similar approach to increasing engagement is to make the key information in your videos easier to find. Increasing customer engagement with video is not the same as upping the level of charm in the video. It’s getting the customer involved.

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On the limited value of branded content


They don’t always search for information, but enough do to make search the best way to understand their intentions at each stage in their journeys. Brands that lead with unbranded information build content marketing experiences that work.

11 inspiring case studies of digital transformation


This new application provides a stream of information to UA that enables them to immediately identify fitness and health trends. 88% of companies report they are undergoing digital transformation (source: Altimeter Group ).

5 tips to help you make business decisions that get results


Collect all of the basic information that impacts your business. It’s essential–you don’t want to miss important information that might impact how you run your small business. It’s also good to gather information so you can eliminate opinions that others have when you present the facts.

How to get 67% more revenue opportunities using LinkedIn and not just leads that go nowhere


The people who said “yes” to a call were just looking for free information, to network, and maybe refer the company. This shotgun thinking assumes that getting the sales information “out there” may eventually lead to a sale.

The secret to Mastodon’s success is mastering the hyperlocal


Its members take part in the community to exchange information, to obtain answers to personal questions or problems, to improve their understanding of a subject, to share common passions or to play.

10 of LinkedIn’s welcome new features


Choose which education information you want to appear first or the order of currently-held positions too. In the past few months, LinkedIn has added quite a few new features that add more functionality and better usability both on desktop and the mobile application.

What is business video content marketing and how to get started


Business decision-makers LOVE online B2B marketing videos because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.

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All your best content may now be considered fake news


Now, as a direct result of the firestorm that has erupted against the firebrand, news, content, media and information are allegedly being filtered out of reddit and Facebook. It’s time for you to really invest in your own personal or professional social platforms.

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8 things you can do to significantly improve your SEO


A good thing to keep in mind is that search engine algorithms rate the relevance of keywords on pages and in the meta data, but also evaluate other information like the time visitors spend on your site, the presence of broken links, the inbound and outbound links, bounce rate, the pages viewed and more. The proper use of header tags will break up the content you’re sharing into sections that make it easier to read your information. What do you think of when you hear the term SEO?

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New exponential publishing drives business growth and revenues


Instead, this new 21st-century publishing platform returns publishing to its position as society’s main delivery system for choices, information, and enlightenment. Lesson for leaders. How can publishers switch from being disrupted to exponential growth that disrupts others?

How do you sell when your buyers can’t buy? Mounting dysfunction in the B2B buying process


The world that we operate in–selling or buying–it’s a world of “more”: more information, more options, and frankly, just more people involved in a purchase decision. However, if sales teams respond to all their customer’s demands and requests for more, when the customer is already suffering from information overload, this only makes things worse. Everyone is aware that B2B buying is complex. It involves multiple parties over long decision-making cycles.

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Search: The art and science of identifying your target audience


Think about it: how often do you search using something like “I am a CMO with fourteen years of experience looking for information related to digital marketing”?