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    [Information] 3 Ways to Plan Home Run Marketing Campaigns Around Holidays
    To decide what type of content to create, ask yourself what information you want to gather or share. Different content types lend themselves to collecting or sharing different kinds of information. Here’s a question no marketer wants to hear: How are you going to meet your numbers next quarter? Here’s another: How will you plan your next campaign so it knocks one out of the park? These are the kinds of questions that keep marketers up at night. But they don’t have to!
    [Information] What Is Co-Marketing? A Guide to Co-Branding Marketing Campaigns
    This content -- ebook, webinar, templates, etc. -- typically sits behind a lead generation form to capture contact information. For example, ours simply states that we are authorized to share their information with the specific partner after they download this ebook: To keep things organized within your marketing automation tool, we also suggest that you come up with a unique code for naming these co-branded pages to differentiate them from your existing ones.
    [Information] Are Your Prospects “Friending” Other Social Media Networks? [CHART]
    However, we must not ignore the fact that many people prefer to use localized avenues for sharing information, and by tapping in to those sites, a marketer could find and nurture a potentially enormous group of users who might otherwise not know about you. by Andrew Stivelman | Tweet this As a native speaker of English and a resident of North America, like millions of others I use English-language North-America-based Social Media networks such as Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn, and Reddit.
    [Information] 4 Unique Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog from LinkedIn Answers
    Create a new law for yourself: “I am only allowed to link to my blog if I include insightful information in my answer.” ” Once you’ve answered the question with helpful and insightful information, you can then link to your blog post. LinkedIn is a great social network for small and large businesses to reach out to relevant prospective customers.
    [Information] If Everyone Hates Selfies, Why Do They Get So Many Likes?
    Seeing the faces of your virtual friends (which I have more of than real friends) helps you connect with them on a personal level, rather than follow them as a faceless feed of information. Almost immediately after “selfies” became a thing, people started bashing them. And sure, that kind of makes sense – there’s something mockery-worthy about taking lots of photos of yourself. But if selfies are so silly, why do they get so much social media engagement (likes, retweets, etc.)?
    [Information] 23 Marketing Takeaways and Tips From Inbound 2015
    According to Lee Odden modular content is the planning, creating, repurposing of information and media. Neuroscientist Carmen Smith argues you have to change the stimulus to get attention from static formal text to more visual graphics, interactive content, more informal tone, more simplicity and more stories. The BuzzSumo team were busy running from session to session at Hubspot’s Inbound 2015 conference this week.
    [Information] 4 Uncommon Ways to Help New Customers Discover Your Business
    To make the process run a bit smoother, be sure also to create a simple resource that includes some basic information about your business that your advocates can easily pass along to any new prospective customers. A growing customer base is critical to any thriving business. Industry research points out multiple elements to include in your overall marketing strategy to reach these gains.
    [Information] Lead Gen 101: How to Create an Intuitive Website Conversion Path
    But if you''re giving away something more substantial like an ebook or whitepaper, indicating that people are further along the research process, you may want to ask for more detailed information. If you''re getting your website visitors to sign up for anything on your website -- an ebook, a whitepaper, a webinar, a newsletter, a blog subscription, etc. -- you need to create a conversion path.
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    [Information] 21 Internet Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind
    Source: Pew Internet ) The cell phone is the dominant communication tool in the United States, but information consumption is fragmented. Sick of hearing the same "the internet is changing marketing" speeches? Want hard data to reference so that you can properly forecast and adjust future marketing plans and budgets? Just want to sound smart in board meetings?
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    [Information] How to Use Snapchat: A Detailed Look Into HubSpot’s Snapchat Strategy
    At HubSpot, we record the following information on each Story: Story Title: What are you calling this Story? Snapchat users like to consume stories and information in different formats, and the app provides a lot of room for creative application. Back in 2011, Snapchat was synonymous with risqué teen behavior. News coverage repeatedly warned parents of the damaging effects the platform might have, and as a result, the success trajectory wasn't looking good.
    [Information] 6 Tips for Easy Ebook Promotion with Social Media
    If you use a shopping cart like KickStartCart or a list management of any kind, you (or your VA) can easily set up a page, or widget that can easily capture their information and send them a free download. with Social Media" src="[link] width="300" height="300" title="6 Tips for Easy Ebook Promotion with Social Media" /> Producing expert ebooks has never been simpler, and promoting them has never been easier. Really? Yes, I did say “easier.”.
    [Information] How To Find The Money For Content Marketing
    Based on this information, we can take the organizations current production costs and subtract the amount the amount that gets used to find how much money your organization is wasting on unused content. Sometimes it can be difficult for companies to carve out sufficient budget to fund new content marketing programs. While overcoming this obstacle is often a tricky proposition, we can find this budget if we look in the right places. Calculate the Costs of Unused content.
    [Information] The 11 Best Social Media Campaign Builders and Ad Monitoring Tools
    Plus, they’re dead simple…Rafflecopter…lets you add multiple ways to enter the contest, from following you on Twitter to signing up for your newsletter…It’s a quick and easy way to entertain users, and collect lead information.” — Mention. Sample review: “(The Search Monitor) offers great information.
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    [Information] How Lenovo Kept Things Simple, and Won a Markie
    They can give them that, but also tell them what stage of the buyer journey leads are at , tell them whether or not the lead is ready to buy, what kind of information they prefer, and what the best follow up might be. That’s the kind of information that contributes to faster deal cycles and more closed opportunities.
    [Information] How Personalized Retargeting Can Optimize Your B2B Ads
    You can use information about your visitors, such as what country they are from, in ad retargeting. Author: Mike Telem This year, one of your top marketing priorities should be to take a long, hard look at your digital advertising strategy. Where is it working — and more importantly, where isn’t it working? Current digital advertising methods make it difficult to generate qualified sales leads with anywhere close to a reasonable cost-per-lead.
    [Information] 4 Secret Weapons for Sales Enablement
    As a marketer, you can make them more confident and informed by assigning or hiring a competitive intelligence liaison to sales. Author: Chris Gillespie There are nearly 17 million Google search results for “ marketing and sales alignment ”–too many in my mind, given that they all sound pretty much the same. Most of them beseech marketers and salespeople to “just get along,” but while they advertise “shockingly simple secrets,” most of them are troublingly vague.
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    [Information] MAT for the C-Suite – Getting Alignment and Keeping It
    PerformanceIN is a great source for industry information. As many of you know, Televerde operates its European headquarters out of Glasgow, Scotland. It’s from this location that we help our North American clients expand their sales and marketing initiatives throughout Europe region.
    [Information] A Handy Little Guide to International Business Etiquette
    Conversing informally and intimately with clients is not seen as "schmoozing" -- it''s seen as a sign of respect. This is true unless you are expressly asked by your senior to address him or her informally. I t''s expected that conversation flow fairly informally, especially at first. Success in business comes down to building strong relationships with our associates.
    [Information] Annual Roundup: Top 14 Modern Marketing Blog Posts of 2014
    Contributing author Cassie Hrushesky from BlueWolf outlines how to make the most of your customer information with tips for every marketer across all stages of strategic maturity. 2014 was a significant year for modern marketing, particularly for our organization and brand. After several milestone acquisitions, Oracle formally introduced the Oracle Marketing Cloud focused on empowering marketing leaders and organizations to deliver on the promise of customer centricity.
    [Information] Tips & Tricks for Optimizing Your Emails
    Done right, A/B testing increases engagement, enhances campaign effectiveness, and informs marketers about audience preferences. Author: Mike Madden I’ll admit it. Email marketing is scary. You pour your heart and soul into an email–crafting creative copy, compelling imagery, and the perfect subject line just to hit send and get judged by thousands of subscribers (or at least it feels that way sometimes). Unfortunately, the reality is that not every email you send will be a winner.
    [Information] Music and Video: 7 Things You’re Forgetting in Your Creative Brief
    For example, if your video is educational, subtle background music can help set the mood but also ensure the viewer’s utmost attention is towards the technical information being presented. Give as much information as possible as to what the message of the video is conveying. Include all the information the music supervisor will need to know to understand the scope of the project.
    [Information] First World Problems: What To Do With Too Many B2B Leads
    To generate qualified demand, marketers need technology and processes that capture lead quality information; validate, score, and classify leads; develop programs to nurture leads that don’t yet warrant sales attention; and define metrics that directly identify marketing’s contribution to the sales pipeline and closed deals.”. Explicit data is information the prospect provides such as title, industry, company, etc.
    [Information] 10 of the Best Podcasts About Business and Management
    So, if you have thick skin and you’re looking to get both practical and inspirational information on how to create the career you were meant to have, Vaynerchuk is your man. They stay calm under pressure, and they’re generous with resources and information, but always in a way that doesn’t detract from their own productivity. Today’s workforce is always on the go and multitasking.
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    [Information] 10 Brands With Website Designs That Nail Both Form AND Function
    There aren't too many navigation options, making it easy to find exactly what you're looking for: information on environmentalism or clothing. To solve that, Sony invested some serious time on their site's information architecture to ensure their navigation made sense for visitors, sorting products into their most logical categorization. The homepage makes it easy to select from their different products and find out more information about its features and prices.
    [Information] Unconventional ways to find link building opportunities
    As more and more people turn to search engines for information on the web, SEO continues to grow in importance and so does link building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Link building has become a very significant part of search engine optimization (SEO). As companies bolster their link building efforts, guest posting has emerged as a popular strategy for building these links.
    [Information] Enterprise Demand Generation: How Are You Doing?
    Take the survey here , and stay tuned to the blog as a source for up-to-date information about the survey and the findings. There are a few B2B surveys and benchmarking studies that I refer to again and again … DemandGen Report’s Buyer Behavior Survey and Content Preferences Survey and the Content Marketing Institute’s Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends to name a few.
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    [Information] How can you Be Provocative without being Arrogant?
    Overwhelmed by a wealth of information, it is easy for your Prospects to overlook key issues, delay addressing important opportunities, and perhaps, take the wrong path. Because access to information makes everyone an expert, we tend to self-diagnose and prescribe, delaying professional advice – sometimes until it is too late.
  • WEBBIQUITY  |  TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2013
    [Information] 30 Awesome Blogging Guides, Tips and Resources
    ” Done right, blogs serve as the hub of a company’s social media strategy, a magnet for search traffic, and an opportunity to speak to prospective customers on a more informal, human level. He points out that 57% of companies with blogs have acquired at least one customer through blogging; that blogs make it easy to share multiple types of information; and that they make it easy (and even inviting) for customers and prospects to provide feedback.
    [Information] The Hidden Costs of Creative Work (and How to Budget for Them)
    But as Keith soon informed me, "This is a common misconception. In particular, drives for storage and information archiving are by far our biggest hardware cost,” Keith noted. "In Ever take an educated guess at something, only to find out that you were way, way off? Yeah, that was me trying to come up with line items for a “Branding & Creative” budget template.
    [Information] How to Tackle Real-Life Social Media Customer Service Obstacles
    This lets you neatly separate conversations between customers who are unhappy or have questions for sales or support, and leads who are following your account for education and information. Obstacle 2: Dealing With Sensitive Information. So if you're working in an industry that handles peoples' personal information -- finances, health, even something as basic as their contact information -- handling privacy is a real concern when dealing with customer service over social media.
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    [Information] 18 Tips for Planning a Flawless New Product Launch
    If you need help organizing this information, check out these buyer persona templates or this handy tool. This can include pricing recommendations, market research, competitive analysis, and any other relevant information you might need. If your product team is working on the next big thing , there ought to be an equally awesome launch plan in the works to accompany it.
  • PUREB2B  |  SUNDAY, AUGUST 7, 2016
    [Information] How to Lose a Lead in 10 Ways
    Aside from discovering feedback that you can use to inform your campaign, the very act of reaching out to clients is an opportunity for you to build trust, make a connection, and create a foundation to form a solid partnership that’s bound to last a long time—increasing the lifetime value of the lead. This includes content that will help them make informed decisions as to why they should continue doing business with you.
    [Information] 11 inspiring case studies of digital transformation
    This new application provides a stream of information to UA that enables them to immediately identify fitness and health trends. 88% of companies report they are undergoing digital transformation (source: Altimeter Group ). 85% of enterprise decision-makers say they have a time frame of two years to make significant inroads into digital transformation or they will suffer financially and fall behind their competitors (source: PWC ).
    [Information] Does Your College or University Have Too Many Social Media Accounts?
    You need to check for comments and respond to them with thoughtful, insightful information. The use of hashtags in your social media posts can be effective for attracting the attention of candidates who are looking for information on trending topics. It’s tempting to jump on the social media bandwagon and create multiple profiles for the various departments and athletics teams within your college or university.
    [Information] 6 Tips to Get a Logo Design That Gets Customers Talking
    For more information, check out this infographic. Is your business in need of a logo? Whether you’re planning to give it a refresh or creating a new one from scratch, a logo that catches the attention of your customers is essential for building brand presence. Wondering how you’ll begin? Here are six steps to follow to get you started: 1. Define your brand visually. When you think of your brand, what do you imagine? Take out a piece of paper and make notes.
    [Information] 9 Emails Non-Profits Should Send – TEST 2
    After welcoming a potential donor to your non-profit family, send an email that offers information that he or she may not know about your cause. In other words, you should share information that isn’t necessarily common knowledge. You’re sharing information to build a relationship. Of course, the invitation should include all vital information (location, date, time, etc.) By keeping donors informed, they feel like part of the team.
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    [Information] 10 Excellent Examples of Video Marketing on Facebook
    The Chevy #DayItForward campaign resonated strongly with its audience because it was at once entertaining and informative while being tastefully branded,” said the CEO of Philo Media , Kevin Allodi. Over recent years, the criteria for engagement on social media has evolved from announcing your brand or product to finding a way to tell a story. Quality branded video campaigns allow companies to project said story in some really creative and unique ways.
    [Information] Twitter Best Practices for Outbound Sales Reps
    Information hits Twitter very quickly after its release – sometimes even quicker than traditional news sources. Search for negative Tweets directed at competitors, and reach out to the authors of those Tweets with helpful information about superior products. Everyone is talking about the importance of social networking for better B2B sales, but most approaches look at B2B sales as an organization-wide initiative with direct ROI.
  • KAPOST  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 2016
    [Information] Tips for Optimizing Google’s Knowledge Graph Box for Your Brand
    In addition to marking up the site-wide, organizational information in the HTML header (see next tip), you can mark up specific pages of content within your site, such as executive profile pages, products, subsidiary companies, recipes, events, international landing pages, creative works, authors… For example, here is how I’ve marked up my author page , which tells Google my job title, as well as where to find my “official” social profiles, among other things.
    [Information] 4 Reporting Features You NEED in Marketing Automation
    This is some valuable information, and it looks like this company is doing a fantastic job! Author: Frank Passantino Every marketing automation platform uses some type of reporting. After all, how can you justify the cost of the tool if you can’t report the results of your efforts? But while every platform displays reports in different ways, and every marketer has different needs, there are some major insights that your marketing automation platform MUST be able to provide.
    [Information] 5 Tools to Battle Social Media Content Overload
    Finding the right filters to optimize both sharing and consuming content is one of the most important ways of dealing with this information overload. This is a guest blog post by Leo Widrich, co-founder of Buffer , a Twitter publishing application. He writes Twitter Tips every week on his blog. When Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg announced last year that we will be sharing twice the amount of content from just 12 months ago, there were some very interesting responses.
    [Information] 6 Steps to Incorporate Guest Blogging as Part of Your Overall Content Strategy
    They educate their target audience by sharing valuable information. Armed with this critical information, you can start evaluating your own content. According to Hinge research, high-growth professional services firms generate at least 40% new business online. And the one thing most of these firms have in common is a consistent content strategy. And one of the best ways to reach an audience beyond your immediate reach is through guest blogging.
    [Information] Writers are the new heroes of B2B
    Whether the objective is clever headlines that hook the audience, or long copy that engages and informs the reader and gets them to take action, successful B2B marketers have always realized the importance of carefully crafted words and messages in their marketing plan.
    [Information] B2B Marketing: How Your Target Audience Thinks & Remembers
    The Internet has changed how our brains process and remember information; so, in order to influence your target audience’s B2B buying behavior, you must work within the confines of how our brains’ functionality. ” How Your B2B Target Audience Thinks Because of search engines and social networks, people process and remember information very differently than they have in the past.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JUNE 23, 2014
    [Information] How to Optimize Your Emails for Mobile: A Beginner's Guide
    With that information in hand, they knew it was essential to make their emails mobile friendly. As a result, it’s important to place important information and CTAs in the upper-left corner of your email. Over the past few years, mobile email opens have seen explosive growth. While they are now holding steady around 45% of all email opens, three years ago, they accounted for only 11% of opens -- which is a 309% increase since April 2011.
    [Information] People Insights: It’s Like for B2B Sales
    By arming sales professionals with actionable information from social sources, media outlets, company information and changes in business dynamics they are more likely to trigger sales. Selling to people has not changed dramatically over the past hundred years. You have a product or service, identify a pool of prospects and then discover how many of them you can help. Sure thats over simplified but when it bols down, those are some of the key components.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2015
    [Information] The 7 Deadly Sins of Data
    It’s time to put that information to work. Sales and marketing sales data holds so much power … but only if you use it correctly. The following is a critique of the seven mistakes most frequently encountered in the world of marketing operations today, and how you can avoid them. Introducing … the Seven Deadly Sins of Data. Adding the Wrong Data. Adding bad data to your marketing automation, email, and/or CRM tool is one of the worst things you can do.
    [Information] The Disruptive Forces Reshaping the Marketing Industry
    " Download the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Data Management which helps marketers d efine marketing and communication goals with a data audit, b e more strategic with the information you’re collecting and accessing and whole lot more! Since marketing was first invented, an argument's been raging about whether it's an art or a science. Regardless of which side you're on, there's no argument that the rules of the game are shifting.
    [Information] Content Marketing 101: Creating Content That Stands Out
    Your goal should be to inform, not just get clicks. A relevant image can also help the reader retain 55 percent more information than they would without it. In the beginning, we all asked, “What is content marketing?” ” Then, “Does it really work?” ” These days, there’s no longer any doubt. Content marketing works. The success of content marketing has become a bit of a double-edged sword, however.
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    [Information] Earned-media micro-influencer marketing primer
    Most YouTubers , Instagrammers, and the Twitterati worth their salt have their own online headquarters where they do their business, collect their best work (in the form of embeds and embedded streams), reveal their sponsors and brand-relationships , and offer their agency alliances, contact information, bios, and even pretty portraits. In my humble opinion, modern influencer marketing is traditional public relations pitching corrupted by huge Madison Avenue advertising money.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 2, 2013
    [Information] How to Ease Your Sales Team Into Social Sales
    Why volunteer to reveal information (especially personal) in a world where most activity is openly broadcasted and critiqued? For over 20 years, I have spent most of my career largely in a world filled with sales and marketing professionals, and I am often baffled that one group will often embrace a new technique or method, while the other will completely ignore it. No place is this more apparent than in the world of social media.
  • CAPTORA  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 8, 2016
    [Information] The 3-Step ToFu Recipe for Growth Marketers
    This aggregated insight not only provides very specific performance and ROI information, but also helps you better prioritize and optimize future campaigns. First came CRM. CRM made sales and marketing more efficient in the bottom of the funnel. Then came marketing automation, which turned middle funnel marketing from a manual and disorganized process to a more streamlined and moderately automated one. But the top of the funnel has never had its own platform.
    [Information] Buzzword Watch: Stop Saying That. Really. Stop.
    Sure, a ton of it is, but much of it is good (even really really good): It serves the customer, the reader, the prospective buyer; it’s informative, entertaining, well thought through, and well crafted. Information is plentiful and accessible, with every bit of it continuously jockeying for best position to be found. I’ve been a business writer for a long time; long enough to admit that it’s kept me (happily) on the bright side of a penny.
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    [Information] 9 Meeting Scheduler Tools to Make Your Day More Productive
    This information is included in an email, allowing the recipient to click on the time that works best for them. We complain about spending countless hours in unproductive and mismanaged meetings. But the greater crime is all the wasted time we spend scheduling the meeting. The endless back and forth communication and steps -- reviewing calendars, finding out the best place to meet, setting up a call-in number, adding the meeting to the calendar, and inviting all the necessary attendees.
    [Information] Content Tools and Side Projects: Re-thinking the Traditional Marketing Approach
    Instead, they’re handy, forever free tools that require the user provide some initial information (an email address, most often) to the company in exchange for use of the resource. . Instead of being sales-y and informational, they are completely user-centric, and often put the user’s interactive experience above everything else. There’s an interactive element, it generates a valuable output for the user, and it helped Paycor collect some important lead information, too. .
    [Information] 5 Reasons Why Video Is Your New Secret Weapon
    This is because video lets you convey complex information clearly and succinctly; it’s a medium that lets you show as well as tell. Author: Kristen Craft The saying “out of sight, out of mind” rings true for a reason. We’re often drawn to people that we see more, and interactions don’t even have to be positive to have this effect.
    [Information] Five Simple Steps to Make You a King (or Queen) of Content Marketing
    Information passes through our fingertips at the speed of Google. With so much guff floating around on the Internet you need to make sure your website can stand out and take the crown. Content marketing is a great way to attract curious visitors to your site. Follow these five simple rules to secure your reign in the online domain. #1 1 It’s not Business, it’s Personal! So many articles, so many people, so little time.
    [Information] Eloqua Experience 2010
    Eloqua has more information about this in a blog post. This week I attended the Eloqua Experience, Eloqua’s user conference in San Francisco. The big news of this event is the launch of Eloqua 10. It’s the result of 2 years of hard work, and it looks very good. The revamped user interface makes working with Eloqua a lot of fun. Here is a preview: Eloqua 10 Campaign Builder (click to enlarge). I attended the session with Siteworx, an early adopter of Eloqua 10.
    [Information] 3 Ways Marketing Automation Can Make You a Better Marketer
    Marketing automation systems are designed to hone and distill cross-channel data into a single view, providing companies with the right information to accurately measure and analyze campaign performance, and quickly make strategic business decisions. This empowers sales with the right information to more effectively engage with and nurture the lead.
    [Information] 5 Ways to Use Paid Search & SEO Together
    Back in 2011, Google shifted the industry in this direction when they started limiting organic search query information in an effort to increase privacy. Paid search and SEO work in different ways to get visitors to your website. Paid search can yield almost immediate results, but can be expensive. Conversely, SEO is relatively cost free, but optimization efforts can take a long time to impact organic rankings.
    [Information] Doing More Together: Facebook and Marketo Drive Marketing Success
    We are excited to use this information to guide our campaign strategy and identify the right audience and messaging to drive revenue.” Author: Mike Stocker Last week, I attended the Facebook 2016 Global Partner Summit in San Francisco. It was a great opportunity to learn about Facebook’s product roadmap from their leaders, and how they see partners as an integral part of helping their customers drive success and business growth.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 5, 2013
    [Information] The Top 8 Priorities for Any One-Man Marketing Team
    A persona includes information such as what sort of person they are (education, income level, or job, for example) as well as what’s important to them (saving time or money, for example). Have access to all of this information will help you make better decisions on which social networks you spend your marketing time. When you’re the Jack or Jill of all trades at your company, it’s hard to always follow every piece of marketing advice you read.
    [Information] Hiring a Virtual Assistant Can Refocus Your Business Efforts
    Finding a virtual assistant via a referral gives you insider information on his or her skills and projects they’ve worked on. Hours upon hours can be spent trying to grow or develop a business. But how you spend your valuable time could actually end up hindering your company from becoming successful. Hiring a virtual assistant can free up some of the time you may be spending on administrative work and replace it with what you do best.
    [Information] 5 Ways To Boost Conversions On Your B2B Landing Page
    Any unnecessary steps or obstacles to submitting their information will cause users to flee your page. Online audiences tend to skim pages of information, rather than read them all the way through. Readers must be convinced of your resource’s value before they are willing to trade their contact information for access. While this provides immediate access for the prospect, it fails to capture any lead information.
    [Information] Why Alignment is Critical For Today's CMO
    Do we share common vocabulary and information? I don't know about you but when I heard the word "alignment" I immediately think of a car or motorized vehicle with this definition being apropos " the proper positioning or state of adjustment of parts (as of a mechanical or electronic device) in relation to each other."
    [Information] Industy Analyst Extraordinaire Jeremiah Owyang Discusses Social and the Changing Consumer
    Jeremiah points out that today’s consumer is more dynamic than ever before and the amount of information continues to explode. He is constantly gathering information and keeping draft blog posts ready to go. by Jason Miller Jeremiah Owyang is an Industry Analyst on Customer Strategy and a Partner at Altimeter Group. He is the author of the top blog Web Strategist and is an expert on how companies can connect with their consumers using a variety of online tactics.
  • FATHOM  |  THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014
    [Information] Key Themes in the #HospitalWeek Twitter Chat: Social Media, Telemedicine and Reducing Readmissions
    Participants cited social media as the number one way to spread information, followed by research journals, health educations programs, webinars, mobile and patient portals. Yesterday, the American Hospital Association hosted a Twitter chat to talk about quality care. Close to 600 people tweeted using the hashtag #HospitalWeek leading up to and during the chat, although numerous Twitter handles used that opportunity to tweet their own messages not related to the chat.
    [Information] Non-Profits That are Doin’ it (Social Media) & Doin’ it & Doin’ it Well
    But MDG Advertising has created a super informative infographic citing just how stellar non-profits are doing on social media, as it’s become an integral part of fundraising. Business accounts include information like how many pins come from your website, how may repins you have, and which pins are the most popular. Social media marketing may seem challenging for any business, even non-profits.
    [Information] Banners Have 99 Problems And A Click Ain’t One
    32% of survey participants said they trust information on company or brand Web sites. A couple of years ago, when he was still with WPP’s Mindshare, I heard Scott Sorokin explain how 99.99% of people who see a banner ad will ignore it. This has become one of my favorite content marketing quotes and I use it in almost every presentation: Banners have 99 problems and a click ain’t one! Tweet This ]. But clicks aren’t the only problem that banners face.
    [Information] Common Email Mistake to Avoid
    One assumes that in this upcoming training workshop from TechTarget, one of the “common mistakes to avoid” will be: If you’re going to insert variable information (i.e. company name) into a subject line, make darn sure that a) your data is accurate, and that b) the fields actually contain the information you want. BEA Systems was a [.].
    [Information] Marketing That Helps People? An Interview With Jay Baer
    It’s about a six step process for creating Youtility in your own company (including detailed information on ROI and how to measure). If you have read anything on this site, you know my main objective is to be helpful. As a result, I have created content that I think will help my audience. There are a bunch of slideshare decks you can use in your business, top Marketing Conferences , my favorite Marketing Quotes , Marketing Books and Blogs To Read and so much more.
    [Information] Marketing Mistakes: Focusing On Activities Instead Of Results
    Create an integrated annual marketing plan – Put the customer needs at the center, building a marketing strategy to meet those needs and eliminating waste with an “always on&# approach because buyers are always looking for information. Ask sales people what they think is wrong with marketing and they will say the biggest mistake marketers make is too much of a focus on marketing activities instead of results.
    [Information] How to Measure and Analyze Your Facebook Presence
    Under Facebook Insights' "Users" tab, marketers can obtain more granular information about the activity and demographics of their Page visitors, such as gender, age, location, and language. Use this information to determine which type of content is resonating with your audience. Use the free data Facebook provides in Insights as well as data on traffic, leads, and customers to make smarter and informed business choices and to maximize the results of your Facebook marketing efforts.
    [Information] The 5 Key Marketing Metrics You Should Be Watching
    The right information can illuminate precisely what factors are working, what factors are failing, and what kind of course correction can spark higher performance in the future. To manage all of this information effectively, you’ll want to implement three main steps. by Dayna Rothman We’d like to welcome Justin Gray as a guest blogger in today’s post. He is the CEO and chief marketing evangelist at LeadMD.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 31, 2014
    [Information] How to Consistently Keep Up With the Latest Social Media Trends
    Every social media conference will have a corresponding Twitter hashtag that you can follow during the conference, and a lot of the tweets will be quotes from the social media sessions so you will still get access to some of the information shared there. There''s so much going on with social media it''s hard to keep up.
    [Information] How to Design a Persona-Centric Website Experience
    Consider the following when building your buyer personas, and for even more in-depth information on the topic, check out this checklist of questions to ask when developing buyer personas : Segment by Demographics: Start developing personas by researching your existing customer base to identify the most common buyers for your products and services. What information are they typically searching for? What kind of information do they tend to consume online?
    [Information] Interesting Infographics: Using Big Data to Generate Sales Ready Leads
    So how do we use that information to help identify potential future customers? This week’s infographic highlights how big data brings in big revenue. Companies that invest in it outperform competitors by a large margin. Every minute, Amazon generates another $80k in sales and Google garners over two million search queries. Those aren’t small numbers. Every day, people create 23 billion gigabytes of new data.
    [Information] 5 Helpful Reporting Tips from The New Yorker Festival
    Eyal Press, who exposed the torturing of mentally ill inmates by guards in a Florida prison, spoke about how he is grateful for the distinguished fact checkers at The New Yorker , but reminded the audience that it is ultimately the journalist’s job to accurately present information and protect informants. Every day, I religiously check my mailbox to look for the newest issue of The New Yorker.
    [Information] 11 Tips to Grow Your Email List
    There are three basic things to do: Understand who you want on your lists; make sure that your website is pulling traffic; make an offer compelling enough that (the right people) will trade their contact information with you. Some marketers collect only a small amount of information, like the person’s name and email address. Others collect additional information such as company name and title.
    [Information] How to Quickly & Easily Create a Buyer Persona [Free Tool]
    Note: Survey tools like SurveyMonkey and QuestionPro are good ways to gain information for persona research if you don''t have a good customer database to tap into. Whenever people ask for a primer on inbound marketing, I always start by talking about buyer personas. Because without knowing who your ideal customers are -- their backgrounds, goals, challenges, and so on -- it''s very difficult to create an effective marketing strategy to attract more of those types of people.
    [Information] Be Everywhere Online – Without Your Foot in Your Mouth
    They will also give you more usable information than you’d ever get out of an emailed or webform survey. Equally important is what you learn, and what you do with the information after you have analyzed it and discussed it. Guest post by Kristin Zhivago. Tom is right. As he contended in Web Presence Optimization Reloaded , you should be “everywhere.&# You have to appear in all the channels where your customers may be lurking.
    [Information] Social Media Good Samaritan donates tweets to save businesses
    ” How could social media, this recent tool of our information age, possibly be used to save the decades-old candy shop? By {grow} Community Member Pavel Konoplenko . The story begins like any sweet story should — with delicious ice cream. I first visited Ray’s Candy Store , an old-fashioned, hole-in-the-wall family business, when I was strolling around New York’s East Village.
    [Information] Top 3 Chinese Search Engines: What B2B Marketers Need to Know
    According to the data from CNNIC (Chinese Internet Network Information Center), as of December 2015, there were 566 million people using search engines, which accounts for the majority of Chinese Internet users (82.3 With 688 million Internet users and growing, China has become a compelling market for Western companies looking to expand globally.
    [Information] 6 Tips to Creating an Ideal Landing Page
    Keep all your important information and calls-to-action above the fold. Having a well-designed landing page will go a long way when it comes to bringing in conversions. You could have the best product or service in the world, but if you don’t communicate that effectively, you could be missing out on new business. Follow these tips and best practices the create the ideal landing page for your business.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, MAY 2, 2016
    [Information] Marketing Hacks: 10 New Ways to Use Your Marketing Automation Platform
    Look at pages visited, datasheets downloaded, and contract renewal information and payment history, and tie it to engagement data to understand when to reach out on an upsell or cross-sell. True or False: Modern marketing departments are dominantly focused on demand generation activities? Well, the answer is slightly more complex than true or false… but if we had to choose, we’d say false.
    [Information] The Beginner's Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
    Banner blindness is a very real phenomenon as people become accustomed to ignoring banner-like information on websites. We’ve shared a ton of information in this post, and at this point, you may be thinking, “where should I start?”. Today, most marketing teams are structured to drive traffic towards websites, which then converts into leads for the sales team to close.
    [Information] “Curation” versus Fair Use: How to keep your content safe
    For more detailed information on the issue of fair use, visit the United States Copyright Office website. By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist. Content curation” is a powerful tool for marketing. By sharing someone else’s relevant, helpful content, you prove to your audience that you care about helping them—not just boosting your own site traffic. But when does “curation” turn into copyright infringement?
    [Information] Planning Your Content: The 3 Stages of the Buyer’s Journey
    Just like car shopping, B2B buyers are looking for different information depending on where they are in the sales funnel. The middle of the funnel where buyers are already familiar with you, and are looking for a little more detailed information of what you can offer against your competitors. Assessments are used to collect information about a user, and then assign the user a category based on their result. Two years ago, I was shopping for a new car.
    [Information] Content2Conversion Keynote Recap: 5 Tips For The Challenger Marketer
    We’ve got to focus less on the story we’re aiming to tell, and keenly center our messaging on information that’s more conducive to customer learning. by Amanda Batista | Tweet this The stats that frame the buyer’s independent research journey are frightening for us marketing and sales professionals. Because we’ve come to realize that our traditional tactics and communication methods aren’t going to be effective in the same ways they historically enabled the discussion with buyers.
    [Information] The Biggest Challenge in Content Marketing
    Barbra Gago ( @BarbraGago ) also suggests marketers stop trying to “re-invent the wheel with every piece of content&# and should instead focus on helping prospective buyers find “the right information–the content that is going to help them move through their purchase process.&#.
    [Information] Target Like Modern Mark: Episode 1 of the Journey to Modern Marketing Now Live
    Your data steward is responsible for reporting overall data health and communicating relevant data information (new rules, changes in policy) to the broader marketing organization. by Eloqua | Tweet this We recently introduced you to Modern Mark , our friend who’s putting Modern Marketing to work for his organization. Stuck in the realm of dirty data, spreadsheets, and disconnected systems, getting your strategies started and off the ground can seem like a journey of epic proportions.
    [Information] Why Google's Hummingbird Algorithm Is Perfect for Inbound Marketers
    Respond to their needs with relevant information when they ask for it. This post originally appeared on Inbound Ecommerce , the brand new ecommerce section of the HubSpot Inbound Marketing blog. You may have heard the news by now: Google has rolled out a new algorithm for all search results. The algorithm, named Hummingbird, has been live for about a month now and is meant to improve search results -- especially for long tail queries, or “semantic search.”. What is Hummingbird?
    [Information] Advanced Reporting Is Awesome: Part 4 — Domain Reports
    Advanced Reporting puts all of this information at your fingertips, in an easy-to-read format: In our example above, the majority of our readers are using Yahoo for their email, with Gmail as the next most popular service. When you look at your own readers’ domain information, you’ll see which email services they prefer. Here at VerticalResponse headquarters, we’re pretty excited about all the insights Advanced Reporting offers users.
    [Information] 6 Ways B2B Marketers Use Social Media to Get Gangbuster Results
    It’s about giving prospects information about your company so they can come to know you, trust you, and, eventually, depend on you. You can use content that’s gated behind forms to collect information. Social media is a proven winner for B2C marketers, and recent research proves it. In fact, according to a survey from Vision Critical, four out of 10 consumers buy products that they’ve liked, tweeted about, favorited, or pinned on their social network of choice.
    [Information] Use Content Marketing to Manage Industrial Sales Funnels
    In creating informational, educational and actionable content in the form of white papers and webinars, marketers can effectively lure early-stage buyers into their sales pipeline. “By B2B and industrial marketers are usually tasked with two main responsibilities: Fill the top of the sales funnel (ToFU) with high quality leads. Maximize the middle of the funnel (MoFU) for converting more leads into sales opportunities.
    [Information] When Is a Corporate Blog Not a Blog? Why I’m Calling It a Digital Publication
    What’s more, the medium lends itself to an informal, conversational tone—a plus for content marketers trying to make a personal connection to consumers—and the comments section is a built-in platform for conversation. They entertain, they inform, they engage—and in the process, they build a reputation as a trusted brand that provides value above and beyond their product.
    [Information] The Paradigm Shift of the Acquisition Model: The Best Customers Are the Ones That Last a Lifetime
    With the right tools, email marketing allows you to create custom content series, respond in real-time to customer behavior, and offer each individual customer deals and information about products and services he is looking for at that moment. Author: Matt Zilli Companies spend the majority of their marketing budgets on customer acquisition, but once acquired, those hard-won customers tend to languish.
    [Information] The Future of Media and The Role I Want to Play
    Today, there is another opportunity to shift the economic model and redistribute the margins that have been earned through information arbitrage. The digital media landscape is changing rapidly. Once, most advertising was purchased directly from publishers. Today, increasingly, advertisers and agencies are purchasing media in real time auctions, impression by impression. To put this into context, AT&T purchased 105 billion impressions in 2011, according to research from ComScore.
    [Information] Technology Marketing Has Always Had a Zero Moment of Truth
    It’s nice the Internet has caught up other types of buyers in making more informed decisions before they buy. Contact New Incite today for information on how we can help you create a strategy, a tactical plan, and implement the plan. Google came out with a new concept about how consumers buy things: the Zero Moment of Truth. While this may be relatively new for business-to-consumer buying, it’s always been present for buyers of technology. What is ZMOT?
    [Information] 4 Reasons Product Launch Marketing Campaigns Fail
    They may even provide a little preliminary information about their new product before it’s launched. Where does he or she get information? In today’s world of fast-paced and competitive product launches, a marketer’s ability to get attention and attract potential buyers is critical. But many product launches fail to capture the attention of target audiences. Here’s why. Not enough runway to launch.
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