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    [Information] Getting Sales to Accept More Qualified Leads
    Requesting pricing information. Providing budget and timing information. Requesting pricing information and scheduling an appointment with the decisionmaker represent the lead stage. Would you like to reduce the number of qualified leads passed on by marketing that sales rejects? It’s a relatively easy disconnect to resolve.
    [Information] The Basics of LinkedIn Marketing
    Successful marketers utilize company pages as lead-generation tools, showing what makes the company special instead of highlighting dry facts and information. Back when it started, LinkedIn was a simple digital Rolodex. Over a decade later, the platform has become the go-to social networking platform for professionals. LinkedIn is where professionals go to find jobs, learn more about their industries, and research prospective companies.
    [Information] How to Use Nurture Programs to Arm Your Sales Teams with Smart Data
    How do you absorb all of the information you have and decide what’s meaningful in helping to create sales qualified leads (SQLs), and provide sales with the content necessary to be successful in their follow up efforts?
    [Information] The Top 10 Conversion Lessons One Agency Learned After Critiquing 100+ Websites
    Nothing speaks more highly of your work than word-of-mouth and by hiding this powerful information where visitors are unlikely to look, you can risk it going completely unnoticed. It also allows you to communicate more information about your product, brand, or culture in a shorter amount of time. Like I mentioned in lesson #6, giving your visitors too much information can lead to inaction -- that’s because you’re forcing them to think.
    [Information] 5 Essentials To Build A Survey
    We scoured the web to find data, reports and relevant information on this unique group of marketers, however, we found most data skewed towards mid-size organizations or small business. It’s important to remember you may not get all the information you need to build insights with the first round of data collection as some data may be best suited for discovering broader trends rather than developing specific insights.
    [Information] Dear Marketers, Buyer Personas Still Need A Makeover
    Too Much Information (TMI)-. Some personas are valuable from an attitudinal perspective, but don’t have enough of a data component to allow marketers to categorize them or include any information that a prospect could self-identify. *This post first ran 9.29.15 via There are a lot of misguided, well-meaning marketers working on beautifully crafted, useless personas. Now, I’m not joining the persona naysayers (you know who you are).
    [Information] The Scariest Blog: No Personality
    You may be excited about what you do as a professional, but your clients will get bored or overwhelmed if you just throw information at them. What’s the scariest blog post you have ever read? For me it’s a blog or website without any personality. Storytelling and personalization is the key piece in content marketing as I see it. People are good at writing about what they know. They aren’t as good about expressing who they are and why they do what they do.
    [Information] Self-Reliance Is the Name of the Game: How Marketing Automation Empowers Marketers
    Personalize your website based on any segment you want to target, such as first-time visitors versus visitors who have already shared information with you. Author: Matt Zilli In many companies, the almighty tech resource—be it an engineer, developer, or IT expert—is a revered character whose time and attention can be hard to come by.
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    [Information] How to Insert Google Calendar, iCal & Outlook Event Invites Into Your Marketing Emails
    You''ll need to change this information to reflect the details of your event (more on that in the next section). Below are examples of how these details look in the different applications, as well as a clarification of what information and format to use for each of these components. Have you ever registered for a webinar and then totally forgotten about it? Or perhaps you got an email about an upcoming workshop, but you were busy and forgot to put a reminder in your calendar for it?
    [Information] The Sales Association Launches SalesProCentral
    When you do that, you can provide it your twitter and LinkedIn information to help it get going. The Sales Association has unveiled SalesProCentral generously sponsored by Leads360. The Sales Association is the premier professional society dedicated to sales and business development professionals. They are happy to launch SalesProCentral as an industry resource for their members and for non-members alike.
    [Information] What’s your story? It’s your most important sales weapon.
    You’ll start to see how self-focused most information is and how little real meaning it has to the customer. With a compelling sales story you can quickly break through, differentiate your company, build trust and preference, and justify a premium price. In Mike Weinberg’s bestselling book New Sales. Simplified.
    [Information] 5 Surprising Uses for Marketing Automation
    I had the opportunity to digest the information, learn something and ask questions. by Christina Pappas | Tweet this What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the words ‘ marketing automation ’? For me, it’s email campaigns, lead nurturing, lead scoring, lead generation and lead management. But there are so many other ways to get more out of your marketing automation investment, from smoothing out the recruiting process to pushing real-time info to sales.
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    [Information] 6 Incredibly Insightful Marketing Reports You Should Be Running
    You can use this information to decide what marketing efforts to invest in going forward. HubSpot customers are probably familiar with the Sources graph to get at this information, but you can actually customize it more. Understanding your audience''s content preferences is very valuable information to have so you cater to their interests. There are hundreds of reports that you can run to dig into your marketing.
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    [Information] How to Say "No" Without Burning Bridges
    After a call or coffee has been scheduled, she asks the person to send her information on what they want to discuss and, depending on the request, do a little reading themselves. “If Scale. You hear the term often in marketing. It basically means increasing results disproportionately to the time or effort previously required to achieve them.
    [Information] How to Develop a Strong Visual Brand on Social Media
    Considering up to 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, it’s no surprise that people respond well to great design. The new world of marketing is increasingly visual. It''s no coincidence that the newest and fastest-growing social networks on the web -- like Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat -- are focused primarily on visual content. So, how can marketers adapt to and leverage an increasingly visual social atmosphere?
    [Information] Want to Increase Your Campaign’s Conversion Rate? Follow These Landing Page Best Practices
    That consistent look and feel is key to the users having confidence in your company, especially when you’re asking for their information. Both the web design and online marketing teams are frequently asked about landing page best practices. So how should you build your landing page to increase conversions? Follow our list of design and SEO best practices in order to create your perfect landing page. The two column layout is much more effective in converting leads.
    [Information] Why Marketing Automation, Why Now?
    This means that I can quickly change the course of a program, or if I have extra money, I can make an informed decision about where to invest. Author: Heidi Bullock Trends keep life interesting. It’s always fun to see what sticks, and what fades away. Some recent trends garnering excitement include: 1. Juicing — not like apple or grape, but really green juice that looks like you scraped it off of a fish tank.
    [Information] How to Develop an Unforgettable Voice in Your Writing
    We are engaged in a cycle of communication whereby each of us gains information from the other. The challenge for me was that I had to receive your information beforehand by becoming familiar with your site. To be a successful writer, you must possess an unforgettable voice. This is the mysterious “knack for writing” that people talk about. It’s not just about stringing words together in a pretty way.
    [Information] Before and After: 3 Real-Life Landing Page Makeovers
    In the visitor’s eyes, is this offer's value worth providing contact information via the form in order to redeem it? It'd also be helpful to add a sub-headline or brief body copy that informs the visitor why it is valuable to see a demo -- and incorporate elements that create a sense of urgency. Added a little more information about what prospects will receive. Landing pages are the secret sauce to lead generation. But just having landing pages alone isn’t enough. No siree!
    [Information] A Marketer's Guide to Quora
    Users on Quora can ask or answer questions and follow questions and people to create a stream of information aligned with their interests. Because questions and answers is all Quora does, it has been able to create an great experience around this one aspect of online information sharing. Sometimes, it can seem like there is an endless number of social media sites to participate on.
    [Information] Enough Already! 7 Marketing Predictions We're Tired of Hearing
    Access to information has enabled in-depth pre-sale research that your sales team has no control over. People have always loved visual content -- heck, it''s even hard-wired into our brain to process it faster than written information when it pops up on our computer screen. About this time every year, something happens. No, I''m not talking about people celebrating holiday festivities, nor am I talking about your boss'' crazy leftover budget spending.
    [Information] New Marketing Automation Buyer’s Guide Offers Valuable Advice
    HS) The type of content that works best in the context of a lead nurturing or emarketing program is usually informational, “thought leadership”-type content that speaks to best practices, strategies or techniques for solving the type of business problem that the marketer’s product or service addresses.
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    [Information] How To Optimize Your Event Strategy For Account-Based Marketing
    All of those great interactions are worthless if your team doesn’t have a quick and effective process for following up with relevant information. If your company is practicing account-based marketing, you probably know that events are one of the best ways to engage your target accounts. Events are also still the biggest spend in B2B marketing budgets. Companies invest in events because in-person interaction is the most effective way to create and accelerate sales pipeline.
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    [Information] The Marketer's Guide to Developing a Strong Corporate and Brand Identity
    However you gather the information, once you get it, you should be able to sit down with your marketing team and clearly state your company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. An informal lunch, meeting at an industry event, or an after-work meetup are the best ways to get past the professional veneer and experience the true personality of the people you may end up doing business with.
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    [Information] Successful Sales and Marketing Alignment, Part 1: Get Started
    In part one, you’ll get the basics of beginning the process along with the information and agreements you’ll need to put in place in order to ensure success. The definitions should include demographic information (such as company size) and behavioral information (such as a request for a demo of your product). The target buyer profile should be created using data such as current customer information and anecdotal feedback from sales.
    [Information] How to Build Self-Confidence After a Bad Month: 8 Helpful Tips
    It makes sense, then, that many of us are afraid to ask for help at work for fear of looking foolish or ill-informed. Not only can that lead to making mistakes in the first place, but it can also leave you without the necessary information to avoid them in the future. When you've had a really bad day, the last thing you want to do is spend the night figuring out how to rebuild for the next. Now, imagine if it were an entire month. Your energy is sapped. You might even feel defeated.
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    [Information] The Influence of the Social Buyer on B2B Business
      By learning more deeply about new and emerging social ecosystems, social business models, and social buyer cycles, B2B business leaders can be better informed on the future direction of their organization.  Image via Wikipedia. In the B2B world, the emergence of the Social Buyer is causing organizations to search for better ways to reach its’ base of buyers. 
    [Information] 12 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Social Selling
    4) Contact Information Make it easy for prospective clients who find your employees and want to know more to get in touch. Contact information should include an email address, phone number, Twitter handle, and company URL. 9) Additional Information Don’t overlook any categories that enable you to demonstrate your skills and expertise, and that includes Interests, Publications, and Honors & Awards (include certifications).
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    [Information] 6 Crowdsourcing Techniques to Promote Your Educational Institution
    Then use that information. Marketing to Millennials. Educational marketers spend the majority of their time – and budgets – trying to deliver their message to members of the millennial generation (those born between 1980 and 2000). In doing so, they often forget that marketers need to reach their target audiences when and how the audiences are most comfortable. For millennials, that’s usually online.
    [Information] The Real Value of Content Marketing for Industrial Companies
    The EPC company relies on its field service people to provide vital information about your equipment’s reliability, ease of maintenance and availability of spare parts. In today’s uncertain economy, manufacturing and industrial companies are taking more than a hard look at their marketing spends. These companies have always thought of marketing as sales support, so it requires a lot of convincing to change that mind-set.
    [Information] 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Partner Marketing Programs
    Don’t keep the partner in the dark, make them one of the first to hear about new product releases and other important information. I’ve been on both sides of the table, both as the vendor putting together partner marketing initiatives and as the reseller making use of the marketing resources a partner company has made available. It is interesting that once you’ve been on the consuming side of things you get a different perspective.
    [Information] Inside SAP’s Customer Loyalty program
    According to Mette and SAP, the relationship with the customer is now defined by experiences, because customers are empowered with more information and choices than ever before. enabling us to monitor which customers would recommend, not recommend or sit on the fence, reporting this information as an NPS (Net Promoter Score). “We And to get reliable information you have ask a good quantity of customers.”.
    [Information] Demystify & Define Your Marketing Strategy
    To find your strategy, consider all this information together and come up with the best sequence of events for that client. Author: Rajiv Kapoor When I recently visited Marketo headquarters, my buddy asked me what I was working on, and I told him enterprise consulting in a strategic role (as opposed to more of an implementation role)—to which he responded, “so, what exactly are you doing?”.
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    [Information] Video ads: Facebook or YouTube?
    As you can imagine, the social network has a lot of information about their users. Video is quickly becoming a default tool for marketers around the world. However, producing videos is only one part of the equation. A compelling video has a higher chance of driving business results, but compelling videos are ignored every day, getting little to no traffic. Marketers are presented with a tricky challenge: a lot of internet browsers just don’t see ads anymore.
    [Information] The Benefits of Marketing Automation for Sales: Give Your Teams X-Ray Vision
    But the people who do engage are much more informed and ready to buy, and the system identifies them accordingly. This means you’ll know when someone is thinking about your company and solutions; you can even set alerts that inform you when a particular buyer is on a specific page. Marketing automation provides a variety of benefits to sales teams. It can shorten the sales cycle, uncover new upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and maximize the lifetime value of every customer.
    [Information] Future of Buyer Personas is Social - Part 4 ( A New Role and Framework)
      The term  buyer persona is being defined incorrectly as a target profile for content as opposed to an informing process that shapes content strategy. Image by Arenamontanus via Flickr. This is the fourth part of a series of reflective articles on the future of buyer personas.    In part 1 through part 3 I focused primarily on misconceptions, what needed to change, and why changes must take place in buyer persona development in the social age. 
    [Information] 7 User Experience Tests to Do When Redesigning Your Website
    Try sorting this data by source or by device type to get more detailed information. Collect demographic information on your participant - This way you'll have an idea of how closely they fit in with your buyer persona. Designing your website can be a long and expensive process. To ensure the process goes smoothly and that your end product is the best it can be, test early and test often.
    [Information] How to Successfully Launch Your First Marketing Automation Program
    Once your customer information is properly organized, you can begin creating drip campaigns. Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of Zach Watson, content manager at TechnologyAdvice. He covers gamification, healthcare IT, business intelligence, and other emerging technology. Connect with him on LinkedIn. For marketing departments accustomed to smaller, fragmented software applications, implementing marketing automation software can be a daunting task.
    [Information] 2011 Sales & Marketing Success Conference
    They get information from their social network and trusted sources online, leaving information about what they need in their online social interactions. Jonathan Farrington has taken the lead in organizing one of the largest online events geared towards the sales profession.
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    [Information] Pinterest Revamps Analytics Dashboard and Expands Promoted Pins Test
    Supposedly, now you will be able to see how pins you create are doing -- which ones are driving impressions, clicks, and repins -- in addition to getting information on what people are already pinning from your website. Brand pinaholics, rejoice! Today, Pinterest announced two updates to get a little friendlier with brands. Soon, all brands will have access to a brand new analytics dashboard and the ability to use Promoted Pins.
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    [Information] 7 Promotion Tactics to Get Your Content Seen
    Include just one tasty piece of information in each post… kinda like a breadcrumb trail through the woods. Some of us prefer to get our information via video. There’s a terrible truth about content: Most of it will never be seen. With two million blog posts published every day and over 200,000 photos shared on Facebook every minute (not to mention tweets, videos, books, and everything else), there’s no way our audiences can keep up.
    [Information] Video testimonials and video case studies are a great investment
    Where else can you get an investment that incorporates so much on a personal level and information at that small of an investment? If you’re looking to make a great investment for your business that has been used for centuries to drive revenue targets, then you should be looking at case study videos and video testimonials for your business.
    [Information] Are you becoming an obsolete marketing professional?
    I am disproportionately good at synthesizing information, and figuring out what’s worth paying attention to, and what’s not. Having two teenagers at home is very useful in terms of understanding how the next generation of consumers interacts with devices and information. I have had the true pleasure and honor of teaching graduate-level classes at Rutgers University for more than six years now.
    [Information] Is Your Website Ready for Black Friday? 7 Last-Minute Tips to Prepare
    One of the key concerns for shoppers online is ensuring their personal information is going to stay safe. At a minimum SSL, which can be seen when the URL contains HTTPS instead of the traditional HTTP , should be enabled for your checkout process to ensure the users private information remains safe, and the confidence they have shopping with you remains high. Does your website have what it takes to survive Black Friday? Last year, $1.5
    [Information] How to Sell to People Not Contacts
    What’s important is cutting through the noise and getting the accurate information that matters about leads and prospect. A New Type of Connection. What are People Insights ? Connections are more important than ever for reaching and engaging your prospects. More than 90 percent of executives never respond to cold-call sales or unsolicited emails , while more than 80 percent do engage when referred by a connection – whether through a friend, colleague, customer or industry peer.
    [Information] Stuck Writing? 35 Sure-Fire Copywriting Tips & Tricks from the Pros
    David Ogilvy , the Father of Advertising, said to “ stuff your conscious mind with information ” so you have plenty to work with. John Caples advised me once to gather seven times more interesting information than I could possibly use… Research is the infallible cure for writer’s block.”. The more information you have, the more possibilities you can play with.
    [Information] The A/BCs of Testing Web Pages
    Order Information” will probably not convert as well as “Get Information.”. Use A/B testing on your forms to improve the information you get and the number of conversions. Conversely, if it’s important to get information you can use for targeting, you must ask segmentation questions. Out of all the headlines you could think up, all the offers you could make, and all the calls-to-action you could choose, how do you know which one will work the best?
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    [Information] From Scratch: Three (More) List Building Strategies for Agencies (and Others)
    You’re not offering excellent educational or entertaining content in exchange for contact information in your ads (Point 2, above). And – with Ad Extensions – local businesses with decent Ad Rank scores can extend their ads with more information about their business – like phone numbers, hours, and addresses. That way, if you target properly, you’re going to pay only for those contacts who exchange their contact information for your content.
    [Information] 4 Steps to Determine a Winning Content Format
    Oftentimes marketers make decisions based on individual or organizational focus points at the idea phase, rather than considering how to serve up information in a relevant, engaging, and valuable format that is going to resonate meaningfully to those who actually consume it. By Amanda Batista, Content Marketing Manager, Oracle Marketing Cloud. eBooks, infographics, and interactive quizzes – oh, my!
    [Information] How Often Should You Post on Social Media? Benchmarks for 9 Different Industries
    This could be due to the fact that this industry is highly regulated and contains a lot of sensitive information, so their website is likely the best place to get the information you need. If you’re in the consumer goods / retail / ecommerce industry, see if you can find new and unique ways to share information about your goods. How often should you post to your social media accounts? For many marketers, this question is tough.
    [Information] Buyer Persona Basics
    Stage 2: We’d salt our landing pages with attractive early-stage content that the buyer found so attractive that they would fill out a form with their contact information in order to get it, and (best case scenario) they’d opt into receiving our emails. Stage 4: We make sure they get information about pricing, spec sheets, and other pieces that help them compare systems and make a final decision.
    [Information] 3 Companies that Failed to Listen
    ” So, Blackberry “listened” to what customers said and ignored the information. Businesses that have experienced high-growth can get myopic and full of themselves. Some make the big mistake of failing to listen to the marketplace. I recently read an email newsletter by Seena Sharp of Sharp Market Intelligence.
    [Information] 8 Key Changes In Google Search B2B Marketers Should Know
    Subscribe to our newsletter to get access to more specific information like this, as well as company updates, announcements, etc. As detailed in an article on Search Engine Land this past month, a new Google eye tracking study outlines the evolution of Google search results from 2005 to today. The key takeaway? Searchers are now looking outside of the “ golden triangle” of top organic results when performing Google keyword searches. What is the “golden triangle?”
    [Information] Making the Case for B2B Content Marketing: Why Professional Services Executives Should Care
    Content marketing is the process of producing informative and valuable content to help your target audience educate themselves. The key is providing information without directly promoting your firm. As a professional services executive, you have a lot on your plate. Between concerning yourself with billing rates, recruitment, retention and overall firm growth, B2B content marketing can struggle to make your list of priorities.
    [Information] Email Personalization Basics (+American Express Travelink’s Email Success Story)
    These days, technology affords you multiple ways to gather information about your prospects and leads. That information can be turned into data points which help you build profiles of who someone is, and what they care about. This is information your prospect provides, or is obvious. Dear {{First Name}}: “Personalization” is a broad term.
    [Information] Should CPAs Get a “Bye” from Marketing During Tax Season? Not if They Want to Be “Inactive” for the Rest of the Year!
    You already know the information and have it in one medium; you can garner attention online for this work while you’re working away on that shoebox of receipts. OK CPAs I’ll give you this, tax season for you is rough, your grinding “regular season” where most of the work is done, you get beaten up, and your condition deteriorates as the season goes on.
    [Information] 3 Powerful Ways A/E/C Firms Can Demonstrate Their Expertise and Showcase Their Services
    Furthermore, they deliver value and entertainment in bite sized chunks so that your audience can find the information they need quickly. An enduring challenge in professional services marketing is showing potential clients the benefit of a service they can’t see, feel, or touch. When you buy a physical product – a shirt, for example – you can see the product before you buy it. You can feel the material, try the shirt on, and compare it to other shirts.
    [Information] Rethinking Cost Per Lead, Why So Many B2B Marketers Chase False Leads
    By accessing new information about leads, such as the customer journey that includes offline and online touchpoints , marketers gain a deeper understanding of what leads are doing. Statistical models in sports and marketing attribution have a lot in common. Both are technologies that improve forecast accuracy. Marketers make huge strides in improving their lead and demand generation program when they can better predict how many leads they’ll generate and which ones will close.
    [Information] 7 Email Newsletters We Actually Like Getting in Our Inboxes
    The way it distills potentially overwhelming information is by bucketing content into sections. When people first start doing email marketing , they usually jump into creating an email newsletter. "It''ll It''ll have everything our customers care about, all in one place," they rationalize. Our list will be different -- people will look forward to getting our newsletter," they argue. Since we''re only sending it once a month, it''ll be a breeze to put together," they say.
    [Information] Interesting Infographics: Your Guide To Social Media Lead Generation
    Make sure you conduct pertinent research, which includes keywords and information about your demographics. Did you know that over 40% of marketers believe their Facebook usage is a vital part of running a business? Are you aware that 82% of social media leads are collected from Twitter? According to the infographic, “How To Generate Leads With Social Media” by Quick Sprout , for the past four years, social media has been a key component in generating leads.
    [Information] 56 Tweet-Worthy Enterprise Marketing Stats from Skyword’s Original Research: “A Study in Brand Transformation”
    Content Marketing : moving from interrupt marketing strategies to a publishing strategy in line with changes in audiences’ information consumption preferences. If you’re like me, I like information in snackable and shareable snippets , which is why I pulled out Tweet-worthy stats so you can Tweet to your heart’s content. Skyword surveyed 190 B2B and B2C US marketers at enterprise organizations (500+ employees) in partnership with Researchscape International.
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    [Information] How We Grew Our Organic Traffic 120% in 5 Months with 4 Simple Steps
    It became important to make sure we could do two things with all new content: Use it to inform and direct company discussions. Brands are always looking for information that validates and promotes their position. As a B2B texting software, one of our main goals at Text Request is maximizing value, both for ourselves and our users. That's what led us to focusing on organic traffic.
    [Information] Should you create different social media posts for international clients?
    We Google Chrome, swipe on non-sentient Androids and iDentify with iPhones, go DareDevil on Netflix and laugh at the same informational videos (Dude, have you seen the cat that farts and burps at the same time?). By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist. I recently read a revealing interview with Netflix’s CEO in Der Spiegel , one of Germany’s biggest news magazines.
    [Information] Anything B2C Can Do, B2B Can Do (Better?)
    But it’s not just about the sheer amount of information. If you’re a B2B marketer, there will inevitably have been times when you’ve envied your B2C counterparts. While they get all the fun running cool mass marketing campaigns, us B2B nerds get our thrills from swapping notes on account-based marketing. But the times are a’ changin’ And it’s all thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics.
    [Information] 15 Call to Action Samples for Rocking Blog Posts that Convert
    We live in a culture of information-saturation. By all means, don’t hesitate to ask for the sale by providing clear contact information! Blog posts without a call to action are like Facebook posts without images. Or Tweets without links. They work, but they’re a lot less effective than they could be. It’s no secret that creating high-quality blog posts can be incredibly time-consuming.
    [Information] Financial benchmarks for B2B Marketing agencies
    The League and lots of other juicy information is published in a Benchmarking Report. Every year B2B Marketing Magazine, in partnership with Circle Research , ranks the UK’s top 50 B2B marketing communications agencies based on their revenues. We’re giving away copies to the first 50 new subscribers to this blog. Get your copy here - subscribe. Highlights.
    [Information] The Smart Device Revolution Is Just Beginning
    There’s a device you can attach to a golf glove that gives you feedback on your swing and several examples of devices that monitor your health to help you or your doctor make more informed decisions. When tied to a network, they become utilities that tap into information all around us to make us healthier, more informed and more efficient. I spotted a promotion this morning for a smart tag you can now attach to items that you never want to lose.
    [Information] 20 Examples of Social Proof in Action
    77% of consumers say that word-of-mouth from family and friends is the most persuasive way to get information about new products. The reviews feature verified users of the product, their LinkedIn career information, and the logo of the product being reviewed, which is a research-backed strategy for promoting greater viewer recall and retention. I recently came across the greatest dog bed in the history of dog beds -- seriously, it felt like it was made of clouds.
    [Information] What Is a Landing Page and Why Should You Care
    A landing page is a website page that allows you to capture a visitor's information through a lead form. First and foremost, if you have a valuable offer, your visitors will give up their contact information in exchange for your offer. If you could do one thing to dramatically improve your marketing ROI today, it would be to use landing pages on your website. What is a landing page?
    [Information] Interesting Infographics: The Science of Building Buyer Personas
    this is where you collect the demograhic information about your target audience. I am sure most of you will agree that creating a buyer persona is crucial to any successful B2B lead generation and marketing campaign. However, in case you need more persuasive proof of the power of targeting, read this infographic created by Single Grain. Traditional Demographic Marketing. targetting through demographics is now too large and too diverse to be effective.
    [Information] How to Get the Right Content to Your Internal Teams
    Marketing has always been responsible for supporting internal stakeholders – such as sales, customer success, and functions within marketing – with relevant, informative content. If people within your organization don’t know where to find your marketing content, they’re not going to use it. This sounds like an obvious statement, but content "findability" is a major challenge stifling B2B marketing strategies.
    [Information] Analytics: The Essential Ace in Every Hand
    According to some resources, the complexities of data analysis and management are becoming so enormous that there is a shortage of people who are able to conduct analysis and present the results as actionable information. None of us would agree to play a card game with cards missing from the deck; we would know that the odds of winning would be significantly diminished. Yet surprisingly, many marketers are willing to implement marketing programs sans analytics.
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    [Information] Smart Agency Tips: How to Design Better Websites for Your Clients
    Then she encourages designers to use that information to search the internet when considering and planning the design. Today, the ideal website is “a listening salesperson… it watches customer behavior, sees what a visitor is most interested in, and pays attention to what info they’re drilling into,” says Milkowski, “and this informs the funneling and segmenting process.”. Forms: Allow unknown visitors to opt in to receive resources = Capture visitor contact information.
    [Information] Message Maps 101: A Quick Guide to Creating the Perfect Nurture Road Map
    Whether it’s part of an awareness campaign, a follow-up from an assessment or an attempt to turn a sale, an email nurture is a great way to deliver relevant information to prospects and customers. Keeping stakeholders up to date and informed of project progress can help encourage their involvement. In those cases, the messaging details may be all you need; however, if no architecture is available, you may want to include cadence information.
  • HUBSPOT  |  SATURDAY, JUNE 20, 2015
    [Information] New Data: Should You Include Social Media Icons on Your Homepage?
    The purpose of any homepage is to act as a launching pad for users to find relevant information that's specific to their needs. This post originally appeared on and is reprinted here with permission. Deciding what to include on your homepage, however, is an endless conversation amongst marketers. If you’ve ever been a part of designing (or re-designing) a homepage, you know that every detail -- from content and aesthetics to links and CTAs -- matters.
    [Information] Advice from an editor: The No. 1 Thing to Think About Before You Write a Word
    No matter the length, an effective persona has a little demographic information, a little biographic information, a few points on goals, and a brief outline of major problems or issues. As an editor, I am frequently asked for tips on how to write better. The question is usually couched as “How do I write a good ?” ” Fill in the blank with whatever you wish: blog post , web copy, article, white paper, letter—even email.
    [Information] 8 Times When You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Using PPC
    Informing Your Keyword and Content Strategy. That's some seriously hand information to know for anyone trying to craft a keyword or content strategy, right? Many marketers are moving away from using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in lieu of more cost-effective lead generation methods, like blogging, social media marketing, and creating excellent offer content that drives net new leads and reconversions.
    [Information] 3 Truths to Help Balance Marketing Technology Mayhem
    by Contributor Friendly | Tweet this Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes courtesy of Kristin Connell , Senior Manager of Digital Marketing and Content Strategy at Deltek, provider of enterprise software and information solutions for project-based businesses.
    [Information] The Purchasing Path: A Step By Step Guide to B2B Lead Nurturing
    Determine which data fields are most relevant to the customer’s purchasing path and gather all the information you can in these areas. The B2B sales cycle is an extended process that’s much longer and more detailed than B2C buying. Your leads may spend months considering whether they’ll make a purchase with you.
    [Information] 7 Amazing Tips to Help Boost A Blog Post’s Organic Ranking
    For more information and best practices on how to optimize a blog post click here. Social sharing outreach - Don't have the contact information you need for an email? I f you are currently running a content marketing campaign, I'm sure that you have written and published a good amount of blogs. But are they bringing in traffic? You can publish a great piece of content, but if no one ever reads it your time and energy will have been for nothing. So what can you do about it?
    [Information] 2013 in Review: Top Content Marketing Assets & Initiatives for the New Year
    One of our more subtle goals of 2013 has been to not only write about the industries we’re in, but to also cover the latest news and information associated with the industries we’re in. Information is being created and exchanged at an ever increasing rate. We can acquire link visibility and social media awareness with small social advertising budgets tied to well done content marketing assets and information. 2013 was a successful year for KoMarketing.
  • FATHOM  |  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, 2015
    [Information] Content Marketing: How to Grow Your Business by Growing Your Audience
    That means growing a targeted audience and delivering content that’s useful, informative and solves problems. For more information about Fathom’s approach to content marketing, contact us today. Growing your audience is important for growing any business. But what exactly does that mean? Does growth simply mean the number of people exposed to your business, or the number of people engaged with your business?
    [Information] Inbound in the Channel: 3 Ways to Help Channel Partners Make Money
    Today’s digital audience is surfing the waves of company’s profiles to discover value while attaining something entertaining, fresh and uniquely informative. partners can leverage landing pages a means to request personal information, and thus, capture a lead/contact. Only requests to what it’s trying to accomplish —landing pages should mandate information that is irrelevant to the end goal. 3 Helpful Tips on Inbound Marketing that Will Help your Channel Partners.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 16, 2015
    [Information] Are Publishers Measuring Success Correctly?
    Rather than waste efforts trying to drink from this fire hose of information, you should instead determine which metrics are worth paying close attention to—and when. While outreach and sales numbers play a major role in illustrating site and content performance, value metrics inform to a great degree whether traffic and engagement is actually making an impact on revenue. For digital publishers, there is no shortage of data you can glean from your website.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2015
    [Information] 16 Little-Known Google Calendar Features That'll Make You More Productive
    If they find a time they like, all they have to do is select it -- and voilà, it''s booked right on your private calendar with the information you need for the meeting. Choose to show event details to everyone in your company, or just free/busy information. Some things you think will be simple actually end up getting really complex. Like those DIY fro-yo places. You walk in thinking you''ll just get a scoop of a single flavor and a spoonful of your favorite topping.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2016
    [Information] 5 Steps to Increase Conversion Rates with Account-Based Marketing
    Well, the Information Technology Services Marketing Association ( ITSMA ), a B2B industry expert for all things marketing , reports that ABM delivers the highest return on investment (ROI) of any B2B marketing strategy or tactic. What is account-based marketing ? As Demandbase defines ABM: “It’s a set of principles that range from….
    [Information] Your Google Places Questions Answered!
    We recently held an information-packed webinar about the power of Google Places. Q: Is it true that Google+ could’ve used information and created a page for your business/listing without your knowledge? And perhaps have incorrect information? We had a great turn out for the webinar, and received so many questions that we simply couldn’t get to them all.
    [Information] Outside-the-Box B2B PR Strategies
    All you need to get started is special knowledge in your field of expertise and a unique way of presenting your information. Every B2B company has its own identity, target market and products or services. But all have one thing in common. Each wants to be perceived as a leader in its chosen market space, and each wants to gain as much publicity as possible while spending the least amount of time and money.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 2011
    [Information] A Guide to SEO Ranking Factors [Infographic]
    Examine the information in this infographic to understand the elements that might currently be missing from your search engine marketing strategy. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important component of inbound marketing. As an online marketer, you likely know that SEO has two categories of influence on search engine rank. The first category is on-page factors , which include all the elements of a web page.
    [Information] Sales and Marketing Alignment: the Essentials
    The definitions should include demographic information (such as company size) and behavioral information (such as requesting a demo of your product). It’s a legendary conundrum: Sales and marketing cooperation is hampered by a lack of communication and agreement. Often the two teams are much like Mars and Venus, with different objectives and different styles – not to mention different ways of being judged by management, and different metrics.
    [Information] What to Send Email Contacts in Different Stages of the Marketing Funnel
    Your priority is to send them something of value to encourage them to give you more information about themselves in exchange. It doesn't even require you to put in your email address or other personal information, you get the kit just by sharing it in social media! Your email database is not a leads database. Okay, yes, your email database probably has a lot of leads in it. But that's not the sole type of contact you have, nor the sole type of contact you should have.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 2013
    [Information] The Power of Marketing Personalization in President Obama's Re-Election
    Dashboard gave local campaign workers and supporters a centralized resource from which to deliver specific campaign information through email, as well as to solicit support from those who had, in a sense, raised their digital hand. Dashboard also served as, well, a dashboard, providing campaign staffers with up-to-the-second information on the number of campaign calls made and email messages sent, the number of doors knocked upon, and the number of new voter registrations obtained.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JUNE 3, 2013
    [Information] Where Do Marketers Get Leads? [Data]
    If you don''t see your company type represented in this data but you''re interested in seeing more information of this nature, leave me a note in the comments and I''ll see what I can do next time I go data-diving. Not too long ago, I dove into some of our copious data from the 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report to figure out where marketers get their customers.
  • SNAPAPP  |  TUESDAY, MAY 10, 2016
    [Information] The Need-to-Know About Bottom-of-the-Funnel Marketing Content
    Different buyers will be looking for different information personal to their roles and organization’s needs. Once you collect lead contact information and engagement data – this is where it all should live so that your sales teams can have visible insight into qualified leads and current customers. Check out SnapApp’s “Bachelor” themed assessment below to see how to grab key information in an engaging way. Do you have that right content for the bottom of the funnel?
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 5, 2016
    [Information] Education Blogging 101: How to Attract More Students Online
    First, good blogs are regularly updated with with entertaining, informative content. Once you have all these new visitors to your blog and website, you have the opportunity to get their information into your marketing database. The blog visitor shares her email and other information with you in order to get this content. Use that information to keep your blog content focused on topics they'll read, share, and react to.
    [Information] The 5 Key Marketing Metrics You Should Be Watching
    The right information can illuminate precisely what factors are working, what factors are failing, and what kind of course correction can spark higher performance in the future. To manage all of this information effectively, you’ll want to implement three main steps. by Dayna Rothman We’d like to welcome Justin Gray as a guest blogger in today’s post. He is the CEO and chief marketing evangelist at LeadMD.
    [Information] Industy Analyst Extraordinaire Jeremiah Owyang Discusses Social and the Changing Consumer
    Jeremiah points out that today’s consumer is more dynamic than ever before and the amount of information continues to explode. He is constantly gathering information and keeping draft blog posts ready to go. by Jason Miller Jeremiah Owyang is an Industry Analyst on Customer Strategy and a Partner at Altimeter Group. He is the author of the top blog Web Strategist and is an expert on how companies can connect with their consumers using a variety of online tactics.
    [Information] What's a MOOC, and How Can Your University Use It?
    Schools have the ability to create their own Coursera pages, which can include all their MOOC courses, professors, and university information. The ever-increasing cost of college, and education in general, has sparked new avenues of learning over the last few years -- and posed a challenge for private universities to attract new applicants.
    [Information] Marketing surveys are wrong
    I am reacting to everyone constantly telling me that social media listening provides “wrong” information. Photo credit: Wikipedia. Yeah, I know it is a sensationalist headline. Sue me. They do. Every technique that purports to provide insights into markets has some kind of error in them because this isn’t an exact science. But to pooh-pooh social media listening on the grounds of inaccuracy is just as dumb as my headline that takes to task all market research.
    [Information] Looking Back at 300: Top 10 Posts on the Webbiquity Blog So Far
    The intimate, informal nature of Facebook makes it the ideal venue to showcase the human side of your company, with content that may not be appropriate elsewhere. How can you use email marketing most effectively and avoid overloading your recipients with information? After 32 months (time flies when you’re having fun!) and 300 posts, here is a quick look back at the 10 most-read posts on the Webbiquity blog to date.
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