Why you need a strategic approach to your LinkedIn network


The power of your LinkedIn network is not just about how many connections you have. The power is more about who is in your network–both individually and collectively. How your LinkedIn network affects social media efforts. There are three key benefits your network can provide you: access, visibility, and credibility. Adding 1 st degree connections rapidly expands your overall network and the number of people who can see you and your activity.

PR and Social Media: How to Adapt Your PR Strategy

B2B PR Sense

Fifteen years ago, if you had told me that PR and social media were going to work together and that we would use social media for PR, I may have chuckled. Social media has blossomed into an exciting, vibrant tool that can be used across many industries. For the purposes of today's post, we're going to discuss how social media can empower both B2C and B2B PR strategy. PR for Social Media: An Exciting Opportunity. hours per day on social networks.

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PR Metrics: How to Prove the Real Value of PR

B2B PR Sense

PR faces a conundrum. We have loads of examples where a solid PR strategy has contributed to a brand's growth and visibility. But PR teams still struggle to prove the value of PR to their C-suite executives. The failure to prove value has a direct impact on PR's bottom line. In the same survey, 96% of the executives said their 2019 marketing and PR budgets would be cut by at least 10%. Why Every Brand Needs PR Measurement. A recent PR campaign?

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How to Upgrade Your PR Strategy for 2020

B2B PR Sense

The same is true with your PR strategy. We are face to face with an exciting time in PR -- with new developments constantly on the horizon. But all of us need to adapt in order to take full advantage of all the latest PR trends 2020 has to offer. PR Trends 2020 and Beyond.

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PR 2015: Top 100 Influencers & Brands

Onalytica B2B

In 2003, LinkedIn launched with a more serious approach to social networking for professionals. At Onalytica we have been looking closely at the transformation of PR as we know it. Think about the numerous analysts, politicians, bloggers, thought leaders, industry professionals, stakeholders and influential consumers that all have big audiences that you want to reach. We were interested in seeing which PR professionals and brands were leading the online discussion.

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Global Industry Association, TM Forum, selects Champion Communications as UK PR Agency

Champion Communications

Champion Communications, the B2B PR consultancy that helps technology companies grow, has been chosen by?global?industry industry association,? strategic PR support.?The The industry body?brings of the industry and reputation of?supporting?business

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PR Measurement: 10 Important Metrics That You Need to Monitor

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PR measurement has been a bugaboo of the PR industry for years. Because so much of PR is intangible, and offers long-term results, it does not fit into a common financial mold when it comes to metrics. Why do PR professionals need to show measurable results now? It’s estimated that companies spend about $11 billion on PR per year, and many C-suite executives are asking to see a return on that investment. Does this mean that PR is impossible to measure?

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The Definitive Guide to a Data-Driven PR Strategy


On a basic level, data-driven public relations is the process of using data to develop newsworthy insights that support your organization’s PR goals. Continue reading to learn how you can kick-start your data-driven PR strategy. Most companies have a system in place to collect information from prospects, customers, lead generation efforts, email campaigns, and networking events. Look at customer and industry buying trends.

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5 PR Strategies That Will Amp Up Your Business

B2B PR Sense

Strong PR strategies keep you on course as your business moves ahead. How to Develop Your Own Successful PR Strategy. What social networks are they on? Use such programs as Google Analytics or AirPR to measure your PR efforts. PR Measurement: 10 Important Metrics That You Need to Monitor. So now that you have a basic outline of your PR strategy, let’s fill it in a little. The following are 5 proven PR strategies that you should add to your PR toolbox.

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How Content Marketing Can Help You Earn Digital PR

Marketing Insider Group

Everyone knows how important PR is for building your brand reputation and attracting new customers. But traditional PR can be time-consuming, expensive, and limited in its reach. The good news is that anyone can get started with digital PR. What is Digital PR?

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8 Innovative Ways to Think Big in Your B2B PR

B2B PR Sense

No matter your size, thinking big is pivotal to success in B2B PR. Successful PR, however, is all about pushing boundaries, embracing new techniques, and staying ahead of the curve. 8 Ways to Bring Big Ideas to Your B2B PR. Influencers are a big deal in niche industries, and can amplify your content’s reach. Imagine the power behind such blog posts as, 15 Pro Tips From the Security Industry’s Leading Experts. 10 Simple Strategies to Boost Your B2B PR Campaign.

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The Top 8 PR Trends That Will Empower Your Business

B2B PR Sense

PR trends are like the GPS in our public relations vehicles. Where is PR headed? Public relations is an exciting industry -- and part of that excitement stems from the fact that it is constantly on the move. PR constantly evolves as new products develop and new trends emerge. PR constantly evolves as new products develop and new trends emerge CLICK TO TWEET. 8 PR Trends That Will Impact Your Business This Year. B2B PR Tips and Trends

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B2B Lead Generation Best Practices: 6 PR Methods You Need to Know

B2B PR Sense

Let’s look at some PR-based B2B lead generation best practices that can really fire up your conversion strategy. Where Does PR Fit Into Lead Generation? Many operate under the misconception that PR only functions at the top of the funnel. PR has the power to influence all aspects of the sales funnel from the first stage of the buyer's journey to its conclusion. And PR plants seeds for nurturing. your website, PR tactics can increase your chances of success.

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7 Digital PR and Earned Media Strategies that Give Your SEO a Boost

Hinge Marketing

I love some of the things I see from digital pr, it’s a shame it often gets bucketed with the spammy kind of link building. You can generate earned media through digital PR. . What is Digital PR? Why are Digital PR and Earned Media Crucial for SEO?

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6 New Rules Changing the B2B PR Game

B2B PR Sense

B2B PR has been morphing into a more robust vehicle. Today we no longer "spray and pray," clueless about how PR is impacting performance. Overtime B2B PR has solidified around six new rules that define and give heft to the practice. 6 New B2B PR Rules You Can't Ignore. Previously, PR results were often measured by impressions: How many people were potentially exposed to a story? what are they known for, and how long have they been in the industry?).

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How to Use B2B PR in SEO to Boost Your Results

B2B PR Sense

Have you thought about using tactics typically reserved for PR in SEO ? For years now, people have focused on the differences between PR and SEO -- you’re either an expert in one or the other. But recently we have seen the line between these two industries blur and a common thread emerge. When SEO PR service professionals incorporate PR tactics into their SEO strategy, we see an uptick in positive results. 5 Easy SEO Tips Guaranteed to Boost Your B2B PR.

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Share of voice: Measuring it for social media, PPC, SEO and PR

Sprout Social

Do people consider your company a leader in the industry? Share of voice is a measure of the market your brand owns compared to other brands in the same industry. Which brand is dominating the conversations in your industry?

B2B Social Media: How to Use Social to Improve Your PR Strategy

B2B PR Sense

Learn how social media for B2B has taken off, and how to use it effectively in your PR strategy. Social media has become so valuable to PR that the two are now inextricably linked. This means that if you want to succeed in PR, you have to leverage social media within your strategy. Stop thinking about your social media strategy as separate from your PR strategy CLICK TO TWEET. 8 Ways to Use B2B Social Media within Your PR Strategy.

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7 Killer B2B PR Trends That Will Ring In New Opportunities for 2017

B2B PR Sense

B2B PR constantly changes and evolves from year to year -- so it’s no surprise that on the brink of 2017 we find ourselves faced with new B2B PR trends that will shape our content and strategies for the upcoming year. A lot happened in 2016 in and out of the B2B PR sector. These PR tactics and trends are a great recipe to create stellar content, generate more B2B leads, and succeed in your B2B PR campaigns. So what are some up and coming B2B PR trends for 2017?

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Book Review: Social PR Secrets


One of the first things you’ll notice about Social PR Secrets: How to Optimize, Socialize, and Publicize Your Brand’s News by Lisa Buyer is how compact it is. A must-read for anyone in PR, the book is also of value to marketers, SEO professionals, social media managers, and executives who want to better understand the role PR plays in maximizing a brand’s total online visibility , credibility, and impact.

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Breakfast of Champions: The Power of Purpose

Champion Communications

b2b marketer tech pr CSR Tech industry Networking B2B tech b2b marketing B2B PR AGENCY pr strategy b2b prWe hosted the first Breakfast of Champions of 2019 this morning with special guest Andrew Cave, author of The Power of Purpose. Andrew has been a business journalist for 27 years, interviewing some of the world’s high profile CEOs as well as authoring two other books, The Secrets of CEOs, Billions To Bust And Back.

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5 Important Changes to the B2B PR Rule Book, and Why It Matters

B2B PR Sense

It's an exciting time to be involved in PR. Yet, the methods for B2B PR have recently changed. Find out how the new rules of PR affect your B2B company. Welcome to the new era of PR and B2B content marketing strategy. Good quality PR doesn’t just get attention -- it positions your company to: Change perceptions. B2B PR is far more than creating press releases and throwing them into the reporter pool, waiting for a bite. It’s not true in B2B PR.

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The Complete Guide to Scale Your B2B Business to Success by Marrying PR with Content Marketing


By merging PR and content marketing in your B2B marketing campaigns, of course. Why use PR with content marketing. This is where PR comes through. You know content isn’t mere marketing collateral, and PR isn’t just media coverage. Scale your brand with these six PR + Content Marketing strategies. So, use PR to build your brand reputation and content marketing to sustain it. Upgrade content calendar with PR. Make PR a lead generation asset.

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5 Powerful Trends That Will Shape Your PR Tactics

B2B PR Sense

PR tactics continue to be molded by these changes, and we as PR professionals must adapt our methods and approach. A new report from Cision sheds light on the important issues and changes of the PR profession in 2017. Let’s look at the 5 biggest trends that affect the PR industry as a whole, and how you can adapt your PR campaign to the new rules that emerge. 5 Trends That Will Affect Your PR Tactics, and How You Can Adapt. B2B PR Tips and Trends

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13 Lead Generation Tactics That Will Explode Your PR Campaign

B2B PR Sense

What comprises a good lead generation and PR campaign. It uses several channels, including a company's website, social media networks, and other platforms, to stimulate engagement and collect prospects' information via forms and landing pages , in order to move them through the sales funnel. Let's look at 13 tactics that are guaranteed to explode your PR campaign and bring in more solid leads for your brand. 13 Lead Generation Tactics That Will Jumpstart Your PR Campaign.

What Is Local PR and How Does It Work? [Examples]


Of course, PR is easier said than done, particularly when you're trying to resonate with global audience. That's where local PR comes into play. Those who are struggling with fostering brand awareness should look into the opportunities local PR can give them. Local PR.

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3 Awesome B2B PR Methods That Will Attract High Quality Leads

B2B PR Sense

What is the goal of your B2B PR? How can your PR efforts help you to consistently deliver high quality B2B leads? Let’s look at 3 tools that you can pull out of your PR toolkit to get the job done right. The Perfect B2B PR Toolkit to Getting B2B Leads. To ignore press releases is to lose out on the power that they provide to PR efforts. Each industry may have its own definition of white papers. Industry Speaking Engagements. B2B PR Leads

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How to Use Content Marketing for PR and Social Media Success

B2B PR Sense

The value of content marketing for PR and social media has become a slam dunk when it comes to digital marketing. And as new networks and platforms emerge, it becomes even more essential. As an industry we’ve always wondered, Mason continued, "but the research makes it absolutely clear: there’s a line between great communications and business performance.”. 4 Ways to Use Content Marketing for PR and Social Media. B2B Content Marketing B2B Social Media PR Strategy

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In PR we trust – alternative demand generation

Champion Communications

expos, exhibitions, and networking events have historically been important for demand generation.? As Tiffany HSU wrote in the New York Times in October: “The Advertising industry has a problem. Providing a unique perspective on a common business issue in an industry media outlet creates third-party endorsement, validation and trust. The PR industry is less rigid in the services they offer, focusing more on holistic thinking and creativity in order to add true business value.

7 Startup PR Strategies That Will Bring You to the Top

B2B PR Sense

Startup PR can be a rough sea to navigate in the beginning. It’s important to know what these goals are, align your message with them, and incorporate them as part of your PR strategy. The following will help you navigate the choppy seas of PR for small business, and help get you in the door toward favorable press coverage. Startup PR Strategies to Help Your Next Press interview. A PR strategy for small businesses should always include a few main talking points.

Our Ultimate List of the Best PR Tools for 2017

B2B PR Sense

Tools of any kind-- even PR tools -- are designed to make our lives and jobs easier. Whether it’s a drill in the hand of a skilled carpenter, or a keyword research tool in the hands of a PR professional, that tool enhances the work we do. Now more than ever it is important for PR professionals to incorporate influencer marketing, content marketing, and analytics into their PR strategy. 17 PR Tools to Make Your Job Easier.

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6 Sure-Fire Ways B2B PR Takes You From Anonymity to Thought Leader

B2B PR Sense

Four words: B2B PR Thought Leadership. So, how do you put yourself into potential clients' minds as being a trusted leader in your industry? B2B PR and Thought Leadership Join Forces Online. You likely have social media profiles already, as part of your B2B PR, but it's time to update them to coincide with your new personal brand. Get Out There - The Root of All B2B PR. This is the networking step of the process, and it is an essential part of your B2B PR.

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B2B PR Trends: How to Give Journalists What They Really Want

B2B PR Sense

But to help you up your effectiveness, we've highlighted the key B2B PR trends you need to know to appeal to journalists. Cision's survey polled 1,355 journalists in different areas of the industry, from print media outlets to bloggers. On the subject of public relations, the study found an overall increase of positive sentiment toward the public relations industry. 5 Top B2B PR Trends That Will Help You Create Press Release That Get Read. B2B PR Tips and Trends

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PR for B2B Startups: How to Boost Your Exposure

B2B PR Sense

Is PR for B2B startups really necessary? Sometimes all it takes is knowing the right PR strategies for startups to get your business the exposure to catapult you to success. Why PR Is Important for Startup Success. PR has made a big difference for many budding businesses. Consider just a few ways that you can use PR to help your startup inch ahead of the pack. PR helps to spark conversations around your brand and create the best kind of awareness.

Meet the Teamlancers Part 5: The Heads of Networking Groups


This time around, we’re going to meet up with individuals who have created extended networking groups online and often run them in a Teamlancing collaboration. It takes all kinds (of networking). But networking ventures come in different forms with different functions.

Social media strategy leaders: Sarah Nilson


I’ve spoken with leaders in many industries but this is my first in pharmaceuticals! Journey to the healthcare industry. Can you please share what brought you to where you are now, a social media leader in the healthcare industry? If you asked me five years ago where I saw myself, I certainly would not have said leading social media in the healthcare industry. Welcome to the next post in a series celebrating leaders in social media strategy.

How to Succeed In B2B Small Business PR With Social Media

B2B PR Sense

Then create a killer B2B social media strategy that will amplify your small business PR. Don’t get drowned out by bigger B2B businesses in your industry! Join forums, Facebook pages, and any other networks or groups where they gather. PR for small business is about creating content that will help your prospects and customers -- not simply sell to them. Visual content is a must if you want to take your small business PR to the next level. B2B PR

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