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    [Industry, Information] Top-of-the-Funnel Experience: Improving the Quest to Find and Buy
    In the end, we want to make our own informed opinion, which leads us to investigate on our own. It’s from Marketo and takes me to an informational page that espouses the rise of mobile marketing in the B2B world, going on to talk about how to improve mobile marketing and even offers a whitepaper to help me along my way. As a B2B or B2C buyer, the quest to purchase your preferred product can be a harrowing experience.
    [Industry, Information] You Bought the Pitch – Are You Getting Results?
    When I was Director of Marketing in the software industry, I worked with an ad agency guy who just plain made you feel good to be a client of his. As a marketing consultant, I came out of the corporate side – sales and marketing in the software industry. Tweet. More business owners have come to me recently saying they bought the marketing or PR pitch, spent a lot of money, but didn’t get adequate results and return on their investment (ROI).
    [Industry, Information] KoMarketing Year in Review: Top Posts from 2015
    More importantly, B2B marketers are always on the hunt for information designed to support ongoing tactics and initiatives. Kelsey Jones’ post details some of the great business, marketing, and strategy books that can be extremely useful for those in the B2B industry. Industry News & SEO Performance – Our news section has become a critical component in organic link acquisition, social media visibility, and content marketing productivity.
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    [Industry, Information] A Simple Guide to Navigating Trending Content
    It’s easy to use and, as a Google tool, is informed by more data than you can shake a stick at. From there, simply click on the story to find more information on why it’s trending and where. This information can be used to inform the audience you should be focusing on, while also providing a selection of influencers for you to seed your finished content out to. The cultural landscape of the modern world is constantly changing.
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    [Industry, Information] Five Benefits of Blogging for Business
    Because they are less formal, more interactive, and focused on industry issues—as opposed to just the company’s offerings—they provide a forum that is viewed much differently by readers than a vendor website. Blogs are seen as key sources of information rather than just promotion. If your offering is unique, your blog provides a platform for demonstrating your industry understanding and insights that led to your approach.
    [Industry, Information] Worried That Journalist Robots Will Replace You? Say “I”
    Moreover, she sees some benefit in using software to replace those deadwood journalists who “don’t add any value” through their work: “Writers, for example, who simply gather information, get a few comments from people and then regurgitate it onto the page, should probably start looking for another profession. It doesn’t take very long for rewriting new-product press releases to evolve from informative introduction to an industry to stultifying drudgery.
    [Industry, Information] 3 Enterprise Takeaways from SiriusDecisions Summit
    This week in Orlando, 2,000 attendees had the opportunity to participate in the SiriusDecisions Summit , the granddaddy conference for the B2B marketing industry. Scott Barmmer , Meagen’s sales counterpart, commented how marketing brings an informed point of view to the conversation, one that has evolved and interpreted versus just presenting data.
    [Industry, Information] How to Scale Your Marketing Strategy Without Sacrificing Engagement
    Tokens ” or “Merge Fields” are system-referenced data points within an automation solution hat adjust contact-presented information based on field values. For example, marketers in a certain industry may need personalized content to capture their audience’s attention around industry-specific trends. Author: Patrick Groover Companies are always looking for a new edge to capture mindshare and differentiate their solution within the marketplace.
    [Industry, Information] Marketing vs. Business Development - Why It’s Critical for Law Firms to Know the Difference
    The marketing department should be responsible for executing a number of strategic tactics, including the design of marketing materials and websites, and must ensure that all of the information online and in other materials is consistent and accurate. In order for law firm marketers to be successful, they must have a diverse set of skills including: knowing the legal industry dynamics and audience, the ability to think strategically, and measuring their success by tracking completed tasks.
    [Industry, Information] Lead Generation: How an insurance company reduced acquisition costs in purchased leads
    We hope that others in the industry will follow this practice, driving down expenses,” George explained. An example is a lead for “Mickey Mouse” at “123 Main Street” with a phone number of “867-5309,” which is clearly false information. Tweet Generating leads organically can ease the qualifying process, throwing “bad” leads out that are simply not worth pursuing.
    [Industry, Information] 11 Creative Ways to Use Live Streaming on Snapchat, Facebook Live & More
    The Hangout provided fascinating content, but also provided valuable information to those interested in that career path. 6) Interview industry experts. GE enabled Periscope on a group of drones to give their audience a real-time, bird's eye view of their facilities, featuring not only some of their industrial machinery, but also interviews with GE scientists and tech experts.
    [Industry, Information] Your Content Strategy Should Include Your Entire Organization: Part II — Collaborating with the Social Media Team is Vital
    But sharing the same job and being in similar industries are no guarantee that people have had the same experiences. According to Forbes , less than one-quarter of companies rely on social listening to inform their decisions. You can then use this information to adjust your offerings and constantly stay current with trends. Ask your social media peeps to do some new-fashioned social detective work to see if it’s trending in your target industry.
    [Industry, Information] Addressing Blog Lag: 7 Content Creation Tips for Your AEC Firm’s Blog
    Being able to identify these answers will help inform what you should be writing about. As a starting place, here are some AEC LinkedIn Groups to research and consider joining: A/E/C Industry Networking Group. Keep Up With Industry News and Events. What topics have been presented at recent industry seminars, networking events, or tradeshows? What are others in your industry writing about? Struggling to come up with new content for your blog?
    [Industry, Information] 6 Steps to Fix a Leaky Pipeline
    If you’ve been in the industry for any period of time you probably recognize and even use terms like “omni-channel activation,” “KPIs” and “cross-platform consumer engagement.”. Make sure your content creation team is firing on all cylinders so that informative/educational content such as fact sheets, expert articles, blogs, and/or infographics are in plentiful supply for all potential customers.
    [Industry, Information] Measure ROI on "Hardest to Track" B2B Marketing Channels [Using Attribution]
    The information was garnered from a Millward Brown report and surveyed over 300 senior-level marketers. The martech industry has advanced to the point that B2B marketers no longer need to be limited by these types of tracking conundrums. Attribution arms you with the information you need to achieve your highest possible levels of ROI on your marketing spend.
    [Industry, Information] 10 Trends That Defined Digital Marketing in 2016
    Continued learning is critical, and if you’re not taking the time to keep up with industry news and marketing trends, your efforts may fall flat. Not to mention, B2B organizations implementing account-based marketing can use these unique insights to inform their targeted campaigns. Big data is nothing new, but, historically, big data has required a significant amount of analysis in order for the information to have meaning.
    [Industry, Information] The 29 Best Web Analytics Tools
    But web analytics tools ideally provide marketers with actionable information. These 29 tools can help marketers understand web traffic and industry trends, sources of traffic, website visitor engagement and behavior, content performance, competitive insights, campaign results, social media metrics, conversion optimization, and more. These pieces of information come in an easily digestible form.”
    [Industry, Information] 10 soul-grabbing brands that prove you don’t need SEO to succeed
    And if you’re Google, it’s worth comparing the short-term upside of strangling the best (thoughtful, personal, informed) content to the long-term benefit of creating a healthy ecosystem. In a regulated industry generally far behind the content marketing curve, the hospital delivers posts that help people deal with chronic diseases, overcome depression, and the battle to live a healthier life.
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    [Industry, Information] How to Create Content for Every Stage of the Buyer's Journey
    Keep in mind y our funnel may look very different depending on factors like your industry, business model, product, pricing, and audience. Because audiences can vary so widely based on industry and intent, persona research is of the utmost importance. Remember, these people are looking for information and answers relating to a problem that points back to a product/service need.
    [Industry, Information] Designing Fly Landing Pages – Part 4: Continuity
    Use data to inform your decisions. If you don’t, this will lead to a huge blind spot that can cause you to miss out on important information. Research can help to inform you of best practices and provide you with insight into why certain methods, layouts, or language performs better than others. By knowing this information, we can extrapolate actionable insights that informs us about what works, what doesn’t, and what we should focus on improving.
    [Industry, Information] If There’s One Thing Constant About Marketing, It’s Change
    The idea of a seller owning information that a buyer cannot access, with the power to make the sale happen when they seller wants it, is no longer real. Buyers can now access virtually all the information they need to make an informed decision on what to buy and at what price. A great example of industry marketers understanding this and completely changing the way they market is the car industry. If you like change, you might consider a career in marketing.
    [Industry, Information] 5 Best Paid Distribution Methods And When to Use Them
    With Sponsored Updates, brands can reach members with their News Feed, bringing them valuable information and insight wherever they are, on their desktop, mobile or tablet device. industry, job title, seniority, edu, geo, groups, etc.). The fundamental core of successful content marketing programs is, well, creating great content. Even great content, however, needs a push.
    [Industry, Information] 7 Places You Should Be Looking for Your Next Marketing Job (Or Your Next Hire)
    The positions there range across many sub-specialties in marketing, and across many different industries. Because it's part of a larger career resources section of its Marketing Power site, they also offer educational resources like resume writing tips, information about reference checking, and how to use social networking in your job hunt. We all know the usual suspects. Craigslist. Monster. Career Builder. Newspapers. Half kidding.)
    [Industry, Information] Advertising Has a Geographical Bias. What’s the Solution?
    Though there are plenty of local ad agencies that avoid this geographical bias, the bulk of the industry—particularly the agencies that work on national campaigns for large companies—is based in a handful of major cities. An out-of-touch industry. Following Trump’s victory, many agency leaders came to the conclusion that they, as an industry, were out of touch with the American populace.
    [Industry, Information] Your Top Questions on "Social Selling" Answered by LinkedIn, Evernote, and HubSpot
    If email open rates are low, then why not try posting something in your social stream so you can feed your prospects the information they need at the time that they need it?". So if a salesperson is talking to people on the phone and they know that they’re not able to send their prospects the right materials to close the sale or move things along, marketing needs to know that information. This post originally appeared on the Sales section of Inbound Hub.
    [Industry, Information] Gobbledygook: sadly, it’s still alive and well
    Think of it; as an informed consumer, would descriptors like these have any impact on your own buying decisions? Gobbledygook does nothing to help us reach buyers who today have less time and patience than ever but are dealing with a deluge of content marketing information that one researcher recently forecast to triple over the next few years. Call up a customer, journalist, or industry analyst and ask him or her to read your message and rate its value and believability.
    [Industry, Information] An Introduction to the New Power of Social Media Lead Management
    According to SEOmoz's 2012 annual industry survey , 44% of marketers self-professed either “advanced” or “expert” level social media ability. Your marketing database is the key to incorporating social media information into the rest of your marketing efforts and overall strategy. This constant, positive, and targeted sharing of information will ultimately help grow your pool of evangelists, which will ultimately help you in other areas of your marketing.
    [Industry, Information] When Leads Get Left Behind
    In other words, they’re finding it a challenge to make sure the right person at their company is responding to a customer with the best information. The survey clearly identified that ensuring leads reach the right people is an industry-wide problem. Here’s a statistic that should grab the attention of data-driven marketers. But fair warning. This particular piece of data likely will drive them absolutely crazy.
    [Industry, Information] The What, Who and Why of Lead Scoring [Video]
    You’re targeting the demographic data such as right industry, the size of company, the title or the contact level. The second part of lead scoring is really looking at the explicit information. So this is going to be information that you know about that customer. And so this is information that you’re going to look at about that customer, and there’s a lot of behavioral things that are a part of that.
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    [Industry, Information] Webinar Recap: Managing Effective Territory and Vertical Campaigns
    Earlier this week, I presented a webinar about the best practices when targeting by territories (also called geographies) and verticals (also called industries), including where predictive analytics can be beneficial in creating strong strategies and effective go-to-market. The importance and benefits of organizing sales teams by territories and industries is well known. Sales teams can also keep up-to-date on industry trends and develop strong market expertise.
    [Industry, Information] CareOne Cashes In On Community
    CareOne Debt Relief Services contends with a business climate that few of us (thankfully) have to face: Its industry has a terrible reputation. That industry is debt relief, a field that many people associate with fast talking pitchmen on late-night infomercials. Word-of-mouth recommendations help drive inbound inquiries, and the presence of so much helpful information in the community lowers the barrier to conversion.
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    [Industry, Information] Nine Winning Digital Marketing Strategies From The B2B World
    Quoting Mark DiCristina, Senior Director of Brand Marketing at MailChimp, “We used mispronunciation as a creative device to inspire all kinds of different executions, knowing that people would be curious about what they were seeing and search for more information. Instead of using the same channels all the time, try conveying the same information in a unique way. Guest post by Cheryl Joy.
    [Industry, Information] 7 Reasons Why Your Business Blog Is Failing (And How To Fix Them)
    If you pepper your language with industry terms and business jargon , it’s very likely that you’ll alienate those potential customers. Make sure that your blog is offering useful information first and foremost, and then figure out ways to organically tie it back to whatever you’re selling. You might write a post like “5 Ways to Tone Your Arms and Chest” and while you are doling out valuable information, you also link to some of your equipment that will get the job done.
  • FATHOM  |  TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2015
    [Industry, Information] 3 Ways Your Company Is Screwing Up Its Digital Marketing
    You’ve built an industry-leading organization that’s known for its innovation and superior customer service. Web users are moving away from media outlets that have traditionally provided them with news, entertainment and information. Turn Your Employees Into Industry Rock Stars. And the best way to do that — aggressively and successfully — is by making industry superstars out of your own employees. Listen: we need to talk.
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    [Industry, Information] Moz’s 2015 Search Ranking Factors: The Surprising (and Not So Surprising) Results
    Every two years, Moz, a thought leader in the SEO industry, surveys expert SEO marketers about what they think is most critical to rank higher in search results. If you’re keeping up with the SEO industry day-in and day-out, most of the findings from this report won’t surprise you. In August 2014, Google informed everyone that HTTPS was now a ranking signal.
    [Industry, Information] 20 Online Marketing Tools That Boost Campaign Results
    As online marketers, we are required to understand all corners of the internet and continually expand our knowledge of the industry. The profile shows information about the web server, hosting providers, content management systems, and much more. AdWords Editor is a free tool offered by Google that allows you to download your paid search campaign information, make changes with editing tools, then upload the changes to AdWords.
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    [Industry, Information] AI in Marketing: 10 Early Use Cases
    For example, if you searched for "president" on Google in the United States, RankBrain might interpret that you wanted information about the current president and would serve you information about the individual -- and not just the office of government. GrowthBot seeks to provide answers to commonly-asked questions about marketing and sales professionals -- without them having to hunt down the information themselves. Just a short while ago, robots were the stuff of fiction.
    [Industry, Information] Use Pull Marketing to Communicate with the SMB Market
    Note from the list above that the two top categories business owners use for information gathering about purchases are search engines and websites/blogs. And even though your customers may be in industries that are slow technology adaptors, why not appeal to the segment that is further in the adoption curve? In his April 17, 2012 blog post at, Ray Schultz addressed the issue of How Brands Are Failing Small Businesses.
    [Industry, Information] B2B Sales Cycle: 4 steps to avoid the wasteful ‘no decision’
    In the technology industry, for example, “no decisions” have jumped from 17% in 2006 to a whopping 26% today. Here, customers can click to find more information, whether it’s pricing, research, terms and conditions, or competitive analyses. When you get enough information, you can make observations like, ‘When we use demos, our win rate is really high, and when we don’t, it crashes,’” says Dickie.
    [Industry, Information] 5 Reasons to Invest in Interactive Content
    budget, authority, industry, etc.), but with interactive content, you ask less questions up front and receive more valuable information as they interact. By measuring and quantifying interactions, you can infer more accurate and valuable information about them. Author: Dennis Shiao The first time I downloaded a white paper was in 2000. The first blog post I read was in 2004, my first SlideShare viewing was in 2009, and I scanned my first infographic in 2011.
    [Industry, Information] How to Analyze Your Blog Posts: A Beginner's Guide
    In this post, I'll dig into what each of these four different scenarios might mean and how you can turn that information into an actionable plan for the future. Build relationships with other bloggers and influencers in your industry. They can help you reach more people in your industry by promoting your content. If someone can get the same information on your website without filling out a form, they probably will.
    [Industry, Information] 9 Different Types of Lead Magnets You Can Create Using Blogs You Already Have
    Lead magnets are an effective technique for gaining a prospect's contact information. If you’re in an industry that is already well established then it can be hard to come up with original content. Do you work in an industry that is already bursting with quality content? This checklist informs you about everything you need to watch out for from pre to post webinar. The problem is that these magnets can take a lot of time and energy to produce.
  • PUREB2B  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 5, 2016
    [Industry, Information] 8 Lead Generation Ideas for Startups
    Leverage online communities that hand out on social media platforms, not only will they help spread the good word, you can utilize them to gain valuable insights into your target market and the industry in general. You’re going to need to use forms if you want to capture your visitors’ contact information. The best practice is to minimize the number of required fields and only ask for the information that your sales team really needs.
    [Industry, Information] 6 Employee Productivity Boosting Tips Your Company Needs
    Without this information, you are tackling a problem blindly. Allow your employees to become brand advocates , which also gives them opportunities to monitor competition and industry. The content could be industry related, company resources, etc. Since most employees will have social media accounts with followers, this content is much more valued and trusted than if a company profile was sharing information. Does Your Employee Productivity Need a Boost?
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    [Industry, Information] Content Marketing Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide for Modern Marketers
    Now that you have their contact information, you're able to identify some people that would be a good customer fit and keep in touch with them, nurturing them into customers. Candidates must have a knack and love for writing and a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Requirements: A passion and strong understanding of the industry and our business' mission. Listening and engaging in relevant social discussion about our company, competitors, and/or industry.
    [Industry, Information] Taking Your Content the Extra Mile By Marketing to Marketers, Earning Trust, and Mastering the.
    The Secret to Exponential Brand Growth Through Podcasting and Atomization Listeners benefit from informative, entertaining shows that fit perfectly in the hectic, multi-tasking, on-the-go lifestyle common to so many of us these days. How an internal content champion leads to successful campaigns in even the most regulated of industries.
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    [Industry, Information] 25 Inspiring Quotes From Unlikely Inbound Marketing Experts [SlideShare]
    But what you may not know is that Coco Chanel, Bruce Springsteen, Joan Didion, and Michael Jackson all have indispensable advice to inform your inbound marketing strategies and tactics. Data serves an invaluable role in marketing and sales, and plays an increasingly important role in how people consume information on a daily basis. However, every single industry and line of business leverages statistics to try to sell their business (even people like Homer -- d’oh!).
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    [Industry, Information] How To Create a Realistic ABM Content Marketing Plan
    Industry or Market. It should be a given that your existing content is written for your primary market, as defined by firmographics such as industry. Segmentation by industry has been a common practice for ages for companies selling into multiple verticals. Consider: Of the accounts you’re targeting through your ABM strategy, how many industry or market segments can you identify? Each microsite hosted the correct industry-specific versions of each content piece.
    [Industry, Information] 6 B2B Online Marketing Predictions for 2017
    These bots do everything from answer customer service questions, providing a personalized shopping experience for the client, or just offering advice information about your service. Besides engaging with customers who start a conversation first, lots of bots can also be set up to regularly send your customers information in order to keep your company top-of-mind and make sure that you stay in touch.
    [Industry, Information] B2B Email List Guide: Buy, Rent or Build Your List
    For more information on purchasing lists, see Buying B2B Email Marketing Data: Challenges and Recommendations. List rentals are still the only way to access lists from some trade publications, and these lists often support the most extensive industry-relevant selection criteria. Whether you want to promote your upcoming webcast, send a multi-channel campaign, or give your telemarketing team a list of contacts to call down on, it starts with a list.
    [Industry, Information] What Exactly Does Google Consider High Quality Marketing Content?
    In light of this statistic, the quest to claim the #1 spot on Google’s search results for key terms in your industry suddenly seems harder than ever, doesn’t it? Slightly Relevant would, as you may have guessed, provide information that only marginally relates to the topic at hand. Every 24 hours, 2 million unique blog posts are published.
    [Industry, Information] 10 Tips to Maximize ROI at Manufacturing Tradeshows
    While many industries have moved away from spending money on setting up booths, many manufacturers continue to tout tradeshows as an effective way to get out their brand name, showcase new products, nurture relationships with existing customers, and build relations with new prospects. Many shows have a conference component, so if a salesperson or the VP of product development will be discussing industry topics, be sure to let your audience know.
    [Industry, Information] 19 Quick Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Subject Lines
    Tip #16: Use information from the actions your customer has already taken. What industry are they in? Your audience will judge an email by its subject line. Even though subject lines are a small part of your message, it’s essential that they entice and allure your email recipients. After all, your subject line is the first impression you have on the recipient. It’s time to shine through their inbox and get your email content opened, read and clicked!
    [Industry, Information] Lead Generation: It’s all about building relationships
    Brian is an old friend of mine, CEO of In Touch, which is a MECLABS company and an author of the industry defining book, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale , which I think you started writing probably 10 years ago, is that right Brian? Steve: So I’ll put you on the spot and ask you to grade the industry overall. Brian: Well, when I wrote my book I would say industry in my opinion was at a D. So I would say from an industry perspective, we have quite a long ways to go.
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    [Industry, Information] I'm Not You, You're Not Me. So Why Do We Have the Same Internet?
    But this week the New York-based e-tailer announced a pretty big change: from now on Fab will drop the flash sales and instead enable its members to “follow what you love,” and only get information about things they care about. The idea is to put users in control, enabling them to choose what kinds of things they’ll hear about and where they will get that information -- mobile, email, onsite, etc. Fab is a fast-growing ecommerce company that made its name running daily flash sales.
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    [Industry, Information] 13 Solutions to Your Most Common Landing Page Problems
    Use similar terms to describe the offer behind the form on your landing page that your audience would use when searching for information on the topic. Sure, more traffic means more opportunities to convert visitors, but looking at the whole picture helps you make a more informed decision on what to fix first. It''s possible that your landing page visitors aren''t completely convinced they''re going to get anything of value if they give over their information to you.
    [Industry, Information] The Essential Best Practices to Successfully Prospect Inbound Leads
    It''s also important to know what content they engaged with on your site, what pages on the site they view, and if they checked out content and pricing information. Notify you the moment a lead mentions you, your competitor, or an industry keyword on social media. I actually found a customer of ours in your industry that succeeded with Facebook marketing. Don’t hold back information. This post originally appeared on Inbound Sales , a new section of Inbound Hub.
    [Industry, Information] What Is an Email Workflow? [FAQs]
    An email workflow is series of automated emails that will be sent -- or not -- based on a person''s behavior or contact information. With workflows, you can trigger actions based on any information you have about your leads, allowing you to send the right message to the right person at the right time. Leads from companies in XYZ industry or XYZ location. You’re collecting valuable lead information, but not using it for segmentation.
    [Industry, Information] Just In: The State of Content Marketing in 2014
    Dynamic visuals are a great way to break through the noise and engage your audience, which is why more marketers are turning toward infographics to share information. The study found that the vast majority of B2B marketers are segmenting their content (95%), which is a huge step for content marketers across all industries.
    [Industry, Information] Health Care Marketing: Personalization, PHI, and Preference Centers
    Digital marketing in a highly regulated industry can be extremely challenging, and that’s especially true for the health insurance industry. Health insurers have a wealth of highly individualized data available to them about their members: Demographic information is captured when people sign up to receive coverage. But under HIPAA, private health information (PHI) that’s linked to personal identifiers must be treated with special care.
    [Industry, Information] New to Marketing Automation? Your First 5 Moves
    Author: Stephanie Yung First, the facts: marketing experts, analysts, and hands-on practitioners have now embraced marketing automation across industries. Every response (or lack of thereof) to your database will give you valuable information. Take advantage of any consulting hours your vendor offers, and get the information you need.
    [Industry, Information] Is Facebook Still Relevant for B2B?
    Sharing job openings, pictures from company events, new hires and promotions alongside blog content and industry articles offers a behind the scenes look into what your company is like on a personal level. If you’re looking for more information or how eMagine can help you with your B2B Social Media Strategy, make sure to register for our webinar happening TODAY at 2pm. As a digital marketing firm we get questions daily about how different strategies can work for our clients.
  • WEBBIQUITY  |  TUESDAY, MAY 20, 2014
    [Industry, Information] 29 Guides to Beautiful and Effective Website Design
    Today’s websites are expected to convey a positive and compelling brand image, differentiate a firm’s products or services, educate visitors on how to solve problems, provide the latest industry news and thought leadership, serve as pre-sales engineers, entertain, personalize, interact, and display content in a wide variety of formats, from text and photos to infographics and video. Long gone are the days when websites were essentially static online brochures.
    [Industry, Information] Do’s and Don’ts for Re-Purposing Content to Your Blog
    Industry news , with your opinion as to why it is important. Interviews with customers, vendors, suppliers, employees and industry experts. Cut and pasted verbatim copies of industry news. Contact us today for more information about our blog and social media consulting and services. It’s efficient to re-purpose content into your B2B marketing blog. But, there is some content that really doesn’t belong. Be careful.
    [Industry, Information] Small Business, Big Impact: Why Small and Mid-Size Companies Adopt Marketing Automation
    It turns out that different industries have unique challenges that need to be addressed, and different benefits to be gained. The report was gathered by studying the hundreds of small businesses that reach out to Software Advice looking for information that will help them find the right marketing automation software for the needs of their teams. Real estate, like many industries, often relies on phone calls to acquire new customers, nurture relationships, and close the deal.
    [Industry, Information] Meet the New ‘Status Quo’: Personalized, Customized User Experiences
    But how can organizations extract information at a deeper level, and gain the most from the in-flow of data? Organizations across a variety of industries are increasingly viewing hyper-personalized interactions with their website visitors as a key core competency. You can see why these kinds of strategies, which combine marketing automation and real-time personalization, have already proven to be a serious game changer, industry wide.
    [Industry, Information] 52 MarTech and Marketing Ops Champions You Need to Follow
    The ever-changing landscape makes it hard to keep pace, but with Twitter, there is a sea of great information, shared fluidly throughout the day (if you follow the right people). CMO/VP Marketing in the high tech industry #modernmarketing | #bigdata | #marketingautomation | #software | #channels. Marketing technology is rapidly evolving and so with it grows the role of Marketing Ops.
    [Industry, Information] 9 Social Media Hacks Every Small Business Can Benefit From
    The ‘Click to Tweet’ link can sit next to any valuable tidbit of information. This platform collects data across social media sites and shows you exactly what people are saying about your business, industry as well as your competitors. With this information, you can insert yourself into the conversation. Are you currently using social media sites to enhance your business’s online strategy?
    [Industry, Information] 3 Key Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World
    Author: Lisa Marcyes Last week, I was in sunny San Diego for Social Media Marketing World, where I had the opportunity to attend several amazing breakout sessions, hear from industry thought leaders, and meet incredible visionaries from the social media field. Consider featuring your audience, employees, and industry influencers in your live streams to boost audience engagement.
    [Industry, Information] 4 Ways Marketers Need to Change How They Measure Content Marketing ROI
    As what works in the content marketing industry has changed in the past few years, marketing leaders are overdue to redefine content marketing success. Even those in the industry don’t always get this one right , either. Anything Organic Search : Unfortunately, so little information is provided about organic search traffic in Google Analytics now, it’s become almost meaningless. How do you define leadership in business?
    [Industry, Information] Top Free Tools To Jumpstart Your Content Creation
    By providing some basic contact information, you even have the option to receive an entire year’s worth of topics. You can also search for top influencers in your industry, as well as trending topics you can use to jump-start your own content ideas. While not specifically a content idea generator, Searchmetrics allows you to find and track popular industry keywords. Businesses need to create new content at an unprecedented rate.
    [Industry, Information] How to Survive as a Modern Marketer
    There is an absolute wealth of information available online and through marketing automation user groups. We have access to a wealth of analytics information with advances in marketing technology and it’s important that marketers actually take some time to use that information to change their tactics accordingly – otherwise what’s the point? Industry analyst Jeremiah Owyang mentions that the average consumer is bombarded with over 3,000 brand impressions every day.
    [Industry, Information] 12 Marketing Techniques to Increase Your Firm’s Visibility
    As you grow, consider adding a speaking engagement page to your website with relevant biographies and information related to the speakers and their topics. Connect with relevant industry events or conferences within your target market to inquire about other speaking engagements. While you are at the event, make sure you are promoting your firm on social media by tweeting relevant pictures and information and utilizing the conference hashtag, if there is one.
    [Industry, Information] Why Disruption is Not the Goal
    It’s a revered concept in the tech industry these days, but the obsession with “disrupting the industry” can be a detrimental distraction. A group of healthcare leaders got together and, based on their firsthand understanding of the problems surrounding the hospital buying cycle, are creating a unique solution: a platform that allows hospitals to identify their needs, vendors to share their innovations, and stakeholders to make fast and informed decisions. Disruption.
    [Industry, Information] Your Digital Marketing Strategy Depends on Online Reviews
    Reviews have dramatically changed various industries, particularly the travel industry, as the Content Standard has noted. Brands naturally want to encourage their fans to write quality opinions that educate and inform potential customers about their experience. Research shows that the vast majority of shoppers look at reviews before they make their purchase or visit a business.
    [Industry, Information] Why You Can’t Afford to Gamble with Your Marketing Strategy
    Every move you make needs to be informed by the right data and insights, and you can do this using a marketing automation platform. You need a strategy for combining titles from different industries into one manageable package that makes sense. Figure out a translation system that works for you (like simple keyword mapping ), then standardize it within your marketing automation system so you can group job titles and industries appropriately.
    [Industry, Information] Want to Keep Your Marketing Job? Why You Must Embrace Change to Survive
    Marcus Sheridan talks about The Honest Economy , how transparency separates the teachers from the information hoarders. In order to lead companies and industries, marketers must first understand how to lead our profession. November 11, 2014. How buyers buy has changed how we need to think and act as marketers. If you love uncertainty, then being a marketer today feels like being a kid on summer vacation – so many opportunities, ideas and inspiration.
  • HG DATA  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 22, 2016
    [Industry, Information] 5 Data Futurists to Follow on Medium Right Now
    Innovative in their own right, these early systems limited the dissemination of information beyond the confines of a given community. Independent data journalist, Max Galka, is fascinated with information. A data visualization expert, his expertise led to the creation of FOIA Mapper , a searchable database of government information. Long before there was Medium , people relied on clay tablets to document thoughts and theories.
  • WEBBIQUITY  |  MONDAY, JULY 25, 2011
    [Industry, Information] Web Presence Optimization, Reloaded
    Conversely, the more your name dominates for relevant searches, the more likely prospects are to buy from you, because you look like the expert, the “big dog&# in the industry (even if you’re really only a small dog). It’s not only great for search, but showcases your (or your company’s) expertise, helps humanize your company (blogs are more informal and less promotional than corporate websites), and encourages reader interaction.
    [Industry, Information] A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Must-See SlideShare Presentation
    Use this information to create a title. ” Informational Lists. Similar to the list format, you can also create a presentation that showcases unique statistics about your business, product or industry. Each slide provides a little more information about the person, their background and how the non-profit was able to help. Whatever your topic, make sure the information you provide is worthy of another person’s time.
  • EMAGINE B2B BLOG  |  MONDAY, JUNE 29, 2015
    [Industry, Information] 6 Things Your Landing Pages Should (And Should Not) Include
    If you are offering something of more value, such as an industry benchmark study, you may ask for more in-depth information. So you made a great resource and are ready to share it on your website, but you don’t want to give it away for free so you put it behind a form on a landing page to generate leads. However, you don’t want to turn away a lead with an ugly landing page. You can follow these six points to help you craft a quality landing page. Concise, Action Oriented Headline.
  • BIZIBLE  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 2016
    [Industry, Information] How To Forecast Revenue, Hit Revenue Goals, And Look Smart In B2B Marketing
    In this post we show you how to turn your marketing data into a forecast so you can make good budgeting decisions and deliver actionable information to the leadership team. Because forecasts are living and breathing numbers, changing as current information gets inputted, forecasts can help you meet your sales opportunity and revenue goals. You’ll know whether you’re likely or unlikely to hit your target, which is essential information for decision making and decision makers.
    [Industry, Information] Welcome to the Era of Engagement Marketing
    Armed with extraordinary information access, they are forming opinions and drawing conclusions well before they choose to interact with a particular company. To define engagement in a marketing context, we’ve talked to hundreds of marketers, including our own prospects, customers, and experts in our industry. Author: Chandar Pattabhiram Hey, you talkin’ to me?
    [Industry, Information] 5 Steps to Amplify Your Paid Social Campaigns
    For instance, if your goal is to acquire more leads, you will probably want to share whitepapers or other gated content that people will need to fill out a form for so you can collect lead information. For example, ads about industry-focused events will probably do well on LinkedIn if they are targeted to a specific industry, but may not perform as well on Facebook. Author: Divya Dutt In the last year or so, advertising on social channels has changed tremendously.
    [Industry, Information] Fathom SEO Pulse: 9.17.15
    Clicks and CTR indicate that people are interested in what the SERP level information is showing (meta title/description, snippet, domain, etc.) Competitive Link Building Analysis For Your Industry”. In this article, Stox shares “a process to analyze a given industry’s links in advance of performing outreach,” that will ensure you’re building links correctly and won’t be penalized.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 11, 2014
    [Industry, Information] 10 Drool-Worthy Product Pages (And Why We Love Them)
    But you also see more information about Wistia''s capabilities for that video. But what makes them REALLY different is the information they have under "The Story" tab. Coin is like a credit card, except it''s one card that holds the information of all your other credit cards. The Education and Business sections are pretty straightforward -- they cover how the industries have changed as a result of the iPad''s capabilities. Don''t wait to give them that information.
    [Industry, Information] S#*t PR People Do That Journalists Hate, Volume 2 [SlideShare]
    Trying to get a journalist interested in a product she doesn’t know through a person she doesn’t recognize is hard enough as it is -- don’t withhold critical information that could make or break the story. We heard from countless reporters who complained about “offers to send more information” that didn’t include any actual information about a product or app. Simply put, if you have truly interesting information, put it in the pitch itself.
    [Industry, Information] The Internet of Everything is Here
    What differentiates the 3rd platform from other technology innovations is that much of it is consumer driven, bubbling up from innovators or industry specific applications. He predicts that either companies will use the 3 rd platform to reinvent themselves or new players will enter those industries with disruptive new plays and change the game. This takes digital information and materializes it in the real world.
    [Industry, Information] How to Build an Unbeatable Content Marketing Plan
    For instance, if you''ve been doing weekly blog posts for the past year, creating an ebook for all your blog posts would be a one way to offer information in a different format. But with a big dose of creativity (and a little help from content idea generators), you can create content that''s not only valuable to your market, but also stands out from the sea of information.
    [Industry, Information] Top 5 Inbound Marketing Trends of 2017
    In an informational industry, it pays to be ahead of the curve. Being agile in a shifting industry like marketing means you’re always positioned to move full speed ahead. Beyond enhanced targeting and informational capabilities, AI is beginning to automate customer interactions as well. AI touches like these not only improve service but also help accrue more data, providing businesses with the information they need to convert leads to sales.
    [Industry, Information] The evolution of social media power and influence
    Although in most industries there are frequently 2-3 strong competitors, on the Internet, typically just one company dominates a niche. Learning who true influencers are is an incredibly useful tool for many companies in almost any industry. For the most part, the scores are being determined through public information like tweets and status updates. So it is aggregating and sorting information you are volunteering any way.
    [Industry, Information] Confessions of Former Lead Marketers on Switching to Account-Based Marketing
    But what we’ve learned from customers is that there are times where you’re going after a very focused list of target companies, whether you’re going after the enterprise or you have a very limited target market where you’re going after the industry or you’re even trying to market to current customers for expansion. Among them are: Data coverage: Do you have correct contact information for people at your targeted accounts?
  • FATHOM  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 7, 2015
    [Industry, Information] Redesigning Websites (and Writing) for the People
    My colleagues and I have been looking at a lot of different B2B websites recently, mostly in the marketing and advertising industry. Below is a reprinted excerpt of this report’s empirical evidence that summarizes what B2B sites must do to have an edge on competitors: Present information from the customer’s viewpoint. Be informational and straightforward. Be informational and straightforward.
    [Industry, Information] Why Google’s latest change should worry you
    Because this change means that all the listings above the fold—fully 100% of the information users see without scrolling—are paid listings. Google’s been moving in this direction for quite a while , reducing the information offered within organic search, providing less information about organic search activity to marketers, and, with Google Shopping, moving to paid inclusion as the norm over two years ago… despite once calling the practice “evil.” Well, this sucks.
    [Industry, Information] Why you need to turn your customers into stalkers
    It has made those little pictures and bios at the end of white papers seem inadequate when compared to the wealth of information we can see about people on such social media channels as LinkedIn and Twitter. Just 18% said they did it to become authorities within their industries. At ITSMA , we’ve been busy preparing for our annual State of the Marketing Profession briefing next Tuesday. It’s where we introduce some of the top findings from our annual budget survey of marketers.
    [Industry, Information] How to Earn Free Press for Your Business When You Have No Connections
    Trends emerge is every industry that can help propel your search for free press without connections. Reporters are interested in remarkable stories connected to a relevant industry trend, right?) This reporter needs to access all the information they require to make a decision. Regardless of which option you choose, you will need to include the following: Contact information. "Is that guy wearing leggings?". "We We should start a business selling male leggings.".
    [Industry, Information] Five Ways to Create Content that Motivates Prospects to Action
    Audiences carry certain assumptions about specific content formats, and eBooks are generally perceived as high-value resources that are worth trading some information. 2) Use white papers to point out an industry problem & solution. White papers are a huge undertaking, because they must be well-researched enough to be positioned as an authoritative document that highlights a major problem in your industry.
    [Industry, Information] The Marketer's Guide to Getting Started With Content Personalization
    These attributes are typically acquired via online form submissions -- examples might include revenue, number of employees, industry, etc. The more information gathered, the more granular the personalization can be. This information helps in determining which content is most desired and assists in identifying which content and channels likely nurtured leads to customers. All of this information will help in persona development, too.
    [Industry, Information] How to Run LinkedIn Ad Campaigns: A Beginner's Guide
    From there, you'll be taken to your member dashboard, where you'll be prompted to add billing information to your account, if you haven't already. These are only visible internally, so the more informative the name, the better. You don't need to have specific names in mind, though; LinkedIn allows you to also target companies based on industry -- like Legal, Non-Profit, or Finance -- and company size.
    [Industry, Information] 13 Types of Product Content Sales Needs to Close More Deals
    These prospects are actively considering your solutions and are thus looking for product-focused information to help them make their decision. These pages should highlight your various product and service offerings and provide the information that prospects are looking for to conduct product research and understand what you sell. Smart inbound marketers attract new website visitors with industry-related, top-of-the-funnel content.
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