10 Ways Social Media Fuels Inbound Marketing


Reading Time: 8 minutes Your social media efforts establish your online presence and drive traffic to your brand. From creating increased exposure to converting leads consistently, social media campaigns are the backbone of your digital marketing strategy. According to Sprout Social, Facebook has over 2 billion active users, Instagram.

Inbound Marketing in 2020

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What it the current state of inbound marketing in 2020? How much budget are B2B marketers planning to put towards inbound marketing? We asked over 200 B2B marketers to give us an insight into their inbound marketing approaches… To discover more about Inbound Marketing in 2020, read our B2B Inbound Marketing Insight Report. The post Inbound Marketing in 2020 appeared first on Inbox Insight.


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Inbound Marketing or Outbound? Which is the Winner?


The marketing industry has been buzzing about the rise of inbound marketing and the decline of outbound marketing over the last several years. With the rise of internet-empowered buyers, inbound marketing has helped vendors take control of the initial pieces of the buyer’s journey. But are marketing teams really migrating away from outbound marketing? Modern Definitions of Inbound and Outbound Marketing.

Why Social Media is Essential for Your B2B Inbound Marketing Strategy

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Social media usage is one of the most popular online activities. billion people were using social media worldwide, according to Statista. Inbound Marketing Social MediaIn fact, in 2020, an estimated 3.6

How to Enhance Inbound Marketing with Social Media


Inbound marketing is one of the most impactful types of marketing that you can do for your brand. When executed consistently and adequately, it can be 10x more effective than outbound marketing at converting leads and can reduce the average cost-per-lead by as much as 80% in just five months. Inbound marketing is all about making your audience more aware of your brand, building consumer trust, and, eventually, helping leads decide to partner with you.

Understanding Inbound Marketing Strategy vs. Outbound Marketing


Over the years, marketing has evolved to accommodate online retail and digital services. When it comes to the two types of marketing known as inbound and outbound, one has proven to be more successful with online shoppers. Inbound Marketing Strategy vs. Outbound.

Inbound Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business


Over the years, inbound marketing has become a staple in many businesses. Business owners and marketers have turned to inbound marketing strategies for small businesses to ensure they remain competitive. Because inbound marketing focuses on relationship building.

Inbound Marketing: Everything You Need to Know


Being at the forefront of marketing sometimes requires shifting resources away from old practices. That’s why 52% of outbound marketers say their marketing efforts are “ineffective”. In fact, inbound marketing is starting to be used more than outbound marketing. By understanding the effectiveness of inbound marketing, business-to-business (B2B) companies can achieve marketing goals in a faster, more efficient manner than previous efforts. “33%

5 Proven Inbound Marketing Examples to Try This Year


You are probably familiar with inbound marketing — even if you’ve never heard of it! It’s true, inbound marketing has become so ubiquitous to digital marketing that you’re constantly encountering these strategies whether you’re aware of it or not.

4 Reasons Why Social Media Is The WD-40 Of Inbound Marketing Success

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Social media can grease the wheels of your inbound marketing. So what does WD-40 have to do with inbound marketing? First, a brief explanation of inbound marketing: Inbound marketing is about getting found online, converting a visitor to a lead, nurturing that lead toward a purchase and then delighting that customer. To view a series of short videos of me explaining the inbound marketing methodology, click here.

Inbound Marketing in B2B: How to Calculate ROI

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79% of B2B marketers say that improving ROI of marketing activities is a key focus for 2020. And when it comes to inbound marketing specifically, proving ROI isn’t so straightforward. Over a quarter of respondents (26%) in our recent Inbound Marketing Insight Report considered this to be their biggest inbound marketing challenge. Why you need to measure your inbound marketing efforts. The basics of measuring inbound marketing.

What Is Inbound Marketing and Why Is It Important?

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By Stephanie Carrillo , Senior Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing. The inbound methodology is creating and distributing content utilizing marketing channels like organic search, social media, blogging, lead nurturing, and live chat, to name a few.

Launching an Inbound Marketing Campaign for Manufacturers

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Because many manufacturers are taking another look at their current operations, why not take into consideration new ways to approach marketing as well? This is where inbound marketing comes into play. The same goes with inbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing Strategy: Which Tactics Should You Use?

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When it comes to inbound marketing, there is a significant list of tactics at your fingertips. So which inbound marketing tactic should you be using? According to our latest research , the majority of senior B2B marketers combine several tactics when building their inbound marketing strategies… But that doesn’t mean implementing every single option – in fact , only 5% said they utilize all methods available. Social media marketing.

10 Steps to Creating the Ultimate B2B Inbound Marketing Strategy

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An inbound marketing campaign costs 62% less per lead than traditional outbound marketing, with much better return on investment. And as ‘inbound marketing’ encompasses many aspects of digital marketing (for example, blogging, SEO and social media, to name a few), it’s fair to assume the vast majority of organization’s are implementing inbound marketing to some extent. Learn basic inbound tactics and techniques.

20 Stunning Inbound Marketing Statistics

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Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer Looking for some inbound marketing statistics that will blow you away? That''s not the case with inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a proven methodology that is gaining widespread acceptance. Inbound marketing is a philosophy rooted in the idea that people value personalized, relevant content – not interruptive messages. Social Media. Marketing Automation.

7 Reasons Your Inbound Marketing Content Isn’t Working

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Great inbound marketing relies on content that has the ability to captivate its audience and keep them coming back for more. Therefore, at the heart of every great inbound marketing strategy is a wide range of expertly crafted articles, blogs, videos and research papers. When done right, inbound marketing content creation can help businesses expand their audience, strengthen brand affinity, and ultimately drive leads and sales.

5 Ways Social Media Can Drive Revenue


by Steven Woods | Tweet this There’s no doubt that social media has been a disruptive force on B2B marketing. Yet, many marketers struggle with how to use social media to go beyond awareness, to actually drive revenue. In fact, by attaching social media marketing to the 5 Revenue Performance Indicators high-performing companies have adopted, you can drive actual results. Social media has once again changed that model.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Maximum Exposure

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Social media is here to stay. The actual platforms may change over time (so long, Google+), but as a channel, social media isn’t going anywhere. And it’s become a cornerstone of both inbound marketing and more traditional marketing. Tools like HubSpot make publishing on social media a breeze, but effective social media marketing requires more than posting things through HubSpot.

Understanding Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing


When it comes to high-level categories in marketing, there are two types to be aware of – inbound marketing and outbound marketing. What Is Outbound Marketing? These days, most methods of outbound marketing are considered by many to be annoying.

Small Manufacturers Use Social Media Effectively

Industrial Marketing Today

Social media still remains a mystery to many manufacturers and industrial companies even though there is an abundance of evidence of its success in general B2B marketing. Many engineers, specifiers, users and buyers of industrial products regularly use social media in their personal lives but work-related usage is limited among this audience. However, these have been from other industrial marketing consultants like me.

Inbound Marketing Analytics 101

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With “ An Introduction to Inbound Marketing Analytics “, you get an overview of what to measure and why. Especially useful for small companies and those who are just starting out with their marketing programs and need some help identifying key metrics, the eBook is packed with good advice. Inbound Marketing Analytics Overview. In the eBook you will see metrics for the following marketing tactics: Social Media. Email Marketing.

The Evolution of Inbound Marketing

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Inbound marketing is more than a buzzword. It’s a way of life for marketers, and it’s undoubtedly the most effective form of marketing used today. The question is, where did inbound marketing come from? And how did it evolve into the marketing powerhouse it is now? Before the arrival of the inbound methodology, marketing and advertising were almost completely outbound. Inbound Today and Beyond.

Industrial Companies shouldn’t Replace Email Marketing with Social Media

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Right off the bat let me say that this post is not about email marketing versus social media. However, I’ve had conversations with manufacturers and industrial companies where I am asked if email marketing is still relevant and effective since all the talk these days is about social media. Yes, social media generates all the buzz but discarding email marketing, a tried and true workhorse would be a mistake and here is why.

How Inbound Marketing, Blogs and Social Media Generate Qualified B2B Leads

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To make your B2B lead generation strategy and marketing solutions effective, you need to hone in on the “types of leads that are most likely to convert into paying customers. As you gather marketing intelligence, you are able to redefine and focus your approach to meet your prospects head on. . Bring Your Leads Inbound. Yes, Social Media Can Generate B2B Leads. Corporate Marketing Demand Generation

5 Inbound Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business

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The B2B marketing landscape is ever-changing. This new reality has only served to put added pressure on B2B marketers. Now, marketers are expected to tailor their strategies to focus on lead generation and increasing sales, which is where inbound marketing comes into play.

5 Inbound Marketing Tools That Every Agency Needs


The secret to building a great inbound marketing stack is to find the tools that best allow your specific approach shine. Because no matter how talented and experienced your team is, they can’t do their best work without the best inbound marketing tools at their disposal.

Developing Inbound Marketing Strategies For Your Business

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Everyone is familiar with traditional marketing. Traditional marketing includes TV commercials, radio ads, magazine ads, billboards, and more. While such marketing can still be very useful, it’s not always a cost-effective option for smaller businesses.

My social media marketing posts from 2011


So, here we go: Taking 50 million as seriously as one WSJ reporter — where I wax poetic about the power of the seminal digital PR book, Cluetrain Manifesto , and discuss how (much more) important direct access to your online community is compared to just having the ear of mainstream media reporters. This is the Internet , an efficient platform allowing easy access to what’s called the network effect : the value of your social network is dependent on the number of others using it.

The B2B Small Business Marketing Guide to Crushing it on Social Media

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Can a boring, unsexy B2B company rock social media? Marketing guru, Jay Baer , says it best: "Social media can be MORE transformative for a B2B company than a B2C company. By the end of this post, you'll know: Why social media is important for your small business marketing -- and for larger businesses too. How and when to complement your social media with paid media. Hubspot, State of Inbound.

Tips to Repurpose Blog Posts into Winning Social Media Posts

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Would you believe us if we told you that everything you need to craft high-performing social media posts across all of your channels is sitting on your blog? Businesses throw time, energy, research, and resources into producing compelling, persona-driven inbound marketing blog articles. A social media plan is an essential part of any inbound marketing strategy , because it helps promote your content in a natural and organic way.

Account-Based vs. Inbound Marketing: Head to Head in B2B

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Account-based marketing and inbound marketing represent two very different approaches to gaining customers. What is account-based marketing (ABM)? Account-based marketing proactively targets potential customers using personal communication and lead-nurturing in a more direct way. An account-based marketing approach would look at commonalities of your best customers and map out other companies that share these features. What is inbound marketing?

9 Inbound Marketing Tools to Improve Brand Awareness for Manufacturers

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The idea, “if you build it, they will come,” may not ring true for marketing. It’s an important (and sometimes forgotten) component of marketing. Efficient marketing isn’t solely about promoting the benefits of your product/service—it’s about the benefits of your organization, too.

B2B Thought Leadership: How to Promote Your Brand with Social Media

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Social media platforms help you to do just that. Social media is a key way to enhance the validity of your brand, and provide solid proof that you deliver what you promise. But not just any social network will do. The top three social networks for B2B businesses include LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Let's look at how you can leverage each of these social networks to reach your thought leadership goals. B2B Social Media

What is Social Media Marketing?


I guess it all boils down into the catch-alls of Internet Marketing , Digital Marketing, and Digital PR. Social Media Marketing — according to Wikipedia , “social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.” ” This is a broad practice, encompassing social media strategy (what are your goals?), The post What is Social Media Marketing?

How to Get Started with Inbound Marketing


You’re no doubt familiar with the concept of inbound marketing, but did you know that it’s (arguably) more effective and economical than traditional marketing methods? If your organization is still relying primarily on disruptive marketing methods (like pop-up ads, cold calling, and spammy mass emails) it’s time to look at boosting your efforts with inbound marketing methods. But how do you get started with inbound marketing?

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing: What’s the Difference?

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A lot of marketers may be wondering… What is the best approach when it comes to choosing between inbound and outbound marketing campaigns? The truth is, inbound and outbound marketing don’t have to be enemies. Whilst the movement from invasive ads to subtle content may be the main trends, outbound still has a place in marketing strategies, and can be valuable and beneficial if used in the right way. What is outbound marketing?