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More with Less: 7 ways to sustain results with a smaller Q2 marketing budget

Heinz Marketing

Tighten focus on active buyer intent signals: Instead of just fishing in the vast ocean for qualified fish, deepen your definition of a truly qualified, in-market prospect. What buying and intent signals do they exhibit? What market conditions, unique to their business, indicate a heightened need?

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Intent Data is a superpower. Here’s why.


Imagine, however, that on top of having access to a universe of sales and marketing data, you could sift through it all quickly to zero in on just those in-market prospects on the hunt for a solution like yours — actively doing more research online for a problem that you can solve. Without benefiting from it through sales.


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Content + Intent Data: The Rise of First-Party Data


The True Influence approach provides robust audience segmentation and filtering using an unlimited combination of multi-variant intent topics including company contacts, locations and installed technology criteria. How does the elimination of third-party cookies change the content marketing landscape?

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First-Party, Second-Party, Third-Party Intent Data: Exploring the Differences

Inbox Insight

Third-party intent data also marries well with third-party account-based marketing activities, whereby external companies can utilize intent alongside targeted content amplification to better reach and engage “in-marketprospects. Finally, 3rd party intent data offers scale.

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Meet the DemandScience Team at B2BMX 2022


Our trifecta of leading solutions – Identify , Activate and Convert — provide B2B sales and marketing teams with the ability to: Identify in-market prospects from a database of over 131 million active buyers, using intent signals, verified details, recent confirmed connections, and technographic installs.

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Light Up Your Revenue by Decoding the Dark Funnel


That’s not a good look, especially when their ABM strategies include connecting with in-market prospects at the right place, at the right time, in their respective journeys. Determine what topics prospects are interested in without asking them to complete a form. It takes AI and machine learning to do that. Check out the Ebook.

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Intent Data is a Superpower. Here’s Why


Selling points and promises aside, without fully understanding their prospects, companies can amass all the data in the world without actually using it to its full potential. Once it hits an above-average amount, an Intent signal shows in the ZoomInfo platform for a company spiking on that topic. That’d be something.