Attention, Not Impression | Podcast


The post Attention, Not Impression | Podcast appeared first on 33Across. 33Across CEO, Eric Wheeler, joins Zach Rodgers on the AdExchanger Talks podcast to discuss the evolution of 33Across and the trends that will define programmatic advertising in the year ahead.

AdExchanger Podcast: Attention, Not Impressions


The post AdExchanger Podcast: Attention, Not Impressions appeared first on 33Across.

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How to achieve 1 billion impressions


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Why 34 clear facts on Viewable Impressions matter


Impressions are a metric used in advertising to measure media delivery. In digital media, an impression occurs when an ad is called by a web browser. Each time an ad is served, it counts as an impression. Viewable Impressions are an improvement.

Developing a Conversational Approach

Speaker: Carlos Hidalgo, CEO & Founder of VisumCx

With information at their fingertips, the chances are that potential customers have already met you, judged you and have a firm impression on your company and products. How to manage your customers' first impressions.

Graphic Design Process: Creating an Impressive Logo

Marketing Insider Group

The post Graphic Design Process: Creating an Impressive Logo appeared first on Marketing Insider Group As everyone knows, a logo is the original image of the full or abbreviated name of a brand or a special non-alphabetic figure.

Social Media Impressions vs. Reach: What's More Important?


When counting engagement, there are two terms you should know: reach and impressions. Impressions are the total number of times social media browsers have been showed your content. If your ad was displayed 500 times on social media, your impressions would be 500.

8 Impressive Examples of Employee-Led Storytelling


Here are eight impressive examples of employee-led storytelling: 1. The first big success was the #NewWaytoWork campaign — a B2B campaign which got 120 million impressions, no doubt thanks in large part to IBM sales staff wanting to share the latest products and promotions.

Millennials Are Not Impressed With Your Content Marketing

Marketing Insider Group

Despite this ongoing consumption, 45 percent of Gen Y simply are not impressed with the content that marketers are serving up. The post Millennials Are Not Impressed With Your Content Marketing appeared first on B2B Marketing Insider. By NewsCred Contributor, Dawn Papandrea.

3 Easy Marketing Data Science Projects to Impress Your CMO


With access to this level of data, marketers can not only make more informed business decisions and reduce data-related risks, they can also bring some pretty impressive statistics to their CMOs. The post 3 Easy Marketing Data Science Projects to Impress Your CMO appeared first on ClearVoice.

Instagram Impressions, Explained in 100 Words or Less


If you're using Instagram as part of your social media strategy, you've definitely come across the concept of impressions. But what exactly are impressions? First things first: to understand what Instagram impressions are, you need to know how they relate to Instagram's reach metric.

B2B Marketers: Wrong Way To Make The Right Impression On Your Prospects

Marketing Insider Group

The post B2B Marketers: Wrong Way To Make The Right Impression On Your Prospects appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Your Marketing team has worked tirelessly over the past quarter constructing what they believe to be a pivotal and influential report.

Five Tips for Turning Cost Per Impressions into Opportunity


The post Five Tips for Turning Cost Per Impressions into Opportunity appeared first on 33Across. You may be in a full seasonal holiday frenzy but Q1 is lurking around the corner.

Instagram Story ads: Rules and best practices for impressive results

Sprout Social

This post Instagram Story ads: Rules and best practices for impressive results originally appeared on Sprout Social. People are becoming increasingly fascinated with Instagram Stories as a more authentic and less filtered alternative to regular Instagram posts.

19 Impressive Product Demo Videos You'll Want to Copy


This example, from HR software provider Gusto, clocks in at an impressive five minutes and fifty-six seconds. In marketing these days, you can’t swing an enthusiastic micro-influencer without hitting someone who’s talking about video content. And it’s not without merit.

Why Personalized Marketing Makes a Great First Impression on Customers


Consider how you make a great first impression: Firm handshakes. A kind smile. Thoughtful gifts. InstantData Consumer Data Email Personalization

How to Impress Your Clients with Proper Social Media Reports


Here are a couple of reports that can impress upon your clients how well their social media marketing is serving them: Campaign-Specific Reports. Results are what impress B2B marketing clients. Updated in April, 2019. As a marketing agency, you know your clients need results.

5 Easy and Impressive Client Thank You Gift Ideas

Outbound Engine

10 Impressive Examples of Influencer Marketing Campaigns


Jenner, who commands an impressive 75.1 You can't go anywhere these days without hearing about the elusive, purportedly mystical powers of influencer marketing. But is this buzzword-laden tactic actually worth your time and energy?

Reach vs Impressions: Understanding Engagement Terms

Sprout Social

If you’ve spent any time working on a social media campaign, “reach” and “impressions” are two terms you’ve undoubtedly come across. Terms like “reach” and “impressions” are often misinterpreted or thought of as to mean the same thing. Here’s a crash course in reach vs. impressions.

4 Tips on How to Leave Lasting Impressions on Customers

Stevens & Tate

If you want to leave lasting impressions on your customers, you have to do more than sell them a service. When it comes to leaving positive lasting impressions, the job does not end once they’re loyal to your business.

Content shelf-life: Impressions, immediacy and longevity

Heinz Marketing

Is your objective fast impressions or more impressions? The post Content shelf-life: Impressions, immediacy and longevity appeared first on Heinz Marketing. Where should you publish? Your own blog? Someone else’s blog? LinkedIn? Or a different format entirely – webinar, podcast, video?

How to Increase Your Twitter Impressions Organically

Sprout Social

In order to figure out how many people are seeing your Tweets, you need to track Twitter impressions. What Are Twitter Impressions? Twitter impressions are the number of times a user is served a Tweet in their timeline or search results. Twitter Impressions vs. Reach.

MarTech Conference: Some Random Impressions and Interesting New Vendors

Customer Experience Matrix

I spent last Tuesday and Wednesday at the MarTech Conference in San Francisco, where close to 1,000 marketing technologists heard sage advice, shared experiences, and otherwise frolicked with their peers. It might just be me, but this MarTech felt a bit less intense – less tribal -- than the first, held last August in Boston. It might have been the larger crowd, more laid back West Coast audience, or that talking to so many exhibitors reduced the time attendees spent interacting with each other.

What is CPM (Cost Per Mile, Cost Per Thousand Impressions)?

Martech Advisor

Cost Per Thousand or Cost Per Mile (CPM) is defined as the price of reaching one thousand impressions for your ad on a webpage. per thousand impressions, according to the Google Display Network report. ” Therefore, Cost Per Thousand impressions is also abbreviated as CPM.

How-To Maximize Your First Impressions With Video Thumbnails


In this same vein, first impressions can be the most important ones, especially for a sales professional. And when that first impression is an email, the deck is already stacked against you. It is your virtual first impression.

Instagram Impressions, Reach, and Other Metrics You Might Be Confused About

Sprout Social

Impressions: The number of times your content, whether a post or a story, was shown to users. While commonly confused with reach, impressions are the total number of times your content could have been seen. Engagement Rate: This is your post engagement divided by post impressions.

8 Impressive Ways to Start a Cover Letter, with Examples


An ideal cover letter leaves the hiring manager with a positive and memorable impression of you, something a resume alone won’t always do. Even if you don’t have the work experience to report impressive numbers, you can still offer proof when opening with an accomplishment.

[Webinar] How to Make a Great First Impression on Your Customers


A great customer experience starts with the right first impression. And today, customer experience is more important than ever before. Email Marketing Email Intelligence

Why Brand Impressions on Facebook are Way Better than Email

B2B Marketing Traction

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Impressive Marketo User Summit


In this post I’m giving a short impression of the Marketo Summit. There were many different tracks, so this post only gives an impression of the sessions that I was able to attend. At this week’s Marketo Summit , I realized we’re right in the middle of B2B Marketing Event Season. MarketingSherpa’s B2B Marketing Summit was last week, Pardot’s user conference was 2 weeks ago, and the Eloqua Experience is coming up next week.

5 Steps to Build an Impressive B2B Account-Based Marketing Framework


As account-based marketing continues to gain traction, more and more B2B marketers are looking to create the perfect campaign.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression


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The creative process in advertising, from idea to impressions


The post The creative process in advertising, from idea to impressions appeared first on Choozle: Digital Advertising Made Easy. Someone once told me that creativity doesn’t exist. While I can’t help but disagree, it also got me thinking—what, exactly, is it?

The Difference Between Reach and Impressions and 7 More Social Media Questions Answered


The post The Difference Between Reach and Impressions and 7 More Social Media Questions Answered appeared first on Adaptly. Blog advertising analytics budget engagement Facebook facebook pixel impressions kpis likes marketing marketing analytics marketing budget marketing faq measurement metrics paid social performance pixel reach social social advertising social budget social faq social media social performance social pixel social platforms social questions tv tv ads tv and social

The 9 Best Free Portfolio Websites for Creating an Impressive Digital Portfolio


Whether you're a UX designer, freelance writer, or photographer, an impressive online portfolio is critical for impressing potential clients, and landing future jobs.

Content Marketing: Accuracy, First Impressions and Demand Gen

Smashmouth Marketing

We all form instant impressions when meeting someone new. Guest post by Paul Simon , Sharper Content, @paulcontentman. Guess what? The same thing happens when we read something from someone we don't know - and the proliferation of social media puts an awful of "new" people in front of us.