Stuck on words: how can marketing connect with customers better?

B2B Lead Generation

And this survey by Hubspot showed that only 3 percent of people surveyed consider marketers and salespeople trustworthy. It’s about the words we use. So, I’ve been stuck using certain words to describe what I do. By that, I mean the words we use in sales and marketing. But, I need your help discussing something more foundational: the words we choose in marketing and sales to describe what we do and the people we’re doing it for.

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HubSpot Spreads Its Wings

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The folks at HubSpot have been busy this summer, announcing their acquisition of Performable in June and their HubSpot App Marketplace last week. App markets are quite the fashion right now, and HubSpot’s joins the Eloqua AppCloud announced in June. I couldn’t find a public list of the available HubSpot apps, but their press release cites a connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and my notes from May mention custom analytics and shopping cart integration.

HubSpot Releases Social Inbox and Reveals So Much More

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I spent yesterday afternoon at HubSpot ’s “Open House” in Cambridge, MA, during which they briefed the community on their business progress, introduced their new Social Inbox, described their approach to marketing and sales alignment, explained their “ culture code ”, and answered questions.

SaaS Marketing Essentials – 3 Reasons Why You Need HubSpot


In other words, it’s not enough to take batting practice. HubSpot Is The Batting Coach Your Startup Needs. In the game of marketing, there’s no better big league coach for SaaS than HubSpot’s marketing software. A veteran of the inbound marketing game, HubSpot is a powerful SaaS software program that can take any company’s marketing efforts to the next level. HubSpot SaaS Marketing Brings Many Different Platforms Under A Single Roof.

How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

Lead Generation (13 responses) Marketing Budgets (12 responses) “The biggest challenge we have is getting the word out to prospective customers about how. 1How B2B Marketing. is Changing in 2018 Insights on Priorities, Tactics, and Challenges.

Should You Build Your Website on the HubSpot CMS?

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Are you thinking you should build your website on the HubSpot CMS? HubSpot refers to it’s platform to host and build your website as a COS, a Content Optimization System. Regarding personalization, you can only do it if you’re using everything HubSpot.

13 Lucky Takeaways from HubSpot’s 2015 State of Inbound Report

The Forward Observer

Get lucky with HubSpot's State of Inbound Report. For the past seven years, marketing automation software company HubSpot has published findings from its annual survey on marketers' challenges, priorities, tactics and results in its "State of Inbound" report.

Are Personas Just a Nicer Word for Stereotypes?

Content Marketing Institute

Consider the case of content juggernaut HubSpot. In the HubSpot: Inbound Marketing and Web 2.0 They both bought HubSpot but cared about different things. Well, it turns out that Marketer Mary had twice the lifetime value profit to HubSpot than Owner Ollie.

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How the Flywheel Killed HubSpot's Funnel


When Brian Halligan (HubSpot’s CEO) started talking about retiring the funnel and adopting the flywheel as the model to think about our business, I was not very happy. Word of mouth has always been fundamental to great marketing, but look at the world we living in today. I’ll be honest.

HubSpot's 2014 State of Inbound Marketing Report: 21 Tweetable Pearls

The Forward Observer

HubSpot''s State of Inbound Marketing Report has the data you need to budget, plan, execute and measure inbound marketing and selling. In other words, inbound is the superset of quality content and other ''magnetic'' tactics. ". About one half were HubSpot users.

HubSpot's Guide to Facebook Ad Sizes (With Examples)


In other words, the image's height should be nine-sixteenths its width, or vice-versa. In other words, the image's height should be nine-sixteenths its width. In other words, the image's height should be nine-sixteenths of its width, or vice-versa.

You’ve Got Mail from Eloqua, Hubspot & Neil Patel


I got a great reply to my last email from one recipient “Could you stuff any more jargon words in here?” HubSpot is well-known for their excellent and engaging content mix, demonstrated well here with their mix not only of content offerings, but sender.

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You’ve Got Mail from Eloqua, Hubspot & Neil Patel


I got a great reply to my last email from one recipient “Could you stuff any more jargon words in here?” HubSpot is well-known for their excellent and engaging content mix, demonstrated well here with their mix not only of content offerings, but sender.

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The Definition of SEO in 100 Words or Less [FAQs]


Here's a brief definition in under 100 words: What Is SEO? HubSpot customers: you can check out the SEO panel in your HubSpot account to see how well you're optimized for those things. Search engine optimization (SEO) seems pretty straightforward.

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The 24 Best Online Writing Tools and Apps


Create words clouds from any text source. These clouds show the relative prominence of words that appear more frequently in the source text. Sample review: “Create beautiful word clouds in just a few clicks.” — BuzzBlogger. Showcase reviews: HubSpot, TNW News, Quick Sprout.

Lead Forensics vs Hubspot vs Leadfeeder


An in-depth comparison of how Leadfeeder compares to two other platforms, Lead Forensics and Hubspot for tracking what companies are visiting your website. In particular, two competing platforms we discuss with customers often are Lead Forensics and Hubspot. The chart below gives a quick comparison of Hubspot, Lead Forensics, and Leadfeeder. Leadfeeder Lead Forensics Hubspot Sales. Both Hubspot and Leadfeeder bill month-to-month.

Sometimes More Is Better – Hubspot Research Shows Impact Of Volume On Reach And Conversion

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But if you’re looking for more solid proof, we can look to the annual study by Hubspot on article volume and frequency. Based on blogging data of their 13,500+ customers , Hubspot found that companies who published more than 16 blog posts every month got almost 3.5x In their study, Hubspot found that 90% of their leads came from old blog posts. Hubspot found that certain types of posts performed better on certain platforms.

Content Marketing Showcase Series # 2 HubSpot

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HubSpot, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is into providing marketing application and advice to businesses of all sizes enab. We at ClickDocuments love HubSpot - because HubSpots folks are not only prolific content creators but also content distributing Rockstars.

The Future of B2B Marketing: 5 Takeaways from Hubspot’s CMO, Kipp Bodnar


Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a talk given by Kipp Bodnar, HubSpot’s chief marketing officer and leading B2B marketing author and speaker. Judging by the fact that the word “GDPR” was thrown around the room every two minutes or so, it’s safe to conclude that this talk gathered some of Tel Aviv’s […].

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How the HubSpot Content Team Overcame the "Pivot to Video"


According to HubSpot Research , 54% of consumers want to see more video from businesses and brands. Here on the HubSpot content team, we wanted to take on the shift, responsibly. HubSpot's "Pivot to Video" Playbook. We try to keep scripts around 500 words.

Going Big on Small: Joe Payne on HubSpot’s $32M Round

Modern Marketing

Much will be said over the next few days about HubSpot’s $32M Series D round. The pattern of conversations will look something like this: First there will be a burst of emotion (observers will shout congratulations from the rooftops and laud HubSpot for attracting Google Ventures and as investors). Second there’ll be a wave of sober dialogue about what this investment means for HubSpot’s business. HubSpot is going big – on small business.

What Is an API? The Answer in 300 Words or Less


Here's what this looks like on the New York Road Runners website, helping them promote the New York City Marathon (with a few custom design modifications): You can also check out the HubSpot API documention to see how you can build applications and integrations using data from HubSpot.

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Does Influencer Marketing Actually Work? A HubSpot Blog Experiment


My mom had bought me a pair of practical (her words) but hideous (my words) sneakers -- and insisted I wear them to gym class. I didn't think about influencer marketing again until I joined HubSpot. A mere 0.002% of them clicked on the link to the HubSpot Sales Blog.

Go Where Your Customers Are – Wise Words from Sweta Patel


Sales is something I’m also closely aligned with so I follow SalesHacker , HubSpot , and the Marketo blog when I’m creating campaigns. Check out Stephanie Totty’s Wise Words interview to discover why including clients in your content marketing helps validate and humanize your brand!

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HubSpot’s Marketing Team Worked Remotely for One Week. Here’s What We Learned.


Did you find yourself trying to speak up but failing to get a word in? That's the trend we started to see at HubSpot. They could work from anywhere they wanted, but they could not be in a HubSpot office.

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How to Keep Failure From Becoming a Bad Word

Golden Spiral

Failure shouldn’t become a bad word; it is essential to achieving meaningful results. In the words of Carey, “If your tests are always successful, you’re probably not testing often enough or aggressively enough.”.

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What 4 of HubSpot’s Recruiters, Hiring Managers, & Executives Say About Being a “Jack of All Trades”


When Karla Cook, the current Editor of HubSpot’s Marketing Blog, first joined the team as a staff writer in July 2016, she realized she had more in common with most of her new teammates than she originally thought. But, as a pleasant surprise to her, so were many of her teammates at HubSpot.

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A Vivid Vision for HubSpot's Content


Giving away your health data is about as inbound as it gets,” observed Volpe when he wrapped up the interview from HubSpot’s brand new Cambridge recording studio. It’s more like pre-reality , or, in the words of executive-turned-executive-coach Cameron Herold, a “vivid vision.”.

We Analyzed HubSpot's 39 Most-Shared Posts in 2017. Here's What We Found.


Couple this new zeal for writing a data-backed piece with our goal of getting published on the HubSpot Marketing Blog, and here we are: analyzing the 39 most-shared HubSpot Blog posts over the last year, and sharing what we found. Numbers, and Years, and Words.

This Strategy Helped the HubSpot Blog Break a Year-Long Traffic Plateau


When I joined the HubSpot Blog team in 2016, our editorial strategy looked drastically different than it does now. Traffic to the HubSpot Blog 2014 - 2017. Talk to us @HubSpot. Presiding over a 10+ year old blog has a lot of unique challenges.

The 28 Best Web Design Tools


Ideally, the website should set the company apart not only through words but also the visual presentation: what “personality” does the brand convey through the colors, fonts, layout, and other design elements? ” — HubSpot. ” — HubSpot. ” — HubSpot.

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Put Your Customers on Camera: Wise Words from Truman Tang


I check out a lot of marketing automation blogs as well whether that’s HubSpot , Act-On , Marketo , just to see what’s really resonating in the email space. The post Put Your Customers on Camera: Wise Words from Truman Tang appeared first on Vidyard.

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The Complete Guide to Marketing Automation Integrations (Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot, Act-On, Pardot, and Infusionsoft)


To create this guide, we analyzed documentation from Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, HubSpot, Act-On, Salesforce Pardot, and Infusionsoft. In Part 1, we’ll give a brief (non-technical) description of how these companies use the word “integration.” HubSpot Integrations. Direct API Integrations Direct API integrations are the integrations you probably think of when you hear the word “integration.” HubSpot Integrations. HubSpot Analytics and Data Integrations.

How Customer-Driven Copy Helped HubSpot Increase Conversions by Nearly 100%


Last October, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the team at HubSpot to rewrite their copy as part of their site's redesign. We grilled HubSpot's product development, sales, and support staff to get their inside perspective. Now, we just needed to find out what those words were.

Taking a Journalistic Approach to Content Marketing: Wise Words from Kristy Sharrow


The two biggest ones for me externally are HubSpot, and their Academy webinars in particular. The post Taking a Journalistic Approach to Content Marketing: Wise Words from Kristy Sharrow appeared first on Vidyard. Who do you think is the hardest group of people to sell to?

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How to Avoid Burnout at Work: 7 Strategies from HubSpot’s Manager of Culture


Type the words “employee burnout” into the Google search bar, and one of the autocomplete phrases likely ends with, “is becoming a huge problem.” That's why I decided to enlist the help of an expert: HubSpot’s Manager of Culture and Experience, Tamara Lilian.

It’s the Little Things: How HubSpot Writes Microcopy


Snippets of text like these are called microcopy, which refers to the letters, words, phrases, or sentences in a software product or on a website that help instruct and guide the user. Becoming the Voice of HubSpot. HubSpot''s," said Beth.

The Evolution of HubSpot's Email Marketing Strategy: An Insider's Story


Over the last eight years, lots of things have changed in HubSpot''s marketing. By the time I joined HubSpot and started our email marketing program, we already had thousands of people we could email -- a lot more than you''d expect at any company, let alone a startup no one had heard of.

We Completely Redesigned the HubSpot Blog. Here's Why.


If you''re a regular reader of HubSpot''s Blog, you''ve probably noticed things are looking a little bit different today. Last night, we gave the HubSpot Blog a pretty drastic makeover. Why We Redesigned HubSpot''s Blog. What''s your opinion of the HubSpot Blog''s new look?

How We Increased Sales Opportunities 4X With Video: A HubSpot Experiment


Here’s an example of what that might look like, courtesy of HubSpot Principal Inbound Marketing Specialist Katie Carlin : The Framework. In other words, for every 100 emails, voicemails, or calls that they made, they would book about one meeting. Let’s talk about a trend, shall we?

Best quotes from Hubspot Inbound 2013

Leading Results Rambings

The Leading Results team just invested 10 man-days at the Hubspot Inbound conference (3 of us for 3 days and 2 of us for a half day). And it wasn’t all (or even mostly) about Hubspot software.

The Best New Type of Content to Support a Product Launch: A HubSpot Experiment


Here at HubSpot, we obsess over our product -- how it’s built, where it’s headed, and how we talk about it. In other words, people are finding the tool useful, coming back, and spending a significant amount of time with it.

The Content Creator's Master List of Commonly Troublesome Words


In fact, one of the most frustrating challenges we face is due to the fact that new, web-related words are being coined all the time. Is this one word or two? Your Master List of Commonly Troublesome Words. camera phone: Two words. Two words, no hyphen. One word.

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