HubSpot Review: Is It the Right Tool for Email Marketing?


Then this HubSpot review is for you. One popular email marketing software is HubSpot. Also, HubSpot features email marketing capabilities that make designing an email campaign quick and easy, all without the need for specialized design knowledge. What Is HubSpot?

Getting Started with HubSpot: A 4-Step HubSpot Setup Plan

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Whether you are just getting started with HubSpot (as your first CRM platform), or you’re migrating from your current marketing automation platform into HubSpot, there are four defined phases that will help you run a smooth setup. Step Two: Import contacts into HubSpot.


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How to Connect HubSpot to WordPress (2 Easy Methods)


Are you looking for an easy way to set up HubSpot with WordPress? HubSpot is a popular customer relation management (CRM) platform that helps you make marketing, sales, content management, and customer service easier. What Is HubSpot? How to Connect HubSpot to WordPress.

The Ultimate Guide to HubSpot Campaigns

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Luckily, HubSpot users with Marketing Pro or Enterprise can use HubSpot campaigns to seamlessly create, execute, and track campaign efforts all in one place. The HubSpot Campaigns tool creates a single dashboard where you can associate every asset and customer interaction.

Migration Checklists for Moving into HubSpot

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The scalability and simple, yet powerful, automation functions are a few of the (many) reasons companies choose HubSpot. In this article, we’ll dive into some of the elements to ensure you have a successful transition from an alternative solution to HubSpot with a HubSpot migration checklist.

Why Choose HubSpot vs. Mailchimp?

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But how does it measure up to HubSpot? As an email platform, both HubSpot and Mailchimp are easy to use and make sending email a breeze. Sending out an email in “batches” so that traffic to your website is controlled. Blog publishing is a core feature of HubSpot.

Blogging Hacks for Advanced HubSpot Users

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Fortunately, HubSpot makes it easy for you to format, optimize, and eventually publish your blog post. If you’re an advanced HubSpot user, you likely feel like you could publish a blog post in your sleep, and that’s what’s so awesome about how easy it is to use HubSpot blogging.

What's the Deal with HubSpot’s Offline Contact Creation

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HubSpot’s source properties help us identify where contacts come from, including how they came to visit a website AND how they were created or updated via offline sources. Direct Traffic“. This can occur when a contact uses an ad-blocker, which may block HubSpot’s tracking cookies.

3 Surefire Ways to Increase Web Traffic with Email Content


Let’s start with the bad news: On average, traffic coming from email only makes up about three percent of your total web traffic. But, that traffic tends to be VERY high quality. So, how can you increase web traffic from email content?

HubSpot Analytics & Google Analytics Don’t Match - Here’s Why! 

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Have you ever noticed that the data in Google Analytics doesn’t match the data in HubSpot? Why Are There Differences Between Google Analytics and HubSpot? HubSpot and Google Analytics will block identical IP addresses to make sure that internal traffic is consistently filtered.

Understanding HubSpot’s Multi-Touch Attribution Reporting

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Guest author Nakul Kadaba is a strategic consultant at HubSpot , How does one get credit for their work? For HubSpot customers, this becomes increasingly important as they try to present a solid return on their investment. HubSpot's custom reporting functionality.

Turbocharge Your HubSpot Email Campaigns


Let’s break down the exact path a lead takes with HubSpot and LeadGnome working together to boost efficiency and effectiveness. When it comes to effective inbound campaigns, HubSpot is the crème de la crème. HubSpot And LeadGnome Together = A Powerful Sales Tool.

What’s the Difference? Hubspot Web Analytics vs. Google Analytics

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Reporting on website traffic, leads, and conversions is an essential part of any digital marketer’s job. And when it comes to reporting, especially with regard to inbound marketing, there are essentially two commonly used platforms: HubSpot and Google Analytics (GA).

Four Reasons Content Managers Should Love Hubspot’s CMS

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Thankfully, Hubspot launched CMS Hub , which means there’s finally a platform for content management that’s both intuitive and robust. Thankfully, Hubspot’s out-of-the-box content reporting is super easy and very useful. This is where the modular aspect of Hubspot’s CMS really shines.

Hubspot Inbound Conference Recap 3 of 9


Branded organic search, referral traffic, and social media traffic are among the most impacted audiences with regard to effective PR. ” – Christopher Penn Filed under: Marketing Guru Tagged: Boston , Brand Awareness , content , Hubspot , Inbound , Measurement , PR , Public Relations , Referral Traffic , social media. Marketing Guru Boston Brand Awareness content Hubspot Inbound Measurement PR Public Relations Referral Traffic social media

Beyond SEO: Why Generating Traffic Isn’t Enough


Search engine optimization is a widely-promoted marketing discipline in part because of how impressive it looks to generate traffic increases. Besides the amount of traffic you generate, you’ll want to consider your conversion rate. Final Thoughts on Traffic vs. Conversions.

What the HubSpot CMS Hub Means For Developers: 5 Things HubSpot Developers Need To Know Now

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HubSpot’s CMS Hub launched this week and, boy, oh boy, are there some exciting new features! From the drag-and-drop page editor , to shared theme variables and functionality, to even serverless functions, the capabilities of the HubSpot platform have exploded seemingly overnight.

Our Favorite HubSpot Reports to Measure Content ROI

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Luckily, HubSpot has several custom and templated reports you can build onto dashboards that allow you to see what’s working and what’s not with your content marketing. Monetary Content Marketing ROI Reports in HubSpot. List-Building Content Marketing ROI Reports in HubSpot.

Understanding the New [2020] Contextual Marketing Features in HubSpot

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This is what exactly makes contextual marketing in HubSpot such a powerful tool to utilize within your inbound marketing strategy. Whether or not you’ve had the opportunity to take advantage of some of HubSpot’s existing features, the time to incorporate contextual marketing is now.

Migration Checklists for Moving into HubSpot

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The scalability and simple, yet powerful, automation functions are a few of the (many) reasons companies choose HubSpot. In this article, we’ll dive into some of the elements to ensure you have a successful transition from an alternative solution to HubSpot with a HubSpot migration checklist.

Predictive SEO: How HubSpot Saves Traffic We Haven’t Lost Yet


This post is a part of Made @ HubSpot, an internal thought series through which we extract lessons from experiments conducted by our very own HubSpotters. This is a lot like trying to grow organic website traffic. The Problem With Traffic Growth. How to Predict Falling Traffic.

Marketing on Hubspot With the Power of Automation

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When marketing on Hubspot, the power of automation is your secret weapon. A comprehensive platform like HubSpot B2B for Marketing and Sales, helps organize everything on one platform. Hubspot for MARKETING. All content and marketing efforts are tracked on the HubSpot platform.

5 SEO Hacks for Advanced HubSpot Users

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If your website isn’t showing up on the first search engine results page, your current SEO approach might need some work, which means you’re in the market for the latest SEO hacks in HubSpot. Instead, do what HubSpot has dubbed “ historical optimization.”

Where Should You Host Your Blog Content? HubSpot vs. WordPress

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Therefore, the choice of where to put your blog, on HubSpot or WordPress , should in most cases be answered by the question, “Which platform am already hosting my main website on?”. HubSpot has multiple tiers of their CMS based on your marketing needs.

Growing Site Traffic & Getting Better Leads, Faster


Discover how one business resurrected lost deals & increased site traffic more than 200%. Resurrecting previously cold leads and boosting site traffic significantly. The marketing team can watch traffic, match traffic to leads and follow what’s working and what isn’t.

OMG it’s HubSpot 3!

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The new version of HubSpot is released in the UK this month; here are the features we’re most looking forward to getting our greasy mitts on. As I’m sure you’ll already know, Tomorrow People is proud to be a HubSpot gold partner. (In In fact, we were named HubSpot's ‘ International Partner Agency of the Year ’ in August.). So I’m sure you’ll understand how excited we are that the latest version of the software, HubSpot 3, will be available in the UK this month!

HubSpot Jumps into the CRM Marketplace

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Hell probably didn’t freeze over today but there might have been a light frost: after years of rejecting the option, HubSpot today announced it will offer a CRM system. Audience response was predictably enthusiastic, since CRM features have been much desired by HubSpot users and resellers for years. HubSpot hopes this will encourage adoption of CRM by sales reps who have rejected it because it took too much work for too little value.

SmartTake: What’s New with HubSpot Reporting and Dashboards

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As a proud HubSpot Elite partner, SmartBug Media ® follows HubSpot’s best practices of using data to make informed decisions with marketing. Before you even begin building out your HubSpot Reporting dashboards and visuals, having a clean database is an essential part of getting started.

Why You Should Update Content – Or Risk Losing The Traffic You Have [Case Study]

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HubSpot released statistics stating that updating old blog posts increased traffic to old posts by 106%. In fact, not only do some posts remain flat after an update, but sometimes the traffic even tanks. Updating Blog Posts Increased Traffic by 96%. Ultimately, updating old content increased our traffic by nearly 96%. In other words, it nearly doubled the traffic of the old posts. 17 posts generated less traffic. Traffic increased by 135.8%

HubSpot for Startups – Notes from a New Marketer

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Perhaps you opened this article because you’re a new marketer, or because you’ve heard about HubSpot and are unsure what it really does, or because you’re my friend and I sent you this link to show you the cool stuff I get to do at my new job. HubSpot for Startup. A Whole New World.

How To Get 3x Traffic and Google Rankings with Content Marketing

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Content marketing is the best way to drive organic traffic to your website. In fact, companies that do content marketing best earn 3x the traffic than brands that don’t do content marketing. Image Source: HubSpot.

9 Best Courses in the Hubspot Academy

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The HubSpot Academy (HubSpot’s training division) is a great place to do this for business professionals. The post 9 Best Courses in the Hubspot Academy appeared first on Visitor Queue Blog | Identify Website Traffic.

Hubspot Alternatives

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Hubspot’s ‘human’ voice, vast collection of educational materials and networking events have solidified its place as the authority on inbound marketing — and also as one of the most popular marketing automation platforms in the field. . But Hubspot might not be the right fit for everyone. .

Content Marketing Hacks to Increase Web Traffic and Leads

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Repurposing and updating old content boost organic traffic and extend the shelf life of your best content. Why are traffic and leads so important? Organic traffic and leads generated are perhaps the two most important KPIs in your content marketing strategy.

Albacross now integrates with Hubspot CRM!


As of today, you can natively integrate Albacross with Hubspot CRM so your sales team can put their pipeline expansion on autopilot. Automatically send warm leads to your Hubspot CRM. Much of your website traffic will not leave their contact details. News just in.

10 Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2020

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Want to grow your organic traffic by 20-100%? Looking for SEO techniques that'll increase your rankings and send you free, qualified traffic? Unfortunately, this makes things much harder for those of us who rely on Google’s organic search traffic as a lifeline.

How We Octupled Image Search Traffic to the HubSpot Blog in 1 Year


Fact: HubSpot's pictures are worth 120 thousand clicks. That strategy, which was designed to fix a traffic plateau across the blog, increased our organic traffic by 25% year over year -- to eight million organic pageviews per month. Where that traffic is coming from is equally exciting. As I said, our new SEO strategy launched our organic blog traffic to heights it had never been to before. Cliché: A picture is worth a thousand words.


Migrating to HubSpot CMS: An SEO Walkthrough for New Users

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New to HubSpot’s content management system (CMS)? If you're new to HubSpot CMS, here is an SEO roadmap that will guide you through the main native SEO functionality and integrations. HubSpot hosts your site when you sign up for the CMS subscription.

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Bridging the Gap Between Blog Traffic and Lead Generation

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In fact, according to HubSpot , marketers who prioritize blogging see 13x more ROI than those who do not. Here are just a few of the benefits of blogging for your company: Helps drive additional traffic to your website.

How to Add a HubSpot Popup to Your Site to Grow Your List


Do you want to use a HubSpot popup on your site to grow your mailing list? By the end of this tutorial, you will know exactly how to create a HubSpot popup that will increase your email list. What is a Hubspot Popup? How to Add a HubSpot Popup to Your Site.