Six SEO Facts About All High-Ranking Content


Long-Tail Keywords Perform Best. In fact, Google rewards mobile-friendly sites with a higher search engine results page (SERP) position and penalizes the sites that aren’t. Long-Tail Keywords Dominate Searches. Image credit: HubSpot. Guest post by John Aaron.

The Ultimate Guide for Mastering Long Tail Search


But the search landscape is shifting, and more searchers are typing in long tail search terms to find what they're looking for in search engines. Not surprisingly, marketers and SEOs are responding by shifting their attention to long tail search optimization.

This Strategy Helped the HubSpot Blog Break a Year-Long Traffic Plateau


When I joined the HubSpot Blog team in 2016, our editorial strategy looked drastically different than it does now. For a long time, this process served our interests well. Traffic to the HubSpot Blog 2014 - 2017. Talk to us @HubSpot.

22 Companies Dominating the World With Content Marketing Campaigns

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According to HubSpot’s State of Inbound Marketing study, simply increasing the amount of content you produce leads to greater customer acquisition: 55% of marketers say blog content creation is their top marketing priority. 3) HubSpot. HubSpot doesn’t make this mistake.

Marketing technology may never consolidate (but that’s a good thing)


No, it’s actually a fairly common market structure in the age of digital platforms known as a “long tail.” They draw their strength from the vibrant, long tail ecosystems that blossom on their foundations. It will be a lengthy long tail market.

Creating Quality Content in 2019 (For Search Engines and People)


If you’re looking for a place to start with creating content that’ll positively impact your audience, then ask your co-workers from other teams like sales and services for some ideas. Form a long-tail keyword. And why should you focus on long-tail keywords for blog post titles?

Marketing Techniology Landscape Supergraphic (2017): Martech 5000


We expressly grant permission to reproduce copies of this graphic in any media, digital or physical, as long as it is reproduced “as is” and in full. Adobe, HubSpot, IBM, Marketo, Oracle, Salesforce, Sitecore, etc.,

3 trends driving the Second Golden Age of Martech: ecosystems, experts, and (citizen) engineers


Disclosure: Before continuing, note that outside of writing this blog, I am also VP platform ecosystem at HubSpot. I’ll also disclaim that this post is my personal opinion and not necessarily HubSpot’s. tl;dr There are three trends that are changing the nature of martech.

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Blog SEO: How to Search Engine Optimize Your Blog Content


Blogging helps boost SEO quality by positioning your website as a relevant answer to your customers' questions. Focus on 1–2 long-tail keywords that match the intent of your ideal reader. A good rule of thumb is to focus on one or two long-tail keywords per blog post.

5 Ways You Might Be Failing at Local Marketing


Not Using Long-Tail Keywords. Well, you’d better have long-tail keywords throughout the on-page SEO elements of your site. Long-tail keywords are specific phrases describing your business, such as “bakery Cambridge MA” or “spa deals in Boston.”

How to Validate Your Blog Post Topics: A 3-Step Process


An increased number of long-tail keyword variations that are regularly searched within a topic. Then, you'd come up with subtopics that are related to yoga but based on long-tail keywords that are easier to rank for in search.

11 tips and tools to jump-start your SEO


34% click on the website in the 1st position; 95% click on search results from the 1st page (source: Prokell SEO ). This refers to “long-tail” vs. “short tail” keywords. Marketing Grader from HubSpot can tell you.

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The 11 Principles of Purposeful Marketing

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a position of agreement or alliance. . Even entities like HubSpot, which frequently make up terms like “The Buyer’s Journey,” consistently change how they define each step. . The world has been taken over by the Long Tail.

How Your Blog Needs to Evolve in the Age of AI-Powered Voice Search


Google’s system knows — and seeks data on whether that visit was positive for you. If it looks to have been a good fit, the AI may decide to push an answer from that same website higher in the stack hoping to replicate your positive experience for others.”.

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10 Ways to Drive Instant Results With Inbound Marketing


The best inbound marketers do, indeed, play a good long game, but you can use inbound marketing tactics and strategies to move the needle immediately, too. 3) Identify a Long-Tail Keyword Phrase With High Search Volume. All from a simple long-tail keyword phrase!

How to Find and Target High-Value Keywords for Your Business


Despite the ever-present advice that long-tail keywords are king, many businesses still struggle to strategically use them to get content to the top of organic and paid search results. You’ll need to have a long long list of keywords in order to boil it down to the golden nuggets.

Intent Data: A Direct Line into Prospects Ready to Buy Your Product or Service

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Improve automated actions and better identify a buyer’s position in your sales funnel (e.g., Intent data also provides very precise data points that can be used to leverage targeted advertising strategies, such as better long-tail keywords , automated advertising (e.g.,

7 Keyword Research Mistakes That Stifle Your SEO Strategy


For example, not all of the traffic that lands on HubSpot's site actually knows that we sell inbound marketing software. So while it's important to target a search term like "inbound marketing," it's crucial to also target a long-tail term like "how to get leads with social media."

10 tips to Architect Prevalent B2B Marketing Strategies for Optimized Sales Conversions in 2019


According to Gerri Detweiler, Head of Market Education for Nav, the importance of marketers keeping themselves abreast with the latest industrial practices is quoted as follows: “Running a business is often about setting goals and putting in the long hours and hard work to achieve them.


The Future of Content Strategy


Where a few years ago there were maybe 10-20 “big keywords” that would be sought after for ranking within a topic, there are now hundreds or thousands of long-tail variations that are regularly searched within a topic and change based on location.

How to Detect, Repair & Profit From Underperforming Content


According to HubSpot's annual State of Inbound report , 60% of marketers reported "blog content creation" as one of their top priorities -- with interactive content creation (41%), long-form content creation (33%), and visual content creation (33%) not far behind.

How to Track, Analyze, and Improve Your SEO Strategy


For this post, I'm going to show you how we do it using HubSpot's software. If you want to follow along and you're not a HubSpot customer, you can try out the software for free and track your keywords and SEO performance.


What Marketers Everywhere Can Learn From P&G's 1,600-Person Layoff


A year ago, one of HubSpot's customers, Steve Sheinkopf of Yale Appliance, went through a similar P&G strategy shift from outbound advertising to inbound marketing when he realized that "investing in old media may get you 100,000 eyeballs, but they're not qualified. Connect with HubSpot

10 Ways Small Business Marketers Can Crush Big Competitors


You should dedicate time to researching which keywords are important to target using keyword research tools like HubSpot's Keyword Grader or Google's Keyword Tool. Connect with HubSpot

SEO Marketing Strategy: Tips for Success in 2018

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Though 61% of marketers in a 2017 HubSpot study say increasing organic visibility is their highest inbound marketing priority, they don’t always follow through. Page URLs are a mile long. If I see a few good words rank in the top 10 positions, I’m satisfied.

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30 Top Startup Marketing Tools to Build and Scale Your Business


Send form data to Mailchimp or HubSpot, and while on the way in, use Zapier to trigger automated email alerts with Sendgrid, validate visitor data using Full Contact or Clearbit, and trigger an alert to your sales team in Slack — all using Zapier.

Best SEO Guides, Tips and Resources of 2010


SEO 101: Defining the long tail by Conversation Marketing. 12 Amazing SEO Infographics by HubSpot Blog. ** 5 Stars. Ranking well in organic search results becomes more imperative every day, particularly in the B2B world.

How to Use Marketing Analytics to Get C-Suite Buy-In for Content Marketing

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In Hubspot's recent State of Inbound marketing report , 41 percent of marketers confirmed content marketing's positive ROI. So use the data (and some of your own analysis) to show them how content marketing is positively impacting your firm. Content marketing is red-hot.

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How You (and Rick Santorum) Can Fix a Damaged Search Reputation


If you want to know more, well, just Google it; the result is usually in position 2 or 3 in the SERPs. Target Long- and Short-Tail Keyword Phrases. Targeting long-tail keyword phrases inherently helps you rank for the head terms that keyword phrase includes.


4 Smart Ways to Keep Up With Google in 2017


In fact, did you know that the first position in Google gets 33% of search traffic ? Use keyword research tools such as Google AdWords and HubSpot's Keywords App to determine the long-tail, conversational keywords your audience is searching for.

The Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO in 2019


Here are a few best practices for writing high-quality page content: Incorporate short and long-tail keywords naturally. Include your brand in the title, i.e. " The Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO in 2019 — HubSpot Blog ".

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The Ultimate List of B2B Marketing Tools


Here are a few top choices: HubSpot : According to Gartner peer insights, customers voted for HubSpot as the best CRM lead management software of 2018. With HubSpot, marketers can build targeted lists and automate things like email campaigns and lead scoring.

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The Marketer's Guide to Pinterest SEO


So if your initial trial of using Pinterest for business has yielded positive results and you think Pinterest is a viable social media marketing platform for your business, you know what the next step is, right? 9) Leverage the Long Tail.

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B2B Demand Generation: Picking the Right Channels for your Content

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In fact, 61% of marketers say growing SEO/organic presence is a high inbound marketing priority ( Hubspot State of Inbound ). With Google’s shifting algorithms, reaching the top ranking positions is a constant game of cat and mouse.

5 Must-Measure eCommerce Blogging Strategies


Create remarkable, strong-minded, or novel content about your products or industry to better position yourself for sharing and inbound links. A touch of outside-the box-thinking can go a long way, and examples like BlendTech’s Will It Blend? Improve Long-Tail Organic SEO.

Everything You Need to Know to Dominate Local Search


You do everything in your power to get your website in the top search engine ranking positions! Source: HubSpot via Google ) Tweet This Stat! Target long-tail keyword variations for your geographic area. You can perform long-tail keyword research in Google's Keyword Tool, or if you use HubSpot software, use HubSpot’s Keyword Tool to help find variations you might not have thought of before. Connect with HubSpot


Why Your Keyword Strategy Is Incomplete Without User Intent


Keyword research has long been heralded as a pillar of a proper SEO strategy. As is often the case with things like this, in the long run, it also helps to establish your brand as a trustworthy and reliable source of content your audience can rely on.