HubSpot's 2014 State of Inbound Marketing Report: 21 Tweetable Pearls

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Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer Got leads? HubSpot''s State of Inbound Marketing Report has the data you need to budget, plan, execute and measure inbound marketing and selling. About one half were HubSpot users.

Six Ways to Overcome the Fear of Inbound Marketing

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Marketing costs time, money, and resources. Every marketing move comes with risk. There is good news: marketing is often best accomplished by the most consistent, not the most creative approach. Do you have a written marketing plan? Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Examples: What Results Can I Expect?


What results can you expect from an inbound marketing campaign? We review three inbound case studies as an example of what can be achieved. Why Inbound Marketing? Inbound marketing puts customers - your best-fit buyer personas - at the heart of your marketing strategy. Related: What Results Can You Expect From An Inbound Marketing Campaign? Prove marketing ROI. Align sales and marketing teams. inbound marketing

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Why We Decided to Become a Hubspot Partner

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ATAK is now a HubSpot Agency , and after just a short month with them, have already become Silver Partners. I want to take a little time and express why we chose to team with HubSpot and why we believe in the company and their vision. HubSpot. Marketing

How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

1How B2B Marketing. from SMB Marketing Leaders Brought to you by 2Introduction This study examined priorities, challenges, and trends for B2B marketers. The top priorities for B2B marketers this year are generating more high-quality leads and. content marketing efforts.

Why We Decided to Become a Hubspot Partner

ATAK Interactive

ATAK is now a HubSpot Agency , and after just a short month with them, have already become Silver Partners. I want to take a little time and express why we chose to team with HubSpot and why we believe in the company and their vision. HubSpot. Marketing

10 Key Takeaways for Modern Marketers from HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2018

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HubSpot’s annual report of inbound marketing and sales trends provides an overview of how companies are using inbound strategy and content marketing. The results deliver interesting insight into the ongoing evolution of the modern marketing ecosystem.

How to Get Started with Website Personalization

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Yet, 60 percent of marketers struggle to personalize content in real time. Website personalization is a one piece of a holistic, personalized buyer experience; though these stats suggest we marketers need to do a better job of it. Marketers have been segmenting their target audiences for a long time. With HubSpot’s CMS, you can also update elements of your webpages to be specific to individual visitors. HubSpot calls these personalized elements “Smart Content.”.

3 Problems with Inbound Marketing


HubSpot has made a really compelling point that Inbound Marketing is important, and that it is definitely is something all businesses should practice because the ROI higher than other forms of marketing. However, Inbound Marketing is hard.

Unite Inbound & Account-Based Marketing Strategies with Terminus’ HubSpot Integration


Integration with HubSpot Marketing Delivers Expanded Reach and Orchestration to B2B Marketers. Today, I’m excited to announce Terminus’ new integration with HubSpot! In May of 2017, HubSpot announced its investment in Terminus. Event Marketing.

13 Examples of Content Your Manufacturing Company Can Use to Generate Leads

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Many manufacturing companies are diversifying their marketing efforts from solely focusing on tradeshows, print ads, and press releases to increasing digital content marketing in order to generate more leads for their sales team. This doesn’t mean manufacturing marketing departments are depending on their contact pages or pricing request forms for demand generation. Inbound Marketing Buyer's Journey Lead Generation

What Role Should Marketing Play in a Product-First SaaS Company?

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If you’re the leader of a product-first SaaS company, it can be easy to make the mistake of ignoring marketing and believing that it isn’t necessary for the success of your organization. This is a common occurrence in the SaaS vertical where marketing has a tendency to be not only held at bay while the product is perfected, but flat-out ignored post-funding when initial investments are made in sales and sales alone. Would you rather listen to this blog instead of reading it?

Best Practices for Adding Medium to Your Blog Strategy

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have the opportunity to contribute blog posts and receive credit, all while supporting SmartBug’s content marketing efforts. Horizontal images tend to make a better user experience, particularly on mobile devices, because they require less vertical scrolling for the reader.

B2B Demand Gen Best Practices: 4 Lessons We Learned From Niching

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Demand generation is one of search marketing’s leading pain points for a reason. Ideally, search marketing is meant to build brand awareness and drive interest and sales for your unique product/service. Now B2B social media marketing is far more complex than three bullet points.

How to Generate Leads From the Most Popular Pages on Your Website


But to figure it out for sure, you'll need to turn to your marketing software. If you're a HubSpot customer, simply log in to your main HubSpot dashboard and go to Reports > Page Performance , then filter the report by Views. ( Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Design Daily

7 Marketing Skills You Need to Get a Promotion


Being an effective marketer isn''t about how many hours you''re putting in -- it''s about making smart choices and making the most of the limited hours you do have. If you can master these marketing skills, you''ll be in a much better place when management considers who to promote.

Oracle Attains Highest Score for Current Offering in The Forrester Wave™: Lead-To-Revenue.

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Digital marketers are continuously challenged with proving their programs are enabling sales and driving revenue. Marketers are increasingly being held to specific revenue goals that require a much tighter alignment between marketing and sales.

The Role of the CMO: Obsolete or Reinvented?

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Since that time, there’s been no shortage of experts opining on the changing phenomenon of marketing and, more specifically, the impact these changes have on the C-suite marketing role. For more than a decade, the CMO role has been in a state of flux.

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New Charts: Most Effective Email Marketing Tactics for 2011


In my last two posts about email marketing , I covered challenges and objectives. In today’s post I want to look at email marketing tactics. At HubSpot , we use our marketing software's Lead Nurturing emails to keep in touch with prospects. Connect with HubSpot

Nine Variables To Consider When Creating Remarkable Content

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If you spend time in the marketing blogosphere, then you know one thing for sure: The content marketing revolution is upon us. Remember, the content marketing revolution is on, and that means you aren’t the only one creating content. Content Marketing

The 2014 Digital Marketing Ecosystem

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For maybe the first time in history, there is a surplus of technology and strategy to help advance both sales and marketing of a business, while at the same time a lack of resources and understanding to utilize it to its fullest capacity. Does the Marketing Automation tool provide any insight?

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The Role of the CMO: Obsolete or Reinvented?

Modern Marketing

Since that time, there’s been no shortage of experts opining on the changing phenomenon of marketing and, more specifically, the impact these changes have on the C-suite marketing role. For more than a decade, the CMO role has been in a state of flux.

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Top online marketers on Twitter


We all love lists so I thought I would collect the top online marketers on Twitter. I included content marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, inbound marketing, email marketing, acquisition marketing, B2B marketing, network marketing, and search engine marketing.

The One Graph Marketers Should Update Daily: The Leads Waterfall


Being able to provide the right number of quality leads to your sales team on a consistent basis is one of the essential responsibilities of a marketing team. if you are a HubSpot customer, our marketing software makes this graph for you automatically. Connect with HubSpot

45 Engaging Examples of Interactive Storytelling in Content Marketing


As inbound marketers, content plays an important role in attracting attention to our company and building trust with our prospects. HubSpot and Playbuzz joined forces to scour the web for amazing examples of interactive storytelling. Content Marketing Daily

16 Content Marketing Predictions for 2016


Before we know it, the ball will drop in Times Square, and we’ll head into another adventure as marketers, with a new year and a new focus. As 2015 has rolled by, content marketing trends have come and gone, leaving a new set of priorities emerging on the horizon.

How to Optimize Your Landing Pages for Long-Term Lead Generation


One of the great things about inbound marketing is that your content keeps paying dividends over time, long after it was originally promoted. Doesn't inbound marketing rock?). Use vertical pipes to separate concepts and phrases.

139 Content Marketing Blogs to Watch in 2017 (Broken Down By Category)


And, 70% of B2B marketers plan to create more content in 2017 compared to 2016. To help make it less overwhelming, our team scoured the web to identify the top content marketing blogs (by category) you should be reading in 2017. Email Marketing. Account Based Marketing.

Are Your Advertisers a Good Fit for Inbound?


Inbound marketing is an established practice for industries like ecommerce, software, financial services, and and travel. Inbound has been shown to save $14 for every new customer acquired and double conversion rates from 6% to 12%. Expect to see some variation by vertical.

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Before and After: The Transformation of One Business Blog


Our marketing agency Revenue River''s blog was boring. As an inbound marketing company that specializes in creating custom, beautiful websites for our clients in HubSpot’s COS, we were embarrassed when we looked at our blog compared to the designs we had implemented for others.

How to Write a Great Email Signature: 9 Tips With Real Examples


That's 40 opportunities to market yourself and your business in those individual emails you send, every single day. You can use HubSpot's free Email Signature Generator to make your own professional email signature template and easily add it to your email provider.

58 Best Marketing Tools to Build Your Strategy in 2017


In the world of marketing, it seems like there are always new tools, tips, tricks, and trends to discover and incorporate into your marketing strategy. Luckily, I have the privilege of working on a team of 150+ other marketers who specialize in different functions than I do.

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How to Easily Master PPC Through Relevancy


PPC + Inbound Marketing = Relevancy. Paid search can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be if you adhere to the basic principles of inbound marketing. As a marketer, what more could you ask for? Inbound marketing is not free. Connect with HubSpot

The Best B2B Lead Gen Campaigns for Every Channel


A disciplined B2B marketer should understand the different dynamics, budgets, and expectations typical of each lead generation channel. Social Media Marketing Strategies. Social media is now a critical component of B2B marketing. Source: 2016 Content Marketing Institute.

Is Blogging Right for my Business? The Benefits of a Business Blog


So I thought I’d raise the question on the benefits of blogging to the NuSpark Marketing content alliance team, and get their reaction to the following question. “I’m With a little planning, it can become an integral part of your marketing plan and become a good lead generation tool. To name a few: In today’s social media landscape, business blogging has become a powerful marketing medium. Conversational marketing is moving up to have a starring role.