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  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 28, 2012
    [Hubspot] 12 B2B Facebook Cover Photos to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing
    This manufacturer of snow removal equipment (and HubSpot customer!) HubSpot agency partner PR 20/20 shows off their team in their cover photo, providing a more personal experience for clients that visit their Facebook page. Yoh is a HubSpot customer that provides HR outsourcing solutions. 12) HubSpot. Do you develop solutions to optimize businesses' presence for demand generation success through all their marketing channels?
  • B2B MEMES  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 2011
    [Hubspot] Do B2B Editors Get Twitter?
    Hubspot’s Dan Zarella says yes —provided it’s 22 tweets per day. As with other business-to-business content creators these days, there are few trade press editors who don’t have—and at least occasionally use—a Twitter account. The obvious promotional benefits of this social media tool have led most trade publishers to insist, rightly, that their editors use it. But how many use Twitter not just for promotion, but for its most valuable benefit, social engagement?
    [Hubspot] 8 Interesting Things You Probably Didn't Know About Google's Algorithm
    To learn more about using MozRank for SEO and tracking competition, check out our HubSpot Academy guide here. Naturally, I had to take it for a spin, first with an image of my dog: Next, I tried it with this nice photo of HubSpot’s blogging team: Whoa. It’s not often that you see the word “fun” and “algorithm” in the same sentence. Okay, fine. Maybe you do, if you’re a marketing nerd like I am.) But think about this: Google has really been around for over two decades.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 2015
    [Hubspot] 11 Fascinating Books on Harvard Business School's Required Reading List
    HubSpot is giving away hundreds of marketing books each week, just in time for summer. There's no better time to revamp your reading list than the beginning of the summer. The question is. what should you read? With so many business books out there to choose from, sifting through all those online descriptions and reviews could take up an entire summer in and of itself. We figured you'd rather spend that time actually, you know, reading.
    [Hubspot] How to Write a Cover Letter That Doesn’t Suck [Template]
    asks Emily MacIntyre , Marketing & Campus Recruiter at HubSpot. " No one seems to agree on cover letters. How much time do you need to spend perfecting them? Do hiring managers even read them? Is it better to just send in your resume and call it a day? According to Author Tony Beshara''s survey of over 3,000 hiring authorities , 86% said cover letters are "not very important" when they were also receiving resumes.
    [Hubspot] Is Newsjacking Hurricane Sandy Right or Wrong?
    HubSpot is making a $5,000 donation to the Red Cross ( donate here ) to help those harmed by Sandy. Mike Volpe, CMO @ HubSpot. Originally at this URL there was a post about "5 Hurricane Sandy Newsjacks from Marketers". The tone of the post was in poor taste and we apologize for promoting the idea of newsjacking a tragegy. Thank you to David Meerman Scott and others for pointing out the error in our judgement.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 4, 2015
    [Hubspot] 10 Reasons Why Consumers Abandon Online Shopping Carts — And How to Fix Them
    This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post. A study by Baymard Institute found that 68.5% of consumers abandon their online shopping carts. That equals a lot of lost revenue for brands. The more concerning issue is that many online sellers don't understand why people abandon their shopping carts.Without this, brands can't implement a fix.
    [Hubspot] How to Use Smart Content to Take Advertisements to the Next Level
    If you’re a frequent reader of the HubSpot blog, you know how powerful email marketing is. Every publisher wants to stand out from the crowd, but the days of one-size-fits-all content creation are over. The reason why? Content marketing is a double-edged sword. As companies realize that it works, they want to invest in it more—which means that there’s more information being published on the Internet than ever before.
    [Hubspot] WTF Is the Future of Business? Brian Solis Has an Answer
    Folks at HubSpot know him as a pal who will be speaking at our INBOUND conference this August alongside Arianna Huffington, Seth Godin, and Nate Silver. Have you ever wondered what the future of business will look like?
    [Hubspot] Before & After: The Optimization of a Flawed Landing Page
    To show you how to prevent landing page abandonment, we took a HubSpot landing page and broke down what it looks like before optimization, and after. Here's an example of a landing page to access HubSpot's ebook that explains how to build your Google+ business page. Connect with HubSpot Marketers talk a lot about advanced techniques for working with their leads: lead flow, lead management , lead nurturing.
    [Hubspot] #TorieGoesINBOUND: How One Eager Marketer Hustled Her Way to INBOUND
    And while it's easy to allow this shift in perspective to sideline our aspirations, Torie Sullivan wasn't willing to make this kind of sacrifice when it came to her mission to attend HubSpot's INBOUND event. After graduation, Sullivan went on to land a job as an inbound marketing strategist at TSL Marketing , a HubSpot Agency Partner. I really trust, respect, and rely on the content I see coming from HubSpot. When was the last time you just went for something?
    [Hubspot] Marketing technology may never consolidate (but that’s a good thing)
    Adobe, HubSpot, IBM, Marketo, Oracle, and others now each support and promote integrations with dozens or hundreds of other marketing technology products. You’ve surely seen those eye charts with hundreds of marketing technology vendor logos. There are the iconic LUMAscapes by Terence Kawaja. And there’s my own marketing technology landscape , which last year organized 3,874 martech solutions on a single slide.
    [Hubspot] 3 Form Fields That Kill Landing Page Conversion Rates
    Join HubSpot's social media scientist Dan Zarrella to understand the real data and science behind lead generation. Connect with HubSpot This post is a sneak-peak of data from the upcoming Science of Lead Generation webinar that will teach you scientifically proven ways to get more leads. Click here to register now. Web users are, for the most part, used to giving out personal information online, especially in exchange for content they want.
    [Hubspot] 8 Reasons You'll Get Buried Alive Without Quality Content
    In a guest post in the Harvard Business Review, HubSpot's SEO Manager Brian Whalley talked about how Google will change web marketing in 2012. Join HubSpot for our fourth Twitter Chat tomorrow, January 3, 3:30 PM ET. Connect with HubSpot On last week's episode of The Marketing Update , the marketing tip of the week was special. It took into account all the marketing news throughout 2011 and boiled it down to one main takeaway: Create quality content.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 15, 2015
    [Hubspot] How to Use Excel to Run a Blog Content Analysis
    If you are a HubSpot customer, we've outlined how to export data in your HubSpot software. Have you ever poured your heart and soul into a blog post only to see it completely tank? It doesn't generate leads and barely sees any views, while that silly GIFs article that took you half the time and energy goes viral. Doesn't that drive you crazy?
  • HUBSPOT  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 29, 2014
    [Hubspot] Had a Busy June? Catch Up on the 5 Hottest Posts of the Month
    At HubSpot, that means a lot of new content has been created and published. So, another month has come and gone. As content creators know all too well, not all of the content you publish will be wildly successful. In June, we saw another month of content -- some pieces performed very well with our audience and some didn''t. We wanted to make sure you weren''t missing out on the great stuff. This blog post offers a roundup of the most-shared blog posts from June.
    [Hubspot] 20 Stats Every Global Social Media Marketer Should Know
    Source: HubSpot ) Tweet This Stat! "Social media is a lot like sex. Everyone talks about it. Everyone wants to do it. Nobody knows how.". That's a quote from our recent Social Media is a Lot Like Sex deck, and we think that sentiment rings particularly true for companies trying to implement a global social media strategy.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 2013
    [Hubspot] It's All in Your Head: 9 Reasons You Can't Resist a List
    Pro Tip #2: Check out this article from the HubSpot blog for tips on how to make a really compelling listicle. I have a friend who works at a very big national publication and is a genius at making lists for the web. Her lists go viral and generate millions (I mean literally millions ) of pageviews. She sees this as a curse. Because she wants to be a “real” journalist, meaning: someone who writes articles. But she''s so good at lists that her editor keeps her doing those instead.
    [Hubspot] No. 6 Trend: A Roadmap for Investing in Marketing Technology in 2016
    According to new research from HubSpot , 37 percent of B2Cs and 24 percent of B2Bs say their biggest challenge is in identifying the right technology for their needs. HubSpot found similar results in its survey of B2B and B2C marketers: 52 percent of B2Cs and 51 percent of B2Bs say their ability to prove the ROI of marketing investments remain a top challenge. Technology covers a wide range of stuff we use today. The smartphone in our pocket.
    [Hubspot] Hello News Releases; Good Bye Press Releases
    Also, be sure to use spell checker and the Press Release Grader from HubSpot. Intriguing Insight from The New Rules of Marketing & PR. The New Rules of Marketing & PR is full of the kind of insight that makes this B2B marketer’s toes tingle. In my next few posts, I will be sharing and further investigating some of the items that I found the most intriguing.
  • HUBSPOT  |  SUNDAY, AUGUST 18, 2013
    [Hubspot] Promoted Tweets Boost Offline Sales by 29%, and Other Inbound Stories of the Week
    17 Customizable Templates for Creating Shareable Graphics on Social Media (via HubSpot ). This week in inbound marketing was kind of different than normal. Most weeks, there''s one or two new product announcements and cool case studies that marketers would want to hear about. This week, there wasn''t much of that -- instead, there was lots of new data about Facebook, Twitter, and email, as well as some speculation around new features from Google and Facebook.
    [Hubspot] The B2B Lead Generation-Demand Generation Book “Hall of Fame”
    The original book from Hubspot that started the transition from outbound marketing and push advertising to inbound marketing; the process of making prospects find you. As we head into the winter months and most of us aren’t out as much, it’s a good time to catch up on some good reading material. B2B lead generation and lead management is a complicated process that can’t be detailed all in one book.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 9, 2012
    [Hubspot] How to Improve Your Email Marketing With an Integrated Approach
    Using integrated marketing analytics ( like HubSpot's ), you should be able to see a list of email subscribers and leads who have mentioned your company on Twitter. Many email tools, like HubSpot , enable you to create and host HTML versions of your emails on the web for people who are having trouble viewing email in their inbox. HubSpot's marketing software automatically optimizes your emails and landing pages for mobile viewing, so if you are a customer, you're all set!
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 22, 2017
    [Hubspot] 10 Job Interview Questions to Stop Asking Candidates
    HubSpot Inbound Recruiting Manager Hannah Fleishman has made more inclusive hiring her mission, and she suggests replacing this interview question. "It When I get a job interview, there's a lot to prepare. I diligently research the company and my interviewers, pore over Glassdoor interview questions, and print out copies of my resume and portfolio. When I interview someone else, it’s easier to prepare.
    [Hubspot] 5 Skills Every Demand Gen Marketer Should Master
    If you can become fluent in Excel, it enables you as a marketer to be 100 times more powerful at using data to drive your decisions, because you can analyze data from multiple systems and do analysis not possible in your software tools." -- Mike Volpe, Chief Marketing Officer at HubSpot. A great place to start is this HubSpot article with 10 Excel tricks for marketers. With all the tools and technology we now have at-hand, it’s a great time to be a demand-generation marketer.
    [Hubspot] The Basics of Twitter Marketing in 2016
    As HubSpot reported , the company has added a handful of new features over the past few months, all of which make it a more formidable social media marketing platform. Today, almost every brand you can name has a Twitter account. The text-based platform has been around for years, and it’s drawn massive engagement from a global audience.
    [Hubspot] 12 Important Places You're Forgetting to Add Calls-to-Action
    As a bonus for HubSpot customers, the HubSpot Welcome Application for Facebook enables you to generate leads directly within Facebook! Connect with HubSpot Do your landing page offers generate a high conversion rate but few actual leads? Chances are, it's not a content quality problem you have on your hands. it's a content promotion problem. Likely, what's happening is that you're not getting your offer out there in front of enough people you want to capture as leads.
    [Hubspot] 30 Most Influential Venture Capitalists on Twitter [VC Remix]
    I thought that his list was insightful and pretty comprehensive, and I wanted to see how it stacked up against HubSpot's TwitterGrader and how it measures influence. Without further adieu, I give you HubSpot's Most Influential VCs on Twitter list. Connect with HubSpot Recently, Mark Fidelman wrote a great blog post on the Top 30 Most Respected Venture Capitalists. He used sentiment analysis, reviews from entrepreneurs, and a number of surveys to come up with his rankings.
  • WRITTENT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2013
    [Hubspot] Blogging Metrics: How to Find and Apply Actionable Intelligence
    This figure examines where your visitors come from, whether they found your website on a search engine or social media, allowing you to determine the relative strength of each component of your content promotion strategy : This insight can be found in most marketing metrics tools, including Google Analytics and HubSpot. As Pamela Vaughan of HubSpot points out, this segment allows you to “expand the top of your funnel,” and draw people back to your website consistently.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 14, 2014
    [Hubspot] The Purpose of Repurposing Content
    Recently, I was in a brainstorming session with some folks who were in town for a HubSpot event, Partner Day. The goal of the brainstorm was to come up with ideas and outlines for new content in rapid fashion. We started with a set of notecards, each with a marketing topic, such as "getting the most out of a website redesign" or "repurposing content.". When we got to the repurposing content notecard, we started writing our ideas on sticky notes and placing them on a whiteboard.
    [Hubspot] 22 Expert Guides and Reviews of 200+ Social Media Tools
    Catherine Pham presents the basics about a range of helpful social media tools in this slide deck, from commonly used platforms like HubSpot, Buffer and Hootsuite to more specialized tools such as Tweepi and Twitonomy for Twitter, viralWoot and Piqora for Pinterest and Instagram, and Circloscope for Google+.
    [Hubspot] Keyboard vs. Pen: What's the Best Way to Take Notes?
    Check out HubSpot Academy's first-ever Content Marketing Certification here. Growing up, I was fascinated by my mom's shorthand notes. The cryptic symbols she'd write blindly while listening through our 1980s-era phone with a 12-foot cord were a different language -- vestiges of a different time. You'll never need to learn shorthand because you'll type all your notes," she explained. And as it turns out, she was right.
    [Hubspot] Claritix Assembles Marketing Data for Analysis: Maybe That's Enough
    The system has prebuilt connectors to import data from popular vendors including , Marketo , Hubspot , SAP , SugarCRM , and Facebook. Most of the work in any marketing analytics project is integrating data from multiple systems. Claritix carries this insight to one logical conclusion by offering a system that does data assembly, basic reporting, and little else. No fancy attribution methodologies or custom journey maps here (although they’re on the way).
    [Hubspot] 25 Things You Could Buy With a Super Bowl Ad Budget
    Buy 1,458 years of HubSpot Basic Inbound Marketing Software. Connect with HubSpot A 30-second commercial advertisement for Super Bowl XLVI is going for $3.5 million. Can you imagine what you as a marketer could do for your company if you had that kind of budget? If you can't even fathom what you'd do with a marketing budget that big (and just think, this is just one of many campaigns they're running this year!),
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  MONDAY, APRIL 21, 2014
    [Hubspot] 25 social media listening aids to increase your hearing
    71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals (source: HubSpot ). 78% of consumers say that companies’ social media posts impact their purchases (source: Forbes ). 74% rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions (source: Social Sprout ). The numbers say loud and clear consumers make buying decisions based on what they hear from social networks. Does your business listen?
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2017
    [Hubspot] Important Lead Generation Lessons Learned from Over 1/4 Million SlideShare Views
    Editor's Note: a version of this post first appeared on , HubSpot's community for inbound marketers. According to DMR Stats , SlideShare users add more than 400,000 new presentations per month. The site receives 159 million page views per month, and has more than 70 million users. And it’s one of the most underutilized lead generation tools we marketers have in our quiver.
    [Hubspot] The Finance Marketer's Guide to Inbound Marketing [Free Ebook]
    Click to Tweet: "The Little Book of Inbound for Finance Marketers: [link] via @HubSpot ". The finance industry is just one of those industries that's REALLY difficult to work in as a marketer. You can't be creative nor imaginative. Your hands are always tied. There's simply no place for inbound marketing. Right? Wrong, wrong, WRONG! If ongoing research is anything to go by, finance is one industry that’s seeing an increasing level of demand for engagement over the internet.
    [Hubspot] 75 Free Stock Photos to Use in Your Marketing [Free Download]
    Check out the HubSpot website below -- isn''t it much more engaging with visuals? Earlier this summer I received an email from one of our blog managers saying that a popular stock photography website was claiming one of the images in an ebook I had created had been wrongfully used. Embarrassed, I quickly went to the offer to see where I had gone wrong. When I looked at the offending image, I specifically recalled ensuring I was in the clear when selecting the photo for my content.
    [Hubspot] Google Launches New Search Interface: Google Instant
    Connect with HubSpot Have you ever thought finding what you were looking for on Google took too long? Google did. Today, the search giant launched a new version of its search engine interface. Google is calling this new interface Google Instant. Google Instant provides real-time suggested results as a user begins to type a keyword into Google.
    [Hubspot] The line between Media and Brands is blurring fast
    Adobe owns, GE has GE Stories, HubSpot bought The Agency Post, Office Depot and Office Max built the SmallBizClub and American Express has its Open Forum. by Chad Pollitt, {grow} Community Member. To compete in the next few years, brands will have to act like media agencies. This is not a moral argument about the “separation of church and state” between the media and advertisers.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 2, 2012
    [Hubspot] SEO for YouTube: How to Search Optimize Video for B2B Marketing
    Connect with HubSpot Publishing a lot of content and optimizing that content so it gets found in search engines is an important part of inbound marketing. And when we say "content," we don't just mean the written word. Videos are an important part of content, and given that YouTube is by far the most popular video website, you should be publishing videos there -- even if you are a B2B company.
    [Hubspot] Love It, Need It, Gotta Have It: The 15 Coolest Mobile Apps of 2014
    P.S. Try out the HubSpot app on any Apple device or Android device to stay up to date with everything going on in your HubSpot account from your social media accounts to an analytics dashboard to everything you need to know about your contacts and leads. . Want to track your packages with the swipe of your finger? Now you can. Need to split a complicated dinner bill? It''s no longer the end-of-meal buzz kill. It''s been an exciting year for mobile apps.
    [Hubspot] Winning Executive Buy-In for Martech Investments
    According to a 2015 report by HubSpot , 37 percent of B2C marketers and 24 percent of B2B marketers say their biggest challenge is identifying the right technology to support their objectives. Marketers occupy more and more real estate in the customer lifecycle every year. They’re responsible for prospecting, nurturing leads, supporting sales development, winning loyalty after the sale, and turning loyal customers into advocates.
  • WRITTENT  |  MONDAY, MAY 26, 2014
    [Hubspot] SEO & Blogging = a Match Made in Heaven?
    Late last year, HubSpot surveyed over 7,000 businesses to determine the impact that certain inbound marketing activities have on website traffic generation, business blogging being one of them. Coming back to the HubSpot marketing benchmarks study mentioned above, B2B and B2C companies with websites containing 100+ pages generate 2.5x
    [Hubspot] Instagram Loses 25% of its Daily Active Users, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week
    That’s where HubSpot comes in ! Submit your request to chat with a HubSpot inbound marketing specialist about your marketing right here. 2012 is wrapping up, and 2013 is cruising in, full speed ahead! Have you gotten your marketing plan all sorted out to start the new year off with a bang? We'd like to help you out by sharing these top marketing stories of the week so you can get your marketing plan in order and catch up on what you might have missed over the holidays.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 2012
    [Hubspot] How Customer-Centric Analytics Will Change the Future of Marketing
    The HubSpot software currently offers this capability. Connect with HubSpot We have no qualms about beating the following concept into the ground, which is why you've likely heard us say it before: Analytics are critically important to inbound marketing success.
  • HUBSPOT  |  SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2015
    [Hubspot] 7 Easy-to-Use Interactive Content Tools You Should Explore
    This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post. Imagine that a couple of your friends convince you to give speed dating a try. It'll be fun," they insist. The next thing you know, you're sweating your way through a seemingly never-ending carousel of two-minute dates.
    [Hubspot] Top Digital Marketing Statistics for Hospitals to Watch in 2016
    Source: HubSpot ). 2016 is here. You can read as many 2016 prediction posts as you want, but are you prepared? Is your hospital ready for the massive shifts and trends we’re already seeing in the healthcare digital marketing space? If you answered no, we’re here to help. The first step to planning a successful digital marketing strategy for the New Year is to be aware and ahead of what you should expect. That’s where these 2016 facts and stats come in.
    [Hubspot] Top 111 B2B Marketing Posts and 34 Hottest Topics for 2010
    22 Educational Social Media Diagrams - Hubspot , May 24, 2010. Hubspot Review - LeadSloth , July 12, 2010. The Ultimate List: 300+ Social Media Statistics - Hubspot , May 13, 2010. Here it is - the very best posts and the hottest topics for 2010. How do we come up with these - well it’s based on social signals (clicks, views, twitter, delicious and more). So, really, you’ve been voting on this all year long just based on your activity. Congrats to all for making the list!
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2013
    [Hubspot] How to Turn One Idea Into a Bottomless Backlog of Blog Posts
    You may have even learned recently -- say, in this previous HubSpot post ;-) -- that odd numbers created more effective lists, so your first title becomes, "11 Social Media Etiquette Tips for CEOs.". This situation sound familiar? You have an idea, then lose it, then come back to it again. You write it down quickly, check some email, get derailed, jump into a meeting, grab a coffee, then settle back in … only to hate what you thought of in the first place.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JULY 17, 2015
    [Hubspot] Creating a Coffee Craze: Inside Blue Bottle Coffee's Growth Strategy [Podcast]
    James Freeman, the company's founder and CEO -- who started off roasting coffee as a hobby in his kitchen -- joins HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe on this episode of The Growth Show to talk about how Blue Bottle Coffee has created a craze that has people lining up down the street. Mmm, coffee. I'd bet that most people reading this probably drink it everyday. And while some people are very particular about how they like their coffee -- others don't care as long as it's caffeinated.
    [Hubspot] How to Leverage the 5 Stages of the Customer Buying Cycle for More Sales
    Please join us for a joint Volusion and HubSpot webinar on Thursday, July 7th at 4 PM ET! Connect with HubSpot This is a guest post by Matt Winn, online communications specialist at Volusion , an industry-leading ecommerce software that powers online business for over 25,000 clients. Matt serves as the chief blogger for Volusion’s Ecommerce Blog , and you can follow Volusion on Twitter @volusion.
    [Hubspot] Productivity Tools and Techniques to Stop Wasting Away Your Workday
    Signals is a free Chrome add-on by HubSpot that gives you real-time notifications when someone has opened an important email you''ve sent. If you don''t know exactly what you''re looking for and just want to start off with a set of general business images, you''re in luck too -- HubSpot just released 160 free stock photos you can download. To say that HubSpot is a power user of the internal chat tool HipChat is an understatement.
    [Hubspot] Guidelines for Writing Your LinkedIn Company Page
    HubSpot does a remarkable job with their products and service tab, combining what they do with special offers. LinkedIn company pages are like a personal profile for your company. Your company page is a mini-website for your company, but it’s located on LinkedIn so it’s easy for LinkedIn members to find. Writing for LinkedIn is very different than writing your website.
    [Hubspot] How to Be a Better Marketer Through Mindfulness and Meditation
    HubSpot’s received quite a bit of buzz around our amazing perks, but the one I take full advantage of is the Nap Room in our Cambridge office. Let’s get this out into the open: I bite my nails. Or at least I did. Kinda gross, right?). But this past summer, I watched as my then three-year-old son chomped down on his fingernail. That was it. The final kick in the butt I needed to see to finally stop a decades-old bad habit.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 1, 2012
    [Hubspot] The 9 Must-Have Components of Compelling Email Copy
    So take the beginning of the email to explain how you know each other, like HubSpot customer Zinzinya Web Solutions did in this email from its lead nurturing series. Take a look at how this HubSpot customer and Certified Partner Precision Athletics drafted a brief email that encouraged readers to click through for more information: There are a few lines of copy used to set up the purpose of the email and, of course, thank the recipient for utilizing their free training session.
    [Hubspot] Why the Digital CMO Is Already Obsolete
    A recent HubSpot study found that twice as many marketers say inbound marketing delivers below average cost per lead in contrast to outbound strategies like paid channel advertising and that inbound marketing is estimated to deliver 54% more leads into the marketing funnel than traditional outbound methods. It’s an understatement to call a CMO’s role exciting.
    [Hubspot] A Simple Guide for an Effective Inbound Call Strategy
    HubSpot customers: SnapEngage integrates directly with HubSpot. When I asked about the importance of her call channel for inbound marketing activities, the CMO of a mid-sized software company told me recently: “We don’t put our number prominently on our website or on our marketing materials, because if we did, we’d get a lot of unqualified calls that waste our salespeople’s time.”
    [Hubspot] 7 Common (and Dangerous) Misconceptions About SEO
    Note: If you''re a HubSpot customer using the COS blog, the Rel=Author tag is already built into your author profiles, so you only need to do the first part and add your author profile in HubSpot.). With regular algorithm updates and new factors influencing search all the time, search engine optimization is a bit of a moving target these days. Add in the level of nuance that tends to surround search rank and you''ve created a perfect storm for misunderstanding and misattribution.
    [Hubspot] 6 Tools That Make Collaboration Way Easier
    at Club Inbound and in the HubSpot Deep Dive sessions to see It’s the question that pretty much everyone in business wants to know the answer to: How can we work better and faster? Often people will cite routines as the answer. They swear by waking up at 4:38 a.m. on the dot with a piping hot cup of black coffee, or going for a fast-paced three-mile run. But little routines like those don''t really work for groups.
    [Hubspot] 5 Ways To Know If Your B2B Blog Is Picking Up Steam
    Source: HubSpot. Are you wondering if your B2B blog is on the right track for successful lead generation? Focus on these five areas to know. All aboard! Your train is pulling away from the station and you’re on it. Your company has embarked on a blogging journey to increase the right kind of traffic to your site and to convert visitors to leads. Those leads can then be nurtured toward a sale and become raving fans of your company.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 9, 2012
    [Hubspot] How to Create 200 Hours Worth of Marketing Content in One Night
    Here at HubSpot, we’ve found that one of the best (and most fun!) At HubSpot, we found that having everyone work in the same space made our marketing hack night feel more event-like, allowed us to take breaks and socialize with members of other teams, and helped us avoid an atmosphere of biting competition ( too much of that is never a good thing). Marketers don’t always have it so easy (wait. do we ever ?).
    [Hubspot] Eight Scintillating Lessons from SXSW
    Interview with Kip Bodnar of Hubspot. I heard a story about a business man who had a half-day layover in Paris. He told a local person he had four hours to see Paris and asked him what he should do. The Frenchman said, “Sit on the curb and cry.&#. That’s a little how I feel about trying to describe my first experience at SXSW, the World Cup of Interactive Media, Film and Music.
    [Hubspot] 25 Jetsetters Share Tricks for Making Business Travel Less Painful
    HubSpot. The holiday season means a lot of travel for just about everyone, but for some, the holiday travel schedule is actually a bit of a break. I talked to some jet-setting influencers whose frantic travel schedules have them on the road for months out of the year attending conferences, visiting clients, and going to meetings. These are their top tips for navigating travel -- whether for business or pleasure -- like a pro.
  • CONTENTLY  |  TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2016
    [Hubspot] Does Your Content Need a Permanent Home?
    HubSpot is one company that does a good job of this; its learning academy features dozens of clearly organized webinars that link directly to related articles on the site. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Medium have gone all-in on publishing, offering anyone an opportunity to get their words in front of a massive audience. As such, content marketers have a new variable to consider when planning out their offerings: Does my content need to be published on a site that I control?
    [Hubspot] 6 Sales and Marketing Communication Tips to Build Smarketing
    At HubSpot, we have built Smarketing (a term that I think was coined by Dan Tyre over two years ago) which is a partnership between sales and marketing that uses a number of different techniques to align sales and marketing better. This meeting started later at HubSpot, once the weekly meeting got too big to use it for discussion. Today at HubSpot, Mark and I only have to get involved in a small number of issues. Connect with HubSpot
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 2015
    [Hubspot] 6 Cool Company Blogs Everyone Will Enjoy Reading
    The inbound marketing company and HubSpot partner Inbound Mantra has strong blog posts, but that's not the main reason it's in here. When I need inspiration for content that delights, email campaigns that actually work, and social media interactions that are genuinely fun. I turn to one source: an online clothing store called ModCloth. My closet is proof that their marketing works. Perhaps a little too well.)
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 3, 2017
    [Hubspot] 7 Creative Stunts People Used to Land Their Marketing Dream Jobs
    Today, Biedrzycki is a Principal Tech Partner Marketing Manager at HubSpot. If you want a creative job in a competitive industry, sometimes the traditional resume and cover letter combo just doesn't cut it.
    [Hubspot] Buyer Personas Gone Stale? Use Agile Techniques
    Luckily, marketing automation systems like HubSpot have recently added attribution-reporting right into their dashboards to make this easy. For most marketers, the buyer persona is one of the first things developed when beginning work on a new campaign. In an ideal world, you have time to carefully craft personas through a combination of internal stakeholder discovery and direct customer interviews. Unfortunately, timing can sometimes cut the schedule short.
    [Hubspot] Is Outbound Marketing Dead?
    According to HubSpot’s annual State of Inbound Marketing Report , companies who are increasing their inbound marketing budgets are enjoying a lower cost per lead , shortening their sales cycles and increasing their sales close rates. Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer While outbound marketing''s power is a shadow of its former self, it will always play a vital role. Especially when used with inbound marketing.
    [Hubspot] Lead Nurturing Etiquette Tips Every Email Marketer Should Know
    Check out this HubSpot blog post so you can rock email personalization and learn more about all the different ways you can do it. Properly engaging in conversations with someone is the most important part of developing a relationship. Whether these conversations happen via email, text, or social media, it''s imperative to make sure that you say the right thing at the right time to the right person -- otherwise your relationship could take a turn for the worse.
    [Hubspot] 57 Notable and Unique Content Marketing Ideas
    image credit: hubspot. HubSpot isn’t afraid to let their employees go head-to-head on hot issues, in their highly-popular “Marketing Debates” series. The average marketer today uses 12 different content marketing tactics. Let that statistic just sink in for a minute. Ten years ago, only a handful of us had even heard of content marketing. Today, your typical brand is investing in original articles, social media, blogs, eBooks and more.
    [Hubspot] 15 Powerful Reconversion Opportunities for Your Welcome Emails
    HubSpot, for example, does this with our free Inbound Marketing Assessments. HubSpot offers free trials of our software all the time -- it's a great way to get people interacting with your product! Or if you're like HubSpot and host events or conferences like Inbound 2012 , ask them to register for the event and include a discount with a time stamp. Connect with HubSpot Marketers have a huge opportunity with welcome emails.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 29, 2012
    [Hubspot] Pinterest vs. Google+: Which New Social Network Is Worth Marketers' Time?
    If you’re not a B2C or product-oriented business – or you’re like HubSpot and your product is inbound marketing software -- it’s a stretch to find a use for Pinterest. Connect with HubSpot We've all gotten used to the idea of using Twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube for marketing -- even if the platforms aren't always as brand-friendly as they could be. And why should they be?
    [Hubspot] Hinge’s Fab Five: October 2013
    by Andrew Dymski, HubSpot. Top Professional Services Marketing Content from October 2013. Each month an enormous amount of content is published on marketing. This monthly column will help you keep up with the best marketing articles on the web. Enjoy! 15 Tips for Content Creators in “Boring” Industries. Content for B2B marketers may seem repetitive and boring, but your target market doesn’t think so.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 2015
    [Hubspot] Building Buyer Personas? Here Are 5 Insightful Reports You Should Pull
    Note: All of the information below can be pulled using the HubSpot and DataHero integration. Building buyer personas can be tricky -- you need a delicate balance between quantitative and qualitative data to get something that's accurate and useful. You also have to know which information out of all the data in your CRM, marketing automation, and customer support systems will actually be helpful -- and which could steer your marketing astray.
    [Hubspot] Running an Email A/B Test? How to Determine Your Sample Size & Testing Time Frame
    I knew I could easily run one if I wanted, using HubSpot''s Email App. Note for HubSpot customers: 1,000 contacts is also our benchmark for running A/B tests on samples of email sends -- if you have fewer than 1,000 contacts in your selected list, the A version of your test will automatically be sent to half of your list and the B will be sent to the other half. Note for HubSpot customers: The Email App automatically uses the 85% confidence level to determine a winner.
    [Hubspot] 4 Steps To Align Your Sales Approach With Inbound Marketing
    other graphics: HubSpot Are you generating leads with modern, inbound marketing but trying to sell to them with traditional sales tactics? Here''s how to align the methods. Ah, the good old days. Back when it was a seller’s world. Remember when the buyer had to come to the seller to research their purchase? What made it so great? Information. The buyer had it and the seller wanted it.
    [Hubspot] Why Sales and Marketing Teams Should be Wary of the Social Selling “Guru”
    From Salesforce’s guide to social selling, to tips from Hubspot , to Trapit’s guide to social selling , there are many credible resources available to learn these tactics at a high level. Any shift in business and marketing, like the shift to digital-first, inevitably unleashes a wave of consultants who supposedly help marketing teams and their leaders understand how to work through and take advantage of the transition.
    [Hubspot] What’s the Best Platform for Live Video Marketing in 2016?
    As Hubspot pointed out, Facebook also offers robust analytics tools that makes live video creation, delivery and optimization that much easier. As the NFL season gets underway, you may notice something different—at least if you’re on Twitter. The 2016 season is the first year the league will live stream some of its games via social media. For Twitter, that opportunity came at no small cost: for just 10 games, the brand paid $10 million.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2012
    [Hubspot] 7 Keyword Research Mistakes That Stifle Your SEO Strategy
    For example, not all of the traffic that lands on HubSpot's site actually knows that we sell inbound marketing software. Simply check the search volume using HubSpot's Keyword Tool or the Google Keyword Tool. Let's take a look at the "Competitors" function in HubSpot's Keywords Tool , for example. Connect with HubSpot
    [Hubspot] Radius Product Innovation Solves Top Marketer Challenge: Proving ROI
    In the Hubspot “State of Inbound” report , Marketers from companies of all sizes overwhelmingly reported that “proving the ROI of marketing activities” is their top challenge. Radius SVP of Product Arup Banerjee hosted a webinar introducing two major feature launches within the Radius predictive analytics platform: Performance and Multiple Goals.
    [Hubspot] Radius Product Innovation Solves Top Marketer Challenge: Proving ROI
    In the Hubspot “State of Inbound” report , Marketers from companies of all sizes overwhelmingly reported that “proving the ROI of marketing activities” is their top challenge. Radius SVP of Product Arup Banerjee hosted a webinar introducing two major feature launches within the Radius predictive analytics platform: Performance and Multiple Goals.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2016
    [Hubspot] How to Upgrade Your B2B Marketing Strategy with AdWords
    And with HubSpot's Ads Add-On , it's easy to manage both content and AdWords campaigns in one platform. Smart marketers know Google AdWords is an essential part of a strong B2B marketing strategy. Since Google searchers are actively looking for either pertinent answers or solutions, marketers can quickly capture their attention and convert them to leads with search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns—as long as they take the right approach, of course.
    [Hubspot] 6 Deadly Marketing Myths BUSTED
    Authored by HubSpot Social Media Scientist Dan Zarrella, this ebook relies on real data to protect you from superstitious bits of bad marketing advice. Connect with HubSpot If I were allowed to keep only one piece of advice in my marketing career, that would be, "question conventional wisdom." It's easy to blindly follow the old preachings of industry experts. It's riskier, and often more effective, to take new directions and experiment with the unknown.
    [Hubspot] A Content Shock Parable: The Consumer View
    Related Stories Content Shock: Why content marketing is not a sustainable strategy Pimping your posts and the myth of the 80-20 rule Four key marketing lessons to propel us into 2014 How to beat Hubspot at its own game Sponsored Content: Edge of integrity or the salvation of advertising? I recently introduced a concept called Content Shock which created a meaningful dialogue in the marketing community.
    [Hubspot] New Data: 50% of Companies Use More Than One Marketing Automation Solution
    HubSpot''s Senior Blog Editor, Corey Eridon , had a different experience with multiple marketing automation software purchases at a previous employer: "I''ve seen some companies -- ones still in that scrappy-startup phase, but still with more sophisticated needs due to their growth -- actually try to build their own automation systems. How many marketing automation systems do you need?
    [Hubspot] 27 Tweetable Quotes From #INBOUND15's Most Inspiring Sales Influencers
    This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Sales Blog. To read more content like this, subscribe to Sales. Working in the marketing industry requires a lot of willpower. Between trends changing and attention spans shrinking, doing your job well is no easy feat. The same can be said about sales. Quite simply, it's a constant grind. And while marketers may not always be in the trenches with their sales reps to see it, that doesn't make it any less real.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 2016
    [Hubspot] Time for a Website Overhaul? A Look Into the Redesign Timelines of 6K+ Businesses
    To help shed some light on how businesses look at redesign frequency, we surveyed 6,000+ HubSpot customers about their redesign plans for the future. Redesigning your website is a great way to get a fresh start. But how do you know when it's actually time to get the ball rolling on an overhaul? Many times, a redesign begins when an executive or marketer begins to feel like the website is outdated.
    [Hubspot] A Simple Rule for How Brands Should Work with Influencers: Attention Retention
    Formerly of Google and HubSpot, his weekly podcast, Unthinkable , tells stories of marketers who break from conventional thinking. By Jay Acunzo, {grow} Community Member. TL;DR—Influencer marketing is a big and growing trend, but few organizations are reaping the biggest possible rewards of the approach. Let’s reset our thinking, so we can improve our results.
    [Hubspot] The 7 Aspects of Inbound Marketing Most People Screw Up
    When HubSpot acquired oneforty a few months back, we wrote a press release that consisted of a series of tweets. For example, when conducting A/B testing for landing pages here at HubSpot, we've taken snapshots of employees and tested conversion rates based on the pictures of different HubSpotters (talk about pressure!). Connect with HubSpot Too often, marketing is just plain bad. The problem is that bad marketing often works better than no marketing at all.
    [Hubspot] How To Get A Positive Return On Your Marketing Investment
    According to HubSpot, social media has a 100 percent higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing (telemarketing, print, batch list emails, tv/radio). Calculating return on a marketing investment (ROMI) is something of an art form. Unlike capital investments, which have a fixed, upfront cost and clear results, marketing investments evolve over time and have both empirical and intangible results.
    [Hubspot] 10 Most Popular B2B Lead Blog Posts of 2016
    To keep valuable field salespeople productive, many of the more innovative sales and marketing departments build “sales development” teams including Oracle, Marketo, HubSpot, HP, and The year 2016 is quickly coming to an end and the holiday season is a time for reflection and preparation. I’ve compiled a list of the 10 most popular and shared posts on the B2B Lead Blog, chosen by marketers, just like you, to help you get ready to have a great 2017.
    [Hubspot] Why Is This in My Inbox? Deconstructing the Worst Spam Email of All Time
    Almost 10 months ago, I had my first day at HubSpot. Even though most people know that personalized emails are usually customized by a machine, adding that small touch to your email makes people feel like you''re talking to them Most marketing software, like HubSpot, will let you personalize your email greetings.
    [Hubspot] Use the Web to Optimize Your Offline Events [Marketing Cast]
    For instance, after HubSpot's first user group conference , we uploaded selected archives and shared them with our guests and other interested audiences.) Connect with HubSpot When organizing offline events—whether they are conferences, user groups or tradeshows—you should be thinking about ways to leverage these opportunities through the Web.
    [Hubspot] 12 Great Examples That Prove the Power of Repurposing Content
    Matthew Barby, head of growth at HubSpot, managed to make it to the frontpage of BuzzFeed not once, but twice. Stagnant organic traffic is the last thing you want to see when reviewing metrics, but it’s an issue that every marketer deals with at some point. Those dips and plateaus in traffic can come from industry changes, how your audience digests content, the amount (and quality) of new content you’re producing, or how relevant your older content is.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 2012
    [Hubspot] How Closed-Loop Marketing Works
    Below, you see a screenshot of HubSpot’s traffic by channel, brought to us by the marketing analytics tools of HubSpot's softare. Full Disclosure: HubSpot software allows you to implement closed-loop reporting.) Marketing software (like HubSpot ) keeps a record of your marketing data and makes it actionable -- by giving you the information you need to optimize campaigns, enabling lead conversions, and revealing results.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 15, 2016
    [Hubspot] Sick of Slimy Sales Tactics? It's Time to Join the Movement [Petition]
    Not only had the call somehow wormed its way into our meeting, but of all the meeting rooms at HubSpot, it found mine. What’s the worst slimy sales tactic you’ve run into? Was it an overly aggressive “Buy Now!” pop-up, or maybe a late night cold call that sent shivers down your spine? Sadly, I’m sure there’s been far more than any of us want to remember. I’ve been outspoken about the ineffectiveness of slimy sales in the past. Look, I get it.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2012
    [Hubspot] 26 Social Media Marketing Hidden Treasures You Never Knew Existed
    For example, HubSpot might find lists of marketing thought leaders that we can follow! For example, because I interact with HubSpot's content, they frequently come up on my newsfeed, and that of my friends (even if they aren't fans of HubSpot).
    [Hubspot] 22 Exceptional Business Blogging Guides, Tips & Tactics
    And 54% of bloggers say they publish at least weekly—but “to generate leads from your blog, the sweet spot for is 2-3 times per week according to HubSpot.” How to Attract More Clicks to Your Blog Posts: 11 Revealing Title Tests by HubSpot. A well-written and consistently updates business blog is a vital core element of a successful content marketing program.
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