Promotional Products Work Week


Next week is “Promotional Products Work Week”! This annual event serves as a cornerstone for recognizing the importance of working with promotional professionals, while creating awareness for promotional products as a powerful and effective advertising and marketing medium.

5 helpful hacks to go above & beyond your sales goals


Work smarter, not harder. The hack: use a social channel monitoring program to set alerts and see only work-related messages. Humans work much better with deadlines. The hack: Schedule your most demanding work during the times you feel sharpest, usually in the morning.

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How to work with a content marketing agency on creative design

Tomorrow People

We’ll show you how to work with your team and why the strategy behind their designs is just as important as the appearance. That’s what design means in your content marketing activities: whatever works. At Tomorrow People, we know what works — because we do it 100 times a month. So when critiquing content design (the layout of a web page, eGuide, or email, for example) a few concepts will help. Content Marketing Working with a content marketing agency

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17 Helpful SEO Tools and Tool Reviews


For nearly as long as there have been people working on search engine optimization, there have been SEO tools. Which SEO tools are most helpful in conducting a site audit? Helpful SEO Tools. How Rich Snippets Work (And Tools to Generate Them) by SEO Chat.

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eBook: The 9 Ingredients Your Need to Create Better Content

out and helps meet your business objectives takes a. lot of work. can help you automatically incorporate each ingredient. consistent, it helps create a unified experience that your. How Acrolinx Helps Acrolinx makes it easy to maintain a. configure how they work.

How Influencer Marketing Can Help Your SEO Efforts


Here is how influencer marketing will help your SEO efforts. It Helps You Build a Diverse Link Profile. If your traffic, rankings, conversion rates, and the number of followers are stagnant, this means the influencers you’re working with do not resonate with your target audience.

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How 1:1 Email Experiences Help Retail Marketers Drive Results

Modern Marketing

Creating 1:1 experiences in email helps retail marketers do the following: Drive performance. Help customers make complex purchasing decisions, which often involve complementary products from partners. So what kinds of personalization tactics work best for retail marketers?

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How Self-Service Help Can Provide Great Customer Service

Modern Marketing

As someone who has used many different technologies over the course of my career, there’s nothing more frustrating than having a question mid-way through working on a project, and not being able to get an answer. What does it take to make self-service help successful?

FAQs: The good the bad and the ugly of working with a content marketing agency

Tomorrow People

We cover everything you need to know about successfully working with a digital content marketing agency, and how you can achieve the best results. Let’s take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of working with a content marketing agency — from both sides. A: Subjective opinions are anathema to effective execution — because for feedback to work it must be based on how it affects the campaign goals. Working together, in a way that’s mutually beneficial, matters to us.

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The Sales Enablement Handbook | +1 484-302-0110 Sales Enablement is Not Sales Operations What is Sales Operations In the sphere of sales, it helps to get. To help us understand exactly what sales. enablement is, it will help us to define. metric can also work.

Travel mugs help spread your business around this summer


When you are choosing a promotional product to help spread the word about your business, if you want to spread your name far and wide, consider travel mugs. Even in a digital world, customers love getting something for free and that is a big reason why promotional product giveaways work.

Location-Based Data is Helping Marketers Personalize the Customer Experience

KoMarketing Associates

The Relevancy Group and OneSpot recently conducted “The Email Individualization Imperative” report to determine how various strategies have worked for marketers using email. Marketers have an abundance of data at their fingertips, and new research suggests that those who use location-based information on their customers may improve the outcome of their campaigns.

10 Tools to Help Enhance Your Content Creation Efforts

Marketing Insider Group

Steven Pressfield said in his book Do the Work “The song we’re composing already exists in potential. Our work is to find it.” The post 10 Tools to Help Enhance Your Content Creation Efforts appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

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ABM: More Work to Do


Instead, it was clear that the ABM implementation process is still a work-in-progress. We know there’s plenty of room for more adoption, alignment between marketing and sales, improvements to resources, and prioritization to make ABM work effectively.

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How Does Content Marketing Help with SEO?


But both are actually essential, and work in tandem as part of a broad web presence optimization (WPO) strategy. Efficient use of meta data, URL addresses and sitemaps all fall under this category and can help to naturally increase your chances of naturally appearing high in search results.

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Watch Your Tone! The Ultimate Guide to Developing Your Company’s Tone of Voice

their time and knowledge to help us write this eBook. Before joining Distilled she wrote for Groupon, helping to produce its. consultancy that helps global clients tell their story more effectively and profitably. who work in content, I think the future I describe will be ours.

Branding can help local businesses avoid the “growth trap”


It helps you evaluate whether or not marketing decisions are consistent with and supportive of your brand. Cornell also offers this handy online brand position statement generator to help you get started. Local businesses have a very pragmatic attitude about branding: they ignore it.

Expert Insight: Have B2B Marketers Helped Programmatic Advertising Go Mainstream?

KoMarketing Associates

The good news is that solutions exist and more are being worked on to address this issue. Organizations such as the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) have created certification programs which help certify the digital supply chain so marketers can be confident that their programmatic campaigns are not being hijacked by bad actors.”.

8 ways to refresh your brain when you’re overworked


You don’t think clearly, which makes it harder to work, which leads to more stress. Resisting the urge to eat (or do anything else) while you work. If you work near any kind of green space, a quick walk can reduce your stress level and even help prevent depression.

Crafting content that works


For too many marketers, content marketing doesn’t work. Here’s a guide to crafting content that really does work. Whether that’s commenting or sharing to help you grow your audience or taking the next step down the buying process, you want to keep people moving forward.

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Report: How Top Businesses Approach Content Creation

The vast majority of respondents said they either work within marketing. (50 rest outsource large portions of the work. The vast majority of respondents said they either work within marketing. (50 leverage third parties to help supplement internal efforts.

7 Quick Reads to Help B2B Marketers Stay Sharp at Work


Top athletes must exercise on a regular basis to maintain peak physical fitness and win competitions. Award-winning musicians and actors are constantly rehearsing their craft to ensure their performances make audiences cheer, laugh, and sometimes cry. Yet even for elite performers, practice alone doesn’t make perfect. High-performing professionals in every industry learn from recognized thought … Content Marketing Marketing Tips

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Why animation works for technology business video


Customers and prospects who just wanted to get a quick overview of a technology product or service appreciated a concise elevator pitch that helped them quickly figure out whether or not a solution might be right for them. It can help you explain almost anything better.

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“How I Work”: Stephanie Thomas, Senior Field Marketing Manager for Demandbase @StephLynnThomas #HowIWork

Heinz Marketing

How I Work” is one of my favorite recurring features from Inc Magazine and Lifehacker’s. You can catch up on everyone we’ve featured thus far in the “How I Work” series here. I’ve seen Stephanie at work and still have no idea how she gets everything done. First thing you do when you come into work? Even if it’s a quick inbox check on Saturday morning, it cleans out the junk and helps me start each day with a prioritized list of emails.

Put Influencer Marketing to Work for Your B2B Brand

Modern Marketing

As a result, B2B marketers have to put in the work to build genuine relationships with their potential influencers. Find common ground beyond how they can help your brand, and how your brand can help them. Influencers didn’t work so hard to go unnoticed.

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How to to Double (Yes, We Mean Double) the Impact of Your Content Strategy

The purpose of this report is to provide hard data to help managers demonstrate how better content drives better. information on how the Acrolinx Score works, please see the Global Content Impact Index. Good vs. Great: How to Double (Yes, We Mean Double).

3 Ways CMOs Are Putting Artificial Intelligence To Work

Modern Marketing

As such, AI-imbued applications are becoming indispensable in helping CMOs and their organizations read customers’ digital body language and anticipate their needs, helping companies adapt their business models accordingly.

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“How I Work”: Allison Munro, Head of Sales & Marketing at Viafoura @yomunro #HowIWork

Heinz Marketing

Weekly we are pleased to feature top B2B business leaders who reveal in their own words how they “do it”, how they work. Catch up on everyone we’ve featured thus far in the “How I Work” series here. First thing you do when you come into work? Humanize my slack early morning messages by checking in with the people I work with everyday when I have the chance for face to face, I certainly make the extra effort to do so.

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Survey on Customer Data Management - Please Help!

Customer Experience Matrix

I'm working with MarTech Advisor on a survey to understand the state of customer data management. And if possible, pass on to people in other companies who could also help. If you have five minutes or so, could you please fill it out? Link is here.

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How to Make an Emotional Narrative Work For Your Brand


When you have a lot of it, you want to help and relate to others. After a long day of work, the father comes home, where his daughter once again doesn’t pay him much attention. It helped us survive, work together, and build civilization. And yet it still worked.

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Using Connected Device Data to Improve Sales

Speaker: Charlie Isaacs, CTO for Customer Connection at Salesforce

There is an incredible opportunity for companies to take data from connected devices and use it to improve your sales pipeline, make your reps more effective, and even (with the help of AI) handle entire portions of the sales process for you! Dive into details on how this works in practice.

How Customer Data Platforms Help with Marketing Performance Measurement

Customer Experience Matrix

These also estimate the impact of a specific marketing message on results, but work at the individual rather than channel levels. John Wanamaker, patron saint of marketing measurement.

Does SEO Strategy Help or Harm Creativity?

Content Standard

Those two words—quality content—are the common cry when a writer asks how to optimize their work for SEO. Creativity, in fact, is essential to ensure SEO-optimized work not only answers the user’s questions but is actually readable. SEO Helps Us Remain Relevant to Our Audience.

Common Work From Home Jobs and The 10 Best Companies Who Offer Them


Every year on HubSpot’s content team, our whole team works remotely for a week. I thoroughly enjoyed getting an extra hour of sleep everyday, working comfortably in my pajamas, and rocking out to John Mayer -- with no headphones on. Common Work From Home Jobs. Remote Working

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How To Use RLSA To Help Increase High Quality Leads

KoMarketing Associates

How RLSA Works. In addition, it helps keep your brand at the top ad position of searches for qualified potential customers.

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Togetherness: Achieving Sales and Marketing Alignment

Speaker: Jeff Davis, Founder, jd2 Consulting Group

This means we must intimately understand the customer journey then implement tech that helps us provide an amazing customer experience. Jeff Davis is here to help you think differently about how Sales and Marketing should interact.

Highspot Sales Enablement Helps Sales People Find Content and Marketers Measure What Works

Customer Experience Matrix

“Sales enablement” is something of a catch-all term for a wide range of solutions that help sales people do their jobs better. Highspot has staked out the corner of this world occupied by systems that help sales people find the right marketing materials. It has now redefined its core mission as improving results by showing which content is working.

“How I Work”: Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble @jon_ferrara #HowIWork

Heinz Marketing

How I Work” is one of my favorite recurring features in Inc Magazine as well as via Lifehacker’s This Is How I Work Series, over the last few years several sales experts (including Anthony Iannarino , Dave Brock and Trish Bertuzzi ) participated in our own series. Each Thursday, we feature a new B2B sales, marketing or business leader here answering what have become the standard “ How I Work ” questions (recently updated). First thing you do when you come into work?

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What If Attribution Shows That Your Marketing Isn't Working?


And when your work can be tied to revenue, it usually leads to being accountable for revenue. Finally, what if attribution shows that your marketing isn't working? If the numbers aren’t great now, it will help you improve.

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This Innovative Co-Working Space Asks for Content, Not Money


But what if, in return for your work, you were offered a desk in a co-working space plus access to a photography studio, event space, meeting rooms, and over 20 other freelancer colleagues from a variety of disciplines? Media co-working Featured

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