How Does Content Marketing Help with SEO?


Content marketing and SEO are often written about and addressed separately. There are many ways in which you can combine content marketing with SEO for more search traffic , but what effect can it actually have on your rankings and why is an integrated strategy beneficial to your business?

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How customer-hero stories help you connect better

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The answer can make a huge difference in your sales and marketing results. And he’s had a profound influence on how we sell and market, especially those who are in B2B. What inspired you to talk about integrating with marketing and sales? Where we can help them be a hero?

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17 Helpful SEO Tools and Tool Reviews


Which SEO tools are most helpful in conducting a site audit? Helpful SEO Tools. Free and Useful On-Page Optimization Tools by Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ian Cleary (again) explains how to use Google’s free tools to help out with SEO efforts; not just the obvious ones (e.g.,

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How Content & SEO Marketers Can Help Each Other Be Successful


Breaking down the silos that separate content marketers from other functions within an organization has been an ongoing theme on our blog recently. We’ve discussed content’s relationship with product marketing , demand generation , as well as sales and customer success. The dynamic between content marketing and SEO is interesting. A handful of search agencies have either made an effort to market themselves as content experts or rebranded entirely to become content shops.

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How Video Helps Sales and Marketing Alignment


It wasn’t very long ago that sales and marketing had virtually nothing in common. It became such a common problem that a billion dollar marketing automation industry sprung up to fix it. But it wasn’t a single tool that bridged the decades-old gap between sales and marketing.

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51 Essential Email Marketing Tips to Help Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation tools save marketers a lot of time – but there are so many more benefits beyond that. Marketing automation tools also allow us to better serve our customers by sending meaningful, targeted content that really […]. Content Marketing

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Two questions to help you find the value of marketing

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I was just starting out in this marketing world and we were preparing to present the results of our first online advertising program to our largest client. It made me re-consider how we accounted for the value of marketing. Re-thinking the value of marketing. Market share.

Three Questions to Help You Live Your Best Marketing Life

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We’re already more than half way through the year, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the perfect time for marketers to do a gut check on how they’re operating. Read on, marketer, and go live your best marketing life. Tech + Marketing. Engagement Marketing b2b Consumer

21 Questions To Help You Define Your Content Marketing Strategy

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This year, I have been talking a lot about how marketing has a marketing problem , how banner ads must die and how content marketing is an imperative for every single brand in today’s digital landscape. Which is totally fine because we’re here to help.

New Tool Helps Marketers Use Email Deliverability Data

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Email Deliverability is one of the most important, but also one of the most overlooked and misunderstood aspects of email marketing. Marketers know that getting messages to the Inbox is critical to the overall success of their program.

5 Hacks From Sujan Patel That Will Help You Rise Above The Sea Of Content Mediocrity

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Here’s the major problem with today’s content marketing landscape: most of the time, people who write content are totally out of touch with the people who actually read the content. That is why Sujan Patel is a total breath of fresh air. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and find clever ways to.

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Help me solve marketing’s biggest mystery

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It was one of the most imaginative, creative and popular marketing campaigns in history. “This changes marketing forever” the headlines trumpeted. Marketing’s biggest mystery begins. It was a marketing triumph. So help me out here.

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3 Insights to Help Build Your Unified Customer Database

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The goal was to assess the current state of customer data unification and, more important, to start exploring management practices that help companies create the rare-but-coveted single customer view. But it’s a rich set of data so this post will highlight some other helpful insights.

How Event Technology Helps B2B Marketers Increase Customer Engagement [Interview]

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A survey released by Attend and Demand Metric at the end of 2015 revealed that customer engagement remains a top goal for B2B event marketers. We had a chance to speak to Eric Bisceglia , vice president of product and marketing at Attend, for more insight into the survey results.

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How Marketing Technology Helps Scale Global Marketing Organizations (with David Rowe, Rimini Street CMO)

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Enterprise level marketing professionals understand the increasingly vital role of technology in marketing, but often lack the experience and peer support to optimize technology use for growth in their organizations.

8 Helpful Resources for Creating Beautiful Infographics


Visuals have a huge impact in marketing. Not only do they make content more sharable -- 40 times as much -- but they help us retain information. 8 Helpful Resources for Creating Beautiful Infographics. Marketing Data Design Daily Canonical

5 Email Metrics to Help Diagnose Your Mistakes


Often times, when reviewing email campaign results, it’s easy for marketers to get side-tracked or develop tunnel vision when reviewing very basic outbound email metrics. This metric will help tell you the mailable status of a list, each time you send.

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8 Questions to Help You Decide if Your Content is Good Enough

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Here are 8 simple questions to help you decide whether that content is good enough. Does the topic help to qualify the prospect as someone suffering from a problem or pain point your product/service can solve? What’s the problem or challenge that your content purports to help address?

How Marketing Technology Can Help Tell Brand Stories

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When choosing marketing software to tell their stories, marketers typically want to use technology in a way others have not tried before. ” Why choose marketing technology? The post How Marketing Technology Can Help Tell Brand Stories appeared first on.

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6 Must-Have Types of Customer Help Content

Vertical Response

Helpful content is, of course, an important part of marketing your business. Customer help content may be something you’ve thought about, and maybe even created some. And, help content can lighten the load on your customer support team. Text Help.

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10 Ways CMOs Can Help Grow Their Companies

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Whether you are in startup mode or your brand is fully established, your overall goal as a CMO is to help grow it into something bigger that solves problems for more people and provides a greater source of revenue and profitability as a return on the investment of your time and money.

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Marketing’s Battle: How Big Data and Marketing Technology Helps Win The Game

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The best marketers are those who can quickly build a three-dimensional picture of markets and buyers. They’re proactive marketers who can quickly zero in on who, where, when, why, how and under what circumstances customers buy – the buying context – and act on it.

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30 Books to Help Make You a Better Marketer

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While marketers don’t exactly get the summer off, Fall is a perfect time to get back to into a learning and growth mindset with 30 books to stick on your reading list. Digital marketing. At the end of the month, we’ll be giving away six books each to five lucky marketers !

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How Content Marketing Can Help Ensure Customer Retention

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The post How Content Marketing Can Help Ensure Customer Retention appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Content MarketingHaving a balanced business model is the end all be all for every company.

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Metrics to Help You Track Brand, Demand, and Expand


Marketing, as an industry, sometimes does what Kevin Bobowski, Act-On’s CMO, calls “putting old wine in new bottles.” Exhibit A might be content marketing, which has become a very popular term since about 2011. Content marketing as a practice , however goes back a long way.

5 Ways Marketing Can Help Sales Succeed

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Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes courtesy of Brenda Stoltz, the CEO and founder of Ariad Partners , where she provides creative, practical, sales-driven integrated inbound marketing and strategic planning services to software, technology, manufacturing, professional services firms, and other industries. There’s often a surprising amount of disconnect between Sales and Marketing teams. Sales is there to support Marketing, and vice versa.

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5 ways Marketers can help Sales Reps find content


5 ways Marketers can help Sales Reps find content. Marketers are becoming publishers, creating more content than ever. Marketers are wasting resources, sales reps are wasting time, and buyers are frustrated. It will help elevate the overall quality and usability.

Help. I’m enslaved by my smartphone.

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From a marketing perspective, Apple sells this to us as intuitive and smart automation. Sellas is an in-the-trenches digital marketer & owner at B Squared Media , blossoming blogger, and a purveyor of psychographics. The post Help. By Brooke B.

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The H.E.L.P. Method For Writing Business Content

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Content should foster helpfulness and facilitate improvement. The promotional objective was to share Oracle Marketing Cloud’s positioning in a SiriusView Report. ” Method for blogging , and any business writing: Ask yourself: Is this content… Helpful ?

7 Helpful Resources Every Email Marketer Should Bookmark


With the state of email marketing constantly in flux these days, and with a nearly endless supply of tips and tricks floating around, separating the valuable resources from the noise can be a real challenge. 7 Websites Every Email Marketer Should Bookmark.

How Inside Sales Enablement Can Help Increase Revenues

Modern B2B Marketing

Sales leaders’ lack of clarity around what drives sales performance is partially due to a large number of variables, both in their business and in the market, that affect conversion rates. Alternatively, you might just stop by and ask what challenges a rep is facing and how you can help.

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How Executive Branding Can Help Your B2B Marketing Efforts

KoMarketing Associates

Executive branding was included in a Forbes list of the top trends in marketing B2B companies need to watch out for in 2017. Below are some of the ways executive branding can help increase the impact of your broader B2B marketing efforts, using real-world social media and blogging examples. The same goes with not using social media or other marketing platforms to respond to rumors, accusations, or breaking news.

How Location Analytics is Helping Retailers Reinvent Themselves

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Meanwhile, this pool of new customer data is rich with insights, which gives retail marketing teams access to unprecedented opportunities to build personalized experiences and engage with shoppers both in the store and out in the world. Marketing Technology Marketing

How Engaging Content Helps You Improve Your Search Rankings


Google earns between 65% and 89% of US and global search engine market share. This free service helps website owners and developers monitor and maintain their website presence in Google Search results. How Google Interprets Helpfulness.

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Marketing was Hard in 2016. Marketing Automation Helped Those Who Used It.

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With more data available than ever, marketing automation was a critical component of B2B marketers' tech stack. Below are some thoughts from Modern Marketing experts about marketing automation. Predictive marketing kicks marketing automation up to the next gear.

6 Critical steps to help fight for your online privacy

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This helps to reduce the chance that your residential address will appear publicly on directory sites like Whitepages, Superpages, AnyWho, etc. Kerry hosts the weekly Marketing Smarts podcast. By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist.

5 Proven tips to help with your blogging confidence

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The post 5 Proven tips to help with your blogging confidence appeared first on Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}. The post 5 Proven tips to help with your blogging confidence appeared first on Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}.

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5 Marketing Trends and How Technology is Helping Marketers Address Them

Modern B2B Marketing

Marketers today are not shy about facing the challenges of the changing market, regardless of whether they are selling to consumers or to other businesses. For marketers, this data point only increases the pressure to ensure their web presence is optimized. Modern Marketing b2b

10 Tips to Help You Become a ‘Superhero’ Marketer

Modern Marketing

by Amanda Batista | Tweet this In the brave new world of Modern Marketing — where digital channels are fueling the need for more sophisticated strategies — marketers need to target, engage, and measure efforts more effectively.

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Segmentation: 5 Steps to Help You Send Emails That Your Prospects Actually Want to Read


The percentage of emails being considered SPAM is hovering somewhere around 70%, This means that email marketers need to be savvier than ever when figuring out how to reach potential customers. The answer to these email marketing woes is segmentation and personalization.